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  2. Hello fellow Eurobrickers! I can’t believe that’s been almost a full year since I posted on this topic . But truth is I haven’t had much time to work on my MOCs. I did manage to catch a break from work last week so I managed to finish this project. It’s fully manual and has the following functions: - 2-wheel steering via the beacon on top if the cabin; - 180 degree rotating seat in the cabin (unlocked by the 2L orange liftarm on the bonnet); - rotating the drum via the 12-tooth double bevel gear on the left - tilting the drum and raising the bucket via the 12-tooth double bevel gears on each side under the white covers (via one mini-LA) Here is a small video. The quality is not so good but it was filmed on my phone Suggestions, tips and comments in general are always welcome! Thanks for reading!
  3. leafan

    Sorting Lego - A.I.

    Looks like somebody has done this with the Piqabrick kickstarter. It'll be a pain to go through a large collection 1 by 1, but having this facility could be great for identifying rare parts or for Bricklink sellers. I'd be interested to see if it can accurately identify colours and whether or not the bricks you scan can be added to any existing databases easily, such as a Bricklink store or Brickset etc.
  4. Angelasbrick

    Hi people

    Thanks, nice blog you have there, keep it up ;-) Thanks Pooda :-) Hi, nice to meet you, super star wars fans ;-) Hi, I was not on Lego City Builders Gather, but I just submitted a request in ;-) You are in there?
  5. BREAKING NEWS UPDATE! We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this urgent news. Last night a military force launched a multi level assault on a compound inside the Deland Republic near a small tribal village in the south-western side of the country. Sources are pointing fingers at Plantasea as the lead country in the assault as it has recently announced that it would be cracking down on cartel and terror activity that is influencing the region. A short time ago Plantasea took credit for a raid into Val Verde to decommission a suspected Cartel Compound.
  6. Seasider

    [MOC] [INSTRUCTIONS] UCS Tantive IV - CR-90 Corvette

    Hi @Kit Bricksto I'm in the (very slow) process of checking off a load of Bricklink deliveries having depleted the UK of jumper plates and Large White wheels (well it at least seems like this). I've deliberately gone for used bricks so I'll have random white/yellowed tiles over the model and some bricks with marks from their previous life. I'm hoping to build it somewhere between now and Christmas, it means tidying up a shelf (taking apart a few models and hiding some boxes) to get the display space. A few q's ... How easy is the model to transport when built ? is it fragile or are there specific places to lift it from ? Has anyone attempted to turn the Conference hall into a corridor with a side bit for Leia and R2 ? Not sure if there's enough volume for this ? Also does anyone know what the Crew should be ? Would the pilots/cockpit crew be Rebel Fleet Troopers ? and then a Wedge in the same style outfit as the "commander" ? Ignore the text below here ... it won't let me delete it ! Hi @Kit Bricksto
  7. Many thanks for the feedback. I'm going for the classic look, so hopefully I have captured it pretty well. The cockpit was definitely the most difficult part to create whilst keeping it in proportion.
  8. ArneNielsen

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    This just shows, why it is so difficult to make LEGO sets for the WHOLE world - as there are no tractor races in a country like Denmark, its mostly an USA thing (but we have championships in ploughing!). As a matter of fact, farms and farming are VERY different around the world, and indeed farming is a very broad term. Pigfarms are different from diary farms, that are different to corn-farms, that are different to chicken farms, that are different to wheat farms, that are... Modern farming has a high degree of specialisization; the kind of farm I grew up on in the 60ties with both cows, pigs, hens, barley, turnips, hay - that kind of farm hardly exists anymore.
  9. Andman

    Mindstorms Model Hunt

    @topo84, did you try to contact the winner, Philippe Raisin, of the competion? I think it's this guy:
  10. Same for us I’m the UK. Waiting 5 days to wait for a set you paid is nothing really. Well not to me it isn’t.
  11. Mister Phes

    [LEGO IDEAS] Soldier Imperial Golden Fort by Master0889

    You're welcome - thanks for dropping by the forum!
  12. Mister Phes

    New LEGO Awesome Activity Book with Pirate minifigure

    Got an idea if these might be available elsewhere? I looked on eBay but there were none at that particular moment...
  13. tafkatb

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    That's not how test marketing works. At all. You absolutely do need to "get random children" - you're not going to get any kind of valuable market data by preselecting your test group based on whether they're already fans of the thing you're testing. Every rational person knows that.
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  15. Thanks. It’s an easy technique with layers of interlocking leaves around a flex tube. I also use spines on snot bricks to help support the layers.
  16. Mechbuilds

