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  1. Basiliscus

    Stormholme Castle

    An absolutely amazing build! You mentioned in the interview that it looks best without figs, so looks like you got your wish with the mix-up! Love the colour palette too. Magnificent work!
  2. Basiliscus

    [AoM: Stables - Phase II] Don't Look Back

    A brilliant MOC and a very well written story. As others have mentioned the snow-scaping is excellent as is the architecture on the tower. Great job!
  3. Basiliscus

    [R16 - Tatooine - BS] Stormtroopers - There is no hope

    Really nice scene! I actually like the perspective on the boarding scene, it's a nice little twist.
  4. Love the use of the red crowbar for the winged hussar's wings! The brigands look especially nefarious!
  5. Basiliscus

    [Q12 - Nanth'ri - TT] Stormtrooper Patrol Dispatch

    Love the contrast between the brown earth and the military camp, very brutalist. Great use of barbed wire too and the minifigs feel like they have a purpose. Not sure how that guy is going to get down from the tower though...
  6. Basiliscus

    [M10 - Fedalle - TCR] Becoming Stormtroopers again

    Really great little scene you've got going on there! Love the background wall and the black covering on the roof. Great minifig posing too!
  7. Basiliscus

    CHALLENGE IV: Category A: The Enlightened

    What an incredible entry, definitely my favourite so far! Treating us with not just one, but three amazing builds. The throne room is fantastic, with the busy book cases, chairs and foodstuffs. The tavern is really well done, great use of the wooden plank tiles and novel design for the candle holders. But as others have said, the underground cavern is by far the stand out element, so much detail on the walls and floor and the level of decay is conveyed perfectly! Also the photo looks suitably dark and brooding, you really did a great job with that one. The story was a long one but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, so many great elements. I was a bit shocked Mitgardia didn't send help and then was pleasantly surprised that they made it in the end! Overall your best build yet and you should be mighty pleased with it!
  8. Basiliscus

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    Silly question, where are the results of Episode 3 to be found? Is there a summary post detailing who got what points, or is it just inside each individual topic? Also are there overall scores for each of the factions? Sorry if I'm being thick and it's obvious.
  9. Basiliscus

    [L14 - Vanik - CS] Stormtroopers Attack Vanik

    Love those background patterns, they definitely steal the show!
  10. Basiliscus

    [S15 - Scarif - TT] Stormtrooper Blue Milk Run

    Good colour blocking on the sand, going from dry (tan) to wet (dark tan) into the sea. The tree designs are nice too.
  11. Nice little scene. Like the trees.
  12. Basiliscus

    Challenge IV: Category C: Cleanup

    Ha, very good! Love the all LEGO background and the story made me chuckle!
  13. You've done a good job with the source material, but the head seems a big oversized for minifig scale, although I don't really have any suggestions as to how you could do this better. Nice floor design!
  14. Basiliscus

    [S15 - Molavar - TT] Administration Change

    Really nice scene there and nice idea for a story!
  15. Great parts usage on the droid, and love the detail in the corridor scene.