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  1. Hi, Eurobricks! It had been a long time that I had posted nothing. And today Actually I was planing to post this topic since a long time ago, but I was too busy for being a college student. Collectible Minifigures Series (CMS) is a big money bucket for Lego and a great value for us, the Lego fan, to collect. Although sometime there is just 5 to 6 pieces in the eeny mini plastic bag. For example, Square Foot from series 14 (Halloween). It gets head, body, legs, hand-accessory, button-plate and it is mostly brown. But the most disappointing thing is Square Foot is not as cute as Yeti. If you are a big fan of Chima, Square Foot is still too brown and too big for Beaver tribe... since they all get short legs... Well, there are still a bunch of good stuff in CMS. Like historical figures, sci-fi figures... Today, I am going to show you my coolest collectible minifigures combination. (Apollo, Galaxy jet-pack trooper, Laser Mech, Evil Mech) You still can get Flying Warrior and Laser Mech in the nearest Lego store around you, so I don't want to mention more about it. Just add "chi", two light-saber hilts, and a hair piece which you can get it from "pick a figure three figures". Laser Mech's helmet and the dark blue light-saber hilt can get from the Nexo Knight. And the Galaxy trooper from series 13... I just like the look of it when I put on Laser Mech's wings. I am a butter-fly!? Make the button wings go up Or you can put the wings on his weapons. About the Evil Mech, its body is obviously coming from the Evil Mech in series 11. The helmet comes from the Paintball Player in series 10. The golden visor comes from the astronaut in series 15, but I didn't really get the astronaut. The armor comes from Ninjago... The weapon is my own creation... Since I love this Evil Mech so much, I gave him so many accessories (you know, it's weapon!) Actually I got more combination than those four, but they are all at my home... Hope TLG can add or put those mini dolls into the CMS. That would be awesome, but the price can be expensive, since most of the mini-dolls are dual-molded. Oh~ I love their hair pieces. Thanks for watching : ) and sorry about the low quality Images : ( I am still not familiar with my new phone...I should had taken them with camera.

    [MOC] Bucket Wheel Excavator ER-1250

    42055 seems less impressive because TLG wants us to put our attention on its new elements !? (To be honest, I really want to get the new ring-shape gear) Back to the the MOC, the radius of the bucket wheel is kind of small... but that does not effect the overall looking or function that much, I guess. To me, the most important thing is yours is in minifigure-scale!!!! Awesome work!
  3. Last time, I created a topic in a wrong theme (Special Lego Themes)... Since it had a wrong start, I cannot see any comment and suggestion... Well, this time I pretty sure this is the correct one... The images are big http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/weasd/My-Idea/robot1_nes-fixed_1.png http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/weasd/My-Idea/robot1_nes-fixed_2.png http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/weasd/My-Idea/robot1_nes-fixed_3.png http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/weasd/My-Idea/robot1_nes-fixed_4.png Now my question is: Should I make a shield and a gun for it? Or I should just submit it to Lego Ideas. Actually, if you had seen my previous post in Special Lego Themes, you may notice that I had already working on the gun part. No need to find the previous post; just keep scrolling down. http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/weasd/My-Idea/screenshot_2015-08-09_19.50.21.png The second question: Does it look weird? Or I should just give it up? Since the new firing missile and shooter has not been uploaded to LDD, I cannot make sure the length is right or wrong (Spring Shooter) (Yes, I has not gotten any set with spring shooter yet...) Hope you guys like it and give me some advice and please support me later!
  4. OMG, the tail of the werewolf has the same shape of the tail of Rocket Raccoon!!
  5. Confused by the system


