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Found 17 results

  1. Missing Brick

    Aliens Colonial Marines MOD

    Custom Minifigs by Matthias (aka Blacktron) APC by Larry Lars: Dropship by Jayembee: Lovingly copied and assembled by moi.
  2. Missing Brick

    Aliens UD4L Dropship

    Thanks to Blacktron for the custom Spunkmeyer and Ferro dropship pilot minifigs and Larry Lars for the APC design.
  3. Hello everyone! A while ago I stumbled upon @Lobot's bricklinking threads, and I decided to bricklink my favourite set, 10195 Republic dropship with at ot. Here is an interesting fact, I didn't use bricklink. At that time I never used bricklink and wasn't familiar with it either, so I went on Rebrickable for a parts list and uploaded it onto brickowl. Does anyone use that site? Anyway, I bought everything from one seller to cut down shipping costs... but the results turned out pretty great in my opinion. All the features worked and the colours looked right. I dunno, but I felt proud of myself after finally completing the order in after what seemed a long time. Now it waas time for the parts to arrive. On an extra note, I got the set for very cheap, around 300 AUD. Go figure. Here it is! The dropship: The AT OT: Everything works! Compatible with the 7675 AT TE and also compatible with 8098 Turbo Tank I hope you enjoyed this, comments are welcomed! Hint: I have ordered parts for another bricklinked project, be on the lookout for another topic soon!
  4. While waiting for more building materials for Inferno HQ we decided that it was time the Agents of Godwins Hollow upgraded their vehicles. The first two are some basic MODs/repaints to vehicles from existing sets but the third is a MOC dropship allowing the Agents to get significant numbers of personnel into the fray quickly. The 4x4 All Terrain Attack Vehicle Agents of Godwins Hollow - Vehicles Agents of Godwins Hollow - Vehicles The 'Spyder' Assault Speedster WP_20170603_22_25_59_Pro WP_20170603_22_25_26_Pro WP_20170603_22_22_51_Pro WP_20170603_22_20_13_Pro WP_20170603_22_19_53_Pro WP_20170603_22_16_43_Pro The 'Bulldog' Armored Personnel Dropship WP_20170603_22_11_22_Pro WP_20170603_22_07_44_Pro WP_20170603_21_51_06_Pro WP_20170603_21_51_03_Pro WP_20170603_21_49_49_Pro WP_20170603_21_49_44_Pro WP_20170603_21_49_37_Pro WP_20170603_21_47_51_Pro WP_20170603_21_44_46_Pro WP_20170603_21_44_36_Pro WP_20170603_15_56_11_Pro Everybody all together... WP_20170603_22_15_55_Pro WP_20170603_22_14_13_Pro by Stewart & Sydney, on Flickr There are more pics on Flickr if you're interested and always, your comments are appreciated. Thanks for taking a look.
  5. The Platipus Class Imperial Shuttle never saw extensive service. It was designed to be slightly smaller than the Tydirium Class with heavy missile armament, but its dependency on supply lines quickly got the project cancelled after a handful of them saw limited action against pirate raiders. The foot soldiers liked it because it was a mix between a Tank Buster and a Transport vehicle ( MI-24 Hind wink wink ) I wanted to design something that had the marks of a Star Wars craft with added shapes inspired by real life animals (Platipus) and aquatic insects (Water beetle) with a Tie Advanced jammed in there :D The craft has no internals. It is just for display. Feedback is welcome
  6. Missing Brick

