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Found 37 results

  1. The Alliance troops rushed in the dark hall. There was nothing, in the dim darkness. - Are we too late?- one of the soldier asked. Then, just in a blink of an eye, the light returned in to the hall. The torches ignited by a magic in the same time. Revealing Raavage, and his minions. - Don't worry, you came just in time to witness my thriump! - Raavage greeted the arrivals. A warrior stepped foward, from the ranks of the Alliances troops. It was a young woman, she wasnt older then twenty. She had a long blonde hair, and wears a golden armor. - Your reign of terror is at and Raavage! - she started. - Surrender ow, and you will have a just trial. - Hah! And surrender to you? - Raavage laughed. - To a pretender? - I am no pretender. - said the girl. - I am Aleesia, the Fate Driven - Here is Aleesia! - shouted Raavage, while picked up the sacknext to him, and throw it content to the girls feet. A smaller skull rolled out from the sack. It belonged to a child. - She cried for her life, when I take it from her. - smiled Raavage, as he inspected the girls reaction. The girl look down on the skull. She struggled with her tears, but then she collected all of her courage: - No, but she is the victim, of your civil war Raavage! Again, I'am Aleesia! - Then maybe you can prove it! - Raavage continued his smiling. The girl showed her right hand. A ring gleamed on her ring finger. A ring, which was familiar to Raavage... -WHAT? WHERE did you get that ring? -Raavage was pale as he could be. -Where did you get that ring, answer me! -The Pool of Wisdom gave it to me. - the girl remained calm. - The pool? - asked Raavage loud. - The druids! Hm... - he stopped for a brief moment, to collect his thoughts. Did they told you? - asked the girl suspiciously. - Yes, they told me about you... - answered the girl in a sad tone. - Draconius... The silence was choking. The moment almost lasted forever. No one expected this turn of events. Even Raavages minions looked at him, in confuson. Raavage broke the silence: - I no longer bearer of this name... - answered calmly. To change the subject, he quickly looked around, hes eyes stoped at the skull, next to Aleesias feet. - Then, answer me Fate Driven! Who was the girld, and why did she had the royal ring of Draconius? - My fath... - Aleesia suddenly stoped her sentence. - I mean, Gilow the Fair. Gave this ring to me, on my fifteen birthday. He told me, there is a long story about this ring, and I can hear it, after I came back from the magister. On the way, I met a poor beggar girl. She asked for food, I dont had anything with me. Just the ring. So I gave it to her, so she can buy some food, and don't starve to death. Later, when I went home, the town was attacked by your raiders. - They brought to me the false chosen one? Imbeciles! - Raavage was so angry, he almost shattered his ax with his own hand. - But Gilow swored, that girl is... - he stoped for a moment. - Clever... Gilow, you tricked me, for the last time... And where did you hide from? - I didn't. I was in one of your prison camp. - All this time you were in front of me, and I didn't notice you? - he started shaking his hands in anger. - Yes, and thanks to you, I learned a lot of during the years of my imprisonment. - these words only angered Raavage more. - The hard working only helped me, to gain stamina, and strength. I helped the other prisoners to regain their strenghts. In return, I learnedfrom them many things, from how to fight, to the history of the guilds and more. Raavage was angered, more and more after every word of the girl. But his curiosity was greater: - And... How did you learned your fate in the camp? - hissed. - One day, an old man was throwed in the camp. After I helped him, he introduced himself, as a druid from Avalonia. After a brief talk, he recognised me. He was there, when you whised for me, at the pool. - She saw Raavages face, full with anger, when she mentioned this event. But she continued: - He told me, to seek out the archdruid, in Avalonia, once the time has come. - For the following days, he tended a small branch. He sacrifices his life, to gave all of his strenght to the plant. The stems of the plant reached the sky, and provided us a way out from the prison camp. - And, this is how I arrived here. I met the leaders of the Alliance, in the Beggars Inn. And with the ring, i was able, to unite the Guilds of Historica againts you. Again. Silence. Not as awkward, as the last one. But again, Raavage broke the silence. But not as the last time. -Enough! - his voice echoed in the hall. - This ends now! Minions! Slaughter them, let their blood fulfil my destiny! - and with a warcry, he jumped down, in front of Aleesia, to settle this down once and for all. A skirmish started between the two sides. In the middle, Aleesia, and Raavage had their final duel, to determinate the fate of Historica. - You want the thruth girl? Draconius never believed in you! - Raavage agitated the girl, while he swinged his axe. - The pool did not saved him, only gave him an infant instead. A great doubt grown in his heart, and this was my cradle! - I don't believe you! - she dodged Raavages strike. - How can a man, who sacrifices so much to save his kingdom, to leave the light, and join the darkness? - Don't call me on that name again! He is no more, there is only Raavage! - He parried a strike from the left. - And I can tell you, it's not hard, to corrupt a man, if his thaughts are dark... And Draconius had dark thaughts, ruling a kingdom is hard, you can't do goodthings, if you hurt others. - he parried again - This is why I want to destroy the life on Historica, and from the ashes, a new order can rise! Aleesia let her guard down for a moment, Raavage took advantage on that, and stiked! Finally, his axe tasted flesh! The girl dropped her equipment, and she quickly reached the wound. Her