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Found 16 results

  1. Hello there! Today I would like to share with you a MOC that is nearly 2 years old. I just never got around to taking and posting good pictures of it until now. It's a constraction figure scale rendition of the scene in Revenge of the Sith where Obi-Wan Kenobi chases General Grievous through the mines of Utapau which won second place in the constraction category at Star Wars Days 2018 and is part of what earned me the Miss Congeniality Award at Bricks LA 2019. Grievous' Wheelbike really rolls, has a working headlight and rotating cannon, and can transform into its walker mode. Boga is fully posable as well.
  2. Thedarkmaster2

    Po-Scorpio Gigantis

    Oh I just learned this will be my 100th post. This is also my second MOC Here.I am still getting used to my new camera so I'm sorry if the photos aren't the best. Once again I appreciate all feedback. Here Is Po-Scorpio IMG_20190129_131716946 by Dark Maste, on Flickr Po-Scorpio is a giant species of omnivorous Scorpio Rahi that inhabits the central arid regions. It is territorial and aggressive beware all Toa who cross it's path though it's slower mind might allow you to out smart the beast. Here is a close up of it's face IMG_20190129_132210360 by Dark Maste, on Flickr The Beast attacks with pincers and a fearsome tail with poison laced stings and claws. IMG_20190129_132217447 by Dark Maste, on Flickr IMG_20190129_143940116 by Dark Maste, on Flickr The Po-Scorpio generally skitters upon four pairs of legs. One small and lanky and a second which is larger. IMG_20190129_143955552 by Dark Maste, on Flickr But Like a bear the Po-Scorpio can rear up on the back of it's stinger tail, like a third leg. It's legs also work together to help support it's body IMG_20190129_132028725 by Dark Maste, on Flickr IMG_20190129_132037401 by Dark Maste, on Flickr Here is a size comparison between It in both of it's pose compared to one of the few Gen 2 sets I haven't taken apart for Mocs. Gali Uniter of Water IMG_20190129_131819457 by Dark Maste, on Flickr IMG_20190129_132155646 by Dark Maste, on Flickr Much Like the Mammut-Kal This fearsome beast is hunted by men for sport and out of fear. I's environment is hostile of living however, so habitat loss isn't much of a threat as it is to the massive Pachyderm. IMG_20190129_132817783 by Dark Maste, on Flickr
  3. Thedarkmaster2

    Mammut-Kal Imperator

    Okay This is my first M.O.C. posted here. And these are the first pictures taken with my new camera with a new white background. So if the photos aren't perfect please forgive me. As always feedback is appreciated on that and my M.O.C. Here is Mammut-Kal imperator. MammutKal by Dark Maste, on Flickr A fearsome beasts that roams the wild lands to the north. If you don't get stomped you'll be impaled on his horns! His green eyes has seen much from his long life. In it's mind is wisdom beyond that of civilized men. mammoth_moc 3 by Dark Maste, on Flickr His Trunk has great articulation and a thorn at the end for either spiking enemies or swatting them away, horses and all. mammoth_moc 4 by Dark Maste, on Flickr Here is a body shot displaying his compact form and small ears perfected for it's snowy home. mammoth_moc 5 by Dark Maste, on Flickr And a size comparison with a Stone Army Scout: mammoth_moc 6 by Dark Maste, on Flickr The Mammut-Kal is no easy hunt for it can easily grab a hunter and slam him on the ground... Though if you're indestrcutable that might not hurt too bad.. mammoth_moc 7 by Dark Maste, on Flickr Unfortunately this race of beasts is rare and dying out. The building of cities destroys precious grassland environments for Mammut-kals, Which need large areas to herd, eat, and live. Illegal hunting has taken a toll as well. Their horns while comparatively small, are the hardest and purest ivory. And because of this many are slaughtered each year. Though many die while doing so. Would you save them or let them die? mammoth_moc 8 by Dark Maste, on Flickr
  4. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] The Necromancer

    Though he may appear gentlemanly, the necromancer always has a trick up his sleeve... Flickr post More photos Originally built for the Knight's Kingdom open collab on Flickr. When I realized I no longer had my Vladek head, he was transformed into what you see now. Heavily inspired by Patrick Bigg's Nuju.
  5. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Aranya

    I present to you this little spider monster, simply named Aranya. It was an absolute nightmare to build but the end results were worth it. I think it might be my best MOC to date. Something thats a bit unusual is its front claw/pincers. The whenua claws are dented ever so slightly, and as a result, the pincers click together and stay closed at any angle. You can check it out on Flickr or take a look at the Imgur album for more photos if you like what you see.
  6. Bored_PhD_Student

