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    My two biggest hobbies are LEGOs and being in the great outdoors. I'm an active hiker and kayaker and I love to camp. I've been building with LEGOs for almost my entire life and my favorite themes are space, castle, and trains. I'm a member of my local robotics team with First Robotics and I'm a student of engineering. I'm also on an Ultimate Frisbee team and knee hockey team, one of the greatest "sports" around.


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  1. Bacon Potatoes

    EB Xmas Raffle 2015 - Your ideal Christmas tree entry thread

    My ideal Christmas tree would be something small deep in the woods so I could have a nice hike for Christmas.
  2. Bacon Potatoes

    [Minichallenge] The Dwarves

    I always love it when that mustache accessory is used in a build!
  3. Bacon Potatoes

    [WZ4: H9, High Council] Shizim D'Ali

    Excellent work! All the small elements really come together to make the larger piece. Nice work on that wall.
  4. Bacon Potatoes

    Challenge IV, Category C thread.

    Counter against Umbra-Manis's guerrilla attack on B7
  5. Bacon Potatoes

    Desert Aqueduct [WZ2: G12, High Council]

    Very nice! I especially think that you did a good job on the texture of the aqueduct in particular, and overall its a neat design. Good work!
  6. Bacon Potatoes

    Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Looks great Bregir! It'll be exciting to get to view the rest. It's nice to see that not all of us have abandoned Avalonia in light of Southern developments!
  7. My counter attack against Umbra-Manis's guerrilla attack in sector B7. (I think I made a mistake in the title. Whoops ) In response to the Mummy Herding Carts that have been running rampant in Ulander territory, security fences had to be build in order to keep out these carts. The reinforced fences are made of sharpened spikes driven into the ground at an angle. An attempt to drive a cart through the fence will harm and damage the cart, and the fence is only able to be removed from the inside. Also, an armed guard patrol is on the lookout for an invaders or any damage to the fence. Nothing breaches without the Ulanders knowing about it.
  8. A Failed Insurgency A squad of Ulandian troops defends a local roadblock against a group of rebels.
  9. A Failed Insurgency After the Ulandians occupied the Nestlands, insurgencies began popping up in an attempt by the locals to regain their land. After the Ulandians blocked an essential trade road in a dense forest in the region, a small group of cloaked local fighters attempted to retake the road. Unfortunately for them, the Ulandian fighting force guarding the route was prepared, and after a quick and one-sided battle, the guards were able to drive off the attackers. The Ulandians hold off the Nestlanders. An overhead shot of the skirmish.
  10. Octavio Cedric, Warrior of Ulandus
  11. Battle on the Mountain A well respected warrior of Ulandus, Octavio Cedric was quick to enter the battle happening around the Lone Mountain. One of the region's best fighters, he had quickly dispatched many worthy foes in the early stages of the fight. Here, he launches a successful attack against an unprepared fighter representing the Desert King. Propelling himself from the rocky mountainside, he leaps down and thrusts his spear into the enemy, casting the undead fighter into the lava below. Octavio will not rest until he has either won the brawl or been eliminated.
  12. Bacon Potatoes

    Book II, Chal IV - Kaliphlin Civil War (Results Posted)

    I'm from Avalonia, and Historica has grown so much it is a bit hard for me to keep up too!
  13. Bacon Potatoes

    Book II, Chal IV - Kaliphlin Civil War (Results Posted)

    Hope I'm not too late to join. First choice is Ulandus, second choice is the high council.
  14. Bacon Potatoes

    2015 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Looking at the information card from this image, the City Space sets will be released in August and the space port will cost $120, which is steep considering it only has 586 pieces. Looks like the new molds and larger pieces are really driving up the price.
  15. Bacon Potatoes

    2015 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think if there would be a retailer exclusive set, I would want (and a lot of other people here would want) it to be similar to 1782 Discovery Station where we would get a small sub and a research station. Plus, it seems like that set even satisfies Lego's need to put helicopters in everything these days