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  1. With you, would be nice to get some leaks or real information.
  2. Could you imagine how upset people would be if the did an eye of Sauron set (specifically D2C) on the wrong tower or out of scale to the eye tower (like a giant eye on the tower from the black gate set). especially after waiting so long for more LOTR lego sets
  3. I mean the eye on top of the tower is super iconic for the movies, probably the most iconic part of the movies as people who have never seen the movies might even recognize it due to parodies or other media (it was in the Lego Batman movie as a character). I would say Barad Dur is right there (recognizable) with some of the characters like Gandalf. I would love a set even if it is like orthanc but would be just as happy with other sets mentioned throughout the thread. I just think the giant eye on top of the tower makes it one of the most recognizable and iconic locations in the movies specifically to casual fans or some who haven’t seen the movie but watched other media where Barad dur still shows up.
  4. I would say my top five big sets (250+ D2C) would be (in no particular order). Barad Dur, Minis Tirith (only one I think micro scale works best), meduseld, Loth Lorien, and Rivendell. Runners up for me would be Bilbos party (we already have a decent bag end set), Argonath, Moria gates and watcher, Minis Morgul, helms deep (already have a decent one, I combined two of these sets to make it way better) I would prefer smaller sets or dioramas for all of the later list (and tons of other sets) to capture the best scenes. sounds like they need to do minis tirith (brings me back ten years saying that)
  5. Does anyone know how long before release Icons sets have been announced by Lego? I think the discussion ten or so pages ago was that it would be unlikely to see a lot of leaks for a D2C set, just wondering what the precedence for ICON set pictures being leaked (or actually released by lego). I am getting a bit impatient with all the other leaked information for other themes. Also hoping for a decent side gift with this set, still hoping for a brick built Balrog or a Sauron but I figure they wouldn't do those without new molds so it is highly unlikely. I remember we talked about a Tolkien one, Old Bilbo as an option, Do all of the expensive Icons sets have precedence here as well? (thinking Eiffel Tower with Eiffel apartment)
  6. I would love play scale as well, I’d even go for micro scale exterior with internal buildings at play scale with scenes like narsil, Frodo meeting bilbo etc. might be a nice way to blend the scales and make a nice scene but still get mini figs. So take a page out of Bespin and Death Star sets where there are scenes but then hide it within a micro scale model to get the scenery right. (In this case the buildings could hide the scenes as you pointed out). The Harry Potter castle would have been ten times better with this approach (captured exterior as they did in micro scale but with an interior with a few mini fog scenes and a bunch of mini figures).
  7. I love the diorama idea as well, the Star Wars ones are very nice and would be fitting for LOTR, my only added want them would be a CMF series (or two) and/or a few battle packs. Four dioramas and a battle pack each year (plus a UCS level D2C) would make an awesome theme and would not be overly expensive compared to a full line of play sets plus the D2C.
  8. Seconded, I would love Barad-Dur (movie version). It is probably the most iconic part of the LOTR movies (lots of parodies with the eye, it was in the Batman Lego movie, etc.). People who have not watched LOTR would probably at least recognize Barad-Dur in passing (not by name but the eye is pretty iconic). Plus it would be a sweet set and an excuse to get a Sauron Minifig. It also bookends the two towers pretty nicely (movie versions). I was hoping this upcoming set was going to be Barad Dur, (or Minis Tirith). I am happy with Rivendell and understand it is one of the only places outside of Moria to get the full fellowship together which makes sense for a reboot, but was hoping for something completely new. I would also prefer new places in general, but do not mind repeats from the original run. I think they will need to come out with actual sets to make the license agreement worthwhile (I have lost hope in this year, but am hoping for next year or a very late year small theme like Avatar got last year). It would be nice to see some cheaper d2c sets too, like Dioramas, or things in the $200 range (like Orthanc was (I know inflation but as a reference)).
  9. I don’t disagree that some collectors could inflate demand prices. This is an assumption though that only collectors drive prices up, perhaps a new LOTR show announced a few years ago could have also driven interest up raising prices (lots of variables). I agree that Lego should have someone crunching the numbers and determining what the real demand is. Perhaps brickheadz (something not appealing to most 18+ collectors is a way to gauge demand for the IP). None of us know why they are using this strategy which most people agree is not what LOTR fans wanted. My only thought is there is demand out there, Lego should do a limited test of it with some sets. Release 4 sets and a battle pack, that will show true demand across the board. I think we give Lego too much credit for understanding the market. I know the hulk buster comes up a lot but there have been quite a few misses and missteps in reading the customers by Lego group. To their credit they have a ton of lines though which overcomes their misses. At the end of the day they have more data than we do but they still make mistakes frequently. ultimately this is a pointless argument though. At the end of the day we want them to release minifigure play scale sets (and maybe some 18+ UCS or Diorama sets). Unless/until they do we will not know the true demand and can only guess. Hopefully they do and we can chat here regardless of outcome and just be happy we got some new sets :) .