red blood poured out between her fingers fast. - Hah! Victory is at hand! - Raavage laughed out loud, in satisfaction. He grabed the girl, and droped her on the edge of the pit. The blood poured down in to the darkness. - no one can stop me now! A terrifying howl interruted the battlefield. The ground shaked under the combatants feet. The eyes of the carved skull on the wall cracked, and two large green gem revealed. They started emitting an unholy green light. - The helm will be mine! Hahaaa! The helm did not appeared. Instead the winds started to blow. A vortex started in the center of the hall, collecting every bone in the area, including the troops of Raavage. After the winds subsided, a huge bone construct stood in the hall. In the confusion, Raavage took adventage on the situation. - This must be the guardian, who guards the helm... Mighty guardian! These intruders are bringing light to this crypt. Destroy them, and show me the Necromancers Helm! The construct slowly turned around. After seeing Raavage giving order, the construct lift the mace in it hand, and smashed Raavage. It was a killing blow. The dust subsided, and the crushed body of Raavage revealed. But the soldiers of the Alliance didn't started to celebrate. Cause, the construct turned to Aleesia: - It's your fault! - screamed the construct to Aleesia, in a mixture of otherworldly and girlish tone. - You let me die on that day, instead of you! Aleesia lost too much blood. Befor she fainted, she recognised the girlish voice... but she couldn't say anything. The construct lifted the mace once more. - Don't let it happened! - screamed the crimson knight, on top of the stairs, and throwed his spear to the construct. - Defend her! The throwing only unbalanced the giant just for a brief moment. Buying enough time, to the others to act. The Midgardian berserker charged with a vicious strike, but the construct smack him back. This happened with the dwarf and with the knight. - It's to powerful! - shouted the wizard - There should be another way, to destroy it! The knight stood up. He was a bit dizzy after he hited the wall. He saw as the others dies trying, to defend the girl. He looked up to the skull on the wall. It still emitting the green light. - The gems! - shouted - Shoot the gems out, to break the spell! The elven ranger changed his target, and shooted. The gems cracked after another. The construct let out it final scream, while fallen to pieces. The fight was over. - Quickly! We need to find a healer, or we lose her! - the knight ran down on the stairs, to pick the girl up. - we don't have much time! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Epiloge She woke up in a cosy bed. The room was decorated with the colors of the four guilds. She sat up, but quickly regret it. Her side still hurt, under the bandage. - You are awake! - the knight ran to her, from the desk - Uwel? - the girl was confused. - Where am I? What happened? - You are in the kings quarters, you slept three days. - And the battle? What happened? What happened to Raavage? - He is dead. The construct crushed him. Aleesia felt sadness. She wanted to redeem the fallen king, so he can rule his beloved kingdom once more. But this dream gone forever. - Then... it is done... I have fulfiled my destiny... I don't know what to do next. - Actually. - the knight helped the girl up. - While you was sleeping, the lords had decided who should rule Historica. - And what I have to do with this - she asked. - You will see. - Uwel opened the door to the balcony. The light blinded the girl for a brief moment. She steped out. - Residents of Historica! - Aleesia almost scared from the chancellor, who continued: - All hali the High Queen of Historica! Fanfare welcomed her, as she waked to the edge of the balcony, to lock down. As far as she can see, hundreds called her name, cheered, and celebrated.
  2. The battle of the Bridge of Arbol : Felipe de la Manzana was personally involved in the war against Mardier from the begining of the KMA operation, so it was obvious he would lead an coordinated attack from Eslandola/Garvey alliance against one of the Mardieran forts... The Fort he had to take was Arbol, a small hilly outpost blocking the Garveyan progression to the north. The first assault Garvey lead did not succeed and just managed to break the door at the Bridge head of Arbol. This was the only opportunity for Felipe to break the Mardieran defenses before they could repair the door... His General of Brigade, Brickwall Murion tryed to launch an assault but the troops were not following him as they saw the Bridge of Arbol very well protected. This is at this time Felipe de la Manzana saw reinforcements arriving by sea, in particular fresh troops and finally the artillery he asked for days ! Then he took a decision for bravery and glory ! He grabbed the Eslandolan flag, unsheathe his rapier and ran to the bridge... Sawing their leader on the bridge, all the troops finally followed him. The Mardieran defenses were strong and it is under a bullet rain the brave Eslandolan men passed the bridge, with Felipe, still carrying the flag, in front line ! The losses were high arriving at the bridge head and this is here a well adjusted shot missed Felipe just because of the sacrifice of his valourous General of Brigade Brickwall Murion who jumped in front of the bullet and saved Felipe from death. Unfortunately for the Brave General, the shot cost him his life ! Murion sacrifice was not vain, because Felipe managed to pass through the Bridge of Arbol and derouted the Mardieran Defenses with the help of the cannons that were disembarqued while he was launching the assault. The Mardieran troops had to retreat and Garvey forces passed to the north of Isla de Victoria. Thank you for watching my Challenge 5 entry. Of course, it is an entry For Eslandola ! The build is strongly inspired of the battle of the Bridge of Arcole (I change a bit the name for my story of course). This battle involved Napoleon himself launching the French assault against the Austrian troops by grabbing a flag to the bridge. His "Général de brigade" Jean-Baptiste Murion (I kept a part of the name...) Saved Napoleon's life by sacrificing himself. I tryed to stay faithfull to the illustration with my minifigs posing. Hope you'll like it ! Any comment or criticism is welcome !