    Lego Medieval Themed Mecha

    Hello all There are already many great MOCs on the internet for Gundams/Mecha. I wanted to organize a thread here and collect some of the Medieval Themed (or at least styled) Mechas. I will start by sharing my own MOC, a Knight Templar Mecha (just built it this weekend). One overview photo is attached. More detailed photos can be found on my mocpages account. Here is the link to some basic photos: http://www.moc-pages.../moc.php/426034 and some better quality ones: http://www.moc-pages.../moc.php/426044 (thanks to my wife who is much better at photography) This is the first one of about three I have planned. The Templar is mainly red and black (should be red and white, but.........), I will build a Knight Hospitaller counterpart that's mainly black and white and a Teutonic Knight that's mainly white yellow (gold) and black. I wanted to stick with medieval designs initially but didn't have enough pieces for matching left and right pauldrons. Ended up borrowing some ideas/designs from the gundam MOCs. Some works that I should give credit to are in the following links (may not be original sources): - Zaku MOC that inspired left pauldron: - Another ZAKU MOC that is great: http://gundamfamily....og-post_56.html - I quite liked the bust design. It was learned from another MOC but I can't find the source right now. Will add it in a later post. Please leave your comment or share your favorite Medieval themed (related) mecha. It can be what-ever scale. Also, if you come across any medieval style action figures that can be adapted into a LEGO mecha, please feel free to share it here. Thanks all
  7. Review: XSZ General Grievous Clone brands aren't usually very creative. Most will simply copy an official Lego design, others will create lackluster custom designs. But sometimes, there are diamonds in the rough. XSZ, a Chinese brand, usually make duplicates of official Hero Factory figures, but they also produce some custom CCBS designs, including those fascinating Ninjago Ultrabuilds. But what I recently purchased from them is something a lot of you may recognise from a CUUSOO project of old; A figure of Star Wars character General Grievous. In light of Lego's official Grievous figure's reveal, lets take a look at this other company's take on the four armed frenzy. Packaging Yep. A zip lock bag. I ordered two copies of the set (for reasons I'll discuss later), and they both came bagged up like this. However, I did choose to buy them without the boxes, as doing so cut down packaging costs to the point where postage was free. But, this restrained packaging did cause some issues. Parts Parts are where this kit really shine. As you can see, there is a plethora of CCBS bones, Technic parts and more. But what will catch most people's eyes is those tan shells. The tan does indeed match Lego's shade very well. However, brief warning about XSZ's shells - the peg holes on these are tighter than on Lego's, so softer pegs like those found on armour addons will get worn down when used in them. I'd only use harder plastic things, like T-Bars and older spike pieces, with these. Also, as you can see, the cape is severely creased. This is due to the restrained packaging. It's easy to fix, but terribly annoying either way. The torso and chestplate are fascinating. I'm not sure whether the tan details are painted or printed, but they really do look the business. While the chestplate's pegs are a little loose, it's still invaluable to have such a generically styled print. The head is probably the only major let down with this set. While the mold is great, the prints and sad eyes make for a very weird face to give to a villainous four armed warrior. However, there's an upside - the head connects to the model using a dark bley Glatorian head piece, which is absolutely fascinating and could serve to be very useful for many builders. Also very peculiar, these friction joints... Without the friction. While XSZ's sockets are pretty damn strong anyway, they still included a pair of these with this model. They're the same as Lego's... Just without the little rubber nubbin on the inside. Very odd indeed. Build Ignoring his worrisome face, Grievous looks very imposing, and is actually a lot of fun to build. The arms are well laid out, and give plenty of room for Grievous to swing his lightsabers (which are simply solid plastic dowels) around. The torso prints really shine when assembled with everything else, although I do feel like the gunmetal is a tad unnecessary. The legs are standard, but do the job of capturing Grievous's gait very well. From the back, Grievous is largely obscured by his big red cape. This thing is made from a very similar material to that of the older minifigure capes, but with one plushier side on the outside. The creasing caused by the packaging could likely be ironed out. Apologies for the haphazard photography here, but I just wanted to show off how Grievous's body is put together. The upper set of arms connect to this XT4 torso, and the cape is pegged on to two Technic connectors near the neckball of said piece. This works beautifully, and is also a nice, cheeky way of getting another XT4 torso to add to your collection. Other notes As I mentioned earlier, XSZ's socket joints are very sturdy - sturdier in fact than Lego's. There is a downside though: XSZ joints can only pivot to around 90 degrees in a hinge joint. However, using a Lego bone in an XSZ hinge is just as normal. The plastic quality is absolutely fine, although the bone pieces are more matte in texture that Lego's, and the Technic pins and axles are a lot more lightweight than Lego's. Again as mentioned, the peg holes in the shell pieces are much tighter than Lego's so it might be dangerous to use official armour addons with them. Pros and Cons Pros: Fun build Tan CCBS Great selection of parts Lovely cape Good looking, vibrant lightsabers Unique prints on the torso and chestplate Cons: The head is disappointing The capes are likely to come creased The lighsabers wobble somewhat The upper arms don't quite have as much motion as you might like So, does this General Grievous tantalise your taste for tan? Or will you be waiting for Lego's official kit, coming out this summer? Either way, you can find this set on AliExpress, with free P&P. I'd say that this is worth buying two of, so as to get lots of that amazing tan, but even one of these guys is still a grand selection of goodies to add to your CCBS collection.
  8. Hello, everyone! This is my first Action Figure MOC! Special for "Urbem-Nui" project: More fotos and information here Thats all, folks!
  9. Pate-keetongu