    [MOC] K-18

    Hi, everyone! Although it is not done yet, I still want to show you guy my K-18. . . . The images are big, please wait... I will upload the complete model to Lego Ideas before the end of August, I hope. This is the incomplete gun that will be used by the battle armor. Or I will make another one. Ok! That's all. Please support me later! Thanks!
  7. Hi, Eurobricks! Yesterday, when i was preparing for my High School Proficiency Exam, I was very very bored. i don't want to do it, because i took it last year and that was a very bad memory! However, today essay writing was a blah! The topic was about wall display, but i was thinking about lego display. Also, under the pressure of parents and SAT, I really don't want to touch any book. I got my Mixels-Flain this weekend, my dad found it and didn't say anything... just sad... Back to topic, i was struggling to post this "thing". Don't ask me why, just keep reading it and don't go to previous website. Ok, maybe i was too lazy to post it... i tried my best to make it as a real set and no extra pieces (if you got these two sets and you want to make other model, you probably don't want extra piece). However, i failed. One extra piece!! And it is a big piece! Whatever~ Let me talk about these two sets 75000 and 75001. i don't like them as i mentioned in my old old old post. 75000 has lots of pieces, but most of them are on Droidikas... However, those transition pieces are awesome!! i used a lot in my design. 75001, oh! he is a bad bad boy. Cool mini-figures, but horrible vehicle, i say. There has 62 pieces (24 are on mini-figures and weapons, 34 are on vehicle and 4 on flick missiles!!) and only a few pieces are freaking good that i can never doubt! So let take a look at my Hammer Head-75751!!! Do you see that! That grey, giant, wicked 6X6 plate!! That is the extra piece!! with 2 clones, 2 old republic troopers, 2 Sith troopers, and 2 Droidikas 1 Evil Mech Dragon from Ninjago... Take a closer look at Hammer Head-75751 Side The only play feature is its radar and flick missiles Two missiles are placed on the side of speeder, and the other one is underneath the driver seat Ready to fire! Building Technique: Now, the Evil Mech Dragon Actually, i'm not that stream punk, but it really looks stream punk... And there is the last photo: Everyone (we) hate extra piece!!!!! Play ability: 8 (Fire flick missiles and turn the direction of the radar) Design: 9 (Flick missiles don't need to ready to fire. Driver's handle becomes back of the chair!) Price: 10 (Gifts from Aunt. Priceless creative from myself! XD) Mini-figure: 8 ( 6 mini-figures! Who am i to disagree?) Part: 8 (185 + 1 extra. 95188 is a really nice pieces and 11458 is a very interesting piece) Overall: 41/50 It is just a childish grading. (who grade their own model? That is probably me... because i am 17! XD) However, you don't really have to listen to me, but i hope you enjoy it! Thanks for your watching!
  8. Yes, that is true, but in bionicle, people still can determine the characters by using their colors of element. Also, they gave me the idea of revolution, just the the Brain Attack, these heroes can put on the cover of their head. I mean their helmets don't have to change a lot, and still can let people know who that hero is.
  9. My opinion is HF has more movability than Bionicle, but Bionicle has more various colors and armors which represent action figures' element. Like Glatorian (did I spell wrong?) and legend, I want to buy all 12 of them because they are too cool, and I miss Skrall... That's not the point... However, I love the Rocks in Break out wave and stormer in Brain attack wave. But really, look at HF, heroes' masks look alike in different waves and Furno's fire blades keep coming out again and again. Can they just came out another?
  10. Today is so so boring, so i gather all my creations' pictures and post them. XD! Without a doubt, this topic is about free building. i have lots of ideas but i can't post them all, because making a post takes me more than one hour... And I actually post eight of my creations. i hope you guys can type some comments and help me improve my building skill. Thanks!! First, Steampunk Mech/Walker This one is inspired by the 30230 Mini Mech and 70722 Overborg's walker. And no extra piece left. Second, Sea Monster It looks cute, isn't it!! No extra piece!! Third, battle cannons Let's battle!! No extra piece!! Forth, water mech-dragon v.s. submarine Lovely head it gets No extra piece. Fifth, tower cannon v.s. samurai kai Eye of Sauron fights against a ninja!? No extra piece! Sixth, battle mech v.s. stealer mech Lots of action it can do!! No extra piece. Seventh, cannon turtle and iron anteater Anteater is better... No extra piece. Eighth, half mantis... due to the limited pieces Mantis' claws!! With two extra pieces......... Plus, can anyone tell me how to make a vote?? i want to see which one is the best...

    MOC Republic Swamp Speeder

    OMG! This summer, my aunt and uncle visited us and brought me two lego sets: 75000 and 75001. I love those two sets not because of their vehicles, but because of their minifigures. Today, i'm not here to critic those two sets and mad at my aunt (why she bought those two weird sets!!!! i want 75002... whatever, those are free for me), i'm here to tell you guy i found a way to love those two sets!! When the new star wars pictures reveal (specially 75035 Kashyyyk Troopers) and i saw the designs (new gun, minifigures, and vehicle), WOOO! Maybe i can build my MOC... front back up control panel bottom the seats (i know it looks weird...) ready for battle!!! i leave some spaces there in order to fire the "decoration" side let's go!! Overall, i pretty enjoyed the building process... but 6 pieces were left... i had no idea how to deal with them... whatever... oh! also, the droidikas are very useful!! i used them to build lots of stuff, like robot, walker... i just love it!! that's all for today, see you next time!!!!!! P.s. i forget to mention that i can't deal with the back of the speeder because of the pieces (shame...)

    [REVIEW]:75023 Star Wars Advent Calendar

    No Jedi in this set!! No lightsaber in this set!! No~~
  13. Hi eurosssss!!!! Last time, i present my Micro/Mini (whatever you like to pronoun) Jedi Defender-Class Cruiser. http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=86351 Some people may be curious about its instruction, so last week i started working on its instruction and added some improvement. Also, i wish Lego can make this set... so i add a extra-pieces list next to the pieces list... Don't blame me... As you see, 4224295: Plate 2X3 W/Angle, Right and 4224297: Plate 2X3 W/Angle, Left are very rare!! The only source you can get them is from 4507 Prehistoric Creatures... It contains 9 right pieces and 9 left pieces... http://www.brickset....ail/?set=4507-1 So bad Pl.Round 1X1 W. Throughg. Hole doesn't come in New Dark Red... http://www.brickset....s/?part=4547649 Thank for your watching and see you next time!!

    Mini Jedi Defender-Class Cruiser

    Thanks, guy. So bad I don't have enough bricks to build... Back to the topic, I also designed a wrong color HH-87 Starhopper... Link: https://fbcdn-sphoto...927676403_o.jpg https://fbcdn-sphoto..._80578985_o.jpg https://fbcdn-sphoto...704097021_o.jpg https://fbcdn-sphoto...673337257_o.jpg As you saw, the wings couldn't close properly...
  15. Hello eurobricks. I'm a teenager who really want to practice English and play Lego. Today, I'm going to present my new creation: Mini Jedi Defender-Class Cruiser https://fbcdn-sphoto...375803941_o.jpg https://fbcdn-sphoto...116985801_o.jpg https://fbcdn-sphoto...807692311_o.jpg https://fbcdn-sphoto...847785568_o.jpg