  3. The Kraken MEAL ! A build For Eslandola ! Another Mardier vessel has been reported missing in King'sPort when the fleet gathered around terraversa. It was a light war brig named "La Deliciosa". After some search the Mardieran managed to save very few men from the dark waters. Their testimony was astonishing... Well, for those of them who could tell he event that sunk their ship. Here is what the Mardier High Command received (officially, the ship is said lost during an Eslandolan raid) : "La Deliciosa" was chasing an Eslandolan vessel when the sailors suddenly heard a horn and then saw a coloured hot air ballon fly away of the bridge of their prey. They thought it was a distress signal of some sort to call another vessel they hadn't saw, so they were preparing for battle... When, suddenly ! The sea bubbled around the brig. The ship cracked into pieces and finished torn apart while the last men tryed to avoid or fight the monstruous beast which attacked them from beneath the sea ! It was The Kraken ! An enormous tentacled beast and it was sure it had been summoned by the strange signal the Eslandolan ship made... There were no escape possible.. . The fight was vain... Even the Vaillant Captain was lost... Every men finished eaten by the beast... They are Kraken Meal ! Well, at the exception of the men rescued by the Mardieran fleet. It is an annoying news for the Mardieran High Command... Eslandola can control the Kraken ! Is it the end of the war ? Hope you'll like my challenge entry ! It was challenging for me to build out of my safe zone... As you can see (I hope) It is not really my usual type of build. I hope I succeed to create a more anxious and dramatic mood to my build. Any comment or criticism is welcome !
  4. The rapid expansion across the Terraversa Sea presented many an opportunity to the open minded merchants of the old world. Johan von Yastobaal was one such merchant. Establishing his headquarters and estate in King’s Port, the Mardier business man was making quite a fortune for himself. Unfortunately, his mercantile efforts were repeatedly frustrating, and frustrated by, Eslandolan trade ventures in the same ports. As von Yastobaal was about to discover, the Eslandolans had deep pockets and few were the difficulties more money could not solve in one way or another. So it was that Johan returned to his estate one evening. Immediately retreating to his private chambers overlooking the garden, he was quite surprised to find a woman hidden in his room. He was even more surprised when she struck him in the chest with some kind of modified caestus. Seconds later he was falling out of his window onto the stone path below. The assassin watched with an intellectual curiosity as von Yastobaal hit the ground. The fall was likely more than survivable, which is why the blades of her weapon had been coated with Widowmaker venom – a potent, and extremely swift, venom belonging to a species of spider recently discovered in the Terraversan isles. Making a discrete exit, she stopped to confirm von Yastobaal was dead. Satisfied, she fled the scene to return to her employers at the House of Spiders.
  5. Somewhere in the Mitgardian mountains. Travelling alone can get lonely, but sometimes unwanted company can be worse... Messengers have been sent out all over Historica announcing the return of the heir, and an important meeting of free-Historica's leaders to plan the next move against Raavage and his advancing forces. But naturally The Spire could not sit back and let this happen, as many messengers as possible must be stopped. Walking across a rocky path through Mitgardian mountains, the lone messenger never expected to see much more than a bear or two. But arriving at a small bridge in the path, all of a sudden an icy wind starts to pick up, most peculiar, ice storms are usually reserved for the depths of winter, not the beginning of spring, the snow had even started to melt and the streams flow again... But it did not take long for the messenger to realize this was no ordinary snow storm as the frozen wind started to swirl around him, the beast he used to carry supplies quickly bucked, running off into the storm. He was alone, on the small wooden bridge, with the raging storm swirling around him, leaving a clearing in what seemed to be the eye of a tornado. Although this was only the beginning, when out of he storm came two men, charging at him. It began to make sense, the men were Spire soldiers, and for the storm? An unlikely alliance, it must have been conjured using magic to stop the messenger, the Algus had joined the Spire. With the surrounding storm he had nowhere to run, knowing the importance of the message he was carrying in his satchel, the only option was to fight. It was a valiant effort, but eventually he was outnumbered. Knowing he had lost, seconds before the final blow was dealt, he cast the leather satchel into the flowing stream below, down the waterfalls, in the hopes that someone, somewhere would find it... The surviving Spire men walked away from the scene, as the swirling storm died down, leaving behind them only bloodied bodies, and a lost message... So that was my first entry for Category A of Challenge V, this one for The Spire, stopping Historica from uniting against Raavage at all cost. This was fun to build, and I was happy yo use the Tauntaun in a Mitgardia build again -Thanks for looking!