    MOC: Toa Ursanga

    Toa Ursanga, toa of fire and friend of bears. He lives in the wilderland of the island of Bio-Klaani and fiercily protects his people who worship Ash Bears. Toa Ursanga is one of the three toas of The North, his brothers being Toa Muothka and Toa Korpraun. More photos and talk on Cyclopic Bricks. Enjoy!
  10. The Mugbearer

    [LDD] Ultron Action Figure

    Just a quick attempt to put together a non-existent CCBS/Ultrabuild Ultron figure. CCBS Ultron by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Enjoy
  11. The Mugbearer

    [LDD/Render] Eldar Guardian

    [Render] Eldar Guardian by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Guardians are the militia of the Eldar Craftworlds. In times of peace the Guardians pursue their normal civilian roles, however all Eldar are trained in warfare and can be called to arms if their craftworld is threatened. As the number of dedicated warriors - Aspect Warriors - in a craftworld are simply too few, Eldar dedicated to a civilian path serve as Guardians in battle, forming the bulk of the Eldar armies. That these citizen levies are capable of engaging and defeating other races' warriors is a testament to the Eldar's skill and technology. Source Reference image
  12. InfurnallDragon

    Action Figure Review: King Jayko

    Set Title: King Jayko Set #: 8701 Theme: Knights Kingdom II (Final Action Figures Wave) Pieces: 130 Year of release: 2006 Price at Release: $20.00 or £12.99 Advertising Blurb: Source And we will get to that fireball in a few more sections! Intro; Some Background and Info: The front of the box is featured at the top; here is the back as well as an exciting picture from the instructions. ^^This Pic advertises the Castle line of '06 ( A glorious time for constraction as well as System LEGO.)^^ The Pieces/Unboxing: (The reason I got this set ) Interesting Parts: Be right back as I assemble this regal ruler... Here is Jayko complete, and in the instruction's cramped-looking reference pose. I will go ahead and list some Pros and Cons he has, as if he were packaged seperately as a Knight: Pro: He is pretty tall (as I will compare to Vezon and Mata Lewa) Pro: He has a very nice Silver, Gold, and white color scheme. Con: The only things that throw this off is the blue pin (that you will only see if he is in this very vulnerable stance), the fact that his shoulders have a darker shade with a glittery sort of texture, that crown that is a little darker than the chest armor, and (for the truly picky) the Knights Kingdom ratchet pins are not really silver, but a sort of quiet blue. Con: The Knights Kingdom joints. As much as I love the aesthetics of most the Knights Kingdom action figures, their joints are as annoying as Karzahni (the place )! Actually posing him for pictures is extremely difficult, and I jsut settled for the very cramped reference pose. This pose itself is somewhat of a con because it is so cramped. Pro: The arms look pretty complete for a Constraction set! They aren't really exposed anywhere except for maybe the forearms, part of which are already shaped to sort of resemble gauntlets. Pro: The back also looks pretty complete, and the cape helps with this and also with the below, but not fully. Con: Like pretty much all Constraction figures, he lacks armor on the backs of his legs. What armor he does have on the front of his legs hinders posing the feet. Pro: The function of the figure is actually pretty good. While you do have to adjust the arms a bit for certain poses, they are probably the easiest to pose part of his whole build. The function itself has two movement gears that function independantly, which is a huge plus! This allows for a sort of Rock 'em Sock 'em independant arm swinging so they can bash with their shields, block, or swing the spiffy sword! Overall, I like the appearance of this figure and the function a lot. Its a real shame about the poseability though which is a tremendous drawback. Without the catapult it would really be a sort of clone of Mathias or any of the other Knight's sets really. Now on to the Aforementioned Catapult! The catapult features two really neat functions, made possible mainly by the standard LEGO System. The catapult is about the right size, and made to work with the action figure. Despite the large ammount of System pieces it is a part of an Action Figure set. The main function is- of course- to launch things! ... which it can do pretty well. This thing can in fact compete with most Action Figure blasters for distance and in a way it is Jayko's blaster. If you can fight past the posing and strange angling, and give Jayko something heavy enough to bash the lever with (possibly his shield), you can make him launch the fireball. The fireball: (Sorry for Blurry ) The fireball is the two halves of the boulder, with three (3) trans reddish-orange cyinder-type 1x1s. It is intended to fall apart on impact with whatever it hits, scattering pieces everywhere! (it wouldnt be fun if we didnt have that risk of losing pieces, right Zamor fans? ) A secondary feature: As the catapult rolls forward, it chops ( )This is how it works: The axes are each mounted on long axles like so, and those