    Sulaco Loading Bay

    Custom Aliens Minifigs by Matthias: http://www.eurobrick...pic=58464&st=25 Power loader design by Larry Lars
  7. Hello all, just a warning- this is pic heavy. I don't think there were any restrictions on that in the guidelines, but oh well. I also would like to apologize for the annoying shadow of my head in some of the shots; that's just how it turned out with my lighting setup. Now a brief prelude. It is a period of Galactic Civil War all throughout the Galaxy, around one year after the famous Battle of Endor. General and Princess Leia Organa has sent Han Solo and his wookiee friend Chewbacca to recover stolen credits on the planet Bnar, a system in the Blaxant Sector, a space deep in Imperial territory. Han and his small squadron had almost managed to escape the imperial outpost when an imperial dropship full of the dreaded Storm Troopers arrived on the scene. Figless. Just the base and terrain. Well that's a wrap. Thanks for looking everyone and may the force be with you... always ~~Strider~~ Sorry, forgot to mention in the title- this is in the Large Category
  8. Location: E11 - The Fascini Cluster Tags: Vehicle, Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Exploration, Civil --Weekly Explorer's Transmission-- --Log of Eagle-Eye Silver-- --12 Oktobrinali 3815-- After Kawashita spent some time mining Sector E11, a treaty was struck to share the awesomnium-rich asteroid field between Kawashita and Octan Corp. The sharing agreement gives Octan Corp. the opportunity to acquire the precious resource. I’ve been piloting an OT-14 Zelus dropship-style shuttle this past week making cargo runs between the large asteroids in the Fascini Cluster. It’s fairly menial work, confirming a different manifest a few times a day and running between asteroid and fleet endlessly. At least the Zelus is nimble and quick. The four Pegasus TFG thrusters are controlled independently by the flight control computer and that vectoring makes for impressive maneuverability for landing and docking as well as at high speed. There’re even rumors of Octan SpecOps modifying some of these shuttles for their use, and of course painting them black. After piloting this thing for a week, I can certainly see the appeal. --End-- I really need to build more in the week! More pics tomorrow-ish, I need some sleep...
  9. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE 8.2] "Here We Go Again..."

