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  1. MaceWindu

    [MOC] The street of Gotham

    Hi! I've just finished working on my Gotham MOC which consists of four major parts: Blackgate prison, the city hall, the police station and the bank. I also tried to recreate some scenes from Nolan trilogy which inspired me most. By the way it's 10th anniversary of "The Dark Knight"! The street of Gotham by Argos Green "To them you're just a freak, like me..." "Gotham is yours!" Other photos can be found here. Thank you!
  2. MaceWindu

    [MOC] War

    The ruins of a city in the Middle East. A fighter is flying over the two children. War by Argos Green, on Flickr Thank you.
  3. MaceWindu

    Brain in a vat

    Thank you all for the replies! You mean the background of the virtual reality? It's sunset of a sort. It's from the 15th series of minifigures.
  4. MaceWindu

    Micro Cloud City

    Just great micro version of a great set. Very thought-out. Good luck!
  5. MaceWindu

    Brain in a vat

    Hi! Today I've made a lego interpretation of the well-known thought experiment. Are you sure that this topic isn't simulated by the computer while your brain is peacefully floating in a vat? Brain in a vat by Argos Green, on Flickr Thank you!
  6. MaceWindu


    FortNerd, thank you, I didn't know that minidoll's hairpiece is compatible with a regular minifigure. Jasmin was the main problem because I don't use stickers and, of course, the hairpiece (as well as a head) wasn't the best choice.
  7. MaceWindu


    Hi, everyone! Here is a small scene inspired by disney "Aladdin": the marketplace and the part of sultan's garden are separated with a stone wall. Other photos can be found here. Thank you!
  8. MaceWindu

    The Lab

    Hi! I was aware that there are several lego MOCs on this location from Breaking Bad series, however, I decided to create my own version. Hope you like it. Walter and Jesse are working hard. In the spoiler there are some photos which depict scenes from the series. Thank you for your attention!
  9. MaceWindu

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Thank you! I´ve just seen the logo on mine, too)
  10. MaceWindu

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    I know, but is there any way Lego produced bananas with such rounds on them? Sometimes there is so little difference between lego parts. This part was bought on BL, by the way.
  11. MaceWindu

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Please, could you tell me if this banana part is the original lego part I have tried searching but have found nothing.
  12. MaceWindu

    [MOC]Battle of the heroes

    Hi, everyone! Finally my dream came true and I recreated in lego that great scene from "Revenge of the Sith". Not the whole scene, of course) Other photos can be found here.
  13. MaceWindu

    [MOC] Grindelwald's death

    Grindelwald's death by Argos Green, on Flickr Several years ago I thought of making that small scene from the seventh book where Voldemort tries to find the Elder Wand. However, I've managed to make it only this week. I love the way two dark magicians from different times finally met each other. Unfortunately, the older was killed by the younger. Grindelwald was weak enogh, but his words made Voldemort very angry. He didn't have any wand then! I am aware that my version of Grindelwald doesn't look like the version from the movie and it certainly has nothing to do with old Johnny Depp) Take a look at the tower I built to create the part of the prison where Grindelwald was imprisoned for fifty years. Other photos you can see in the spoiler. Thank you for your attention.
  14. MaceWindu

    [MOC] Monster's riddles

    Thank you all for comments! Yes, the transparent bricks hold basically because of these bricks.
  15. MaceWindu

    Duel in the desert

    Great prospect! The idea of such a photo is brilliant. You did it very well! What are the legs made from? Are these just ordinary 2x2 rounds?