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  1. greg3

    [MOC] Lockheed P-38J "Lightning"

    Nice build of one of my favourite US WW2 planes. I really like the clever use of minifies accessories for the engine "greebling". Thanks for sharing.
  2. greg3

    MOC: Horse Drawn Steam Fire Engine

    Wow this thread is a blast from the past!! As for the other models from back then, I thought they were here but it seems not (I can't find them anyway!) but they are on - when it's working!! (my user name there is Greg Nation) There should be a couple of hose carts, a chemical fire cart, a fire bicycle and a hand pumped engine - which I've recently redesigned... here's the 2019 version so far. Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr
  3. greg3

    Can't find part in picture

    I think it's a whip too....possibly this piece...
  4. Designed by Ferdinand Porsche and built by Volkswagen, the Kübelwagen was the German equivalent to the jeep during WW2. Like the jeep, it could be modified for use in a wide variety of roles. One such modification kit allowed the vehicle to operate on a railway by fitting metal discs between the road wheels and body. It was then driven onto the tracks and the discs adjusted to fit inside the rails. The “Kubel” could then be driven as normal along the track. The discs could be removed and stored on top of the spare wheel when being driven on roads. Known as the Kübelwagen Type 157, these railcars were used as maintenance vehicles, transporting key personnel and general patrolling. Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr My version is a quick MOD of the Kübelwagen kit recently released by Brickmania. I changed the wheels and axles as well as moving the headlights to accommodate the slightly larger spare wheel. I also added a rear bar which was also part on the original conversion kit (not sure what it did but I’ve seen it described as a bumper or tow bar!). The decorated door/rear tiles are Brickmania texture printed parts. (I added the number plate sticker). Close up of the wheel/disc arrangement. Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Rear view showing the tow bar/bumper - not entirely accurate (and it blocks the opening engine cover) but the best I could come up with! Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Ready for the road (unfortunately, as you can see, the raised centre of the discs make them stack higher than they real life ones would!) Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Finally a link to a Youtube vid showing a restored version in action. Video of the real thing I know it's not a "real" train but thanks for looking - comments are always welcome!!
  5. Very nice! I like all the details such as the yellow hand rails and stop buttons, the engine, the doors and the brick built London Transport sign!! Thanks for sharing and good luck!!
  6. greg3

    MOC: Roadside mower

    A nice build.. simple but effective. Thanks for sharing!!
  7. greg3

    [MOC] Bavarian Town

    What a beautiful looking build! So much to like - from the colourful building designs to the cleverly built roads that really capture the character of a historic town. I especially like the sloping road!! Excellent work!
  8. greg3

    [MOC/MOD] Sputnik 2

    This was my entry to a recent competition run by Brickmania on the topic of "The Space Race"... Launched by the USSR on Nov 3rd 1957 (less than a month after Sputnik 1), Sputnik 2 was the second spacecraft to orbit the Earth, and the first to carry a living creature, a dog called Laika, into orbit. These 3 builds represent different parts of the mission.Launch Vehicle (microscale). Sputnik 2 was launched into orbit on an R7 ballistic missile which consisted of 4 booster rockets around a central core engine that acted as a second stage. This rocket is the Brickmania Vostok 1 set - all I did was replace the Vostok 1 spacecraft with a 4x4x3 cone (which took quite a bit of finding and cleaning up!!) Untitled by g.nat, on FlickrMission Payload (minifig scale). Inside the rocket's nose cone was Laika's capsule which contained room for the dog, biometric monitoring equipment, an air purification system, food dispenser, cooling fan and waste collection. Above this was a sphere (an upgraded version of Sputnik 1) containing a transmitter that allowed the craft to be tracked. Finally at the very top were scientific instruments to measure radiation levels in orbit. The capsule has a removable hatch with a custom printed sticker to represent the viewport. Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on FlickrOrbital Configuration (microscale). Once in orbit, the R-7's boosters and the protective nose cone shroud were jettisoned, exposing the capsule and instruments to space. Unlike Sputnik 1, Sputnik 2 remained attached to the core stage of the R7 rocket so that it could use the engine telemetry system to transmit data from the capsule. Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on FlickrUnfortunately for Laika, her flight was always planned to be a one way trip as the capsule wasn't designed to survive reentry (political pressure to beat the US meant the mission was launched before the technology was ready). At the time, the Soviets claimed that she had survived for a week in orbit before being humanely euthanised with poisoned food before the air ran out. It wasn't until 2002 that the truth emerged. After surviving the stress of the launch, Laika seemed to be settling down as the craft orbited Earth but during the 3rd and 4th orbits, the capsule temperature began to rise (probably due to damaged heat shielding). A few hours later, with the capsule temperature well over 40ºC, no signs of life could be detected. After about 7-10 days, the batteries ran out but the craft remained in orbit for a further 5 months before burning up on reentry over the Amazon. The fate of Laika led to protests and discussions around the world on the ethics of using animals in this way (including among the Soviet scientists involved). All future Soviet dog missions were planned with the dog's survival in mind, resulting in the next 2 space dogs (Belka and Strelka) becoming the first living things to safely return to Earth from space in Sputnik 5. (One of Belka's puppies would later be given to John F Kennedy as a gift!) Finally the 3 builds together... Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Thanks for looking - comments are always welcome.
  9. greg3

