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  1. matt_one

    [MOC] The Jackal - MECH

    first attempt and great result! nice mech, I like in particular the first picture where it's folded on itself!
  2. matt_one

    [MOC] Some new mechs

    Nice mechs! I like the shapes of the first one, expecially on the back. And I really like the small blue wheeled mech!
  3. matt_one

    [MOC] Freedom Gundam ZGMF-X10A *On-building

    Awesome! You could upload a picture of the legs only, and would still a masterpiece!
  4. matt_one

    MOC Grendizer

    Awesome!! The best Lego Grendizer!
  5. matt_one

    Astray Gundam MBF-P02 LEGO-ver

    Already seen it at Mocpages. As I told you , it's a masterpiece! Nice video too!
  6. matt_one

    [MOC] M:Tron MAGNUD

    Nice work! Big and highly detailed model with a lot of good ideas. I like those retractable launchers and I really like the legs. It must be nice to see it glows in the dark must be nice and fun to build such a model with real bricks! Finally, thanks for your words : I'm glad to know that some of my models can be source of inspiration for someone else!
  7. Thanks Spirit! I suggest you to watch the short animation clip, there's a link at the beginning of the post ( maybe you already did it ).
  8. matt_one

    [ LDD MOC ] Madgun Tankram ( Gundam style mecha )

    I was searching for something different to attach on the side of the waist instead of usual skirt-plates. I like the shape and used them, these are very interesting for themselves and should be good as engine section on a ship. I'm trying to use them as shoulder on my current new mecha, with necessary adjustments.
  9. matt_one

    [ LDD MOC ] Madgun Tankram ( Gundam style mecha )

    Oh, yeah, exactly 6000 bricks used. Thanks!
  10. matt_one

    [ LDD MOC ] Madgun Tankram ( Gundam style mecha )

    Hi Spirit! It's nice to see your comment as the first ( and only )! I'm not really looking for big size, but usually I start with head design and this time the head was bigger than previous. That's why size are so large. I made a special effort to design weapons and whoever can imagine the role of shoulder launchers. But don't ask me how the hip weapons work.... Thanks for your appreciation!
  11. The variant version of my previous Wraithek Beta. The cockpit can host a minifig, You can watch a short animation video here :
  12. Very big-size mecha: 81 studs tall ( 25 inches ), 6000 bricks used. Modelled with Lego Digital Designer, rendered with Simlab Composer.
  13. matt_one

    Mid-Sized Mecha Frame Help

    check out this one : there's a lxf file available to download.
  14. matt_one

    [ LDD MOC ] Madgun Wraithek ß

    @ anothergol Last Friday I took a tour on Bricklink... I started with the head's parts only and after 10 minutes I got a rough idea about how frustrating can be! You're right about the price, that's not the first problem. Sometimes parts that should exist are simply not available because the shop is out of these parts, or they are available in different colors, or shop has one of it only. For example, if I need two 57587 dome in white color, I would not able to find a shop that has two 57587 in white. Surely I can adapt things to match existing colors, and I'm ready to paint those parts that doesn't match colors I like, but it seems hard to place an order limiting my purchase to a few shops.