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Found 17 results

  1. r4canine

    [MOC] Clone Ambush On Naboo

    Here, the clones are trying to scale a rock face with the hope of ambushing a droid camp near some ruins. Meanwhile, the Separatists are inspecting the ruins, with the help of a local archaeologist. Been toying around with other themes for a bit, so I've not really made any Star Wars MOCs in a while, but I built this to get back into it. Tried some different rock and water techniques with it, as well as attempting an (admittedly pretty simple) cheese slope floor design for part of the ruins. Overall though, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
  2. Years ago I shared this build - The updated build is a complete rip-apart and rebuild of that one, save the engines which are nearly the same. I've abandoned the System-scale 'must fit minifigs' into my current builds, especially for such a swoopy, curve-heavy shape of a ship. Instead, I tried getting the overall shape as close as possible, without worrying about throwing heaps of parts at it. The result is a build that is what, about 250-300 parts? For your limited budget. It is GREAT to get this ship on the shelf. You can't have a complete Phantom Menace without it. I don't have instructions for this but I think you can see from the bottom and top there's nothing too fancy. And maybe there are some angles where I can make better choices. But I can't figure out what to do about the windscreen. There doesn't seem to be an appropriate transparent part at this scale and I'm not feeling using 1x2 grill plates. So for now the viewport is... not there. A down side (besides having no interior) to this scale is that it doesn't scale well with existing system scale N-1 starfighters, which are about the same size.. Lots of fans love this iconic ship. It's time for Lego to make one at or around the $100-$150 mark.
  3. Good afternoon everyone. I would like to show you a MOC made by me 3 years ago, after was designed by LDD. It is the naboo royal starship, seen on Episode I (The Phantom Menace), used by Queen Amidala & company while they were leaving Naboo from the Trade Federation control. Of course, I would dit it with metallic bricks, but they didn't exist that way. I had to made it with grey pieces. I hope you like it! Thanks for watching! LDD design: Exlusive minifigures: Valorum, Sio Bibble and Queen Amidala. Real MOC: Good bye.
  4. Just over a year ago I built a Naboo Starfighter, at the time I couldn't think of anything I wanted to change.. but as is so often the case, time went on and more and more things looked off to me. Then the Battlefront 2 trailer was released (the one heavily featuring Naboo) and I was painfully reminded just how much I like the design of the N-1. So I decided it was time for a revisit.. and this is the result: Naboo N-1 Starfighter V2 by Inthert, on Flickr Naboo N-1 Starfighter V2 (Top) by Inthert, on Flickr More images are up on Flickr where I've also created two breakdown shots for those interested in how this thing goes together Naboo N-1 Starfighter V2 (Breakdown 1) by Inthert, on Flickr And finally an image of my old design for comparison: Naboo N-1 starfighter (1) by Inthert, on Flickr Be sure to let me know what you think!
  5. This is my rendition of the famous climax of the first prequel. Darth Maul goes to battle Obi Wan and his master, Qui-Gon Jinn. The pictures you see are only a quarter of the room because I don't have enough pieces to finish the moc, I wish I did :) I wanted to try and make this moc the closest I could to the actual room from the movie. Please let me know how I did and things I can do to improve. I love your feedback. Thanks, MovieMocs Real scene VS Lego Real scene VS Lego
  6. MovieMocs