    Edit: Please judge! The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice *Imagine that the white background is sky where necessary (Still not too good at GIMP.)* The Build/Story: After some target practice, and a mission briefing, Beltar’s squad and one other squad where dropped off by Medical SSD Massacre and Medical Research ISD, Bludgeon. Once Savior One and Two were in the atmosphere: (On board Savior 1) Sarge: Here we go again. Another drop. Nervous aren't you, of course you are, first time you're gonna be jumping out of a ship... Beltar: Yeah…Also because I read the report of what Weisson is supposed to be doing down there… Sarge: That rebel base? Don’t worry. We won’t be going anywhere near that thing. I hope. *Pilot over Comm* This is your captain speaking. I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we will be over the drop zone in T-Minus 20 minutes. The bad news is: I got one scary a** Rebel gun pointing at us. We are gonna have to start the drop sooner. I’m surprised that they’d shoot at two more ships with red crosses on the sides. Sarge: Cooper? Is that even possible? We were supposed to be far away from that. *Pilot* Yeah…We are…but that’s one heckuva cannon…Also Savior 2 has been hit, and has begun the drop. *Explosison* *Pilot* Woah! We're hit. What was that back there? Sarge: Uh, Rom ain’t comin down with us… Beltar: Well there he goes… He’s kinda dead now… *Pilot* Well that’s great. One hull breach and part of our shield was hit, along with Searchlight 1, even though we are dropping during the day. Sarge: Just try to get us a little closer! *Pilot* Alright, Savior 2 has just confirmed that all crew but the copilot is off, ‘cause the pilot is dead. And Malcom is putting her down. And I gotta get Kirk and the MP on the ground now. Opening Ramp at the same time. Sarge: Roger that Cooper…Knew you guys probably wouldn’t make it home… Begin drop sequence Gamma-Alpha Four. Also, inform Kirk to pull the shute a little earlier so we don't waste another hour like last time greasing up the joins from the force of landing... *Pilot* Haha! Will do Sarge. Beltar: What do you mean Sarge? By both those things? Sarge: Gamma-Alpha Four means the front jumps first, cause their gonna get hit first from a cannon. And normally, our pilots don’t make it home. Cooper has had a streak of five missions. I think his luck is up, he was good while he lasted. Beltar: Can’t he jump? Sarge: We don’t have enough supplies, and pilots are not trained for the field. Also, he has to set her down in the right place… The troops started filing one by one to the back. The scout with snipers and a light jetpack, Scourge with a stretcher, Boris with a stretcher, and Rodrick, carrying the tent and a couple other supplies. Most of the blasters and other supplies were stored on Savior 2, which was completely cleared before going down besides the co-pilot. Sarge: Move it along men, move it. Rodrick: Ah, poor Rom. Boris: Well let’s get a move on you slow scout! Scout: One sec, waiting for the right balance.. Boris: Oh come on! MOVE already! Beltar: They always like this during a drop? Sarge: They know we may be going down soon, they want to get off faster, before that happens. Boris: Alright boys, let’s make mom and dad proud. Jumpin’ into a zone while being shot at takes some courage...Also I'm last off" Scout: Well good Ol’ Boris, you a coward? Boris: Ah shut up, I’m always out last for section one, and you know that punk. Scout: Fine, let’s jump! Boris: See you down there Beltar and Sarge. Good luck on your decent! Geronimo! Beltar: see you down there… Sarge: Have a good flight! *Pilot* This is your captain speaking. Cabin 2 is lost, all crew in cabin two are dead from what I can see over my cam, so Beltar and Sarge, your turn. Better do it quick, I feel like that gun is getting a lock on us… Beltar: Come on! What are you waiting for sir! Sarge: I’m jammed! Beltar Go Go Go! Get off while you can! Beltar: Not leaving without you Sarge. Sarge: Come on lad, pull for cryin out loud! Pull! Beltar: Well you gotta push you know! Sarge: I AM! In about 15 seconds of pushing and pulling, it became unjammed, and Sarge rose up quickly to get his gear. Sarge: Alright, let’s go. Beltar: Agreed. *Pilot* This is your co-pilot speaking. Cooper is down, and I suggest you boys get off fast! See you on the other side. GO GO GO GO N--…. *Boom* Sarge: RUN! Beltar: I’m running, I’m going! Sarge: Now or never Beltar, we are higher than we are supposed to be but we got— Ah, jumping already… Beltar: I think I’d rather jump! Pilot Log: More Pictures in this spoiler. Bonus, I liked this one, so I didn't delete it, but I also didn't want to use it for the story pictures. This build was more of a filler, and to get my story moving, so that I can use my last 3 freebuilds, and to try to finish this arc before the next episode comes out... Hope you enjoyed, and as always, C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  10. The Fezter

