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  1. mordatre

    [MOC] Life sized Xenomorph facehugger

    It actually got featured on this blog:
  2. Made for a competition at the Swedish LUG Swebrick. The theme was horror. I used a lot of parts from the new constraction figures line but the main body is almost only system. Fully articulated though the weight makes some poses hard. For LDD I changed the colorscheme to mostly tan and dark tan. Some parts were however not available in LDD. facehugger01 by mordatre, on Flickr facehugger02 by mordatre, on Flickr facehugger03 by mordatre, on Flickr facehugger04 by mordatre, on Flickr
  3. mordatre

    [MOC] Minecraft Chunk

    Thanks! I´m glad to put my Minecraft minifigs to use and I´m sure both kids and tfol´s will enjoy it.
  4. mordatre

    [MOC] Minecraft Chunk

    A "Chunk" in Minecraft is 16x16x256 blocks. Based on a 32x32 baseplate this build is actually 16x16 blocks. The height however would not be possible to replicate since it would be too high. You do not want a tower like that to fall over a bunch of kids at an exhibition. :) This is not based on the latest version of the game sinca a lot of the newer blocks are absent. However most of the classic features are there and it´s basically one big playset, like the 10188 Death Star of Minecraft. It is possible for the figures to move from bottom to top through caves, ladders and stairs. Some designs are Lego´s official from the sets, but the ones I was not happy with or didn´t existed I designed new items. Like the chests for example. Lego´s chest´s are excellent for play, but not for display. More pics in my flickr. mcc012 by mordatre, on Flickr mcc02 by mordatre, on Flickr mcc01 by mordatre, on Flickr mcc06 by mordatre, on Flickr mcc03 by mordatre, on Flickr mcc09 by mordatre, on Flickr mcc04 by mordatre, on Flickr
  5. mordatre

    [MOD/MOC] 75104 x2. Snow Owl and the Bat

    Unfortunately there were no white shuttle in the movie. But I hope it shows up in episode 8. I seems Lego was on the right track with how the top fins retract. I´ve made a small modification to how the fins look retracted but a complete rebuild isn´t necessary. The grey shuttle is now rubble and some of the parts went into modifying my first order transports.
  6. Just got home from work at 00:00 in Sweden. Awesome to find out I won a bunch of dinosaurs! What a terrific way to start christmas eve. :) Thanks Copmike and whoever assisted in this raffle.
  7. mordatre

    Small review of 75132 First Order Battle Pack

    The red banner comes in 3 sets, 4842 Hogwarts Castle, 40195 Shell station Polybag and 8679 Tokyo International Circuit. However it´s not expensive on Bricklink and you can order it from Lego as well.
  8. Here´s a small review of this set. Set no: 75132 Pieces: 88 The long wait is over and The Force Awakens finally have had it´s premiere. I really liked the Movie but won´t put any major spoilers in this short review. Pardon my pictures with bad lighting but it´s dark around the clock in Sweden at the moment. This set comes in a box, you already know how the box looks so no need to take a photo of it. Inside there are 2 bags and a booklet. The larger bag contains figures and most parts for the turret cannon. A small build but many useful parts, at least for me. 7513201 by mordatre, on Flickr The four heads have no alternative print on backside. Nice to get a brown head in a cheap set. 7513202 by mordatre, on Flickr Minifigparts. Many would like to see the crew minifig replaced with another standard storm trooper, and since the First Order Crew aren´t featured that much in the movie I agree. However I believe we´ll see more of them in the upcoming movies and it´s not like anyone have an army of them already since the figure is fairly new. The heavy gunner features new print on front and back of torso. This figure is quite common on screen and I really like this fig. I have not built my own heavy blaster for him yet though. First order Officer (?) features a new hat that is clearly seen in the movie. Very accurate figs indeed. 7513203 by mordatre, on Flickr 7513207 by mordatre, on Flickr 7513208 by mordatre, on Flickr 7513205 by mordatre, on Flickr 7513206 by mordatre, on Flickr If Lego would have included a red banner like the one I made below, it would have been the icing on the cake for this set. :) 7513209 by mordatre, on Flickr The small bag contains some assorted small parts and I can finish the turret build. The turret has a stashe for ammunition and a control panel. There are loads of turrets in the movie so the choice to include it in this battle pack seems very legit. Look really nice as well although a bit small. 7513204 by mordatre, on Flickr 75132010 by mordatre, on Flickr Complete set. 7513211 by mordatre, on Flickr I find this battle pack to be very good and I will end up buying more than the ten I had planned. Cheers/mordatre
  9. mordatre

    [MOD/MOC] 75104 x2. Snow Owl and the Bat

    Good find. Well it looks like my angle will work. :) But the fuselage needs to be thinner.
  10. mordatre

    [MOD/MOC] 75104 x2. Snow Owl and the Bat

    Well, there´s only a few more days until we´ll find out. :) I would hate to rebuild the entire shuttle.
  11. mordatre

    [MOD/MOC] 75104 x2. Snow Owl and the Bat

    I built them very similar to belkor and billyamy. A technic framework with lots of 3L technic pins keeps it rigid. Belkor´s picture was very helpful:
  12. mordatre

    [MOD/MOC] 75104 x2. Snow Owl and the Bat

    I googled pics from other toy manufacturers. Revell had the most detailed. Hopefully the ship on screen wont differ too much. :)
  13. mordatre

    [MOD/MOC] 75104 x2. Snow Owl and the Bat

    Thanks guys. :) @ Azrielsc - The wings work the same way as with the white one. Upper half of the wing is replaceable with a short or long fin. @belkor - We don´t know yet how much the wings will fold when in flight. If it turns out they only fold as much as the trailer shows I´ll simply use the next click on the hinges. ;)
  14. mordatre

    [MOD/MOC] 75104 x2. Snow Owl and the Bat

    ...and here they are: (a few more pics are available at my flickr) bat01 by mordatre, on Flickr bat02 by mordatre, on Flickr bat04 by mordatre, on Flickr bat05 by mordatre, on Flickr