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Found 226 results

  1. kbcakir

    Space Samurais

    Here is my latest creation Space Samurais. They are the first part of my sci fi samurai army later I will add a drop ship and a medium tank. Hope you all like it! My Flickr Troopers Commander's Bike Loading Unit Laser-San Flamez-San Pistol-San Gatling-San Backside Backside of the Flamez-San My Flickr
  2. Repubrick

    [LDD] Gundam mechs

    Here is a selection of gundams and mecha LDD MOCS that have been submitted at during last month. I thought it would be better to summerize in one post ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam Download lxf at Madgun ALX Download lxf at Madgun Tyger Download lxf at Gundam Chroma S3 Polaris Drone Tank Download lxf at Gundam Chroma S3 Polaris Tankbot Download lxf at Gundam Rx-013 Nova Download lxf at ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam Download lxf at GATX-105 Aile Strike Gundam Download lxf at XXXG-01H2 Gundam Heavyarms Custo Download lxf at RX-78-2 Gundam Download lxf at Heavymech Novadyen Download lxf at Gundam Chroma S1 Virya Download lxf at〈=en Madgun I-Wave Download lxf at〈=en Titan SR Mecha Download lxf at〈=en XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero EW (Custom) Download lxf at〈=en Enjoy,
  3. Devid

    MOC - Gundam "Hammer Judge"

    My new Gundam "Hammer Judge" , I hope you like it Link with more photos Primary weapon Secondary weapon
  4. Devid

    Classic Spacekoma

    This is only the first... Link
  5. Toa of Gallifrey

    [MoC] Tengen Toppa Goruden Toa

    Gallery: Front: Side 1: Side 2: Back: Back unconcealed: Protector of Time: In the mystical island of Okoto, before the six elemental heroes were summoned to protect islanders, they had their own hero. Vahi, the Protector of Time, who used to guard the legendary Mask of Time found a suit of armor from a past time which granted him immense power. He dubbed it, "Tengen Toppa Goruden Toa" which means "Heaven-Piercing Golden Warrior" in the ancient Okotese language. He has since left the Mask of Time in the hands of other Protectors and left Okoto to pierce his fate and save a universe trapped in an endless cycle of violence. His last words to the Protector of Fire, who questioned his decision were, "Of course I must leave! Who the Karzahni do you think I am? Mine are the spear, flamethrower and blaster that will pierce the heavens and fined the mythical being Mata Nui. Farewell, brother. Do not believe in the Vahi that believes in you, or the you that believes in Vahi, but the you that believes in you." After that, the other Protectors never saw Vahi again, though they can sometimes hear the sound his finishing move, Giga Spear Slash.
  6. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] MIXELS 41527-41529 Alternate MOC

    Alternate MOC from MIXLES again. I used the parts from 41527-41529 to build this Mecha. It's quite difficult because there are not too many plates in this 3 bags. Hope you all like my creation!
  7. Sunder

    [LDD MOC]PzKpfM 'Odin'

    Mech_Poster by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  8. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] Alternate MOC 31034

    I tried to build an alternate MOC by just using the parts of 31034. The idea is based on the Japanese Animation "Macross". I took few days to finish it because I did not have any idea. It can be transformed into plane, semi-robot mode and robot mode. Hope you all like it. Semi Robot Mode Ready to transform
  9. Future Flymech was made from parts from set 31034, and transforms from a jet plane to a mech without taking off parts. There are variety of hinges (frictioned and non-friction) and balljoints from this set, allowed me to pull this through with a mech with excellent articulations. (although the back kibbles does hinder the posability due to impaired stability ) Set 31034 is my first 2015 set I acquire this year. I quickly zip through building the 3 official modes last Friday and Saturday, then dismantle it and start building this guy. In less than 2 days I'm 99% done! One thing that I'm proud of is that I managed to streamline the orange parts underneath the wings.There are just a few orange parts from this set to utilize so placing them in the right place is challenging. The connection as shown by the red arrow is the mech's achilles' heel , easily pops out when transforming him. And the strongest hinges are used in the folding of the nosecone. The above shows how 2 cylinder shaped component are folded down to pad up the formed shoulders ,preventing them from sagging when the mech is upright later on. Check out more photos in my blog entry below: Alanyuppie's LEGO Transformers: LEGO 31034 Future Flyer Alternate mode: Future Flymech with instructions And of course... the building instructions in PDF format: OR a zipped version below, if you guys are uncomfortable downloading a pdf file =) I'm currently very impressed with set 31034's parts selection. I think I just *might* churn something else out from it by building a mech that transform into something else (maybe a land vehicle or even a 4-legged mecha-beast). Will keep you guys updated!
  10. Devid

