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Found 8 results

  1. With the new Harry Potter sets I wondered what a new Chamber of Secrets would look like. I would like the Basilisk to be moulded so I focused on the environment itself. Including the snake entrance and the tunnels Harry escaped through in the films before confronting the Basilisk again.
  2. Here's a small playset idea. I've had it on the back burner (please excuse the dust!) not really sure if it 'works' or not, but it's kind of unbelievable that Lego hasn't given us this in an official set yet. This represents a quarter of the room... it would take a minimal investment to create another 1/2 or make a full circle but I'm not sure it's necessary. It was important to me that the senate pods were simple and small. They should be able to to whipped around by Yoda and Palps. I had some color in them but they didn't look right. I think all medium stone grey is the way to go. I'd like to see an official set like this around the $30 price point, a la carbonite chamber. Thanks for looking. Feedback welcome.
  3. A_Goodman

    (MOC) Hagrid's Hut

    Hagrid's Hut 1 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Hagrid's Hut 2 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Hagrid's Hut 3 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Hagrid's Hut 4 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Hagrid's Hut 5 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr This is my custom Lego Harry Potter Hagrid's Hut. This was my submission to the Lego Wizarding World build competition. These are the photos I submitted and as one of the requirements of the contest no minifigures were permitted but I plan on taking a few with Hagrid and Fang and potentially Harry Ron and Hermione.

    [MOC] Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom

    Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween! by Etel Enzos, en Flickr Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington by Etel Enzos, en Flickr
  5. sander1992

    Hogwarts Castle

    Hi everyone, The last months I have been busy. For the next Legoworld in the Netherlands we (me and my brother) want to show a large landscape with various locations and scenes of the Harry Potter series. I have created a castle a little bit based on books and/or films, but this is my version of the Hogwarts castle. In the castle there are various rooms and classrooms. The stairs in the staircase can move and are powered by Power Functions. Here is an overview of the castle. Here is a picture of the entrance and the big hall. Underneath the entrance are the living rooms of Slytherin and under the big hall is the magic potions classroom. Here is a picture of the entire staircase. For more pictures you can look into my Flickr album. Flickr album of Bricks and Trains The Flickr album shows more pictures of the event, where my castle was present. Feedback, comments and questions are welcome. Sander
  6. darththeling

    [MOC] Midi? Jedi Council Chamber

    Here's a Jedi Council Chamber at a smaller than System scale, accommodating 7 of the 12 council members with just enough space for a couple of minifigs to stand in the middle. It's riffing on the similar Coruscant theme from Palpatine's Arrest, where brick supplies allowed me to piece it together. This Jedi Council lineup is based on the positions held during The Phantom Menace. Size-wise, it's just about the amount of shelf space I can afford for this playset, but it is unquestionably a long-overlooked location for an official Lego set. Plenty of figures can be crammed in there. I was inspired to finish this up and put it on the shelf after seeing Kevii23's beaut of a build (lojaco's from Lego Ideas) here. The build of the baseplate isn't very remarkable. What I would have preferred are the new connection plates from the Carbon Freezing Chamber to complete the circle. The way I did it, using regular old 2x2 plates (and) bricks with hinges creates a circle well enough but the Lego won't connect two opposite sides together properly. The studs don't line up. I managed to use a couple of 1x2 modified with hole pieces to click into place on one end but this thing is bottom-heavy overall because of the extra weight in there. The floor's just a little off kilter, but as Jedi have no attachment / possessions, no one should lose anything down the crack, rite? I tried building it higher and possibly a roof using those big round slabs that I have too many of (i.e. from the Droid Gunship) but I want this playset to match the existing Palpatine's Arrest and this location looks best without a roof anyway. Otherwise you can't see inside easily and enjoy all the Jedi sitting in the circle. Bonus pic, here's the lightsaber rack outside the Jedi Council. "Okay, who brought the red blades?" Been trying something like this for a while with mixed results but I like where this particular build has taken me. I might decide to Bricklink new connections to make the circle more sturdy, though. For now it'll do. I'm certainly open to suggestions and criticism.
  7. darththeling

    [MOC] Cloud City (rebuilt)