    [MOC] Duel of the Fates

    This is my rendition of the famous climax of the first prequel. Darth Maul goes to battle Obi Wan and his master, Qui-Gon Jinn. The pictures you see are only a quarter of the room because I don't have enough pieces to finish the moc, I wish I did :) I wanted to try and make this moc the closest I could to the actual room from the movie. Please let me know how I did and things I can do to improve. I love your feedback. Thanks, MovieMocs (TOP LEFT: When you don't have enough parts :) Can you see the resemblance?
  7. This is part two – I'd suggest reading part one first: Wave of Mutilation The trooper in the foyer told me I'd find the scanning crew a few hallways down. I could hear laughter as I approached. They all had their backs to me. Okay, my turn. How can you tell an ISB spook is lying? Because his lips are moving, but I don't think you have the security clearance for that information, private. Ah, jeez, sir, I apologize, I didn't see – Stop talking. Specialist, what have you found? Well sir, the equipment detected a void space at the end of the hall that isn't in the building plans. We're trying to find the actuator now. Almost got it, should be right about … here - Alright, giggles, give me your bucket. Sir? And your grapple. And your E-11. I have an idea. 3 minutes later … Lucky for me no one was operating the remote turret. Clear. Come on down. So – this was the lair of Agent An. He'd used a drive-melter on the computer console – but it looks like he left a data stick behind. Surely not by accident. Daaamn. That's a very respectable collection. DL-44, Deece 17 … a Plex Launcher... If you asked me now, I couldn't tell you why I did it, but once I was sure the troopers were distracted by Goatm's armory, I slipped the data stick into my pocket. He left all this good stuff behind, but it looks like he took one thing with him. A hammer. Huh. See now, that wouldn't have been my first guess, but … ...but that's why I'm the spook? Hah, your words, sir, not mine. Yeah, well, I'm just a grunt on loan to the ISB, but there's going to be a shuttle full of real spooks here soon, and you'll find them to be less jovial than I am. So make sure giggles keeps his mouth shut. Roger that, sir. Alright, I'm sure he had a back door – once we find it we can get the scanning crew in here to do a proper search. I was pretty sure the only evidence Goatm had left behind was the data stick I'd pocketed, but it always pays to double check.
  8. Hello everyone, here is my newest MOC, Naboo N1 Royal Starfighter. I did put my best effort to make it as accurate as possible and fully functional as well. The starfighter has the following functions: - The laser cannons can be fired from a button at the bottom of the fighter. - The laser cannons can be fired also by pulling the joystick in the cockpit. - The fighter has a blue proton torpedo that can be launched by pulling a technic axel at the side of the fighter. - The canopy slides open by pressing a hidden button on near the laser cannons. - R2 unit can be removed and there is a secret storage box under the R2 unit containing a blaster and a medpack. Link to Youtube video describing the functions: Many have asked me to do the instructions for the fighter. I may do them before Christmas when I get the fighter back, it is now being displayed in a local Lego Store called PiiPoo in Helsinki. Meanwhile, if you are interested, there are already instructions fo that droideka in the video. They can be found here:{"invID":"104654445"} - Samppu
  9. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Junker's Fee Welcome to Fondor Fondor City Nightlife Many Bothans Died... Well At Least One Fixing to Clear the Mind Thermal Detonator Pot-Pie Focus Torturous Trial The Escape The Calamity Star Hyperdrive Repairs Motivating the Troops Kuati Spaceport A Friend of a Friend Coming Back From the Edge After leaving Kuat, it had taken Kale and I weeks to track down the first lead on the Mandalorian bounty hunter that had killed my brother. Turns out there were a lot of Mandalorians who had a beef with the Empire so the list of those who were on record as killing stormtroopers was pretty long. We narrowed that list down to those who had been known to be on Fondor when my brother died. We ended up on Naboo of all places. Turns out the queen there was sympathetic to the Mandalorian's vendetta against the Empire and allowed them to come and go freely from a number of space ports as long as they didn't cause any trouble. Kale went out to investigate our next