    [MOC] Harley-Davidson Fly Boy V

    Thing like this is aerodynamically impossible to make work in real life but it looks cool and futuristic.
  17. AMD

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Well I don't blame the kids though. That's their decision, but of course time flies by when the new generation comes around so if there is at least one of them interested in farms. There may be a chance
  18. Thai bricks

    (Moc) Narrow Gauge 4-6-0

    It is the other way round: a standard gauge loco is smaller than a narrow gauge on the same width tracks.
  19. Hello everybody I thought I would take a short break from building stuff from the animated series and build something “real”. Also what better way to celebrate the launch of the first live action Star Wars TV series than by building something out of LEGO?! Unfortunately being in the UK I might have to wait to actually watch it. ☹ Anyway I present my MINI version of the Mando’s starship ‘The Razor Crest’. And I must say I am really pleased with how this little model turned out. I am especially pleased with how the engines have turned out. At first I was not sure how to attach them and keep them at the right level but in the end I settled on the minifigure neck brackets. The engines themselves are built around a 1x1 brick with studs on the sides and the two ends of the engines are connected with a 4L Bar. I also think those grey ingot pieces give the shape perfectly. The ship also goes from 1 stud wide to 2 and back again so I could use those new triangle tiles for the rear ramp section. I have also made the usual ‘Planets’ style display with the new Mandalorian minifigure. I could go on but I will let the model speak for itself. Let me know what you think. Jon PS. Is it just me or does this ship remind anyone else of the ‘Serenity’ from Firefly?
  20. Shlomi-Gondabi

    [MOC] 1:8 McLaren 720S w/ Instructions

    This is Awesome! Somehow, I cannot send a PM, so I will appreciate it if you can send me an email to with the link for purchasing the instructions :-)
  21. Hi! I'm glad to show you one of my recent MOCs - it is contest model Harley-Davidson Fly Boy V (Lego & Harley-Davidson contest "build the motorcycle of the future"). My motorcycle converts to the quadcopter: This Lego Technic model has many features: - working V8 piston engine - all-wheel drive - front and rear suspension - steering - transformation mechanism deploys the bike to the quadcopter - in flying mode all four wheels-propellers are driven by V8 engine - detailed dashboard, special all-side mirrors and turn signals for flying mode Unfortunately it was not enough even to reach top-20. To provide all these functions the model contains 74 gears, 17 cardan joints, 4 turntables and 2 small linear actuators. Mechanisms in action: Building instructions are available on rebrickable, also I plan to create red$white version: Part list in high resolution: Thanks for watching!
  22. paintballman

    [GBW] - Solo Operation - Bandaud - Hit Back

    Of course more photos...but just 13???
  23. Our satellite detail has confirmed what we believed. We cannot wait for activity in the Brick of Nations and must strike. Bandaud drops a team at Grid D3 on the map region near where we photographed earlier and destroyed the rebel outpost and supply line from Erotema into Alsarh. PILOT: Hurry up !!! We have a small window until the next bombing. VOIP: West clear ... TNT: North clear ... BUCKY: South clear ... GUS: enter the bunker ... with extreme caution. Collect all the info we can find. JONES: Get your NVGs ready ... FIRE IN THE HOLE !!! MORE PHOTO:
  24. Littleworlds

    [REVIEW] 10266 Apollo Lander - The Hoax

    Such a brilliant, hilarious review! How can it be that I haven't spotted this gem earlier? Excellent photography too. Especially the harsh moon-lighting is done really well!
  25. Problem with the new hubs is they have quite a bit of friction, and the faster you drive them, the more friction you have to overcome... Also since new PU XL and L motors have nearly identical characteristics I suggest you use 4 or more L motors for drive because they will take up less room.
  26. ecmo47

    (Moc) Narrow Gauge 4-6-0

    Somewhat off topic but what would the scale of these loco's be? Since these are 8-wide and "narrow-gauge", a standard gauge train would probably be some where around 12 studs wide. The Lego minfig would really be too small populate the cab.
  27. SteamSewnEmpire

    (Moc) Narrow Gauge 4-6-0

    I was going to look at you, yeah. :) When I have the dough, I'll be in touch. Yeah, I was looking a 168 (and watching videos). I spent like 6 hours trying to produce a satisfying slope up into the smoke box before finally deciding to heck with it and just doing a freelance version. The was the primary basis, though - good eye. :)
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