    Hello again, Eurobricks members, There were a few different incarnations of Cloud City that I've been messing around with for the past few years. I have a lot of OT Lego but I'm often surprised at the lack of sets aimed at screen time in the original trilogy. I believe Cloud City, Yavin IV and Degobah are underrepresented in TLG's catalog of sets. Luckily, LEGO is a construction toy and making a set exactly the way you want it is a matter of motivation (obsession). I've lost count but I believe this is the 8th version of this model... another thread here contains my 2nd attempt: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=59737 Thanks to everyone for the kind words about the old model. Cloud City... it's an obession for me to find the 'right' way to do it in Lego. I was very critical of TLG's 10123 design I found myself returning to the strip-mall style of it... where the exterior of Cloud City is expressed on one side of each modular piece and the other side contains the room and play area. But after ripping apart and rebuilding from scratch a half dozen times I then tried to make a more custom version of 10123 but with more adaptability in the re-arranging of rooms. I've come up with something that has many different combinations of play/display. There is no basic "default" state for the arrangement yet. Here's this model in it's entirety so far (above). The carbonite chamber is the heart of Cloud City and the source of its income and prosperity for collecting and manufacturing the tibanna gas from Bespin. My Besgas 3 platform from the other models had been revamped and improved with some half-rounded pieces. There's no place for figs to stand but it seemed an important "feel" to Cloud City to have at least one. So the carbonite chamber doesn't have a lowering/raising mechanism included, however for the sake of expansion I did leave a sizable hole in the floor... eventually I'll engineer some kind of crank that raises/lowers a HanSoloSickle. One very difficult aspect of Cloud City are all the lighting effects that are not easily registered in Lego but remain inportant when re-creating key scenes... within the chamber itself it's good to have some blue in the background. My solution so far was to include some transparent pieces on the backside of the carbon freezing chamber to give it the blue feeling like in those dueling scenes (see below). Another problem altogether is the orange glow of Cloud City when the heros are arriving/escaping at sunset... but I dash of orange pieces here and there fix that. I'm satisfied with the mini Cloud Cars over full size ones, they add that important hint of orange. I did add a light brick here because I feel the carbonite chamber is such an important location and the heavy light there really adds to the mood of the room. You can move the light brick down and out of the way for dueling play... and of course the top comes off completely to access the chamber unimpeded. Jabba's Palace 9516 gave me the idea about having one big rounded corner "main" area that all of the other areas could connect to... and I took the idea of the removable top and stuck it in there as well. The result is a very playable carbonite chamber complete with pipes and tubing for Luke to hang from and an all-too-easy lever. The top 'hat' piece slides off easy for duels in the chamber. There's also the extension platform where the duel ends. It can easily hang over a tabletop for some handless Luke diving. "Come with me. It is the only way." There are three other "main" areas, two hallway areas left and right which lead to East and West platforms and a back area with the dining room, hotel suite and all the utility rooms from the film. I squeezed as much as I could into each scene without going crazy on the piece count. Which is something I think TLG tries to do with big playsets. But I fully realize that to pull off the sleek, 70s feel of Cloud City I'll need a lot more smooth white tiles. The hallways are small and bare but do the job of allowing characters to sneak around Cloud City trying to avoid detection. One of these hallways feature a large decorative sculpture. The two angled areas contain a guard rail (love this piece, have to get another) and a table with chairs. I haven't completed the decals yet but these smooth 1x2 pieces on the table will eventually become Sabbac cards. I tried to build a casino into Cloud City many times but it's lack of appearance on-screen in the movies confuses the overall 'look' of being identifiable. I feel that gambling is a big part of the Cloud City experience, although not seen in ESB. The hatch (below) was used in many attempts to get the scene where Luke escapes from the underside of Cloud City back to the Falcon. But doing it underneath Cloud City and making it accessible is nearly impossible... although I'm sure Stoutfiles' full scale globe-shaped Cloud City could pull it off!! We've got two holding cells on the top. The left is the prison that Leia, Chewie, Han and C3P0 are taken to after their "dinner" with Vader. Chewie is trying to fix C3P0. No one in the dining area at the moment. When there are, I'm sure they'd be honored if you would join them. There's the garbage room with a cute reference with the 