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  1. maydayartist

    Cathedral of german town Magdeburg

    Hello friends, it is a long time since my last upload. I´m now working for the german LCP and this is very strange situation because of building the whole day at work. My private time for our hobby is nearly zero but that´s not really a problem. Many of our projects are special work for our customer therefore I can´t publish this here. One of them is done and now stored in a box so I can publish it here. The cathedral of Magdeburg Facts of the cathedral: pieces: about 30.000 (rough estimate) building time: 14 days scale: 1:60 height: 1,65m / 104m (the real north tower) length: 2m width: 0,8m The original was only given by pictures from the internet. Now (after the build) I could visit it live and take some pictures, see below. The cathedral is for sale, pm me. And here are the pictures pictures from the build front portal damaged Mini cathedral for additional decoration, the famous magdeburg hemispheres and the original greetings Phil
  2. maydayartist

    English warship "Revenge" from 1577 in minifigscale 1:50

    The counterweight was only needed for the construction time. I first start with one side till the end to see if all ends well. At this point started the copy for the other side and on the end both side force cancel each other.
  3. maydayartist

    Colonial Harbor Scene

    German for sure. It is a german publishing house
  4. maydayartist

    Colonial Harbor Scene

    The first two languages are german and english. After this another licenses are possible but in this moment not sure. This is the fourth book from this series. Other licensed are given to france, russia, south corean and some other. Let's see how the book sale starts.
  5. maydayartist

    English warship "Revenge" from 1577 in minifigscale 1:50

    And later is -> today Hi guys, after a half year with many many new lego creations (work for the LCP program) I have now time to present the promised pictures. I have also start a new project whit the Revenge inside ... a little bit For more information check out my new pirate moc 'harbour scene'. To present the ship on convention and for the photoshoot we have to put a crew on it and here it is: some overview pictures at the paris convention and the new pictures with harbor and photo equipment around Phil
  6. maydayartist

    Colonial Harbor Scene

    [pid][/pid] 256C Hi there, after a busy half year with many new creations done as an employee of a LCP I start build some own mocs. In addition, I have joined a group of autors to publish a construction book about knights realm. The publishing date will be in september and for more information I will start a new topic if it is done. And for this we need some background material to present some bigger and some little special mocs. One of this little mocs is a medieval crane. He should be placed in a harbor scene with some houses, figures and a ship. The ship was easily done - my Revenge. For the rest I build some buildings and a heavy time required cobblestones street in one week. The result was better than expected, so I decided to present it here as well. The final picture will be highres and professional photoshoped. My pictures are done after that and photoshoped too. But more quick & dirty enjoy The next two pictures show the photoshoot scene. The final shot for the book will only show a little bit of this but we need the whole build to find the perfect shot. Phil
  7. maydayartist

    English warship "Revenge" from 1577 in minifigscale 1:50

    about 15000 over all 13000 trans light blue 1500 trans clear 500 white
  8. Hi everyone, we have had a big convention one year ago in cologne. And for this we decide to rebuild the old city of cologne after one member of our club build the cologne cathedrale. The complete rebuild is done in 1:50 and has a size of 10x9 meters over all. This is one picture of a paper model of cologne and all sharp parts are done for now. One part of it is the row house street "Am Bollwerk" This was my part and I try to rebuild it exactly. The second building from left is done in light yellow and was very difficult to collect. I try to make pictures from the same angle to compare original and rebuild. Now we show our big layout on different places like the cologne city hall, a shopping mall and so on. have a nice evening Phil
  9. maydayartist

    English warship "Revenge" from 1577 in minifigscale 1:50

    Thank you very much. I have done another picture edited by photoshop. It shows the backside because it is my alltime favourite view. Only the coat of arms is still missing on this picture The original is an oil painting with a ship on the waves. Now my revenge rides on this waves This is a small version. In my brickshelf is another bigger one.
  10. maydayartist

    English warship "Revenge" from 1577 in minifigscale 1:50

    Yep the same I found, but the drawings show another version. So I take the dragon from yours and put it in the later coat of arms. Maybe it is historical wrong, but I like it and every other wooden ship builder took the same. Here is a wooden version of an austrien modelship builder build with the same drawings. I use his photos to retrace his rigging. (Sorry for bigger picture but it is only linked)
  11. maydayartist

    English warship "Revenge" from 1577 in minifigscale 1:50

    No the other way around. The avatar is used because of this coat of arms. It is the coat of arms of Elisabeth 1. in a light changed version by myself. Very similar to the version on the drawing I used for my replica.
  12. maydayartist

    English warship "Revenge" from 1577 in minifigscale 1:50

    The planks are easily bent only by the pliability of the plates. Only tiles and plates 1 x 4. You can take 1x2 too for a smaller bent but it will not look like a plank. Phil
  13. maydayartist

    English warship "Revenge" from 1577 in minifigscale 1:50

    Hey guys, thank you all for your positive feedback. This is really kind of you. I have done another bunch of pictures with details and how-to-do. The first picture shows the nameplate I have done especially for the convention in paris and left at home at the beginning of the journey. I will show it at the next convention instead have fun This is the foresail and took about 10 hours of construction time. Same for the mainmast. The other are a little bit less on time. Phil
  14. maydayartist

    English warship "Revenge" from 1577 in minifigscale 1:50

    Good morning guys, greetings from Paris. We have joined the convention and I can say that nothing damaged on transport. Very nice. Ok I don´t have that much time I want to answer all your questions but I will show you 2 pictures from the wip. One from the "insinde" It will also show that there will never be an interieur!! have fun The big grey plate tower is just the conterweight to control the pressure of the curved structure. the whole construction would collapse without him. I have many many pictures made of her at the wip. I will search another one later. Phil
  15. [pid][/pid] 155B Hi guys, I have done it. After nine month of work i will present you my replica of the english galeon Revenge. It is not all done with Lego but the sails and rigging is not suitable with Lego. I need two weeks to find the modell I like. The minifigscale was one of my prerequisite and so the original ship have to be a smaller one. This size fit in my car so I can´t build a ship like the Vasa, the Sovereign of the seas or La Coronne. But a galeon at any rate. And after a talk with my workmate (a wooden ship modeller) the ship was found. He owns a lot of books with many information about ship modelling and drawings especially some very nice ones from the revenge. After the selection I start with the hull and change my complete design after the first wall was finished. The new technique and design fits very well and I continued work. After three and a half month the most done with Lego was finished. And I start the work with all the cloth and strings til now. Minifigs aren´t on board at the moment but I will join them later. If anybody is near Paris this weekend he can visit the "festibriques". I will show my ship at this event. Ok thats it for now. enjoy the pictures ;) Phil [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]