    MOC - Optimus Prime (G1)

    This is my first Optimus Prime (G1) transformable Link Flickr
  11. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] Sound Wave

    HI, this is the new creation of my Transformer Series. I just use around 10 days to create it. I also created the cassette and the "cassette eagle". Hope you like it.
  12. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] Transformer Bumblebee

    Happy new year! This is my first 2015 MOC. The design is based on 80's transformer animation toy ( I designed the car mode first and then thought about how to transform into robot mode. I make use the small ball joint to build it. Hope you all like it. Car Mode Ready to Tranform Transforming the foot Transforming the head Finished!
  13. QQS


    Hello There! It looks, that my WIP is almost done. It had many changes during first version and I'd like to change some things, like hands or torso. So, here is my space police mecha, "Executor": BRICKSHELF | DEVIANTART | FLICKR Some more pictures from my BS gallery: Executor and Hiperbolis (older mecha): Some extras:
  14. nerdsforprez

    New Mecha Hangar

    Hello All, Just posted pics of my latest MOC, here are some pictures. It is a large diorama of a Mecha base/hangar. Fun build, check it out. Here are some teaser pics, visit my MOCpages (in signature block) for full details.
  15. The mechaknight of the Dwarven faction in the STAR KNIGHTS universe It's in cuusoo and all your help advertising and supporting this is well appreciated. Hope you like it Thanks!
  16. Phoxtane

