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  1. What an original idea. I wonder if you could make something with a motorised roll of paper and your felt tip pen on a motorised arm? The paper could feed under the pen and produce a ticker-tape style print out.
  2. davidroberts01341

    [MOC] Darksight

    A great looking ship: graceful but strong looking too. I like the splashes of colour on the nose and how they bright the model, without distracting from its fuselage and wings. I like that it has landing gear too, which something that I often forget about on my ships!
  3. davidroberts01341

    Classic Space Research Complex

    I like how the smooth and fairly plain exterior contrasts with the interior, which is packed with playable details. I also like that this model looks as though it would be fun to play with: a source of all sorts of stories and adventures. Nice to see a working airlock on a space station too. The spacemen of my youth (1970s & 1980s) had to work outside and probably never got to take their spacesuits off!
  4. davidroberts01341

    [MOC] Neo FX Star Patroller

    I really like this. The spire-like engines and the rows of blue buttresses at the back make me think of a Classic Space gothic cathedral in space.
  5. davidroberts01341

    [MOC] The Test Pilot

    I like the shape of this ship and the way that it's almost entirely white. I like the missile/rocket 1x1 round parts inside the front of the engine and the textured grey bricks at the back too. i hink that the way that you've made the dust, flying up from the desert floor looks great too.
  6. davidroberts01341

    [MOC] Octan 24 - Space Tanker

    The layer of bricks at the bottom of the cockpit is there to change the stud direction from upside down to the right way up, so that the crews' seats and controls can be attached. It's just greebles I'm afraid!
  7. What a great idea for a Topic! "Gears & Motors for Spacemen". I first discovered Eurobricks when I was searching for solutions for including various Technic features in my sci-fi models. The innovative mechanisms that people include in their Technic cars amaze me (and inspire me too). I might have to make use of this in the future. For now I'm awaiting Bob's multiple spinning spaceship in SHIPtember.
  8. davidroberts01341

    [MOC] Centrifuge

    I really like this unusual Technic creation. I'm glad that you showed the spring damped base in the video, as I did wonder how such a fast-spinning machine could be so stable. Nonetheless, it's impressively well balanced. It's nice to see Technic doing something "useful" too!
  9. davidroberts01341

    Favorite Space Line?

    It has to be Classic Space for me. My first minifigure was a red spaceman, with stickers not a printed body, that came with LL918. That was also the biggest CS set that I ever owned, though I always wanted LL928 too. I moved on to the first Technic sets quite quickly. M:Tron has a great attraction for me. I love the red and fluorescent colour scheme and magnet just seem like a great play feature. I've never owned any M:Tron sets (I was too old for them when they were issued) but I'm always tempted to buy some parts from Bricklink each time I see other people's M:Tron MOCs.
  10. davidroberts01341

    [MOC] Octan 24 - Space Tanker

    Your comments got lodged at the back of my brain. I had some spare time today and this was the result. Thank you for the inspiration! Octan 24 - Desktop Model by David Roberts, on Flickr Octan 24 - Desktop Model by David Roberts, on Flickr
  11. davidroberts01341

    [MOC] Octan 24 - Space Tanker

    Thanks! i was going for the look of a tug boat or small ship on sea for the cockpit and these windscreens fit the bill very well. I seem to use them upside down as often as I use them the right way up! The last two times that I've used them, I've paired them with one the right way up and the other upside down to get big, glazed cockpits and airport control tower type effects.
  12. davidroberts01341

    [MOC] Octan 24 - Space Tanker

    Thank you! I really like brick built numbers, so I had have numbers top & bottom (plus I was running out of green bricks, so the white number meant I used fewer greens!). i know what you mean about this working better at micro-scale. I'd love to have a go at something like Pierre E Fieschi's Homeworld tankers sometime. I have used this technique for a micro scale build: http://www.moc-pages.com/moc.php/428436 but I ran out of blue 1x2 bricks to fully realise it. This technique just eats bricks!
  13. I found Sariel's book on Technic very helpful for ideas about mechanisms and how to build them: https://www.nostarch.com/technicbuilder I also like this YouTube channel, which is loads of short animations of all sort of mechanisms: https://www.youtube.com/user/thang010146/videos
  14. What a great machine. A simple concept, cleverly designed and implemented. I especially like the neat & strong holder clips for the pen and the paper. Excellent!
  15. davidroberts01341

    [MOC] Octan 24 - Space Tanker

    A tanker for liquid methane, built for the Octan company by Llwynwgril Space Systems. You read about the source of the methane in the description on Flickr or MOCpages. Octan 24 by David Roberts, on Flickr Octan 24 by David Roberts, on Flickr Octan 24 by David Roberts, on Flickr Octan 24 Cockpit Details by David Roberts, on Flickr