  6. ( Part 1 (Spire) ) When the ice begins to melt, and the springs start to flow again, it's not uncommon to use these fresh sources as water supply. However packages floating down river are a bit more peculiar... A young boy sent out to collect water, nothing strange, until a leather satchel floats through the metal bars, getting stuck for a few seconds before washing up by his feet. At first curious, he then notices blood stains on the bag, and quickly runs off to alert a guard of his discovery, who spread the word to the town leader... (Guard) -Sir! A young boy found this satchel floating own the stream, we opened it to take a look and inside is a message, and an important one too... (Finn) -Well then, what does it say? -The message got a bit wet during its voyage, but we've managed to decipher it, it's concerning the heir sir! -The heir? The king has returned? Rightful ruler of all Historica, the only one who can unite the guilds! -Yes, well... debatable, but there's a meeting, in Cedrica, it calls to all leaders in all the guilds, to discuss the oncoming threat of Raavage and The Spire... Also something about another helm, but the ink smudged down there with the water... -Very well, prepare a small travelling party, I shall head to Cedrica. As for the message it must be spread across the land, send out multiple messengers, with guards, don't want the same to happen to them... We must also attempt to find the original messenger, send a group of men up stream, they might find something... -Very well sir. So this is part 2, for the resistance, I wanted to enter a build for each side and have them linked, not just two completely separate builds -Thanks for stopping by!
  7. This build is for Challenge 5 - The Space Olympic Games (Category E) Since this was my first attempt at an Olympic venue, I wanted to include the AG Olympic Rings. This event is Zero -Gravity table tennis it is played with two tables (one on the "floor" and one on the "ceiling". The table tennis paddle is now a handle and a ring with a force field for the hitting surface. This particular round of competition is Dr. Steven Quin Livingston (in the black with blue gloves) representing Kawashita vs. Peter Davids (in the grey and green) representing Mantis. Additional images can be found here. Comments and criticism are welcome.
  8. Obstacle courses in the Andromeda Olympics are a lot more challenging than ones one earth. For one thing, these races have very low gravity. For another it's in an asteroid field. Imagine running through a sand storm, but instead of sand, it's boulders and small mountains. And there's no solid ground to be found anywhere. All existing pieces. C&C welcome!
  9. Centuries ago athletes would shoot low caliber firearms at targets ranging from 10, 50 to 300 meters away. As time passed the distances increased to where we are today. Athletes fire from a landing pad at passing asteroids over 30km away. The weapons are high powered kinetic energy weapons. With extremely high powered scopes they fire a shot, then head home to see if it hits hours later. long day today, so my weekly build may be late tonight, keep this build simple before I head out!
  10. Note: the TV studio is from a previous build, and shouldn't be judged. Hello everyone, and welcome back to OSPN, your completely impartial source of news from the Olympics. I'm Joan Hapley, and you're joining us for the exciting final of the mixed doubles lawn tennis between Octan and MANTIS. With me are former galactic lawn tennis champion John McMurray... Hi Joan! ...and the head of Alpha Centauri University's History of Sport Department, Professor Alfred Perry. Afternoon Joan. Now, looking at the live feed from the court it seems the players are still warming up, so John, for those tuning in who aren't familiar with the game, perhaps you could give us a quick introduction? Sure thing Joan. May I say first how lovely you're looking today? Aw, thanks John! Now, lawn tennis is an ancient sport from Earth which we still play by the original rules. In Old Earthish, 'lawn' was a word which roughly translates as 'lethal wall of fire'. Generally speaking, the aim of the game is to hit the ball through the wall of fire in the middle of the court and set the opposing team on fire. How exciting! Now, Professor Perry, apparently there's some controversy about whether the rules we play by today really are the original rules? That's right Joan. For example, we know for sure that tennis was first invented by King Henry VIII of America way back in the 18th century. However, my research indicates that the game might have been played on grass courts and- That is completely ludicrous! This is a game in which the ball is usually on fire! A grass court would immediately go up in flames! Well, the thing is- Joan, I don't know how clear it is to those watching at home, but here in the studio it's very obvious that the Professor is an enormous nerd. I can confirm that's correct. Hey- And we all know nerds don't know anything about sports. Especially "Professors" of "History" of "Sport". That doesn't make any- That seems to be a compelling point John, but I'm hearing that the match is about to start, so let's go live to courtside. But- It looks like Octan have won the toss and have chosen to serve first. A good choice: Ms Walliams has a powerful serve that regularly A.C.E.s her opponents. A.C.E. is a term from the original rules, standing for 'Absolutely Combust Entirely'. Actually- Oh! It seems there's an altercation on the court. No doubt the MANTIS team is causing trouble. Octan's players, of course, are known for their strict sense of fair play. We'll take this opportunity to go to a commercial break, while the umpire hopefully disqualifies the MANTIS team. Stay tuned in to OSPN, your completely impartial source of news from the Olympics. Thanks for reading! Not a very involved build, but it looks like I'll be super busy next week so I wanted to at least get something up now. I may expand it if I have time. C&C welcome!
  11. Andromedas Gates