are attached freely via pin to the sides of the catapult. Each wheel has these Technic-compatible half-bricks that are also attached freely by pins to the catapult. As the wheels turn, the bricks underneath bump the axes up and down sharply (no pun intended, but it may as well have been). Final Pic (and attempt to pose with these joints): Final Thoughts: The set itself is really awesome as a whole, the king being "cool" on his own as well. The overall appearance is pleasing. All the functions are great- the catapult itself is great for pelting cats or running over minifigs if you are into those sorts of things (I did not and would not pelt my family's cat ). I cannot really find any cons with the catapult, except that it looks a little weak in the sides. The set itself is really amazing for parts, providing two different kinds of weapons (3 with the complete catapult), as well as the ever-nifty medieval armor for knights. If you can get this at a reasonable price like I did (avoiding sellers of "Collector's Items") it is well worth it. The original retail price is USD $20.00, which is pretty standard for Titans and I do consider King Jayko to be a KKII equivalent of a titan. Sadly, when compared to other titans he is pretty lacking (mostly in complexity, but so much so that comparing to BIONICLE's makes him look pretty bad) Build: 8/10 pretty solid in appearance in color scheme. Lacking a little on the fortification side of constraction. Parts: 7/10 (I did get the set for this reason however:) Despite having a good sum of technic parts and System parts, this is an action figure set and System and parts and Knight's Kingdom limbs and torsos are kind of a liability to action figure sets for MoCing purposes. It is not impossible to use these pieces for action figure MoC's, but it can be difficult. In partial compensation, it does give us quite a few converters and pins/connectors though plus the equipment which can work a lot better for CCBS and Technic use. Price: 10/10 I felt it was worth the fun of putting together and playing with a bit, and it also has serious MoCing potential. If you could get its original retail price (like I did)- or maybe just 10 over- and then compare that price-to-plastic ratio to modern constraction figures', this definitely seems about right. Overall: 8.7/10 This is just averaging the scores of the other categories and adding a bit on, because I do find this to be a very decent set. It almost feels wrong to disassemble his suit of armor for my own due to just how complete and nearly perfect the set looks. I am very glad to have gotten this set. I kind of wish Knights Kingdom II hadnt ended. They did some very interesting things with it towards the end and I would have liked to see more. (Here's hoping they consider KKIII in CCBS ) How did I do? How does this set look for you? Edit: Fix'd as many typing errors as I could. Added notes I left out. Also corrected tags.
  13. Can't believe that this hasn't been a major topic before. Heck, it might've been, it's just been buried under other things since then. Nevertheless, what is your favourite combiner? I'm not asking for the best one, because clearly, that is Gaardus! Don't deny it, he is a work of art. As for my favourite... Well, I rarely got enough sets from a wave to build a complete combiner. I certainly never acquired enough titans to do so (And if I did, I wouldn't have dismanted them to build it anyway. My titans only get dismanted when I cannibalize too many parts to repair them) So my favourite is actually Bohrok Kal Kaita Za. He was the first one I had all the components for, but even then, I could work out what went into him just from the picture of the completed model in the back of Tahnok Kal's instructions, so I built him before I even got the arms, with Gahlok and Lehvak replacing them. Once I did have him complete, he was just fun to play around with, and easy to return to his unmerged form. However... Lava Hawk is adorable. So, what's your favourite?
  14. Transparency for Effect

    Does anyone know about 66158?

    Released in Korea only were apparently two exclusive Piraka "Kaita" sets, combiners of each three that resembled Irnakk. One looked like this: And the other looked like this: I can't seem to find any higher quality image or anything else surrounding this set. Can anyone help out?
  15. Leewan

    [MOD] Chi Cragger

    Hi guys ! I made some modifications to the excellent Cragger, and I'm gonna show them to you. First, I filled some gaps : I added another neck armor, a "throat armor", and a pelvis armor. I also lengthened the shins, and the tail. And I added a tongue (which was not easy to attach). The grey/olive limbs and the black body look weird, but I can't put black limbs because of the friction bones. :/ Also, I don't really like the Metru leg armor for the pelvis, since this is the only Bionicle-stylized part on this MOD, but I don't know which part put instead. Do you have any ideas ? Main picture : Brickshelf gallery I hope you'll like my MODs. C&C are welcome, and if you want to reproduce those modifications, don't try this at home, this may be dangerous, please post pictures, I would be very glad to see it. :D