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  1. Switching points - not so smooth operation

    The two boxes you see to the left on this control center are switch boxes that I bought from weichentuner several years ago. The switches on these boxes open the current to the PF motors, but only as long as you press them in one direction. Then they automatically go back to the neutral position, thereby cutting power.
  2. Switching points - not so smooth operation

    As you pointed out previously, you need to be careful. I had to discard one switch when it moved entirely free - without any remaining resistance at all (not an electrically operated switch). This resulted in multiple derailments because the switch apparently could not maintain any longer the selected switch position, i.e. ended up somewhere "in between".
  3. Switching points - not so smooth operation

    On my 9V Extreme layout, I have 12 switches that are operated electrically with PF Medium motors. I noticed from the very beginning that the "resistance" inside the switches is too high to change the switch position with these relatively powerfull motors. When you open the 9V switches you find a small metal plate with four very small bumps. After grinding away these bumps, all switches work very smoothly.
  4. Vintage Train with Be 6/8 "Crocodile"

    Absolutely! Next on my list, but first during fall ev. winter. Have you built it?
  5. Vintage Train with Be 6/8 "Crocodile"

    Great to hear from you, Holger! As a result of my initial modifications to make the locomotive vertically more flexible, the gaps between noses and body increased by one stud on each side. I have now remodified these links and managed to get back to the original gap. Tests so far indicate that it's quite tricky to get the locomotive smoothly through switches, even without PF cables. Humps and climbing spirals on the other hand are no issues any longer. For an experienced MOCer, your instructions are quite ok - and the red "construction" colour is indeed of great help. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for this fantastic "schoolbook"! Even though I have been building with Lego for more than three decades, I learned a lot! Was this the first book out of a series ...? And don't forget to have a look at my multi level track: Best regards Daniel
  6. Vintage Train with Be 6/8 "Crocodile"

    Thanks. In addition to the lamps with the Pearl Gold Satellite Dishes, there are seats in Brown. Originally, I planned to place some minifigs. However the current interior looks so bautiful that I decided to go without minifigs.
  7. MOCer's will you buy the new train sets?

    @Toastie I basically share your comments/statements re. parents and children. However, this "side track" probably is outside the context of this thread and should be pursued in some other thread. As a MOCer, I have made my points. The sad news so far is that - with a few exceptions - it seems like I am pretty much alone with my thoughts and visions as a Train AFOL and MOCer. Tough luck. However, I have no interest what so ever in becoming a missionary ... And I will certainly not convert to a children train collector with a close to desperate hope that these "donations" will convince TLG to continue showing mercy for these poor train freaks ... Having the development and history over the past years in fresh mind, my guess is that TLG most probably will have abandonned the Lego Train theme within 7 - 10 years. However - with or without TLG - the Lego Train fenomena will continue to live, for many more years! Toastie, why don't you plan to spend some vacation in Sweden and visit my home with the 9V Extreme layout? That would provide an excellent opportunity for talks and discussions!
  8. Vintage Train with Be 6/8 "Crocodile"

    The locomotive and coaches are built 7-wide, a width I have used only a few times before. After having built this vintage train, I believe this is an almost perfect - however not so easy - width for building trains.
  9. Vintage Train with Be 6/8 "Crocodile"

    The most difficult and time consuming thing was to identify, find and order all the required parts for the entire train. It took me four weeks.
  10. When I saw the pictures of this train in @HoMa:s Lego Trains Book. I simply couldn't resist the temptation (particularly not after having seen TLGs miserable train news for 2018 ...) So I built it myself. A true pleasure with a very high degree of satisfaction. And another beautiful contribution to my train collection: A big praise to Holger for this very nice MOC which wakes many train memories back in the years when I grew up in Switzerland. This train is a 9V version with a total of four 9V motors mounted on the first two coaches. The interiors of the locomotive are therefore empty, i.e. no PF stuff. The Be 6/8 is built in Reddish Brown to match the colours of the Swedish iron ore train with the Dm3 and the Da locomotives. In addition, it is adapted to the challenges of the 9V Extreme layout, in particular the humps at the level transitions. And the rods by Trained Bricks really put the dot over the i ... PS: Imagine - a Swedish iron ore train together with a Swiss Crocodile in the midst of the Swiss Alps - goose bumps all over again ...
  11. Tutorials for 9V Train Motor

    In his Lego Train Book, @HoMa mentions that tutorials are available to access the internals of 9V train motors (#5300, #10153). Where can I find such tutorials? The only thing I am interested in is how to open these motors without damaging them permanently.
  12. MOCer's will you buy the new train sets?

