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  1. Giovanne

    [MOC] Evangelion Unit-01

    Thanks again! I really recommend watching 3.33 (the fourth movie still in production), it's my fav from the Rebuild. Maybe not too late I'll post the other units here, Unit 05 is already in the works. Thanks!
  2. Giovanne

    [MOC] Evangelion Unit-01

    Thanks for the comment!! Of course, I have plans of making the Units 00 and 02. I had made the two before with an earlier and smaller version of this MOC, but I scrapped after I updated the design of the Unit 01. I'm with plans of making Mari's Units 08 and 05 too, especially the latter.
  3. Giovanne

    [MOC] Evangelion Unit-01

    Hello folks! After a long, long time without a post on EB, I guess it's time for a return, and here's my most recent MOC. This MOC is reproduction of the Evangelion Unit-01 mecha from the 1995 anime (which is my favorite) Neon Genesis Evangelion, with the color scheme used on the Rebuild movies (dark purple with more lime green details). The Unit-01 was piloted by the protagonist Shinji Ikari, it is the first non-prototype unit, and is referred as "Test Type". The Unit-01 houses the soul of Shinji's mother, Yui. This MOC has 2012 parts and is, approximately, 70-75 cm tall (I used as reference the airplane from the set 7893 which measures 58 cm). (sorry for the rather bad photos) Hope you like it!
  4. Hello everyone! So long since the last time I had participated on the forums, and to mark my return, here are two 2015 Star Wars sets for the index! Set: 75091 - Flash Speeder Year: 2015 Theme: Star Wars Subtheme: Episode I: The Phantom Menace No. of pieces: 311 No. of minifigs: 5 LXF File (LDD 4.3.8) Errors: - Part 21840 "Panaka Hat" not present on LDD 4.3.8, substituted by part 12239 "Panaka Hat". - Part 18283 "Hat No. 3" not present on LDD 4.3.8, substituted by part 12895 "Minifig Captain's Cap". - Part 20889 "Gungan No. 3" not present on LDD 4.3.8, substituted by part 92743 "Minifig Head Gungan With Flat Eyes". - All decorations missing. Front torso decorations and front head decorations substituted. Legs, hips, back torso and back head decorations not substituted. Set: 75094 - Imperial Shuttle Tydirium Year: 2015 Theme: Star Wars Subtheme: Classic (Episode VI: Return of the Jedi) No. of pieces: 931 No. of minifigs: 5 LXF File (LDD 4.3.8) Errors: - Part 15307 "Minifig Head Modified Wookiee" not present on LDD 4.3.8, substituted by part 30483 "Minifig Head Modified Wookiee". - Part 21018 "Camouflage Poncho No. 1" not present on LDD 4.3.8, substituted by part 99464 "Minifig Cape Cloth - Very Short". - All decorations missing. Front torso decorations and front head decorations substituted. Legs, hips, back torso and back head decorations not substituted. Post edited: old photos changed by smaller photos.
  5. Interesting... I have the same problem with LDD, also, I just want to know how to add custom decorations to LDD, how it is done?
  6. Giovanne

    weirdest place you've found random LEGO?

    The weirdest place I ever found LEGO was in... the trash. Well the bricks don't was mixed with organic trash , they were separated in other small transparent bag in the street, most of the bricks were from Paradisa theme and late 1980s and early 1990s Town sets, as a fan of LEGO, I took the bricks , and washed them, now they're in use again.
  7. Giovanne

    MOC: Seajet S11

    Thanks for your comment, johnnyvgoode! I don't think that TLG would make a set with SNOT use like this, maybe they would simplify the sub-starfighter. The only creation that I think that is similiar to this MOC is a MOC made by me before which has a folder on Brickshelf. Giovanne.
  8. Giovanne

    MOC: Seajet S11

    Hey! After the Neo Classic Space here comes the Neo Seatron! Seajet S11 "Typhoon" Submarine Starfighter The first starfighter that I post here, it's almost a entire creation of me (99%), with exception of a cockpit technique made by the famous Space MOC creator nnenn, which passed away, part of the credit from my starfighters goes to him, Photo link of the technique. The reason that I used the technique is because I'm not good building cockpits, most of my starfighter use this technique. Seajet S11 is a modern starfighter which can covert from Starfighter to Submarine with ease, it's the best starfighter of the Seatron fleet; the Sea People is trying to steal the technology of the sub-starfighter to build a sub-starfighter to them. Now, after the explanation about the cockpit and the info about the sub-starfighter, the photos: Engines - 3x Modified (Water resistant) Twin Ion Engines (Starfigheter mode), 2x NC7300 Turbofan Engines (Submarine mode). Weaponry - 8x AA570 Ion Cannons, 2x AA320 Short Range Ion Lasers. Maximum speed - Mach 17,5 (21,438 km/h or 13,321 mp/h). In service since - 12 December 2008. Brickshelf folder with bigger photos. Comments & Critics welcome.
  9. Giovanne

    Which 'Space' theme should LEGO revive?

    My votes go to Blacktron, M-Tron and Classic Space, but I would like Futuron also. But, I still would like to see the Seatron theme, maybe as substitute to Atlantis, I also have a idea : The Atlantis divers are sent in a mission by a Space Agency to a oceanic planet... In the planet, the divers, now astronaut-divers, discover various Alien species underwater, and start a battle... Well, the Space Agency interest in the Atlantis divers is because already know that the divers fought creatures from the deep ocean. Thanks, Giovanne.
  10. Modern Town House by Giovanne - LXF File.
  11. Well, looks like that I'm beaten also, good work bbqqq! My version is at the page 117 of 228.
  12. Giovanne

    MOC: Town House

    Thanks for the comment, The Blue Brick! These parts of the house also are my favorites, but I also like the kitchen. Thanks for your comment also, Zeon! I must agree with you, In past, LEGO made a good houses for the minifigs, today there is only firemen and policemen in the city, it's very boring, the only exception in the present City theme is the set 8403. Thanks also for your comment, TheLegoDr!
  13. Giovanne

    MOC: Town House

    Thanks for the comment also, lightningtiger! I will consider to build it when I have the all the bricks , for example: The tan colored bricks, garage door, lamp post and some bricks that still doesn't exist, this MOC is one of my favorites. The washing machine is inspired by a MOC from the Brickshelf user mijasper and from another MOC of a user from the Lego User Group of Brazil (LUG Brasil).
  14. Giovanne

    MOC: Town House

    Thanks for the comment, LEGO Train 12 Volts! I prefer the new version of the cars, but I also like the classic ones too.
  15. Giovanne

    MOC: Town House

    New Town MOC. Town House Here is the Modern Town House from Lego City, it was made for a couple, since there is only one bedroom, the house also have bathroom, living room, kitchen, backyard, a garage and a car. Made with 2264 bricks, plus the car. Comments & Critics are welcome. Folder on Brickshelf with other photos : Modern Town House.