lead while I went out to get some supplies. When I got back to our quarters, I found a note saying "they" had Kale hostage and if I wanted to see him alive I'd meet them at the attached coordinates. I left in a hurry, taking only the beskar blade I had received from Bryce after I finished my training with him. "We know you've been hunting one of our own," stated the woman with red hair. "Your clumsy attempts to track us have alerted the Empire to a number of our operations." MKJoshA just stayed quiet, waiting to see what their demands were going to be. He could tell Kale was bad off and didn't want to say anything rash that would lead to more harm. "We've already taught your friend the dangers of being on our bad side," continued the woman. "Leave us alone, never try to track us again, and we will let you and your friend go." Josh looked around and could see he was vastly outnumbered. But he had come all this way and it seemed like he had finally stumbled onto what he had been looking for so he decided to press his luck. "If you've been watching me, you know why I'm here. You know I want vengeance on the Mandalorian who killed my brother. If he is here, I challenge him to single combat!" The Mandalorians on the ground looked at each other and the woman spoke again, "I don't think you understand your position here. You don't get to make demands. Leave us or you and your friend die." Just then a Mando flew down from the roof top. "I'm the one your looking for," the blonde one said. "So," thought Josh, "it wasn't a he, it was a she!" "I killed your brother" continued the blonde. "He died without honor as all Imperials should. But you, you show honor by seeking to avenge him. I will give you the privileged of dueling me and dying with honor." Josh could tell she didn't expect him to be a match for her. But she didn't know he had trained for this moment with all his passion. Their blades locked and the combat began. Again and again their swords met and just as often they released and each combatant twirled away looking for a weak spot in his/her opponent. The Mando slashed wide and Josh took advantage of it, twisting her blade out of her hand and driving her the ground. The other Mandalorians quickly raised their guns and trained them on Josh. "Do it," she said. "You've beat me fairly. Kill me and take your vengeance." "No," replied Josh. "Killing you won't bring my brother back." Josh wanted justice, and he still wanted to turn the Mando into the authorities to answer for her murder. He knew he and Kale wouldn't be allowed to leave if he demanded this though. "One bridge at a time" he thought. "I just had the chance to kill my brother's murderer, and turned back from the edge. Now I need to figure out how to get out of here alive." But he still stretched out his hand to the blonde Mando to help her to her feet. But as he was pulling her up, a blaster shot rang out. Josh saw the Mando falling backwards, clearly dead before she hit the ground. He dove out of the way, not wanting to be the next victim. The ensuing firefight between the Stormtroopers and the Mandalorians left a number of dead Mandos and put the rest to flight. Josh was helped to his feet by the Imperials. "Are you alright sir?" asked the lead Stormtrooper. "We received intel that there was Mandalorians in the area and we were sent to erradicate the problem before any civilians were hurt. Looks like we got here just in time." Josh couldn't believe his luck, the Imperials didn't recognize him as a Rebel! "Tha... tha... thank you!" Josh said trying to sound sound like a worried, loyal member of the Empire. "Think nothing of it sir," answered the trooper. "It looks like your friend here needs medical attention, would you like me to call in medical support?" "No, you've done enough" said Josh, "I'll get him to the med-center myself." "Very good," said the trooper. "We'll continue our eradication of these scum." As the Imperials moved out, Josh reflected on what had just happened. His brother's murderer was dead, but not by his own hand. Kale was okay and would be back on his feet soon. And they had both just narrowly escaped another run-in with the Empire. Josh didn't know what this all meant, and he didn't know what was next. But he felt like this chapter of his life had closed. He may not know what was next, but he was pretty sure the Alliance would have something to say about it.