    MOC : Space Marine Troop Dropship

    After a few years of buying sets post dark ages, I began designing my own stuff in LDD. Pretty much all of them have stayed just that, an LDD file, but within the past six months I have started to actually physically build some. The following is my fourth LDD-to-physical-bricks model, and also my largest to date. So without further ado, I present my Space Marine Troop Dropship. I have a thing for futuristic ships, and dropships just have that something extra. The whole model took around 3 months to design, and by the time I'd finished it had ended up at a whopping 1068 pieces! Well its a lot to me anyway hah. The end cost reached roughly £120, so the purchases of elements was spilt over a couple of months. The first part I worked on were the engines, which are actually reverse-engineered from the leg thrusters from Eris' Eagle Interceptor. From that point i worked from the front backwards. Originally the model was going to be black and grey, and although it looked awesome, I thought that a craft used by figures this bulky would not need to look 'stealthy', so therefore it got changed into classic space grey and blue. The engines can rotate from flight mode to landing mode, and two engines are located at the rear for space travel. It can hold 7 troops, 6 in the main compartment, and one in the cockpit, thought the armour had to be removed to fit him in there. At some point I want to modify the rear to include an area to store equipment, as its currently just an empty space. Any comments or criticism is welcome, and I hope you enjoyed having a looksee.
  11. This playset is a foil to LEGO set 7667 Imperial Dropship, but is inspired mostly by the Rogue One concept artwork revealed at Star Wars Celebration VII. Rogue One Rebel Dropship Battlepack by SPARKART!, on Flickr. The daring Rebel commandos deploy from the dropship by "mynocking", hanging facedown from the dropship doors. The dropship carries three rebel troopers and a pilot. The cargo doors and cockpit open, the flight deck chair swivels, and missiles are fired from the top-mounted spring-loaded launchers. Rogue One Rebel Dropship Battlepack by SPARKART!, on Flickr. Help the pilot and crew ready the ship for takeoff! Rogue One Rebel Dropship Battlepack by SPARKART!, on Flickr. Swivel the flight deck captain's chair and remind the troopers of the rendevous point, then deploy the rocket commandos! Rogue One Rebel Dropship Battlepack by SPARKART!, on Flickr. Create an explosive diversion with the spring-loaded missile launchers! Rogue One Rebel Dropship Battlepack by SPARKART!, on Flickr. Instructions available <TBD>, so you can examine, modify, and build this playset. 118 pieces total, 95 pieces for the dropship.
  12. The Imperial Base located in...I don´t know a frozen planet in an uncharted system where the Imperial troops try to secure new energy sources and raw materials for sustaining the military effort. Although the basis of the troops are snowtroopers (109), there is a small platoon of the Special Operations Unit. This unit has many tasks, and one of them is to complement the reconaissance work of some of the drones. And these drones sometimes find a valuable prey. As soon as the location of the prey is known, a squad is send to get the pray because the Base Commander wants to arrange a BBQ. However, they don´t always arrive on time and nothing but bones is what they find. Oh! A wampa! This is rather a dangerous enemy! And the troops open fire, of course, in self defense. But a wounded wampa is a very dangerous creature, and more if it is at point blank. And the result is a stormtrooper with a leg amputated. Fortunately, the attack was reported and the evacuation APD was sent. The Base hospital was calmed. The medical officer was checking his IMPBOOK profile. The APD landed and two off-duty snowies were sent with a stretcher to help in the movement to the operating room. One of his fellows takes his leg before the injured stomtrooper gets inside. Quickly!!! The medical droid, also known as "You´d rather not meet me" is ready and starts the work. Wow! The leg is in place! It is so fast that the stormtrooper runs away. His fellow and the doctor are impressed. Have two additional pics of the Hospital. Enjoy! You can check it on mocpages,
  13. Hello there Here comes my Xenoartefact Diorama with a platoon of heavy infantry surging a xenoartefact on GamdronII. They get in big trouble with a SwampTerro, but the called Dropship is falling out of the skay for rescue and kick megablocks of that alien! Have a look: Big trouble! Fall back ...Fire...Fire! Incoming! Boarding. Dropship in flight mode! Dropship with stand application. Ready to board. Droped. A whole platoon fits into the dropship. If you like to learn more, check our FlickR gallery or some article´s on THE BRICK TIME. Best regards BoB
  14. Missing Brick

    Bishop To The Rescue

    Scene from James Cameron's 1986 movie Aliens: "Close your eyes baby. Don't look at it"...."Bishop!" "Punch it Bishop!" Special thanks to Matthias aka Blacktron for the custom Ripley & Bishop minifigs: Background photo kindly provided by James Addison (Extramatic)
  15. RemtonDulyak