  10. Probably not Star Wars but maybe the others in the first wave, that does not seem too far fetched. Over the lifespan of all of them probably not, but an initial wave has a good shot at the non Star Wars ones. Lets look at demand (I saw earlier someone made a comment about supply and demand, but supply and demand affects prices). Lego LOTR is in the top 3-4 in value for mini figure resale prices. Star Wars runs away with number one by a long shot (based on the most figures in top 100), superheros is second (includes DC+Marvel), and LOTR and HP come in behind that. Yes supply is low for LOTR (way less supply due to only two years), but the Demand is there for people to spend lots of money on Minifigures driving up prices. So if that demonstrates there is demand for LOTR lego, the same logic could be applied to Brickheadz, while not as popular as minifigs, brickheadz will never be as popular as minifigs regardless of IP. So the logic applied is that with low supply of LOTR material (three Brickheadz sets) with demonstrated demand for the IP would indicate that it can compete with HP, Disney and there other media out there (Star Wars could still win this year, but LOTR might win out for one year). This is also demonstrated that two of the three LOTR sets are backordered, the only Brickheadz to be backordered (Not even the new Star Wars ones are - granted only tusken raider came out). So I believe in the short term (this year) LOTR could outsell every IP Brickheadz due to lower overall supply (only one years worth) and the overall high demand for LOTR in the aftermarket for sets showing demand for the IP. Long term it is very unlikely that LOTR Brickheadz would beat out those other Franchises, but I would argue sitting behind Star Wars, HP, Marvel, and Disney is still a worthy spot for a licensed theme given how well those all sell for Lego. LOTR being a top 5 licensed theme would justify more sets (not just Brickheadz).
  11. This thinking (insanity as described above) would only really be that way if we kept doing it wave after wave, year after year. Demonstrating to Lego that there is demand for this IP (even if not in the same format as what people want) is still important. I would agree with the assessment if we don’t get any LOTR sets and next year they release more brickheadz and we all try to buy them again to get them to make actual sets (that would be insane and Lego clearly would have misread the demand -tangent - which also shows up in LOTR Lego ideas, letter writing (that I do) , and other channels besides here - good companies get a pulse of what their costumers want by listening to them not just sales). However sending them a signal that this IP is popular regardless of format is a win for the LOTR Lego fans in general. Hopefully between letter writing, demonstrated IP demand, product reviews, other media, demand for old sets driving up costs on their own website (bricklink) etc. Lego will recognize the opportunity to create actual sets (if they are smart they could make that deduction from those activities and sources). LOTR Lego fans aren’t going to just buy a bunch of waves of brickheadz every year without some real sets down the road. Worth noting In my case I will buy every LOTR set anyway just to keep the collection at 100% (that might be the truly insane part).
  12. I think a giant the one ring would be cool with two aspects, gold (like the little rings with the sets) and with the printing of the words of the ring. That would be pretty cool as an add on to Rivendell (or a future big set like hopefully a Barad Dur set). Also I really need some good LOTR leaks, I am still disappointed we have not seen any with all the summer stuff leaked (and a few fall things leaked). It would be nice to hear about future sets, or more about Rivendell. Not sure what Lego is thinking with delaying leaks on things like this (a new series). It is more likely I would save money for Lego sets knowing something was coming out vs. spending it elsewhere without knowing (then being upset when they announce sets without a heads up).
  13. I would be happy with that, would be pretty cool. Other cool options would be the inklings discussing manuscripts (include C.S. Lewis, Tolkien and one other). or beren and Luthien (but probably don't have the rights to that).
  14. Just finished building them all. I’m not really into brickheadz in general but there was some interesting build techniques and it was just fun to have lord of the rings legos again. They were selling fast at my local store too. Aragorn and Arwen was my favorite build out of this round. Now we just need Rivendell leaks :) .
  15. Same here, plus I need to complete the LOTR sets. I’m going to buy in person though. Whatever it takes to get Lego to bring back LOTR for real :) .