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Found 8 results

  1. AtomicDave

    [MOC] Explorerbots

    Explorerbots, a team of exploring mecha with pilots. I've started with an Ocean Explorer, Subterranean Explorer, and Space Explorer. Plan to also create a Jungle Explorer, Mountain Explorer, Weather Explorer, and others. Ocean Explorer: Subterranean Explorer: Space Explorer: Minifigs: This is my first MOC project, any comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. You can also comment or support this on Lego Ideas at
  2. :: A leader lost – Part II :: :: Guinevere :: More days past behind the screens of the library, until I crossed some documents of a similar case decades ago. When he dug into the story deeper he found out it was his ancestor Nar Bilu of Hemresa, Lord of Avalonia who was stung by a creature. Tales told it was a curse, but we now know better than that. Those same stories told it was a person from far away who cured him. Those terms could mean two things, he was not from Historica or not from that planet. Further investigation of the documents tells me that the latter is more reliable. Days went by, trying to find out what cured my great grandfather, after who I was named. I had to translate dozens of files from languages I’ve never seen before, but... I found something that seems like an answer. There is a cave here on Guinevere, which carries an odd plant. That mixed with the essence of Biomass, should do the trick. I assessed myself and decided that I have gained enough strength to burden myself with an exploration mission on Guinevere. Try to find the cave. I packed a gun, binoculars, a vile of Biomass essence and a medikit. The hoover-scooter took me upon the surface of craters, lava streams and erupting volcanoes until I found a couple of mountains with caves on a quiet piece of the planet. The directions in the documents were not very clear, but research pointed me to this location. The first few caves were not fertile enough to support any form of life, but when I searched for the fourth cave I was surrounded by fungi and trees. Initially I found the cave. The entrance was build, with some sort of technology and when I approached it, it came to life. It lit up and behind it, I saw green meadows, trees, water and a building. My curiosity couldn’t withstand the temptation. To be continued...
  3. narbilu

    [K - C06] Seriously outgunned

    :: Hyreal C06 :: :: Seriously Outgunned :: After me and DragonFire entered the forests of Hyreal we split up to investigate the area for anomaly, so the recruits are save to resume their training. We kept close contact through our coms. After a short hour DragonFire lost communications... To be continued...
  4. narbilu

    [K - C06] KGMA - part 3

    :: Hyreal C06 :: :: Kawashita Group Military Academy – the Canal :: part 3 of ? Link to Part 1 Link to Part 2 After a thorough inspection of the fresh Kawashita troops, I decided to participate in the field exercise. But not earlier than after making an even more thorough inspection of the planet beyond the Wall. Me and one of my loyal officers, Dragonfire, took the Beacon, a two seated fast explorer with enough firepower to insure our save passage. We just don’t want any unexpected surprises when we take our troops out in the field. To be continued… for Honor & Glory
  5. :: Crentium A08 :: After the board approved the alliance with ALIEN, I was offered to learn about the ways of the Terrestrial. They seem to have advanced in farming and terraforming planets we have not discovered yet. It seems that they use snow and water to grow biomass. And they use awesomnium to power the machines that make snow out of the water that is hidden within the very atmosphere. I talk to one of their officers and he has the approval of the ALIEN council to teach me, or so to say Kawashita, the basics of their farming technology. For a price of course, so after the tour I head back to Orinshi to collect the payment. to be continued... soon! making and melting snow Logistics and command farming and growing ​Overview - check out my flickr for more detailed pictures
  6. narbilu

    [K - B06] They represent ALIEN

    :: Arium Major F10 :: We waited for a couple of hours, all scans of the planet were processed and Octan activity is relatively slow. The commander of my escort received message for a secret hideout, where I would get a meeting with some of the hidden species of Andromeda. With haste we passed Traig, Hamilton’s Belt and then in a straight line to Sorn. From recent logs I knew Kawashita is exploring the surfaces, but didn’t encounter any resistance yet, although it borders Mantis territory. We landed near a large rock, with what it seems to have an entrance of some sort. :: Sorn B06 :: The commander guided me to a large conference room where the others already awaited our arrival. He took the open spot in the arena and showed me to my spot. And he began speaking in a fairly understandable language close to what we speak. Zoid (insect) “We represent ALIEN” (I figured that), which stands for Andromeda’s Liberated Interracial and Entrepreneurial Nations. “We have concerns since the three corporations entered Andromeda. Narbilu “I understand” Rothillian (elf-like) Since you arrived business is bad, resources are getting harder and we feel pressed into a corner on most planets. We fear in a few months there is no place to go without interference. Zard (lizard faced) And recent event on Jurin II even show, that Mantis is desecrating our dead. We need to take harsh actions sooner than later. Tron (blacktron) We surveyed you and the Kawashita Group and they seem the most honorable partner. We would like an alliance with you to help us suppress the other corporations and have a peaceful and fair economy. Narbilu looks surprised, but could expect something like this. It only seems there are more species in Andromeda then anticipated. … A large part of the conversation I am not allowed to log (sorry) … Terrestrial What do you say? Narbilu I have to get back to my board for decisions like this, but it sounds reasonable… To be continued…
  7. narbilu

    [K - E10] - The Traig Society

    :: The Traig Society :: Junali 3815 Hovering over the mountains of Traig, a strange anomaly triggered the scanners. It seems that there is some sort of life on Traig, and it appears they are intelligent enough to use metals and electronics. Something worth exploring. Fey drops the ship to the hard rock soil and Narbilu exits the vehicle in his newly obtained walker. Only a few clicks north before he encounters some sort of entrance. Narbilu was already spotted. A few manlike spacesuited figures guide him to their leader. Kawashita are the first visitors they could actually speak to in over a millennium. The content of the discussion won't be reported in this log, it seems to be secret and board members eyes only. What will happen and what is discussed???
  8. Transparency for Effect

    The least LEGO-like line?

    Quite simply, what is the LEGO line that is the absolute least LEGO-like? For starters, Galidor's a prime candidate as many LEGO fans will tell you, as it was simply action figures that were only "construction" in how the limbs could be taken apart (which had the "beams" LEGO System, or whatever it's called). But it at least had some kind of (physical) LEGO connection of some sort in more or less every set. Is it the absolute least LEGO-like? Scala was initially LEGO themed jewelry that still kept the classic system, but when they brought it back it became essentially just dolls with separate LEGO elements thrown in at the side that weren't even being attached to anything, and when there was classic construction it was a different "flower-shaped" system than usual. Explore had some LEGO-ish sets in the Duplo ones they put out, but they also had a lot of what was essentially simple baby toys that weren't (physically) connectable to LEGO at all. Primo was still a construction system, but a partially incompatible and oversimplified one at that. Znap took a new Knex ripoff system, but it still utilized Technic. So what is the ultimate non-LEGOish LEGO line? (I'd put in a poll, but I not only lack enough posts, but also might miss a suggestion).