    purist knights

    Simple but really effective! I especially like the "leg" design. Think my favourites are the bearded guy in the first photo and the Lion King and his standard bearer. Thanks for sharing.
  10. greg3

    Ballabreek 2019

    This week I found some of the new "Hidden Side" sets at my local toy shop and couldn't resist picking a few sets up. As a result we have "The Mystery of The Maria"!! Responding to calls about an abandoned boat drifting a mile or so offshore, the local coastguard found the fishing vessel Maria. A boarding party discovered the boat was perfectly seaworthy but unmanned and drifting towards rocks. Unable to rule out the possibility of an accident or foul play, the vessel was brought into the nearest harbour, Ballabreek, for further investigation... As the coastguard patrol boat returns to its station, the "Maria" docks in the small harbour... Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Police and coastguard officers board the Maria in an attempt to find clues as to the fate of any crew members... Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Despite its rundown appearance, the vessel has a modern GPS tracking system - this could be vital evidence. Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr They soon determine that it began its journey at its home port... the town of Newbury. As they try to piece together the rest of its recent trip, they fail to spot a mysterious "stowaway"! Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Unnoticed, the strange creature scuttles off... Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Heading towards the town in order to satisfy its hunger... Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr To be honest I've no idea where this story is going - I just really liked the build of the fishing boat and thought the tentacles/eye combo looked too good to resist!! I might see about fitting some of the other Hidden Side sets into the ongoing story of Ballabreek - maybe as a straightforward "ghost busting" type adventure or as a "Stranger Things" type alternative reality/dimension type thing. Once the app is released I might have some more ideas!! Anyway, as always thanks for looking!!
  11. Thanks for the comment... it's not really based on an official story - those origin stories were just way too complicated!! Instead it's my own take on the origins of several heroes/villains!! Also, the mix of yellow/flesh minifigs isn't ideal I know but the minifigs are a mixture of Licensed figs and citizens from my town layout (which provides most of the locations) Anyway, part 3 should be along soon!! (I hope!)
  12. greg3

    [MOC] The Little Red Raptor Hood

    That is hilarious!! The pose is brilliant and I love the wolf tail hanging out of his mouth! Excellent stuff!!
  13. greg3

    Ballabreek 2019

    This weekend saw the completion of the refurbishment of Ballabreek's Space Technology Centre. To mark this (as well as the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing) a replica Apollo spacesuit is on temporary display outside - the Apollo minifigure is a custom from Brickmania (I bought 2 to use with my Lego Apollo 11 Lander set). Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr The local press has also been invited inside to see the changes. Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Upstairs, the old office and lab have been replaced with a state-of-the-art control room to monitor and track space hardware in orbit and beyond. A film crew are interviewing one of the controllers. Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr On the ground floor, the sterile clean room is being used to develop new technology (currently the company is working on a range of robotic systems for planetary exploration) Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr I thought this would be a good way to use the new space sets - who knows, perhaps soon we'll see the first Ballabreekian in space!
  14. greg3

    Ballabreek 2019

    This week's update keeps the local link going as the 5th of July is the Isle of Man's National Day. Known as Tynwald Day after the Island's parliament (which dating back over 1000 years, is the world's oldest continuous parliament) it centres around an open air meeting of Tynwald in which all new laws enacted during the year are read out and citizens can petition the government to investigate grievances. It is also a celebration of the Island's Norse and Celtic culture and is a Bank Holiday allowing a number of events to be held around the island. In Ballabreek, people are spending their day off at a family fun day down by the harbour. Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr A number of fairground games have been set up. Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr With chances to win prizes.... Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr There's also face painting and balloon modelling... Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr As well as making use of the new people pack, this update also gives us the chance to see the newly improved walkway - it's been widened to provide more space for running, walking, cycling etc as well as events like this. Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr As always, thanks for looking - comments are always welcome.
  15. greg3

    [MOC] Liberty of London

    What an amazing build!! I thought that first pic was real!! The exterior is absolutely beautiful and then there's an interior too.... absolutely stunning!!