  10. Sgt. Lucas Kirana: It happened again … this time while I was on Naboo. A bounty hunter working an unrelated job recognized former ISB Agent Goatm An, posing as a merchant captain. I'd been assigned to 'terminate' Goatm almost a year earlier and although we'd had one close encounter, most of the time it felt like I was chasing a ghost. This was the first solid lead we'd had in months. By the time I got to Naboo, the local garrison had identified the ship Goatm had been using, which led them to a house near the spaceport. It was the perfect cover for someone posing as a merchant working his way into respectability. The troops confirmed the house was empty, and then set-up a perimeter. They had orders not to touch or disturb anything before the scanning crew and ISB liaison arrived. They showed me inside, but I'm afraid I didn't make it too far... There was a plant. Something about the smell, or the shape ... reminded me... Something I'd seen before... Shortly after our first encounter, the ISB tracked Goatm to his mother's home planet: Aquilae. They sent a team of agents after him, but lost contact with the agents shortly after they landed. As the sun rose, I saw why. Goatm had been busy. Some of the bodies were already decayed, but others were fresh. Goatm was close, or he had been very recently. The stench was horrific … it was hard to breathe, the humid jungle air tasted of decay … and the flies … can a swarm of flies make that much noise? … the sound rising and falling ... as if the swarm itself had a … a voice... Yes, of course. I was just contemplating our next move. What's up? It's the scanning crew, sir. They found something. Good. … Was there something else, trooper? Uh, respectfully, sir, we've cleared the building, so you can secure your side arm. If you want to. Sir. My pistol. I hadn't even realized I'd drawn it. Roger that. Old habits … where's the scanning crew? Follow me, sir. To be continued ... Update - part 2 finally posted.
  11. The Imperial courier on Naboo was in a particularly dangerous situation. He must have picked up a few stowaways on the forest moon of Endor, because upon arriving on Naboo, countless furry space bears came pouring out of the cargo hold and into the eastern swamps. Once they took to the trees, the stormtroopers couldn't keep track of them and the best shots of their ranks couldn't find their targets. Normally, the Empire can overlook an illegal introduction of non-indigenous species, especially when they are at fault, but these creatures came from a planet the Empire wanted kept secret. The nosey bureaucrats of Naboo would certainly ask too many questions if this incursion was discovered. Ewoks on Naboo by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Despite their distrust and hatred of the Clawdite race, the Empire does recognize the exceptional marksmanship prevalent in their culture, and the ISB keeps a few contacts for situations like this. The bounty hunter marches the seven remaining creatures out of the swamps and into an awaiting cage. His payment will be in the form of slug-beetle larva, a "currency" the Empire can payout under the table because of their control over vast "preservation easements" throughout Naboo, and the bounty hunter can readily exchange these with the elite Gungans coopted by the Empire to keep the bottom dwellers in line. But there was something about the merchant crew that delivered the larva. The captain... the bounty hunter knew this face, but the local Imperial contingent obviously did not, or else there'd be only one man leaving this clearing alive...
  12. Hello guys and happy new year. New member in the community, i'm Bill from Greece. After 15-16 years I've decided to buy again some Lego sets. And here they're in some last minute photos until I've find a place for them.
  13. After buying out both Marvel and Lucasfilm, Disney knew it was a no-brainer to do a crossover joining the two franchises. The results, however, were disastrous; after landing on Naboo, the Guardians of the Galaxy realized with unease that it looked almost exactly like their home planet Xandar. Deciding that the planets could not coexist in the same universe, the Guardians set out to wipe Naboo from the continuum. Having already obliterated the Gungans (yay Guardians!), the team made their way toward Theed, where they would fight the Naboo Starfleet in a final confrontation to determine the fate of the planet. The Milano Spaceship A battle-damaged Naboo Starfighter Star-Lord thinking about velociraptors for some reason The last remnants of Naboo's ground support Gamora getting to know the locals Theed from a distance Rocket and Groot decide to sit this mission out
  14. goatman461

