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  1. Spirit

    [MOC] M:Tron Mobile Base

    Very nice ! I especially like its playability. If I'm nitpicking, maybe the hinge in the middle is a little too weak for such a massive vehicle, but otherwise it's all good. :)
  2. Spirit

    MTron Cargo Transport

    By "wrong universe", I only meant that since those big round red parts aren't officially available anywhere, they must come from a parallel universe.
  3. Spirit

    [MOC] Bla.K:Tron Incinerator

    In the last episode, blacktrons got steampunked by an evil guy in a cape (not superman). Here's a new unit. This is the Incinerator... ... A small tripod flamethrower. And it's very cute. Seriously, what could I tell you that you can't see by yourself? This is the pilot, he's an ugly bad guy. Really, he's ugly. You can't see it, but he really is. Bad guy in cockpit, it isn't comfortable, that's probably why he's in such a bad mood. Cute tanks. Who let me comment these pics? There, done. Enjoy.
  4. Spirit

    [MOC] Life sized Xenomorph facehugger

    I want this guy in the next Lego movie.
  5. Spirit

    [MOC] Bla.K:Tron Exterminator

    Since when do people like parts from hero factory ?
  6. Spirit

    MTron Cargo Transport

    Oooh! That's nice! But you're in the wrong universe, those parts don't exist in red.
  7. My tiny pearl gold drawer was overflowing, so I made... a Blacktron, of course! No, not of course, but pearl gold looks good there in my opinion. Better than that horrible yellow, yellow should be forbidden. So this is some steampunkish-neo-retro-blacktron It has a lazer fez! and a spot tap! Tiny feet and big guns! And it can be seen from behind! (I really don't know what to say about this pic, sorry). This guy is some badass Blacktron, 'cause he's black and badass. Another shot I have nothing to say about. This is the original of the cover pic, thought it'd be interesting to let people compare them if they want. There, that's it, enjoy.
  8. Spirit

    Favorite Space Line?

    My top 3: M:Tron, Space Police I, Classic, in that order. I like Blacktrons, but it's hard to combine both versions. The aliens of alien conquest were cool too.
  9. Spirit

    How successful was Galaxy Squad?

    For me, it says "Stop being stupid and give me trans-neon-green, Lego!" I didn't see them at all in most stores around me btw. And if they're not in stores, how could they sell?
  10. Spirit

    [MOC] Space Police Ship

    Considering the current evolution of your ships, this one would be a small ship in the fleet.
  11. Spirit

    [MOC] Space Police Ship

    Thanks guys. :) I had been trying to put those two windscreens together for so long I felt lucky when I managed to align them well enough. About the drone, I originally had a smaller spaceship with a pilote there instead, but then I realised I'd have to make a corridor between the cockpit and the hold, making the whole thing much bigger than I wanted it to be. ^^' @CP5670: The wing does fold down, but of course it springs back to its original position immediately. It's stable between that position and a straight position though. About the grey, I don't really see the need to paint a spaceship's engine (not that painting a spaceship is really useful either), so I chose a light ( essentially metallic/pearl) grey already visible on the Space Police logo (which also has red). I guess that definitely turns it into some neo-SP1 though, which is always more personal than a canonical colour scheme.
  12. Spirit

    [MOC] Space Police Ship

    Thanks. :) Yeah, I grew tired of minimalistic cockpits. Unfortunately, there are very few big windscreens and windows to make large interiors. Not even talking about the lack of different colours for the few shapes available.
  13. Spirit

    [MOC] Space Police Ship

    I was never much into SP2, didn't like the colours. But anyway, it would make sense to have Space Police I and Blacktron 2. There was a minifig pack with 2 M:Tron, 1 Space Police I, 1 Blacktron and 2 Blacktron 2. Besides, Blacktron 2 were introduced before SP1 were removed from the catalogues.
  14. Spirit

    [MOC] Space Police Ship

    Thanks. :) I'm really happy with that picture too, especially considering the light effects are original and not shopped. Aside from the drone I added separately and the (technically simplistic) background, there's only a little soft effect and a very simple halo visible on the right side of the picture.
  15. Spirit

    [MOC] Space Police Ship

    Here's a MOC I did for the "Starfighter RMX Challenge". In this game, one designs a spaceship and the others make their own version of it. (It's **way** less photoshopped than it looks like ) Don't ask how they do when the want to turn left. I know there's little love for the bionicle/hero factory parts, but I like quite a few of them. There's a drone in the hold. The interior is tight but functional. And of course, it has the mandatory SP1 prisons. The album of the original and other versions are visible here: