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  1. FonsoSac

    [MOC] Walklift KH-40 Augmech.

    I love it. The hands are my favourite part.
  2. FonsoSac

    [MOC] 2 walkers-rollers

    The vehicles looks great. Clever use of that part
  3. FonsoSac

    Any colour blind LEGO fans on here?

    Yes, it is. I realized the mistake when I had already published the picture I still do not see it well in the photo
  4. FonsoSac

    [MOC] Light Armored Squid Attack Fighter

    Cool! I like the organic appearance. The red and white schema looks great
  5. FonsoSac

    Under high pressure

    That minifig tried to scape two times, he didn't succeeded The girl in the van had no chance
  6. FonsoSac

    Any colour blind LEGO fans on here?

    Yes, the word "Daltonismo" means "Color blindness" and "daltónico" means "color-blind" The article is about my experience, but I think it must be more difficult to others. I think whe have to develop our strategies and tools to minimize the problem and laugh and learn when we make a mistake. This is my last "disaster" ¿can you see the wrong color?
  7. FonsoSac

    HMS Excalibur : Imperial Gunship

    It's a beautiful ship. I love the colors, they are not usual on steampunk MOCs
  8. FonsoSac

    [MOC] A view from a space station

    I love this picture. Great lighting
  9. FonsoSac

    [MOC] Classic Space Power Suit

    I love this suit. I like the size. The result is great for so few bricks
  10. FonsoSac

    Any colour blind LEGO fans on here?

    Me too. I hate to use reddish brown or dark red tiles, I can spend hours trying to guess what color are they. Sometimes It's hard to differentiate pink from light bluish grey and under a warm light I've confused trans yellow and trans green. My last disaster was confuse light blue with pink A natural light helps a lot, but the better is to ask to someone close Post processing the photos is also a problem Some days ago I wrote a post in my blog about it (in spanish)
  11. FonsoSac

    Recon Ship - Classic Space Colours

    Nice ship. It is logical that Benny is so happy
  12. FonsoSac

    [MOC] Rover S4

    Beautiful rover! That dome looks great.
  13. FonsoSac

    [MOC] "Tec Co." Robot Factory

    I love the tools, especially the lathe. Great build!!
  14. FonsoSac

    [MOC] [Steampunk] Lady Lacelove's Armored Airship

    Beautifu ship! Great work.