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Found 17 results

  1. I've looked into a couple of groups but I've found only GFLUG which is a group based in Tampa and focuses a lot on trains rather than Lego as a whole. I am thinking the greater area of Florida MUST have some sort of LUG group? I checked out their facebook page and it seems like I wouldn't fit in cause its sort of a casual discussion rather than detailed or in-depth banter.
  2. I have taken it upon myself to design a LUG boxcar (using BMR’s design as a starting point) and as our club's logo is based off The Milwaukee Road's I've looked at replicating one of their designs. When looking for interesting or otherwise unique designs I found one I liked but unfortunately, as I had suspected, it is only a fantasy scheme. Talking with a friend who works with preservation for MILW he noted that “the Milwaukee’s iconic boxcars were the ribside cars, which would be tough and probably expensive to do I’d imagine. There is a brown and yellow scheme that was fairly widespread…” The thing about that one is that it was only ever built as a 50' and not a 40'. I know I could just drop the length to standard but would prefer not to if I didn't need to. Now a question for anyone who has participated, would it be considered a “faux pas” to have a slightly longer boxcar then is standard for a swap? (8 studs longer) Second question, the door has distinct structure, any suggestions on how to replicate this detail without adding a solid brick of sandwiched floating tiles?
  3. Does anyone know of a LUG in or around the Tallahassee area?
  4. Greetings guys n gals. Okay long n short of it, I'm trying to get a lug started in my area, so i'm looking to find fellow brickers in my area. Far as i can nothing exists around these parts, but there has to be some of us as lego doesn't exactly sit on store shelfs here. and the closest Lug is toronto, (close to 2 hrs away), so while maybe doing a sub lug might be viable, still would be nice to have something for the obvious throng of *FOLS in this area. So if your in the region, speak up, maybe we can get something going.
  5. Back to the Brick

    Eurobricks as a LUG

    Hi, I've seen on this page that Eurobricks is a LUG : So, as a member of the forum I'm officially and automatically part of your LUG? I didn't find a topic about that in the forum and I would like to know what can I do being part of it? Can I have discounts, or maybe invitations to special events? Thanks for your answers.
  6. talos


    Hello, I was wondering if there were any members of the SF Bay Area LUG on Eurobricks? I just decided to join it and wanted to get some opinions of it, if anyone is already a member. I am in the SF East Bay, and far as I can tell, all the meetings and events are on the other side of the bay or near east bay. Would love to hear from anyone in it..Thanks!
  7. Eurobricks' Official LUG Listing Africa | Asia | Canada | Europe | Pacific | South America | USA If you are part of a LEGO User Group that is not listed here, please PM Darkdragon with the following information. Once verified, it will be added to the list. You need at least a website URL or EB member contact to be listed, just having a name with no way for people to find out more would be useless, but please include as much of the following info as you can: LUG Name Country, State/Province, City LUG Website URL EB member contact (if there is one) If your LUG has a logo, you can submit the URL for the image as well. Keep it to a maximum 100px H x 100px W.
  8. This weekeng I joined the brick event at Shanghai (China), which organized by LeleZhen LUG. LelezhenLUG is from the largest Lego Fans Forum in China, the site address is . They had an opportunity sponsered by the coming of LEGO Discovery Center in Shanghai. I'm the member of ChinaLUG, so I attended the activity as the volunteer. Let's have a look at the construction work back of the house. We spent the whole day to recover the USS Enterprise from Startrek designed by one fan from Guangzhou. Till 19:00 at that night, the huge castle was shipped to site with the builder and his family. Then after another few hours, all things were set. After 22:00 o'clock, the construction work of layout was allowed to begin in the main hall of the mall. The showcases were installed For the huge castle and USS Enterprise, due to the large size, we moved them on 1 plate at one time. (Fortunately, they standed as a whole. ) All the things were placed well till 2:00, we left the cases locked. We were back at 9:30 next morning, others which came from Nanjing were arrived, including a huge size crane. Under erecting Everthing were ready till 11:00, I shoted the show on Youtube without editing. still don't know how to insert the video, I attached the link for your information. I post some site photoes. This is one champion of site building challege. The site building challenge is ongoing. The focus We also set the bulk area for kids The desied eyes (Lego is still abit of expensive in China market.) So, that's the first report of the brick event in China. Wish you like it. Thanks for watching.
  9. totohs

