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    The Duke's Residence

    Love the color scheme on this one. The wooden statue is a nice addition as well. Keep it up!
  2. Josiah N

    Teneu of the Iron Thorns

    Holy !#@$ this is fantastic! I love the armor, It looks excellent.
  3. Josiah N

    [MOC] '32 Ford "Tow Rod"

    Ha ha ha! Fantastic. I love the chrome highlights and the hitch.
  4. Josiah N

    My Rise from the Dark Ages

    Very nice little locomotives! Your builds are really nice. :-)
  5. Josiah N

    6 wide Swat Truck or 8 wide?

    I'm not much of a City guy, but I would go with an 8 wide in the case of making it both a. more accurate, b. more intimidating. If you wanted to, do you think that you could post WIP photos of the 6 and 8 wide? From than on, I think that we'd be able to help you out more.
  6. After consulting with the late monk Osamu, Daiymo Hayato left for Tagashima Castle to plan out his next move. He has heard from his spies that enemies are plotting against his life, and that the safest route would be through the mountains. The main roads would be far too dangerous. So, after several days of travel, Hayato and his bodyguard, have arrived at a safe haven, the monastery of one of Hayato's close friends, the monk Satomi. And that is that! :) This is my entry for the Colossal Castle Contest's small category. ​Criticisms, questions, and comments are welcome! Thank you for viewing my creation! More at MOC Pages via the link.
  7. Josiah N


    Very very nice! Really love the expression of this guy. :)
  8. Josiah N

    MOC - City With Lighting

    Almost made me thought I was looking at a real world city... Can't wait to see more of this MOC!
  9. Josiah N

    The State Gardens of Lenfald

    I remember seeing this a few months back, on Bricknerd and other blogs. Absolutely spectacular work! I love the leaves which make up the roof of one of the buildings, also, the curved wall technique is very intriguing. Good job!
  10. Josiah N

    MOC Rural railway station

    Such a beautiful creation! I love the sandstone house and the lovely river. Just beautiful.
  11. What a marvelous set! While I probably won't be able to afford it, I'll simply be content in looking (and longing) ;) at it...
  12. Josiah N

    [O-TECH] Prospecting

    Very neat creation! Love the little robot arm.
  13. Josiah N

    Hello all! My name is Josiah

    Thank you for the warm welcome everyone! I have been enjoying my time here in this great community. :-)
  14. Josiah N

    (MOC) Mecha Hangar 5

    Thanks dude. :) Thank you Graham! Thanks so much! Yap, greebles are always fun. :) That was what I was going for, I just didn't want it to be too busy, if you know what I mean... Thanks for dropping by! Thank you! I agree that the jet fighter is a little out there... ;) Thank you very much! Glad you like the aircraft. :) Thank you so so much! You should totally give it a try with LDD, I would love to see what you make! Thank you! Detail is something I strive for when I'm building, so I'm glad you noticed my efforts! Thank you! I think that if I try building something similar to the aircraft next time, I'll give it a smoother hull. :-)