    [Challenge 5][Cat D] More Clerical Errors

    The organisers of the Games invited the native races of Andromeda to participate in the events. A number of alien races accepted and sent competitors. Unfortunately, there were some errors in the rules that were sent to them. For the Land Race event, there were, uh, some typos that meant the Aliens are somehow riding bikes, I guess? Alien entry 1: Alien Entry 2: Alien Entry 3:
  12. Ok, I'm going to cut the chase: I have no idea what the hell this thing is, or what it's supposed to be! And I helped build it! And the name isn't anything useful either, EFW just stand for Engine, Frame, Wheels. Size Proof: This thing turned out Bizarre! C&C welcome!
  13. Agent Lotus got the mission in the early hours of the morning. Simple infiltration job. With the Space Olympic Games Land Race event starting soon he had to make sure this went to plan. It was easy enough to find the speeder, and its pilot never expected an attack. He'd wake up with a heck of a headache by the end of the day, plenty of time to use his credentials and enter the race.
  14. Big Sal

    [Challenge 5][Cat D] The Snail

    Austina Anteca thought of herself as a pretty funny person. The life of the party, in her mind. So when it was time to name her vehicle for the race, she decided to name it after a famously slow creature from Earth. She thought that was hilarious. Thanks for reading! C&C welcome! Turns out that what looks like a clip at the front of the spiders holding the entire thing together is not actually a clip, so this has a nasty habit of randomly springing apart. That's why I got sick of fiddling with it and posted early
  15. Umbra-Manis

    [Challenge 5][Cat C] The Blastcore

    Aryna here, I've been given this ship to race in the Andromeda Olympics. The engineering department proved they aren't great with names during the boat race, so this thing was delivered without a name. Eh, no matter! I've taken to calling it the Blastcore. Supposedly the technology in that big ol' engine casing is classified, so all I know about it's propulsion. Maybe I'll plug myself into the OS later. Anyway, time to fire this thing up! (My photo skills need some work) Size Proof 12x8 I won't be able to take this apart now. I'd feel I was wasting stickers! C&C welcome!
  16. The OC.21 range of Octan Corp spaceships is known for its exclusive looks and aggressive feel. Only affordable to the wealthy its rarely seen and when it shows up, it turns heads. The R-type in particular has the strongest OC production engines available, which gives it not only a lot of "potential" to the wealthy executives, but its power and speed is so top notch even G.A.R.C. racers fight for it. OC saw the potential early and founded their own team. Max Verbricks is their primary driver. Max Verbricks in his OC.21 R-type Max Verbricks in his OC.21 R-type again Aaaaand another flyby
  17. Big Sal