'recycling' sign that will be replaced once I find another white thin wall piece. ;) Ow!! That thing hurts. "They never even asked me anything..." The window of the dining area needs a sticker to from a circular window. The Ugnots (sp?) need work. The faces work I think but they need blue jackets and caps. Having a rim around the garbage room allows for lots of fun bits to be laid in there... somewhat like the Death Star 10188's does. I have no idea how TLG will figure this out (if they ever revisit Cloud City). Also some little spikes on the top of the Cloud City dome (above the carbonite chamber) could use more detail. Thoughts, suggestions? Were this to develop more I plan to make 4 Lego boxes to show off the units individually; I'd love to see this as a playset for about $160 total but broken into $40 pieces that can be collected x4: The Carbonite Chamber, The East Platform, The West Platform and the Hospitality District. Until TLG makes an official follow up to their old set, this will tide me over. I think Cloud City is a fantastic challenge. It has a very recognizable outer shape and for a long time I was hung on making that shape look right as well as the inside. But now I feel that as long as the play areas are correct this 'city' playset will do the trick. Thanks for reading and please share your criticisms and observations. darththeling
  8. Previous Chapter: Beyond Vanhorn --- Next Chapter: Rest in the Tavern Before the sun dipped behind the horizon, Aurthal stopped Aeldric for a word before they headed off to the Nocturnian chamber. "Aeldric, I have seen your interest in Ashura. I can see that you are interested in no other female. After this task, i will consider your relationship with her." Aeldric was stunned. "I.... I never said i was interested in her." Aurthal gazed deeply into Aeldric's eyes. "No, but i can see it in the way to look at her. Your eyes glint when you glance at her." Aeldric paused for a moment, then broke his silence. "We musn't dwell on this. Let us head into the chamber." Aeldric strode over to the entrance to the underground chamber where Voraal, Ashura, and Anursa were waiting. Aurthal was slow to head there, but once he reached the entrance he began a plan of action. "Okay, we will sneak in through the tunnels, and when we reach the throne room, i will do the speaking. While i talk to the evil lord, Anursa, Ashura and Voraal will sneak into the dungeons in the back and free my friend. Any questions?" everyone shook their heads. "Good, let's head in." The chamber halls were dark, but light filtered in from the throne room. Once they reached the door way, an undead guard pointed the tip of his halberd at Aeldric. The pale looking, dark armored man sitting on the throne in the back of the room spoke up. "What are you doing in my sacred hall?! How did you find it?" he exclaimed. "I was lead here by this elf," Aeldric said, stepping aside Aurthal. "Aurthal?! I thought my guards killed you!" the lord boomed. "So you thought, but it was i, who defeated your guard." Aurthal returned. "Guard, attack him!" by the lord's side stood a dark looking woman, who caught the particular eyes of Voraal. His interest in her nearly removed concentration on sneaking past the guard. Aeldric leaped forward at the necrotic guard, while Aurthal began casting destructive spells at the evil lord. "Your vampirism has made you weak to my fire!" Aurthal remarked. "Yes, but," said the vampire lord, standing up out of his throne. "It also makes me stronger than most." he said, picking up his spear to his right. He charged at Aurthal with a deadly fury. Meanwhile, in the back dungeons... Voraal, Ashura and Anursa infiltrated the dungeon halls, and slew every guard in the vicinity. "Hurry now, before more guards come, unlock the cell door!" Voraal exclaimed. "Alright, give me patience, this takes concentration." Ashura held her staff in front of her, and the green jewel on the tip of her staff began to glow, and the cell door clicked, and swung open. "Taunus, awake!" Ashura said, pulling a sleepy old man out of the cell. "What! Who's there?! Wait, Ashura? Is that you, my, you've grown. I remember you since you were a little toddler!" "Yes, yes, Taunus, skip the memories, we must go!" Ashura commanded. "Alright, it's about time i smelled the fresh air again." Back in the throne room... Aurthal lay on the floor, severely wounded. Axtrous, the vampire lord and Temari the sorceress had fled. Aeldric finished off the last necro-guard, before heading over to Aurthal. Aurthal caughed up a bit of blood. Aeldric pulled the black tip of Actrous' spear out of Aurthal's stomach. ".....Aeldric, you must hunt Axtrous down.....*cough* and..... defeat him. Taunus will help you find Dar, but please, for my sake, kill Axtrous with all your might. He....... was.... one of the..... Necromancers..... who killed..... your family...." Aeldric's eyes widened. "If you complete this quest, i then i give you permission... to marry my sister...." and with that, Aurthal died in Aeldric's arms. ---- Alright guys, so, i tried a different way of story telling this time. Let me know what you think. Also, this is a fairly old build, and was built before the Avdar's Office remake. Constructive Criticism is welcome.