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  1. totohs

    [MOC-GARC] Skydust Racing Team

    Thanks guys, I just had some small challenge between friends to revisit & build GARC, actually it's quite challenging and fun, definitely will build more!
  2. Toto Hermanto, on Flickr
  3. totohs

    [MOC] Crossfire

    Thanks dude, glad you like it!
  4. totohs

    [MOC] Agent Orange

    Thank you all! I intended to use the name to redefine it, since the name actually sounds very lively, it shouldn't bear the toxic horror image all the time :)
  5. totohs

    [MOC] Crossfire

    Crossfire by Toto Hermanto, on Flickr
  6. totohs

    [MOC] Agent Orange

    Agent Orange by Toto Hermanto, on Flickr
  7. totohs

    [MOC] JINX-168

    JINX-168, a small-medium starfighter, manufactured by Javalican Fleet Engineering at Jaak-Rtaa Assembly Facility for single-hit assault missions. This single-pilot starfighter is equipped with a rapid-pulse J2G gatling cannon (optional), and an oversized single-fire BlasTech J-16 Hyperphoton Torpedo. This light J-shaped starfighter is powered by a single cryogenic power generator that is also functioned as an upgraded hyperdrive motivator. This is my submission for FBTB MOC Madness - Alphabet Fighters 2013 ROUND 1. You can visit the polling thread here: Thanks all! JINX-168 by Toto Hermanto, on Flickr
  8. totohs

    [Vic Viper] Disco DV-77

    Disco DV-77 by Toto Hermanto, on Flickr
  9. totohs

    MOC: London hotel and pub

    I love the way you put diver fins as roof material and NPU with classic ornaments, really a good job there!
  10. totohs

    [Vic Viper] Glycon, The Viper Tongue

    Many thanks 'lightningtiger'!!! Brick On Fight On!
  11. Glycon, The Viper Tongue by Toto Hermanto, on Flickr
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