    Maybe. However most likely the theme among those available today with the longest life cycle - 60 years and still alive!
  13. MOCer's will you buy the new train sets?

    Thank you for your open and honest response. I respect your position even though I don't share it. My fundamental belief is that TLG should reassess its current business concept and -strategy for this product line - and do that together with Train AFOL representatives and other stakeholders. I am thinking primarily of Product development/-design, Distribution, Marketing and Sales. Like in many other businesses, things have changed dramatically over the past 10 - 20 years. I am convinced that TLG could expand and increase the growth of the Lego Train market considerably and profitably by capitalizing on the tremendous assets in terms of skills and capabilities, not just within TLG but among Lego Train MOCers and AFOLs all around the world! This would of course require alternative business models that include stimuli on all sides. Of course there are Trade Mark and Copyright challenges but I firmly believe that there are win-win situations along these paths. The traditional way of Marketing, Distribution and Sales must be reassessed. Distribution- and inventory costs must be reduced. Shelf space competition must be adressed, Alternative ways of displaying products should be evaluated and tested. The current way of selling standard sets should be challenged and eventually complemented with other more flexible offerings. New modern internet techniques should be evaluated, tested and implemented. Interactive links/cooperation between TLG and its train customer base must be improved and strengthened. Various cooperations with 3rd parties should be evaluated and tested, etc. etc. There is so much more that could be done - not just to keep this product line alive. Start thinking outside fossil boxes!! This however assumes a genuine and longterm interest in this segment, very different from the current cashcow and short term payback approach. And keep in mind, the most important asset for TLG is already there - the extremely loyal customer base, a true gold mine indeed! So @ElectroDiva, for me this is about much more than "holding your nose" vs. "refusing to buy on principle"...
  14. MOCer's will you buy the new train sets?

    Train AFOLs are probably one of the most loyal customer groups in the Lego family, despite all what has happened since I became a member myself back in the early 90:ies. You have to assume that TLG has a pretty good knowledge - and detailed sales statistics over time - on this particular product line (as on all other product lines as well). I don't want to hurt your feelings, guys, but the more I read in this thread, the more I get the impression that many of my AFOL colleagues seem to worry most about sending "wrong" signals to TLG by not buying these sets. In other words, their primary interest/concern is to keep TLG happy enough - even if this has come down to part supply decisions only. Amazing. Now, shouldn't this be the other way round? To have such a strong and loyal customer base can be looked upon in various ways. If TLG already has reached the conclusion that longterm investments in Lego Trains (with line extensions, innovations, state of the art designs etc.) are too risky or simply not good enough from a financial point of view, then you just continue milking this segment - with a minimum of investments - as long as the numbers are fine. It seems like the loyalty of this customer group is so strong that it actually doesn't matter - at least not for the time being - if the products are good enough or not ...
  15. MOCer's will you buy the new train sets?

    I have read and heard several comments over recent years from parents, expressing their disappointment and frustration about the lack of extensions after having bought the first Lego trains for their children. "Swiftly go beyond"? To what? It takes time to become a MOCer. As a consequence of TLGs current "train strategy", there is an obvious risk that more and more among fewer beginners - irrespective of age - will lose interest along this journey. PS: Talking about the new LEGO catalog. Compare this year's catalog with those 5 - 10 years ago. TLGs offerings and themes have changed/increased dramatically. So has the internal competition. What is the probability today compared to 5 - 10 years ago that parents to small children will chose the Lego train path as their first choice? Your guess is as good as mine.