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  1. WickNole

    Dune 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I rarely buy sets on day one and on pre-order... but this is definitely one of those occasions.
  2. WickNole

    [WIP] Medieval layout and keep

    Still quite a long way to go, but there is a significant milestone achieved - the keep is nearing its exterior being completed. Therefore, decided to share this in-progress pic.
  3. WickNole

    [WIP] Medieval layout and keep

    No matter how thick the walls are - I'll still be using only double amount of bricks (slightly more as there be some internal connections between "layers" - but there won't be many). Only in places where there be cross-section - I'll have to close the gap between inner and outer fall faces. So it is not that bad for budget. :) Any suggestion how the inside can be detailed? My only idea at the moment is to cover the ground with cobblestone - there is a small test area visible. At the moment our group layout is 14baseplates long and 3-4 baseplates wide.
  4. This is still a work-in-progress, but at least now it is ready enough to be shown so I could get the criticism and comments. :) The keep is far from completion at this stage; but all the main techniques for wall angles are done and tested, so only need more bricks now to build up. Also, I wanted to do a "proper thickness" walls to make it all more "realistic", but this also requires doubling the piece count. Probably, the result is still not thick enough, but I'll keep it as is.
  5. WickNole

    History of Poland, Part I

    EstLUG, Estonia.
  6. WickNole

    History of Poland, Part I

    This is such an impressive idea and execution, that i have to "steal" the same idea for our local LUG collaboration. Hoping that you would not be angry about this.
  7. WickNole

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    ... and not anymore. The LUG member even manage to put these to basket, but upon payment the items were removed. That was quick.
  8. You most certainly can. I will definitely be building something for the faction from time to time, but having other active members in the STG would definitely push me into participating more as well.
  9. *WickNole's shuttle entry has earned 22 XP (8xp, doubled for LTC, plus 1/3 of the average of all of the builds)* *goatman461's entry has earned 30 XP (13xp, doubled for LTC, plus 1/3 of the average of all of the builds)* *WickNole's ITT entry has earned 15 XP (11xp plus 1/3 of the average of all of the builds)* It was an Imperial landing craft once, but Hondo repurposed it to quite a sizeable cargo shuttle, utilizing all this inner space... and adding external cargo ramps to fit even more. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Once an honest light freighter, the Ghost has protected Lothal and the Spectres' rebel cell throughout the galaxy. Often unassuming, often underestimated. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- With all its technology and might, the Empire cannot stand up to good, and bad, people who fight for freedom. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The build points are to be posted onto Q4 - Telos IV.
  10. *Your entry has earned 20xp* Search and rescue: these were our only orders. No shooting, no causalities, no noise. And during the first minutes on Jedha streets it all even seem achievable. -=-=-=- -=-=-=-
  11. Should be within 0.5 stud, if my source material is correct. There is another possible issue though (which may cause scale questions) - front section may be 2-3 studs too short.
  12. Thank you! :) I do have plans for removing studs from the roofs, yes. Especially from the roofs. But need to find a good solution. Good news that the layout is not going anywhere, and I will return to the existing buildings when time comes for interior attempts. ;)
  13. Nice catch. I even have all the pieces available... just missed this area when rushing to fix other places. Area looks odd without the tile, yep.