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  1. WickNole

    Razor Crest gunship WIP MOC

    Some more news on the project: I am working on the instruction. Hoping to release the "final" product by mid-January 2021. Should be a birthday present to myself. And the picture from event which we had this weekend. Finally, something was allowed here.
  2. WickNole

    Razor Crest gunship WIP MOC

    Not earlier than New Year. I'll start modelling in mid-October, probably. And i don't really think it is close in design to either of ones mentioned above. :)
  3. Nice! :) Bring it to our event in October.
  4. WickNole

    Razor Crest gunship WIP MOC

    I've ordered and received some more tiles to complete the external areas. But still don't have a good solution for engine intakes... and there are couple more places I want to work on before releasing "final" model (and i don't even think of any interior details now; only the areas directly visible when the hatches are open). Not as an excuse (but still :) ) - I've also upgraded the Tatooine layout in preparation for our (hopefully) October event.
  5. WickNole

    10212 UCS Imperial Shuttle Mod

    Is it the only motor you are planning to use, or are there more inside the hull? The wings are quite heavy, and one M-motor won't do it.
  6. WickNole

    Razor Crest gunship WIP MOC

    Yep, the plan was to have the same scale as UCS Falcon. As for piece count - I would estimate from 2.5k to 3.5k at the moment. But no exact number. Thank you. I like what you did with the windscreen - just plain black brick-built solution. Considering similar option for mine.
  7. WickNole

    Custom Stickers

    Incredible! Thank you for sharing this.
  8. WickNole

    Razor Crest gunship WIP MOC

    Some more exterior shots: As previously mentioned, rear lending legs are not able to support the full weight of the model, so transparent bricks support pillar is added. Good news is that it is visible only from limited viewpoints. I'll probably put the model to "pause" now. Need to let it stay there for a while so I can think of next steps and "mini-assemblies" such as engine internals, cockpit details and cargo bay interior...
  9. WickNole

    Razor Crest gunship WIP MOC

    Had to wait quite a bit for Bricklink orders to arrive, but now it is all here, and now the exterior plating is finally done. Next step is to do all the remaining small tiles outside and cockpit interior inside... and it is then more or less “display worth”.
  10. WickNole

    Razor Crest gunship WIP MOC

    It is time to finally do something with the front section. The guns are quite "up to scale" now, but all these panel connections are so messed up... and the gaps are killing me. Only good news is that they all are modular and can be changed without affecting other parts of the ship. Cockpit layout is there as well now. Due to LEGO minifig proportions the internal area seems way too small... but that is the usual issue with "minifig-scale" project. At least there is enough place for three people. And, I have no idea what to do with the windscreen. Any ideas? The area is 7-stud-wide and 7-stud-long now (length can be extended by 1-2 studs). I was looking at these 3x3x6 convex panel - but it gives either a 1-stud gap in-between, or a 6-wide piece which is too narrow. Other option, which I currently am using as "version 1.0" is a brick-built frame construction - but I am yet unable to come up with a rigid enough idea.
  11. WickNole

    Razor Crest gunship WIP MOC

    For the last week there were two main areas I've worked on, bottom section being the first. The target was to avoid any anti-studs visible. Angled front section was tested earlier and can be partially seen on previous pictures. There are still some narrow gaps which I am not able to cover, but can't figure out how to do any better there. Probably, it can be improved if the bottom plate is made 3-plate-wide, but then it will look too bulky. Rear section is a completely new addition to the build (first I wanted to finalize the design for rear landing legs' area, and then use the same angles for bottom section). Open studs act as connection points for a transparent support I've talked about earlier. There are still some gaps remaining in an area where hangar door hinges are placed - so the "very rear" of the bottom plate is still work-in-progress. Same is true for the whole front area - nothing was added here since the frame update over a month ago. Second update was made on the engines placement, which also made me re-do the bottom wing panels visible here as well. But those areas are for the next update, most probably.
  12. WickNole

