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  1. strangely

    The Wizard of Oz Rumors and Discussion

    They are based on the movie though, the ruby slippers are copyrighted by MGM, Lego couldn't use them here without licensing them. Even though the books and characters are in the public domain, studios have the right to copyright unique elements that they create for these characters. It's pretty clear these are licensed versions of the characters, especially since Lego even put the film logo on the CMF box. I can't help but wonder if Lego just decided to go with a more generic certificate so that they could reuse it elsewhere... As for the rope color, I wonder if this is just a perception issue. I honestly didn't remember it being green and it took looking at closeups for me to realize that it was indeed green. It could also be an artistic choice, as I notice the rope color on the hat matches the torso rope color. Perhaps they felt there was just too much green in the design.
  2. Unfortunately not, she has regular legs. I'm confused why they went with blue legs though (wonder if there's any other printing than the shoes). Hate the cloth skirts, really wish Lego would get rid of those.
  3. There's a shirtless Aquaman in TLM2, it was shown in a promotional clip, I think that's what people have been talk/speculating about.
  4. Cho Chang is a difficult one in my mind, because I don't think any of the 3 skin tone options works for her. Her skin tone is warmer than Luna's or Harry's, but it's nothing like Dean's. In the past, Lego has used the Light Flesh for licensed Asian characters, so I don't think this was a case of racism necessarily. Honestly, if I had to guess, I think the designer didn't want her to turn out looking like a generic white student and chose to go tanner in an effort to make her look more distinct. Plus due to the lighting and color processing of the movie, Cho's skin tone bounces back in forth in the color spectrum. So, more of poor artistic judgement over racism I'd suspect. At the end of the day, there just needs to be more flesh tones in the Lego palette. Because literally everyone who's skin tone falls outside of the 3 is pretty much screwed. Now I realize that Lego can't represent every skin tone out there, but they could throw in a couple more. I think a skin tone between light flesh and medium flesh is needed and I wouldn't mind having a lighter flesh tone considering how pale many of these Harry Potter characters are.
  5. Dorothy uses a cloth skirt, how disappointing (I also would have preferred the medium legs, but that's still new so I didn't really expect them). They should have either printed on the legs or used the plastic skirt piece. Still, happy to get the OZ characters (I was so sure we'd get them that I went out and bought the flying monkeys a few weeks ago). Nice to get the hat/hair combo on Rex, been waiting for a piece like that for a long time. As for the rest, I'm kind of so so about them, but I think after I see a review I'll be more impressed.
  6. If they were to go the castle route again I'd sooner expect Beast's castle, both because of the recent remake and it's success and also because of the Tokyo Disneyland version of the castle that's being built. On the flip side, I'm not certain they'd make another D2C castle with the current one still on shelves. Perhaps another type of attraction from the parks (a dark ride would be cool). But honestly, at this point, I'm really not sure what to expect.
  7. The main variant featured in TLBM is more or less a cartoony version of her Suicide Squad costume (With black coloring instead of blue). So I can understand why people might consider it a waste. For me, I like the Margot Robbie version of Harley, so I'm glad to get the variant. It's also nice to get a more textured looking variant. I don't love the white hair, but it is accurate, so I can't complaint too much. I can't wait to see her alternate expression.
  8. Just saw it. It does look like a real design, but that doesn't mean much given how good customs have gotten. For now, I'm sort of leaning towards might be real, but only time will tell.
  9. strangely

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    Doesn't hurt my feelings at all, the skin this variant is based on doesn't show his face at all (except in the animated short, but that's just a few seconds and barely anything is visible). If I really needed a face underneath, there's a good assortment of existing pieces that would meet that need. Nice video though. Glad to see that has such good articulation, looks like a very hearty construction. It's nice to have the hatch in the back as well, I'm impressed with the space in the cockpit, very surprising. Good grief, Bastion is overbuilt, he's just so gigantic. The scale really deters me from buying him. Mercy and Pharah are really well designed. Pharah's face is excellent and the helmet piece is amazing. Mercy's face seems to have that fading look that happens when flesh is printed on dark colors. It's forgivable though, given how good it turned out overall. Seeing them in the flesh (rather than renders) really makes them look so much better. There's an impressive amount of detail in these sets. Hopefully we get another wave. With as good as this one turned out, it makes me desperate for more.
  10. I get the feeling that this piece wasn't designed with the Skrulls in mind. The ears don't really match either the movie design or the comic design, the ear lobes are particularly different. In fact, the design seems less alien and more fantasy, so I wouldn't be surprised if this was designed for something else entirely and was just recolored and used here because it was somewhat similar (as some have pointed out, this looks oddly similar to the Genie mold, so perhaps this piece is designed for some sort of tie-in for the remake). I like the overall look of the minifigure though. It's not that accurate, but I think it's decent. We've definitely seen worse, so I can live with this. My first thought when seeing this was 'well, for anyone who wants the new Green Goblin without his hat, there's a piece for that now'.
  11. I like the new Leia facial expressions, very fitting. I wish they'd figure something out for the legs, it looks so plain with that detailed torso print. I kind of wish they'd just cut to the chase and use the new dress piece. I actually like the new Stormtrooper helmet. Maybe a little bit overscaled, but most things in Lego are, so I can live with that pretty easily. I'm actually excited for this upcoming wave, I stopped buying Star Wars a while back and I can honestly say these sets sound enticing enough that I might buy a few.
  12. strangely

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion and Meka are easily my favorite part of the wave. I was terrified that the scale for Meka would be completely oversized, but it turned out better than I thought it would. I wish it were slightly shorter, but all in all, it turned out pretty well. Windowmaker Vs. Tracer is my second part of the wave. For the price point, it's just a very fulfilling set and the minifigures are great (wish Tracer had some white shoe printing, but otherwise spot on). I'm pleased that locations like Dorado and Gibraltar were pretty well represented and that kept very true to the look of the game. They did particularly well with the color palette, very striking. All in all, a good first wave. But I will say, this theme cannot end until I get Junkrat and Mei (my two mains).
  13. strangely

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    It's Dorado, specifically the choke point right before the first checkpoint.
  14. strangely

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    I agree about Reinhardt, he's just too much all the way around, but I get the impression they did this on purpose. Scale was always going to be an issue. I think they made Rein so bulky to justify Bastion being so big. looks alright to me, the cockpit seems scaled just large enough to fit a minifigure and the arms look good, but the legs are a little overbuilt. The kneecap looks kind of bad to me. I'm guessing they're trying to give us as much of the initial roster first before expanding to the additions. As for the repeat, I'm guessing it was a cost saving maneuver. In fairness, most of the minifigures get new molds, to say nothing of the leg printing (and the various new colored parts in the sets), so there was bound to be a repeat or generic minifigure snuck in to boost the minifigure count without having to stretch the budget any further. They clearly wanted to go for quality over quantity. I'm not too worried though. Looking at the character lineup in these sets, it seems pretty clear they're planning on there being another wave. If this was a one and done situation, they'd have just thrown in the most popular characters and locations. But there's still a fair amount of popular characters left, as well as locations they haven't touched at all. Probably a summer or fall wave.
  15. strangely

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    He has a standard torso, it leaked a few days ago. Hopefully they at least give him some sort of armor piece that goes over top of it. It is kind of disappointing that they didn't go the Axl route, but given how many new pieces are being introduced, it's not too surprising. Maybe, if they do more waves, they could correct that in the future. On the other hand, maybe because of the wildly differing sizes of the characters, they just decided to go standard minifigure and make them all uniform in size. Which isn't the worst idea considering how all over the place the sizes are.