    [Challenge 5][Cat C] FR3D

    Fred Ratulon was a terrible pilot. One of the worst anyone had ever seen. But when he applied to be part of the M.A.N.T.I.S. GARC team with the top of the line racer his extremely wealthy parents had bought for him, no one was going to turn him down. Even when they heard he'd named it FR3D... Thanks for reading! C&C welcome!
  18. Col. Brik

    [Challenge 5] [Cat C] Klunker

    Col. Brik, you're GARC is ready to go, Sir. We used the usual 'old school' style building you so enjoy. We hope it can compete with the newer style builds produced by the other competitors.
  19. Dr. Steven Quin Livingston in the GARC ship "Duality" Comments and criticism welcome.
  20. The Chūrippu 502 is the hottest rod of the whole Kawashita GARC fleet. It is sponsored by Zumbi Media, Stark Industries, and a range of other Kawashita-affiliated corporations, laboratories, and organizations. The Chūrippu 502 was designed by Dr. Asuka Ross and her husband Malachi Ross, both based on Mars. The design was perfected in Mars orbit, put through its paces in every major GARC qualification track in Sol System. Though it may seem weird that a GARC cruiser be named after a flower as common as the red tulip, the Hanakotoba associates this flower with fame and charity, representing the values of its designers and all of us here at Kawashita. Any proceeds from sponsorship deals or GARC prize monies will be donated to Andromedan amputees to cover the costs of both rehabilitation and top-of-the-line Kawashita prostheses. Some additional views of the craft: And of course, the proofing shots required by Andromeda GARC authorities to make sure craft like the Chūrippu 502 are regulation sized ans spec: Builder's Notes: -This is my first ever GARC and it was tons of fun to make. The platform that the build is set on is 12x12 studs, which should be easily apparent from the top-down view. -If you look carefully, you'll notice that the "SF" racing sticker on the right side of the ship is cut up into 3 pieces. I did that on purpose and really like the effect. It was fun to play with stickers, which is usually something I don't mess around with. I'd really like to get some custom stickers! -Thanks for looking!
  21. SO this would be my first GARC, I have gone over the guide lines and even though the picture looks out, it is on a 10x20 frame and will fit inside a 12x12 frame. Cheers. Octan-GARC by Meyerj, on Flickr Octan-GARC by Meyerj, on Flickr Octan-GARC by Meyerj, on Flickr Octan-GARC by Meyerj, on Flickr Octan-GARC by Meyerj, on Flickr and a 4 second turn around.. Octan-GARC by Meyerj, on Flickr Cheers, comments always welcome.
  22. Andromedas Gates

    [Challenge 5][Cat C] A Typo

    The organisers of the Games invited the native races of Andromeda to participate in the events. A number of alien races accepted and sent competitors. Unfortunately, there were some errors in the rules that were sent to them. For the GARC event, there was a typo in the title... Alien CRAG 1: Alien CRAG 2: Thanks for reading! C&C welcome!
  23. The organisers of the Games invited the native races of Andromeda to participate in the events. A number of alien races accepted and sent competitors. Unfortunately, there were some errors in the rules that were sent to them. For the Boat Race event, there were typos in the size limits and the guidelines about whether motors were allowed... Alien entry 1: Alien entry 2: Thanks for reading! C&C welcome!
  24. Col. Brik

    [Challenge 5][Cat B] K-Boat

    It's right at 20 long, the photo doesn't show it proper, if anyone has a issue I'll pop the flame out. Thanks for looking!
  25. "Ahoy, Agent Lotus!" "umm...Ahoy?" "Be ye, enjoying these fine Space Olympic Games? I'm sure ye arrrr. I'm Kawashita operative John Pearl-Silver, and as ye may see, I've done mesel' a calamity.As such I be needin' someone to replace me in the Boat Race competition. Arrr ye man enough for it, boyo?" "Sure, why not, show me your ship." "Here she be. Her official title is The Major Christopher Summers, named after some olde-timey spacer, but I just call her The Corsair." "I like it. Thanks, Captain Pearl-Silver, I'll treat her right!"