    [MOC] Steampunk Star Wars

    My first entry for the FBTB contest. I left the title ambiguous because I've already built my Round 2 entry (wishful thinking + no time this week to build) and I will add it here once it's ready to shoot. If anybody else wants to add their Steam builds to this topic, feel free to reply with your pics. Please leave C&C below and go vote for my build if you have an account. Enjoy.
  15. goatman461

    [SoNE Ep. 7] War Hammer

    When all seems to be lost, ISB Agent Goatm An 46-1 dives into action. Lord Tyrus fires furiously into the overwhelming Rebel forces to provide cover fire. Officer VeR is in position to take out the Rebel's main weapon. As he blindly leaps over the edge of the icy gorge, Goatm quickly assesses the situation below... A Rebel officer presents an obvious target, but Goatm will need to save his blaster for the Rebels outside of his hammer's reach. The taun taun mounted Rebel will need to be removed from a distance, the gorge is too tight to outmaneuver the beast. Officer VeR still hasn't taken out the cannon; this could be a problem... Past scene... Goatm's favorite blood-stained hammer has been with him from the very beginning on Naboo, his families adopted planet. Goatm's father, Kalib Ritter von An had fled to Naboo with Goatm's mother when her father refused their marriage. She was royalty and he a lowly knight with a dubious past. On Naboo, Kalib joined the Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps and worked as a carpenter. He regularly grumbled about the royalist system, managed economy, and interventionist politics of the Naboo elites. As Goatm grew older, he apprenticed under his father and was soon trusted with the sale and delivery of his father's creations. Goatm's father was too hard-nosed to politely deal with the entitled customers who desired his products, but Goatm had a humble tact with the clients that proved very useful to the family's prosperity. This continued on into Goatm's teenage years, until the Separatist invasion in 32 BBY. Kalib was quite sympathetic to the Separatist cause until the Trade Federation blockade. Despite being a former knight and volunteer pilot, Kalib An was a stanch believer in the non-aggression principle. While these Separatists should be free to leave the Republic, they had no right to enforce a blockade. Kalib prepared his family for the worse. Their home was already on the edge of a large conservation zone and Kalib had secured a tunnel exiting there. This was done early on in case the family had been found by Goatm's vengeful grandfather. On the day of the invasion, Goatm was sent into town to purchase more supplies with the remaining currency and wares the family had. Few on Naboo took the blockade seriously and Kalib's furniture sold at a premium because of the lack of off-world competition. Goatm hurried home as the invasion began. His mother and sister would already be into the tunnel and Kalib would be heading for his N-1 to fight back the invaders. Kalib didn't make it to his starfighter. Their home was swarming with droids. Apparently the Naboo government had been collecting records on its citizens for a long time and the data was not as secure as the bureaucrats thought. Kalib was quickly identified and targeted as a possible threat to the droid occupation. Goatm rushed in to see Kalib dying in front of their home; hammer in one hand. His father couldn't speak. He just bled out and died. Goatm would go on to lead a cell in the Naboo Resistance, tracking down collaborators and dispatching them with extreme brutality, often with his father's hammer. Goatm's mother and sister shunned Goatm for what he had become and once the occupation was over, they returned to his grandfather's court and Goatm embarked for new adventures in the Outer Rim. The story continues... Rescue Mission by Commander Beltar Med Evac by goatman461 1/5/15 Edited to include links and bonus pic showing the collaboration with BEAVeR.
  16. I’m not a huge fan of The Phantom Menace, but the movie does have some distinctive locations that were introduced in it, among which is Naboo and it’s capital city. From the arches to the fountains to the textures to the large windows to the coloring to the vines to the tiles that cover every surface for walking on, KW Vauban has captured the look and feel of Naboo’s buildings perfectly in this diorama. The Flash Speeder looks great in dark green, and I love how smoothly all the angled portions are integrated into the buildings in the corner, especially around that tunnel/walkway under the bridge.
  17. MaceWindu

    Duel Of The Fates

    Hi, everyone! I'm glad to present you my new MOC - "Duel Of The Fates". The name came from the soundtrack of the movie. I recomend you to watch this scence to know what is my MOC about(try to watch with 720p or 1080p ). The sences, wich I show in my work, start at 2:00. Main views: The entrance to the hall: Black hall is modular part. Because of the grooves, red interceptings easily inserted between the walls of the corridor. When red barriers are deactivated, grey pillars are extended. The droid's rooms are gifts of my imagination! Don't be so serious! In the right we can seee the passage with the reactor pit. And this hints, that the pit's very long! And the story! You know it! [/url] [/i] The original photos are also in the spoiler: Bonus! Thanks for watching!