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  1. 100% agree with this. Astromechs are honestly just too similar to each other for me to be excited to get any new one anymore honestly you could just include the astromech in any starfighter that's not a main character's and it would work
  2. Brickwraith

    Jurassic Properties 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    I was just referring to ones that have prominent roles in the films, and while I would love to the more herbivores, Spino is my favorite dino, so that's always gonna top my list of what I want. although I guess mosasaurus also fits that bill, I've just kinda given up hope of that happening
  3. Brickwraith

    Jurassic Properties 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm so excited we're finally getting a Stegosaurus! With the Brachiosaurus last year Spinosaurus is now the only major dinosaur we still don't have yet
  4. The Force Awakens one Included two Kanjiklub Gang Members
  5. Man, it's so nice to finally get another Separatist capital ship. I missed out on the malevolence back in the day, and while I would rather have gotten a playset size invisible hand, I'm just glad the ship finally exists in lego form.
  6. if we're gonna get a UCS set from rebels it should be the Ghost
  7. He has gotten way more wrong than right though, so there's no reason to take his news as fact unless it's corroborated by another more reliable source Ninja'd
  8. why would revan need a special mold? the darth revan we got years ago looked great without one
  9. If i remember correctly greekbricks isn't an accurate leaker. I think they just post stuff they see from other people. for example they were one of the people reporting darth revan as an anniversary figure but that got debunked
  10. falconfan has reported on the battle on peridia leak as well as a dark millenium falcon which just sounds insane
  11. This is all I was trying to say, I'm just not very good at preventing myself from getting dragged into a pointless debate
  12. All we know about it is Rey is gonna be in it and a time jump is just a natural story structure thing. I don't think there's enough info out there to say that it's rebooting the sequels, and the act of continuing the main sequel characters story alone would suggest that's not the case well anyway, i'm gonna stop commenting on this now before the mods get mad for being off topic
  13. Are you a kid that is super up to date on what they think about star wars also why are they making the rey movie if there is no desire for sequel related things and why is the mandoverse connecting itself up with stuff like Hux's dad
  14. This exact argument was made about the prequels. Trying to claim they were beloved upon release is just denying history. The entirety of my childhood I loved the prequels as did the kids around me, but every piece of media and adults was just saying how horrible they were. I remember when all anyone would talk about them was how annoying jar jar was or how they overused CGI. It's the exact same way now, except there are other star wars properties besides the sequel era releasing to make sets based on. The same was not true back in 2008, when clone wars was the only thing releasing. Star Wars is cyclical, the same thing happens with every new generation of the fanbase. Also, if lego was just basing everything off of fan reactions we would have gotten another rogue one set by now lol
  15. Well, new Mandalorian movie announced and ahsoka season 2 confirmed. Look forward to hopefully getting the missing ahsoka season 1 characters at the very least when that comes out.