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  1. SoupOrFishOil

    [MOC] Toa Nuva on Mata Nui

    no comments? This is gorgeous work! I really like the way Tahu, Gali, and Pohatu's masks are formed. The blending of classic and modern on all seven figures is neat as well.
  2. SoupOrFishOil

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I'm pretty sure motors are/were on BnP even though the Shop sold them separately. It could be that I was looking at a set inventory which included one and it wasn't for sale though. Functional elements is a whole category of pieces. It technically includes gears too in a subcategory if you look under the menu, but I can't imagine that's what they mean as much as electronics/play feature gimmicks. What it sounds like to me is that pieces which are selling points in sets like new launchers, animals, special prints, and certain minifigures might take longer to show up than recolors and more basic molds like 1x5 tiles and friction pins w/stud. It's up to Lego how they decide what is which though, and BnP has always had confusing choices. (For instance: Why is Dr. Strange's cape one of the few 2022 pieces that have been available since the overhaul?) Even if the most collectible pieces are still going to be limited on the service I'm just glad they seem to finally have a plan for introducing some new pieces. I need studded friction pins and those new Ninjago mech joints.
  3. SoupOrFishOil

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Cool! I thought there was another post on this here. Thanks for bringing it back! Oh I miss the days when you could get unprinted constraction parts from BnP...and when constraction parts were still regularly used. Alas. :P
  4. SoupOrFishOil

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I always check parts without icons on BnP to see what color they are. I've found a few that aren't in current sets. They may be from summer sets we have already seen which haven't been inventoried. This is how a couple of hairpieces in the Queer Eye set first showed up last year; the dark orange mullet and dark brown long hairpiece were available on BnP without icons before the set was revealed. Part 35334: standard visor in brick yellow (tan) Part 30124: crash helmet in vibrant coral Part 69565: Mini helmet 330 in sand yellow (dark tan) - I can't find what part this is at all. It's not coming up on Brickset when I search for the Part ID or mini helmet 330. It might be a new mold edit: looks like it is this. Can't say whether the BnP one is printed or not without ordering! Part 88085: MINI WIG W/ HAT NO. 1 in reddish brown - This might not be new either. It seems to be the scarecrow/witch hat-hair mold. It might be the piece used by the DP photographer, but it looks like the part ID is different. Maybe the part is getting remolded for some reason and this will be in later production runs of Diagon Alley? Part 3626: Minifigure head (unprinted?) in sand blue - not new, but very rare. Hasn't appeared in sets in over 15 years. edit: also available in spring yellowish green, lavander, and sand green for the first time Part 36036: skirt slope in earth blue - pretty sure I have this already; I want to say it has been available at build a minifigure stations before? Part 39924: big DUPLO bow in light purple (light pink) - I hope this interests someone Part 89954: Technic shock absorber (extra hard - lol) in bright red Part 26647: 1x11x11 Technic pneumatic cylinder, no 2 in bright yellow - Couldn't find this one, guessing it might be a remolded version of this Part 37829: Dark orange (unprinted?) baby dino Part 30562: Flame yellowish orange large round quarter; printed version appears in Mickey set Part 68776: Star Wars Razor Crest windshield unprinted Also: not a mystery part, but the unprinted owl from the Diviniation Book (part 92084) looks to be available but without an icon. I'll continue to update this post as I find parts.
  5. SoupOrFishOil

    Updating Your DC Minifigures

     The Wolverine mask being rereleased meant I could finally get one for Hawkgirl! This figure isn't entirely purist. The white eyes are a sticker wrapped around Hermione's head and I erased the print from the arms for TLBM Poison Ivy. (The torso was destroyed by a dog, so I didn't destroy a rare print just because I could.) Now I just need to get her a mace! The crossbow she has for now is a reference to her Earth 2 counterpart.
  6. SoupOrFishOil

    DC Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    The green car roof is still exclusive to that set so it can't be recreated 1:1, but it would be a good basis for a MOC styled after the dioramas. I think some quality MOCs would be a better way to drive up excitement for DC sets than just wishing there were more.
  7. SoupOrFishOil

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    There's a nice photo comparison down in this review. I couldn't deeplink the image. It looks nice! I think it would be a good option for Cho. There was a list of colors that showed up with color IDs and names earlier this year that included vibrant yellow and medium brown. I think it called this new color dark tan? Interesting.
  8. SoupOrFishOil

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    That's indeed disappointing. I hope these are just growing pains. I don't buy much directly from Lego except for BnP these days. It would be nice at the very least to have a banner up above saying that they are only offering bestsellers while they catch up on orders with an ETA of when we can expect other pieces back. It would still be lame but at least there would be some communication. edit: Oh, May? I guess that's not so far away, but when in May....
  9. Brickset has a helpful breakdown here! I'm surprised that they listed Galidor and Mixels though. I don't think that either are any more "licensed" than Ninjago. Galidor was owned and funded by TLG.... I guess it is up to the mods/judges if they would accept entries based on Galidor, Mixels, and the Lego movies. I'd expect no....
  10. SoupOrFishOil

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I had this happen to me back in 2015 with a set I bought off the shelf at Target. The minifigures, large technic wheels, and an entire bag of parts (1/3 of the set, and more than half its value) were missing. Lego's customer service still replaced everything though.
  11. SoupOrFishOil

    Pale Orange Colour

    Maybe bright yellowish orange fits the profile?
  12. SoupOrFishOil

    [MOC] Batmobil stolen by Venom

    This is pretty cool! I like the spikey look and I'm thinking of how creepy it would look for symbiote tentacles to emerge from it. I also love the look of the Venomized Batman. I did that with a spare cowl all the way back in 2012. It's a fun crossover.
  13. SoupOrFishOil

    DC Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Anyone have any plans for cool MOCs? I get that we all want new stuff, but I've been taking the last couple of years as an opportunity to collect old figures I missed out on and to work on the builds that I want to see. The Tower of Fate wouldn't be a difficult MOC, unless you try to include some of those M C Escher esque staircases. The only thing that would be missing is Fate himself. Which yeah, is unfortunate, but I'm afraid people aren't taking advantage of the whole purpose of Lego. If we aren't getting a new Arkham, the Hall of Justice, Wayne Enterprises, or a Bat Train then by zod why aren't people building them to satiate that desire and get people excited about those things?
  14. SoupOrFishOil

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I can access BnP now. For some reason the S@H URL in my browser was defaulting to Great Britain earlier today.
  15. SoupOrFishOil

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    BnP is down in the US for the updates. I haven't checked for a few days so maybe this is old news.