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  1. Basiliscus

    Avalonian Elven Stag Cavalry

    These are amazing mate! I like these better than the bear cavalry (although they were cool too). Can't wait to see them used in anger!
  2. Basiliscus

    [R6 - Arcan IV - CE] Ch. 1 Mando's On The Hunt

    This is a brilliant build. First of all, I disagree with Ross about the lighting - I think you've used the lack of light really effectively, especially the harsh shadows from the bricks themselves (normally this is discouraged, but you've used it perfectly to create the atmosphere in the scene). I love it! None of the buildings have a brick out of place - everything is used masterfully to make the industrial look come alive. The grate tiles on the floor too are perfect, and there's just the right amount of dark bley and reddish brown to get the rust across without it being overwhelming. Honestly, you should be really proud of this MOC! I'm really impressed with it anyway! Do you have Flickr? If so can you share the link as I'd love to favourite this. I see the images are stored on Brickshelf (are you a time traveller? ) so I'm hoping you have Flickr too!
  3. Basiliscus

    [M10 – Kuat - TT] Ambush over the shipyards!

    The first shot that is Photoshopped is very well done, and has a great atmosphere! The ships look great too.
  4. Wow, another very dark build! The coronavirus situation must be hitting you hard?! Great job integrating the blood into the snow, and the little gory details like the burned corpse and so on. I'm not sure this Imperial Super Commando unit are following the Geneva convention here! The minifig posing is perfect, I get a real sense of every character in the scene, and you made good use of tiles to avoid big grey wall syndrome.
  5. Basiliscus

    [P8 - Gizer - CE] Mandos March

    This is a great build! I love the container and the minifig positioning is top notch. I do sort of see Darth's point about the pre-made trees, but I think you've just about got enough going on here that they blend in.
  6. Basiliscus

    Qa'Yids residence in Mophet

    A super build. Love the integration of those sand green and white bricks, and the "target" style pattern around the pool. The architecture captures the Kaliphlin feel perfectly.
  7. Basiliscus

    [R4 - Gigor - TT] Meeting with a Muun

    The Muun fig is brilliant, especially the accusatory way he's holding the cane. I wish the assassin droid wasn't standing so close to the door though, it's a bit of a strange placement. As others have said, while the floor is a clever idea, without context it doesn't look like a reflection. I do however love the little kitchenette, especially the way you have integrated the fence piece into it. The parts usage around the bed is top-notch too.
  8. Basiliscus

    [S12 - Nar Shaddaa - TT] Dr. Cornelius Evazan's Lab

    This is simply a brilliant build! So much to love here - from the general chaos of the lab (everything seems to have a place but it feels like a crazy scientist is using it), to the horrified expression on the next victim, to the uncaring medical droids. It's very dark though, but I do love it.
  9. Basiliscus

    [Q10 - Ota -TT] Murder!

    Some nice work on the snow, especially the sloped sections, and the platform looks suitably industrial for the style you're trying to portray. The blood on the snow looks good, although personally I might have suggested putting a couple of trans red plates at the same height as the snow so it doesn't feel like it's sitting on top. I really love your main character though, such a well put together fig.
  10. Basiliscus

    [M12 - Exodeen - TT] Clone recon mission

    As a few people have highlighted, the rebar is brilliant and really hits home the sense of destruction. I like the brutalist architecture of the pillars too, it feels gritty and industrial. One minor comment is that, although I'm assuming this is supposed to be a slice through a buildings cross section, I wish you had put in another set of supporting pillars as the lop-sided nature of the floating floor looks a little strange to me.
  11. Basiliscus

    [M12 - Byblos - TT] Clone Infiltration Unit

    Brilliant multi-level build! I really like the clone trooper poking his head through the vent, that's a lovely detail. On the top level you did a good job of breaking up the exterior panels using some of the new tiles, it looks more "natural".
  12. Basiliscus

    [O10 - Zeltros - TT] Twi'lek Healing Baths

    Fantastic work all round, but I really love that pattern on the back wall. I also love the minifig posing, the way you've set the legs to make it seem they are sitting on a bench.
  13. Basiliscus

    Book 3 Challenge V Category C: Aftermath

    Ha! Very good! I like the humour and you've made good use of various minifig heads with expressions to help bring it to life. I hope Bob charges time and a half for cleaning up that mess!
  14. @W Navarre: Thanks for the detailed explanation! It does clear a number of things up. As I mentioned in your part I entry, I'm happy to accept Staffen's death and Poppa's capture (as long as nothing bad happens to her whilst a prisoner), so no hard feelings! My only complaint would be that because you and Garmaddon are brothers, your entry starts from the end of his entry, and that seems a bit against the spirit of the challenge IMO. Personally, something about that doesn't seem right. Your story is well written though and all the MOCs are fantastic, so I'm in no way suggesting it gets binned or anything, it's just that you've started from a different place than everyone else and that leaves me a bit uneasy.
  15. Basiliscus

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Here's my part of my entry into the challenge: Here's the full story: @Rogue Angel or @Garmadon: I noticed that @W Navarre is not listed on the first page of this thread as a member of Varlyrio, would you mind adding him please?