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  1. MaceWindu

    "The Empire Strikes Back" in LEGO

    Wow! Great scenes, great builds! I like how you use special light for lamps and fire. I see that there is a lot of work in these 10 or so pictures (Hoth included). Keep up the good work :)
  2. MaceWindu

    [MOC] The Mandalorian Vignettes

    The last one is just great (but they all look nice), love this dynamic effect as if it was a "freeze fame" of some sort!
  3. MaceWindu

    [MOC] UCS C-9979 Landing Craft

    What a nice ship! Your proportions are accurate. Haven't seen many of those trade federation ships in this size!
  4. MaceWindu

    [MOC] Squonk

    Recently I took part in a contest on "fantastic beasts" and this was my beast based on the squank from the american folklore. This ugly and even hideous creature feels miserable about its appearance and cries somewhere in the woods where no one can see o hear it. Squonk by Argos Green, on Flickr Thank you.
  5. Hi! I've been trying to recreate something from original Stronghold Crusader game and here I am, just a small enemy's castle (purple lord and a slave) with our red swordsmen rising to finally face the lord. Stronghold Crusader by Argos Green, on Flickr
  6. MaceWindu

    [MOC] Simpsons vignettes

    Thank you all for replies! Huigberts Builds, to be honest nothing fancy, just a bunch of trans-black bricks)
  7. Hi everyone! Here's a moc which itself consists of two scenes: Luke throwing (or at least about to throw) away his lightsaber. I was one of those fans who really enjoyed TLG (for the most part). I think Luke's arc made him much more interesting character. He might not be a legend, he makes mistakes like all us humans, he is disappointed with jedi philosophy but he is still the hero we know and love. Two scenes, two movies, an artificial location and a natural one and... minifigures from different periods. But Luke is still Luke! Luke Skywalker: back then and now by Argos Green Here are some scenes from Death Star) Thanks for watching! May the Force be with you... always.
  8. MaceWindu

    [MOC] Simpsons vignettes

    Hi! Here are some small vignettes based on Simpsons series. The room where the family often unites to have dinner, Krusty's stage and Burns' office. Lego Simpsons by Argos Green Thanks for watching!
  9. Hi! Here is a small moc based on a scene from "Dark knight rises" movie when Bane attended the board meeting (I guess). A conference room in Wayne Enterprises by Argos Green, on Flickr
  10. MaceWindu

    [MOC] The street of Gotham

    Hi! I've just finished working on my Gotham MOC which consists of four major parts: Blackgate prison, the city hall, the police station and the bank. I also tried to recreate some scenes from Nolan trilogy which inspired me most. By the way it's 10th anniversary of "The Dark Knight"! The street of Gotham by Argos Green "To them you're just a freak, like me..." "Gotham is yours!" Other photos can be found here. Thank you!
  11. MaceWindu

    [MOC] War

    The ruins of a city in the Middle East. A fighter is flying over the two children. War by Argos Green, on Flickr Thank you.
  12. MaceWindu

    Brain in a vat

    Thank you all for the replies! You mean the background of the virtual reality? It's sunset of a sort. It's from the 15th series of minifigures.
  13. MaceWindu

    Micro Cloud City

    Just great micro version of a great set. Very thought-out. Good luck!
  14. MaceWindu

    Brain in a vat

    Hi! Today I've made a lego interpretation of the well-known thought experiment. Are you sure that this topic isn't simulated by the computer while your brain is peacefully floating in a vat? Brain in a vat by Argos Green, on Flickr Thank you!
  15. MaceWindu


    FortNerd, thank you, I didn't know that minidoll's hairpiece is compatible with a regular minifigure. Jasmin was the main problem because I don't use stickers and, of course, the hairpiece (as well as a head) wasn't the best choice.