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  1. Should be within 0.5 stud, if my source material is correct. There is another possible issue though (which may cause scale questions) - front section may be 2-3 studs too short.
  2. Thank you! :) I do have plans for removing studs from the roofs, yes. Especially from the roofs. But need to find a good solution. Good news that the layout is not going anywhere, and I will return to the existing buildings when time comes for interior attempts. ;)
  3. Nice catch. I even have all the pieces available... just missed this area when rushing to fix other places. Area looks odd without the tile, yep.
  4. WickNole

    [G7 - Ilum - FF] V | The Labyrinth of Evil

    Excellent camera angles and lighting, just excellent!
  5. *Your entry has earned 30 XP* Flight from Socorro to Tython was not an easiest one, and we had to wait for a formal approval from CFS to pass through their territory; but finally all the formalities were completed and we are able to land on this ancient world. We shall meet our contact here, and get the data on our next target.
  6. *Your entry has earned 41 XP* The Town. The Team. Explorers and heavy fire support: Engineers and infantry: Flight crew:
  7. WickNole

    The Tribute to The Razor Crest - Released!

    :) We all did the models based on Season 1 data and 3d "fan-sources" available (just checked the one I used... and it is not there anymore). In my opinion, if you attempt a redesign based on latest data - this will result in a completely new model, with new shapes, angles and design solutions. So let the ship be a v1.0 in all her glory.
  8. WickNole

    The Tribute to The Razor Crest - Released!

    As with all current Razor Crests, the proportions will be off here or there until the blueprints of actual model are made public. I do enjoy seeing your solutions to some complicated places. Awesome work, as usual!
  9. WickNole

    Razor Crest gunship WIP MOC

    There are some new pieces used, but no "rare old" parts. Cockpit screen - still not sure; probably, brick-built for now. Stripes - its complicated. As the side panels are plate-built, not brick-built, it won't be possible to seamlessly integrate stripes. So, I am leaning towards custom stickers.
  10. WickNole

    Razor Crest gunship WIP MOC

    Some more news on the project: I am working on the instruction. Hoping to release the "final" product by mid-January 2021. Should be a birthday present to myself. And the picture from event which we had this weekend. Finally, something was allowed here.
  11. WickNole

    Razor Crest gunship WIP MOC

    Not earlier than New Year. I'll start modelling in mid-October, probably. And i don't really think it is close in design to either of ones mentioned above. :)
  12. Nice! :) Bring it to our event in October.
  13. WickNole

    Razor Crest gunship WIP MOC

    I've ordered and received some more tiles to complete the external areas. But still don't have a good solution for engine intakes... and there are couple more places I want to work on before releasing "final" model (and i don't even think of any interior details now; only the areas directly visible when the hatches are open). Not as an excuse (but still :) ) - I've also upgraded the Tatooine layout in preparation for our (hopefully) October event.
  14. WickNole

    10212 UCS Imperial Shuttle Mod

    Is it the only motor you are planning to use, or are there more inside the hull? The wings are quite heavy, and one M-motor won't do it.
  15. WickNole

    Razor Crest gunship WIP MOC

    Yep, the plan was to have the same scale as UCS Falcon. As for piece count - I would estimate from 2.5k to 3.5k at the moment. But no exact number. Thank you. I like what you did with the windscreen - just plain black brick-built solution. Considering similar option for mine.