    Razor Crest gunship WIP MOC

    ... and the last one before I move to more "up-to-date" pictures. The engines are reworked. I've used Saturn 5 octagonal shape base to construct the 11-stud diameter cylindrical shapes. It is also easier in terms of modularity - 4+4 identical modules used for each engine (some of them are later edited for specific sections, but the principle is the same anyway). The engines are attached by a simple "brick-to-brick" connection, no specific Technic pins are used as 10-pin clutch seemed enough. A bit more detailed picture of an engine. The back angled section is also based on Saturn 5, but I've used a brick-built solution instead of part 93348. Also - with the addition of engines - rear legs are not able to support the ship anymore - so the support is added. Here is the top view after some more paneling and tiling is done - both front and back. Also the escape capsule is seen (no official reference from the movie, but it is present on LEGO model,and added on cross-section), and the work is started on the large central panel. This last picture is "exploded" view. It shows the main "modularity" idea for the build - rigid central frame and individual panel sections which can be updated or edited if needed. This pic is taken couple days earlier then the previous one - so the top panel is yet a preliminary version.
  13. WickNole

    Razor Crest gunship WIP MOC

    ... probably, two more updates before i arrive to the current status. The next step was to develop the cockpit "blob" and front panels in general. I've written yesterday that angle of the cockpit panel was changed, but, probably, for the next picture it was updated again to allow for side edges to be horizontal. Furthermore, the tiling for sidepanels was done using curved slopes (this seemed more appropriate, especially when comparing to sources nr.2 and nr.3). As for the "blob" - I've tried some variants using 1x2 curved slopes and SNOT, but these did not work out; so the main choice was either to use two half-arches or two half-arches + plate (i.e. either 6-width in total, or 7-width). Second picture shows some more updates on the front area - it is also now made from half-arches, and there is now an angled edge between front area and side plates - but this angle should be "rotated" and be 20 degrees instead of current 70 (this is not changed, however, up to today, as this would cause many more changes to be made... and I am not sure if I want that). Side doors are added as well, not at the final place, but with the final shape. Also, for the first tome the landing legs placeholders are attached - and, as the model is still quite light - the back legs can easily support the weight... but not for long: as the new engines are added and more "skin" panels are attached - the choice had risen either to completely re-do the leg frame to allow for more rigidity, or to keep the "movie correct" leg shape and add the extra support. On this picture the side panels are tiled, and for the first time the bottom wing panels are added. One can also see the bending on rear legs - but this was yet manageable. Thank you. This should indeed be a minifig scale.
  14. WickNole

    Razor Crest gunship WIP MOC

    ... continuing. The first version of hull shape was built only based on source drawing's top view and couple of movie stills, therefore, when I've found that 3d model - it was obvious that side view is significantly different from what was initially built. St the same time the scaling issue was found, so everything needed to be recalculate and scaled down by 8 pins in length. This was the v2.0 shape and frame. Minus 4 studs from bow, minus 2 studs from aft section; frame also rebuilt to be more rigid and same time lighter (first frame was mostly bricks, this one, and all the following, are Technic). Engine size dummies were also built to show assess the placement and shape. I still was not happy with aft section, its angles and shapes - but, as all that area depended on landing legs solution, decided to postpone any changes there. Next step was to check front and cockpit area.Putting the figure inside, I realized that there is no way I can add two floors of space inside there (the cross-section really helped in understanding the internal spaces). Had to increase the height by two extra studs (see the 2x16 plate added). Independently of hull construction I was trying to build as "round" engine as I could. The best result was probably the one shown below: based on hexagonal shape, 11 studs diameter. However, due to this internal frame - it was rather complicated to attach, and all narrower diameters were not as "round" as 11-wide widest section. On this same picture you can also see that the front wing panels became smaller, and front angle (cockpit panel) is much less steep. This allowed to remove one of two studs added to height in the previous step, but still keep "two-floor cockpit and living quarters" inside bow area.
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