    [MOC] Agent Orange

    Agent Orange by Toto Hermanto, on Flickr
  10. I just found out that apparently there is a new LUG in So. California in the Inland Empire that has had meetings in a library in Riverside CA. The information is sketchy and I can't locate a contact. If anyone has any more info I would appreciate it. Thanks, Andy D
  11. A few photos of a small LEGO train display I did as part of a small show at the weekend at Durham Cathedral as part of the 2nd birthday celebrations for the model (worth a look at the photos on their Facebook page). This display uses standard LEGO City/Creator vehicles (not something I fancied building on top of 84 baseplates of landscape for the larger layout!), and techniques I've seen and experimented with myself. For example, the corn is based on an idea from a LUG show (photos in this thread). Apologies for the quality of some of the photos - only had my phone with me on the day and some have come out a little dark! More of them are on flickr. I'm working on the remaining three quarters of the layout for Bricktastic in Manchester this August, so there's more to come very soon, hopefully! Doing this smaller show before then gave me a chance to test some of my ideas, so I'll leave you with some of my thoughts/discoveries: 1. having two long trains at the front of the small static layout does really block the view of the scenery behind (not an issue for the August show as trains will be moving!) 2. people really like finding the hidden scenarios in the display (e.g., hidden alien, construction worker caught short on the portaloo, farmer cleaning up after a cow) - gives it a little more impact, and rewards those who really look hard 3. the LEGO Minion to the left of the display was very popular (probably more so than my display!) 4. a lot of adults looking were surprised by what you can do with LEGO, and had lots of questions - so it's good to have some background knowledge and recommendations for local LUGs to help grow the community 5. using some actual LEGO sets was nice in that people recognised ones they had at home (and it saved me a lot of time!) 6. people will touch things! There were "no touching" signs on display, but no barriers (which I liked: more friendly). I purposely didn't have much towards the front that little (or larger) hands could get to. Nothing was stolen, and no harm was done - I'm not too precious about the LEGO I display so if kids (or the one adult I spotted) want to push the trains, I let them
  12. Horsecreek

    A new guy from Denmark

    Hi So now i'm here on eurobricks too. I've read topics from time to time when refered to from other sites. And sometime ago i created an account here. Now it is time to use it as well. I'm from Denmark. 35 years at the moment. Member of the danish lug Byggepladen. I have an appartment just outside Copenhagen. It is not yet full of LEGO bricks but i'm working on it I could write a lot more but that will be another day. Jakob
  13. houstonproductions1

    Starting a LUG for Teens?

    Hey y'all, I'm hoping to start a LEGO User Group for TFOLs this summer in Atlanta, and I have a few question I hope people can answer... First off, where is the best place for people to meet, based on experience? I know lots of people say libraries, but seeing as you can't be too loud (even in a study room) or have any food there, I'm not quite sure. I also have my LEGO/Youtube studio in my basement, but I'd be afraid until I get to know the members of the group that they would steal something...possibly? But yeah, that brings me to the next topic: how to get members? I'd prefer to keep the group small (like 12 or under people), and I only want people who are legitimately hardcore LEGO fans. So where to advertise? I mean, my youtube channel is obviously a great place, so there's that, but what about in the public? And finally, the third question: what to do? I know that lots of folks just like to hang out and talk LEGO and probably trade a bit, but I also wonder what else. I also have read about the organized builds, but I feel like until I could get a group started that wouldn't happen for a while, and the group would have to decide as a whole. As far as anything else, I've got nothing. Ideas? Thanks for the help.
  14. I'm getting to a point where I'm starting to feel it'd be really nice to have some people in real life to get inspiration from and bounce ideas off of. Sure there's you guys (who have been *really* helpful on my most recent build), Google image search and Flicker, but it's not the same as going somewhere, seeing real people, showing your stuff off, letting them show their stuff off to you and just socialising in real time. So are there others from the County Durham area who are already in a group or interested in getting together to form an informal group? Also, are there any members of the Yorkshire based group here who could tell me about their group (it's not ideal, but bits of Yorkshire aren't too far away from me? Finally are there any other Lego events other than the Great Western Lego Show (which looks awesome and all, but is far too far away and far too Great Western for my tastes! :P )?
  15. TheLegoChronicler

    Wilmington DE New LUG Announcement

    Hello everyone! My name is Daniel (TheLegoChronicler). I recently relocated to Wilmington Delaware and am looking to start a new Lego User Group here. Have connected with some other AFOLs in the area and we are looking to start this coming SATURDAY AUGUST 23rd. To start we are going to meet at my house in Wilmington at 6:30. I am just off of 95 in the Baynard Square Neighborhood. I will be getting some Pizzas so you can come hungry. Our first meeting is going to be focused on introductions and talking about options for what we could do as a group. Feel free to bring a project or pictures of your collection/creation to share as well. All are welcome. If you are interested in joining us PM me for the address. So in summary: What: New LUG in Wilmington DE When: Saturday August 23rd @ 6:30 Where: Daniel's House in Wilmington Thanks all! ~Daniel
  16. El_Pirotecnico

    Port Callao Invasion

    Hi everyone !!! This is my first post My name is Raúl, I'm from Lima - Perú (South America, Machu Pichu hehehe) I'm a Lego HARDCORE fan. In Perú, Lego is VERY expensive (twice as expensive as Europe) and very limited support, but with tons of effort we can build some dioramas hehehe This is my second diorama. It's an expo in Lima (october 26th), and was a little expo but very significative. Album in flickr: Take care See you soon El Pirotecnico PD: Sorry for my bad english
  17. Hey, was considering starting a local lego club and was looking for info on how others may have gone about it. If there is another place here it's discussed drop a link and I can end up in the right place. How do people usually go about it? Is there a larger organization in the US and then you become a chapter? What kinds of things do the clubs do at meetings? What kind of age rage do you shoot for if you want to keep adults? We are in a community of about 60 thousand. Would this be big enough to draw from?