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Found 9 results

  1. I started playing around with the idea of European style semi truck again. I built a prototype to test the chassis design with motors side by side. The core idea here is that both motors are oriented towards back so you can put the medium Technic frame on top of them as well as have cables managed up front. EDIT: final version of the semi: Instructions: (Semi Tractor) (Box Trailer) The first iteration/prototype: Prototype showcase: It'll take some time before I'll finish the whole semi truck build, but I prepared the instructions for the chassis so you can build it. Instructions are available for free on Rebrickable: Sneak peek of the instructions:
  2. Inspired by set 149 (Fuel Refinery) from 1976 as seen above (pic from BrickSet), this model takes the 4.5v era Shell refinery and turns it into a two-bay diesel locomotive / oil burning steam engine fuel depot for the modern PF age. The new refueling depot model features two floors with removable roof sections, two track-bays for servicing locomotives, plus a 1950's style tanker truck inspired by set 8486 (Mack's team truck, which hasn't been built yet.) The Santa Fe Bluebonnet model proudly uses no stickers, only printed parts. It's road number (327) is of a real-world Santa Fe bluebonnet engine, one that no longer survives after it's eventual conversion to a CF7 and scrapping sometime later. Sadly, all the Santa Fe F-series diesels were converted to CF7's, (whole body shell stripped away for viability reasons) and boy, were they ugly. Not many of the CF7's survive today, if any. As a side note, the locomotive bays are tall enough to let any official car through, including the double stacked container car from the Maersk train. The upper floor of the depot features a control station for monitoring the flow of fuel from the tanks on the roof to the service bay, or from the as-yet-unbuilt tanker truck to the storage tanks. The roof of the facility comes off in two sections. The upper floor features a opening door to the tanks and staircase to the lower floor and the flow-monitoring systems. Emergency fuel shutoff valve and fire extinguisher are at the top level next to the door to the tank area. This is a heavily modified version of set 8486 (Mack's Team Truck) 1950's style semi truck, like the one seen in the 1970's Spielburg movie "Duel". This time, it's a tanker truck in the OCTAN colors scheme. The model can seat one mini figure at the wheel, and features opening doors, a removable roof and a detachable tanker trailer. The tanker section features a moving stand to keep the tank stable when the cab is not there. The trailer is supposed to feature this print on both left, right and rear sides of the tank where the white 1 x 4 tiles are. The idea for this bluebonnet came to me in 2014 when I came upon @raven1280's very similar model, as seen here. I didn't want to use stickers at that time like he did, so I waited, modifying and tweaking the design until the parts came out in the correct colors to warrant it's building. (Particularly the windscreen!) Inside of the cab unit. Inside of the booster unit, with cab unit connected on the left hand side of this locomotive. (Yes, I placed it backwards to what it should be!) (NOTES: Real life model 98% done, just need the tanker truck built.) As usual, Comments, Questions, Suggestions & Complaints are always welcome!
  3. This is version two of set 8486 (Mack's Team Truck) 1950's style semi truck. The model can seat one mini figure at the wheel, and features headlights, license plate, and bigger wheels. I also rounded out the front of the trailer per suggestions from Eurobricks forum members @Only Sinner and @timtosino. Thanks guys! As it is now, the cab portion reminds me of the truck from the 1970s suspense movie "Duel". (if you haven't seen it, look it up: It's Steven Spielberg's first film and is awesome!) The trailer no longer has opening sides, but it does have two opening rear doors and folding stand for when the cab pulls away. Speaking of the cab, the roof of the driver's compartment comes off and both doors open. The driver of the truck. This truck is going to go on my mid-century trains and town layout, and should be built in real bricks eventually... at that time I will update this with real pictures. Here is the file for truck, trailer and driver: LDD file If anyone is curious what the version 1 truck looked like, here is a picture of it to compare to the new one. The older version is NOT in the LDD file!
  4. Having made some U.S. style semi trucks in 1:17 scale I wanted to add a European style truck to the mix. Here is my version of an Actros 4x2 powered by one XL motor, steering with servo, with 3 sets of PF lights, and controlled by sbrick. I modeled it after an Actros 4x2 you find in the game Euro Truck Simulator. A shot of the driver's side cabin. I took apart my U.S. spec of a 53' 1:17 scale box trailer to shorten it to European dimensions and add an extra axle. Next to an extended frame Peterbilt, the Actros looks quite short. And here it is with its cousins This is what it looked like gathering dust for the better part of a year until I finally got myself to finish it. Some more pics are on bricksafe Instructions and parts list are on rebrickable
  5. OK, well the American Semi truck is a very recent MOC, but I made the European one quite awhile ago, and just never got around to uploading the pics, so.. they are. European Semi truck specs: Front wheel rack and pinion steering rear 4WD only uses 2 motors, so you could build a trailer and add a/some motorized function(s) Pictures Here is the overall model Here are some pics of the front, and back. And some pics of it without the studded assemblies hiding the NXT brick. And that is it, now for the American style semi truck, and... ... the trailer with grabber Specs of American Semi truck, and trailer (with grabber) [Truck] Rear 2WD (It's on not the back axle, but the axle before it). [Truck] Opening hood. [Truck] Ultrasonic sensor for obstacle avoidance. [Trailer] Motorized grabbing arm controlled by button hidden on either side of the trailer. [Trailer] NXT Brick right, and left buttons control steering for the truck. Now the pictures, truck first. Front view of the truck View of the hood opened revealing the steering motor. Close up on the grille. Back view of the truck (revealing that the NXT brick is in the trailer, to keep the truck smaller so I would have more pieces. And now on to the trailer. Birds eye view. View from the front of the trailer And that it, I'm working on a tower crane now, if anyone wants to geve suggestions one what vehicle to build next I'm fine with I welcome that.
