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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Saw / Fives / Malak / Nien ate up most of the budget for the anniversary figures, given that both Cal and Leia have no specialised prints nor new moulds / elements of some sort like the others do. A new poncho element may have been challenging to make, but I feel the ponchos that were made for the 2015 Tydirium set were also pretty detailed, so it’s certainly not impossible. What’s most annoying IMO is that with these figures being deemed unworthy of being in sets of their own, this is seemingly all we’re going to get for JFO / Survivor, and they couldn’t be bothered to do more with the figure - especially as it’s in one of the most expensive sets of the summer as well. I guess the first batches of anniversary figures had such great quality that I raised my expectations too high. At the very least, I do hope Cal’s hair is bright orange (hard to tell from the lifestyle images) and this is just a case of the rendering looking poor like it did with Saw.
  2. Kaijumeister

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    That’s a really good point, definitely seems likely.
  3. Kaijumeister

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    There’s no way the Fell Beast won’t be based on the Dead Marshes scene from TTT right? Quick and easy way to reuse Sam, Frodo, and a Nazgul figure. A Witch King figure would be incredible but making a custom mould for him just for a GWP wouldn’t make sense at all.
  4. Kaijumeister

    LEGO Videogame Tie-Ins - Rumors & Discussion

    The rumours keep emphasising a new mould for the Hylian Shield but nothing about the Master Sword which is kind of worrying. The sword is so visually distinct that half-bricking it with an existing mould would be disappointing. I agree that a Phantom Ganon would’ve been an infinitely cooler figure instead of a third Link variant, but then again I still think BotW / TotK are far too popular to be locked behind a massive D2C to begin with and the idea of it doesn’t sit well with me. I’m still going to buy the heck out of this though. Also regarding the Horizon ‘teases’, I interpreted them to mean something about a Lego game rather than more sets based on the games, but the latter makes far more sense.
  5. Yeah with three sets being directly based on Rebuild the Galaxy, this unknown set being a buildable *thing* just seems like a waste of a slot, especially if a buildable Threepio is already a part of the same wave to begin with. I guess what kind of sucks is the set’s price point and piece count too, which could’ve gone towards something more interesting. I’m curious to see what conclusions Lego drew from the sales figures and overall response to Chewbacca last year. As far as ideas go I respect them trying new stuff out. Saying that, as much of a cool novelty as non-system sets are, I feel like we’re getting too many of them at this point but that’s just me. Also hoping that August set pictures are imminent. It’s frustrating when sets from the same wave are revealed in such a piecemeal fashion.
  6. Hmm, not sure how I feel about so many minifigure slots being taken up by original characters which don’t sound that interesting.
  7. 'Meesa gonna hurt yousa.' - Darth Jar-Jar, [TBD] ABY / BBY Should be fun, I'm in So it begins, Jedi Bob vs. Darth Jar-Jar, the great battle of our time. All in all, it seems 3 summer sets will be based on this show (Jedi Bob's Starfighter, the X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, and Dark Falcon). The figures at the very least should be quite unique.
  8. Yep. I thought I was overreacting (probably am), but it’s pretty disappointing. A Cal figure like this would be fine if it came in a normal set alongside BD-1 and some other characters, but it just doesn’t work as an anniversary figure. Not only because previous anniversary figures have set a precedent for above-average minifigure quality, but also because being represented as an anniversary figure means a regular set based on a character / their media probably won’t ever happen anyway. Really bums me out that this is all we get after years of people clamouring for Lego to tackle the Jedi series. My excessive complaining over a small ABS figure aside, I really want to buy the ISD just for Cal, but it just isn’t worth it. A massive set comprised of basic Imperials isn’t the most appealing when we already got the Boarding the Tantive IV set. Hopefully the other summer sets are stronger.
  9. BD-1 definitely isn’t in the set, and yeah he was in the 25th anniversary animation which makes his absence even more annoying. After the really strong anniversary figures of March and May, I think my expectations for Cal were higher than they should have been. Just noticed the ISD’s carry handle can be completely concealed by some opening flaps on the outer hull, that’s quite brilliant. Also loving the little holographic display depicting a space battle (I think?) in the interior.
  10. ISD pictures are out. Really strong set overall, but I feel the Cal figure could’ve been much better. Not only is there no poncho, but he doesn’t even include BD-1! The mould was only produced 2 years ago, that’s so disappointing.
  11. The newest Acolyte trailer and poster look awesome. The poster especially confirms that Jedi Vectors are indeed in the show! If we ever get any sets based on the show, I'm sure one of them has to be Master Sol's Vector (I'm assuming he uses one in the show lol). It would be awesome to get some of those High-Republic era Jedi in minifigure form. I'd wager that sets for the show are indeed planned but will hit a little later due to the premiere being pushed forward, although Hasbro have certainly adapted better than Lego so far with their lineup of Black Series figures.
  12. There’s no way the Imperial Armoured Commando helmet won’t be repurposed for Hunter, right? The overall shaping is close to a perfect match.
  13. Seeing that the Paz Viszla vs. Moff Gideon Battle is £35 here in the U.K, that’s…not too bad. I love Jang’s use of ‘volume of stuff’ as a metric in his reviews, and whilst this set doesn’t necessarily reflect that, the solid minifigure lineup (including new moulds) and really nice little location build ticks the boxes for me. I’m hoping the Battle on Peridea set is like this, nice little contained build and solid minifigure lineup. It has almost 100 more pieces than this as well.
  14. Hah, at least we got official images of the June sets (not saying much given that official pictures release a month in advance of the release date, but still). Unfortunately I suspect the August wave won’t be revealed for quite a while. HD box pictures are also now out, looks like Gideon gets a much more accurate head this time round!
  15. Kaijumeister

    Wizarding World 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yep I completely agree. Chamber of Secrets and Polyjuice Potion Mistake were both phenomenal sets, it’s a shame the rest of the sets with that system were so lacklustre. Okay so now that it’s monsoon season, I really do prefer this method of interior with the *new* Hogwarts Castle. The fact that you can remove and fold out modules is quite clever and allows for better interior detail, especially as exemplified by the Potions Classroom.