    Drill Mecha

    This one's been in pieces for a little while now, but it never hurts to put up pictures as they become available, right? Extremely poseable, not very fragile, and incorporates teal. I think I like it!
  17. It's done! It's been extremely cold and snowy outside recently, so I figured it would look pretty nice standing in the snow. I'm a recent convert to a Gundam fanatic - I've only seen Gundam 00 and Gundam Unicorn as of yet. I have plans to watch Gundam SEED and Gundam Wing soon though. I was going to build one of the Gundam mobile suits from Gundam 00, but since that's a much newer show they're extremely greebly and have tiny bits sticking off in every direction. RX-78-2 is much more iconic, and consists of quite a bit more flat surfaces, so I figured I had a better chance of building it with the limited parts collection and time I had. In fact, I decided I wanted to build a Gundam for a LUG display this year... three weeks before the show was scheduled. I figure that I put anywhere from 25-30 hours into this MOC, and I'm quite in love with the results. In fact, it looked quite good standing in the middle of our display: (I did hear more than one comment to the effect of 'That Transformer looks cool!' ) Though I did hear one 'stoic' applied, so I guess that evens it out! Of course we need to look at it up close... I had to apply two chest reduction surgeries to make everything look right I was originally going to go for the fancy rocket-backpack that my reference images had, but I eschewed that as I needed something sideways to hold the top onto the bottom apart from the few studs-up connections in the torso. A good thing too, because it hasn't fallen apart since! (This was an issue in the WIP model...) Possibly the one thing within the Gundam series that's more iconic than the titular mobile suits themselves: the Beam Saber! Let's not forget the accessories either: The Beam Magnum! The Medium Shield! The Beam Saber! Nothing too fancy here, this was the last item to be put together - it was the night before and I had to get up rather early... but it does its job! An accessories-only shot appears to be all the rage with Lego mech stuff nowadays, so here's one! And let's finish off with some more images: Some final thoughts... I did design it with full mobility in the joints, but it's just too heavy to really be posed in anything resembling an action shot. This is due to the weakness of the ankle joints, which are just standard Lego ball joint bricks; they're too weak to stand up to the weight and as a result the whole model is extremely prone to tipping over. To help counter this, I added some bricks surrounding the joint, but the result is that I can't really pose it in a proper action pose. In addition, the knee joints have limited travel due to the pieces I used to attach the short cone-like round pieces that you can see in the images. The arms are also fully poseable, but due to the fact that the armor pauldrons are attached to the body with a single Technic friction pin, there ends up not being enough force inherent in the joint to hold up the arm. The arm itself is attached to the pauldron with a ball joint and is therefore independently poseable from the pauldron. The next time I build a mobile suit or mecha on this scale, I'll have to look into increasing the poseability dramatically. I was starting to run out of tiles at the end and had to do some clever things to stretch my supply enough to cover the arms. Going studded was *not* an option! Overall, I feel that this project was well worth the time and effort I put into it. It's going to stay together for a long while, I think! The WIP thread can be viewed here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=101957
  18. This model is a direct evolution of the wolf. Here's a lil something I've been cooking up so far in LDD: So far the lower part should be functional. The legs are built in such manner, they are always parallel to the ground/each other. The four LAs are for lifting and lowering the entire machine: In order to walk the special system of cams is set in suc hammer that the legs are always 180 degrees apart: In order to steer and help by walking each of the feet also has a turntable in order to rotate the whole model in its...erm toes? And to keep the model balanced the (here not connected) 9L links tilt the upcomming body in such manner the weight is aways at the extended leg. The tilting is controlled by forward moving functions of the legs and cannot be out of sync: So far I used 5M motors for 3 functions: 1M motor to walk 2M motors to lift both legs 2M motor to rotate feet - they dont have to be independent as usually there is always one feet on the ground I still plan to use 5 more M motors for: 1M motor for rotating the upper superstructure 2M motors to lift/lower arms 2M motors for the arms upcoming functions (grab/shoot) So what'ya guys think?
  19. Hi, MIXELS again They are created by the parts from the green and purple MiXELS. As there are not much ball joint parts for the purple, it took me longer time than the green one. Hope you guts like them! And I created the Tan Color MIXELS mecha before, here is the link
  20. nerdsforprez

    Exosuit Engineering Grade

    I made a version of the Exosuit, much bigger than the original, that I have already posted. If this were real life, and exosuits were available, you can bet there would be many different versions with many different attachments. The last version I made was a Military-grade version, this one is an Engineering grade version. Enjoy! More pictures, plus those of the Military-grade version, can be found on my Mocpages site:
  21. Hi all, I am newbie here. Here is my mixels moc that would like to share with you all. In the flickr pool of brickset mixels competition, there is an entry designed by Ezra Wibowo which inspired me to make this moc. I think it is a wonderful idea to make a mech suit/ walker for nixels. I know Mr. Ezra Wibowo is active in this forum as well. Don't know if he will see this post~? :D In fact, this is my 6th MOC of Mixels Wiztastics
  22. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] Megatron

    This is my another creation of transformer - Megatron. Again it cannot be transformed. Hope you all like it.
  23. FinalFeature

    Batman's Bat-Mech

    A frame from some test footage of the LEGO DC/Marvel Crossover that I've been developing for almost a year. And yes, it does transform into a Batmobile. A small sample of it in action can be viewed during the credits . I'll have new photos/videos up later this year on the facebook page.Thanks for looking!
  24. Devid

    MOC - Nemesis Prime (G1)

    My Nemesis Prime (G1) Link flickr
  25. 2 suits of support for military troops in a small diorama Link Flickr