  6. Close to a year ago I built a rocky mountain double flat-bed trailer with an attached forklift. To tow it I built a model of a lego Kenworth T-680 in red, blue, and white, with a ginormous cab. Since the model mostly sits on a shelf, I always wanted to build a fully enclosed trailer to match the truck's high cabin design for a better side profile look. Well, finally after a long time accumulating 8x16 tiles, I finished it, so thought I would share it here. This is a model of a 53 foot trailer with a built in reefer. It is about 114 studs long, 18 studs wide, and 28 studs high. The trailer contains three PF M-motors operated via remote control. 1. Raise and lower liftgate. 2. Extend and retract liftgate. 3. Raise and lower trailer legs. An electrical tail light connection comes from the main tractor and is operated by remote control on/off. This trailer is shown being pulled by my 1:18 model of a Kenworth T680 semi truck. Together the semi-truck and red reefer trailer are about 4 feet long. Overall, the trailer enclosure is pretty stable and not as fragile as I thought it would end up being. There's minimal flex in the frame and it looks pretty realistic. To make a boring trailer a bit unique I wanted to add a retractable liftgate similar to the one in Madoca's wing body truck. I took the same liftgate design from my earlier B-train flat-bed trailer and mounted it on a pair of steering racks to hide and extend it. But the up/down operation is not always as smooth as the original one because it sometimes tends to catch a bit against the edges of the rear fender. I think the way to fix this would end up detracting a bit from the aesthetics of the rear, so I left it as-is. Originally I was thinking to put the battery underneath the frame, but that would make it hard to turn it on or off while lifting up the trailer. So the battery sits as cargo inside the enclosed compartment and is easily reachable without moving the trailer off the ground. After making the video from a vantage point at ground level, I noticed that the wheels of both the trailer and truck were quite cambered due to all the weight. I later improved on this by changing the way the axles are attached to the frame in both the truck and the trailer. The instructions and parts list includes a better design than what was used in the video. More pics and full instructions are up on rebrickable http://rebrickable.c...i-truck-trailer and mocpages
  7. YAPT (Yet Another Peterbilt Truck :) After recently catching the AFOL bug I found myself spending alot of time admiring Bricksonwheels' creations and Sariel's road train. Then after building one of Ingmar's trucks, I felt compelled to build my own. So here it is. Since I already build a lowboy trailer very similar to Ingmar's detachable gooseneck design in yellow and black, I went with a yellow and black color scheme for the truck. The truck has 5 PF motors. 2 XL motors for drive. Servo for gear rack steering. M-motor attached to a PF switch allowing remote control on/off of all the lights. This design is very similiar to the one found in Madoca's wing-body truck. The truck has head lights, tail lights, roof lights, as well as a PF connector in the back allowing the trailer's lights to use the same remotely controlled switch. An M-motor is used to lift and lower the third axle. Originally I made the truck with a two speed gearbox very similar to the one Madoca used in his SUV Mk II. Since the gearing allowed the truck to be rather fast and zippy in the faster of the two gears I decided to use dual XL motors for the drive. But after finding a few too many false neutrals with the torque of dual XL motors, I've since removed the gearbox. Now it seems that two drive motors are a bit overkill unless you're pulling a heavy trailer uphill. To make it a bit unique I set out to give it a third axle which can be remotely lifted and lowered. All wheels utilize technic shock absorbers. The cabin can fit a full size battery or the smaller rechargable one. From the top, it's 59 studs long. The two PF connector's just ahead of the fifth wheel are or for continuous power to the trailer and remotely controlled trailer lights. Here it is pulling a heavy 42030 Volvo wheel loader. Yellow overload. So originally I had no plans to make instructions, but once I started playing around with LDraw and Bricksmith, I just couldn't stop :-) The full instructions are available on rebrickable http://rebrickable.c...ellow-and-black The truck is up on MOCpages More pics are available on bricksafe Peterbilt 379 Many thanks to Aurimax https://www.bricklin...e.asp?p=Aurimax for the Chrome pieces.
  8. Hi all! just want to show my new moc. only original lego pieces. trailer
  9. Hi all, want to show to you my MOC. It is not yet final result, but it will not be much different from what you see here. The trailer will be ready soon. thank you.