    Assault Gunship - My first MOC

    Here is my first MOC, realized with LDD. It's an assault gunship/dropship for special forces, carrying a complement of 5 soldiers (one officer, 4 troopers). It's armed to the teeth, considering that it's mainly a transport. I know there's still much to correct and define, and I'm open to suggestions! (P.S.: the cockpit is open to show the pilot) Front view Rear engines can swivel to maneuver The soldiers inside are so tough they are having a fine time riding to battle You never know when you'll need missiles, better carry enough Counting the seconds to the action Tailgunner is angry The Lieutenant leading the chalk is not scared The pilot knows his way around the battle field Assault Gunship.lxf
  16. Hey there everyone, I'm Joev14, a new guy on the forums. I got myself pretty much all the fall 2013 star wars sets, and have been experimenting with an idea I had, what if it were possible to put working lego electronic lights into a Republic Gunship and AT-TE, without using any modified parts. After much work, I have finally found a way to do lights in both the AT-TE and the Gunship. So without further ado, I present to you, building steps for how to install working unmodified lights into your Republic Gunship. Click the photos to be linked to larger versions of the images. Sorry for the change in lighting throughout the pictures, sometimes the flash from my camera makes it hard to see the separate white parts, so I don't always use it. Step 1: Begin with a standard 75021 Republic Gunship (Mine is slightly modded with orange accents and a few other things, but the base design is still the same) Step 2: Absolutely necessary parts. You will also need a wire of whatever desired length (I recommend the 15-stud long ones), and two of these lights. Step 3: Recommended parts Step 4: Remove any parts that may get in your way, including minifigs inside the hangar. I also recommend removing the wings, although you don't absolutely need to. Step 5: Remove this chunk of the ship. Step 6: Remove the two sides of the upper section of the ship. Step 7: Continue by removing all the above-shown parts. Step 8: Remove the 4 containers. It is your choice whether or not you want to keep them. I chose to turn them into a crate as shown below. Step 9: Canister pod Step 10: Remove these two pieces Step 11: Replace the four openings where the canisters used to be with these four bricks. Also, run a wire from the hanger roof through the opening in front of the handle as shown. Step 12: Place these three plates on the bottom of the battery box. Make sure to put in a 9V battery first, so you don't have to go back and do it later! Step 13: Place the battery box in the space shown. Attach the lead of wire to the battery box (make sure to skip one set of studs, this is crucial). Step 14: Place two of the slopes in front of the wire end, and two small cheese slopes behind the co-pilot. Place 2 L-shaped plates around the wire opening. Step 15: Place two 1x2 plates ontop of the L-shaped ones, then another two L-shaped plates facing in the opposite direction atop those. Finally, place two 1x3 plates ontop, bridging the battery box to the L-shaped plates. Step 16: Place two more 1x3 plates on both sides of the end of the wire. Place two rounded slopes atop them, and finally, place a 2x4 tile on top of the wire end. Step 17: Place two more rounded slopes to cover the wiring. Step 18: Reattach the remaining large sections of the upper part of the ship, excluding the wings. You may fill in the gaps as desired. I intentionally left the 1x4 block area behind the co-pilot exposed so you can still press the button on the battery box. Step 19: Next comes the lights. There is no specific way you have to place them, but I chose to do it in this configuration. With a few red studs, as well as two round trans-orange bricks, I can get the two lamps to light up the whole hangar. Step 20: Above are the parts you should still have remaining, assuming you used the same method I did. Step 21: Reattach the wings and put all your figs back in, your done! Step 22: And boy does it look sweet! What are everyone's thoughts/suggestions for this? The only thing that really seemed to have me stumped was the rounded slopes in front of the handle, I couldn't figure out a sturdier design. While it does hold up, it looks a little awkward with all the obvious spaces between the bricks. I can't figure out a better looking way to do it and still have room for the wire though. Ideas? Facecast Episode discussing these modifications: (skip to 15:20) I will be posting the guide for how to put lights into a 75019 AT-TE soon!
  17. Missing Brick

    Punch It Bishop

    Scene from James Cameron's 1986 movie 'Aliens' So far I've only built the front section of the dropship plus the cargo hold which is big enough to carry a full size 14-wide Larry Lars APC. So I hope to take some shots of the APC on the ramp when I've finished the tail section of the model. In case any of you youngsters are wondering what 'Punch it Bishop' means, here's the scene from Aliens: