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Found 16 results

  1. I'm absolutely delighted to present Darth Maul's Scimitar, or Sith Infiltrator - 100% minifig scale with a fully detailed interior! Build features: Semi-circular opening rear doors with a retractable boarding ramp lead into the lower floor of the main hull, where you'll find a fold-down bunk, a laser-gated holding cell and various storage compartments. A 'repulsor-lift elevator' takes you to the upper floor which is the flight deck, with passenger seating and Darth Maul's control console. From the lower floor a corridor narrows down into a maintenance crawl-space and leads through to various engineering access chambers - and eventually takes you out into the cargo hold, where the Bloodfin speeder and Dark Eye probe droids are stored. An access ramp lowers from the cargo hold (under the very front of the ship) + 2 panels under the ship's hull open for retractable landing gear with a fold-out landing pad under the main hull. The roof of the rear section is removable + the flight deck can also be lifted out to allow access to the lower floor + the whole roof of the front section is hinged to open fully, revealing some of the cloaking shield, hyperdrive and other engine components. I've designed a 306-piece tilted stand to display the ship in 'wings open' flight mode - the front of the display stand is fitted with a black 8 x 16 tile, for those who like to have custom UCS plaques on their ships. The display stand + Bloodfin Speeder + Dark Eye probe droids are all FREE downloads on my Rebrickable page :) During 18 months of it's building and design, I've spent hours studying source material for this ship, especially the floorplans - and I've put a lot of effort into keeping it as close to the original as possible without the whole ship becoming overly large. Having the correct proportions with its incredibly unbalanced front and rear sections + those large folding solar panels on the sides was very challenging - and keeping it all sturdy without any sag was quite a task, but it's turned out to be a solid build - you can swoosh this ship around until your arm hurts (I have!) and it'll be fine :) Specifications: This build uses 4244 pieces (not including the display stand, speeder or droids), is 63.4cm (25") long and 48cm (18.9") wide at the wing panels. Height is 18cm (7.1") standing on its landing gear + 42cm (16.6") high at the tip of the highest wing panel whilst in flight mode on the display stand. Weight is approximately 3.3kg (7.28 lb). TL,DR... I totally geeked out and went nuts on the details and here are a million pics of the results:
  2. Darth Maul's modified Razalon FC-20 "Bloodfin" Speeder! Stored in Lord Maul's Scimitar front cargo area and deployed via the bow access hatch. Seen briefly in The Phantom Menace when Darth Maul attempts to intercept Padme and Qui Gonn et all as they're leaving Tatooine - with a quick try at squishing young Anakin Skywalker by riding over him - because why not? :) In screenshots from the film, the Bloodfin appears to be very dark grey in colour or dark brown, or possibly a very dusty black. Toy manufacturers and graphic designers have portrayed it as being all different colours from beige and brown to grey and many 2-tone variants... so, I included a few colour ideas for you in the photos, although in the instructions I've stuck to Dark-Bluish Grey with Reddish Brown seats. I'll be happy to see other people's ideas! Free instructions on Rebrickable!
  3. Simons Brick World

    [MOC] Episode 1 diorama model

    Hello there, some time ago I started to build a Star Wars diorama. It is the first diorama of this series, because I want to build all episodes. In this model are two main scenes of the first episode. On one side you see young Anakin screwing his Pod Racer on Tatooine. On the other side, you can see the battle on Naboo between Qui-Gon-Jinn and Darth Maul: If you are interested in the model, you can check it out on rebrickable at the following link: There I have posted the model with instructions.
  4. Azrielsc

    [MOD] Darth Maul Spider

    Hi there! Just want to show a small MOD that I have done, using the Darth Maul polybag (5000062) that was given away with a SW purchase here in Asia! I had always wanted to build a spidey Darth Maul that featured in The Clone Wars and this giveaway made it possible! Full credits to Forresto and his B'omarr monk MOC too. His B'omarr monk was just perfect and I just adapted the spider legs and made some modifications for the abdomen so that it looks closer to the Darth Maul spider that I was looking for. Anyhow, please check out the photos and do let me know what you think or if I could improve on it more! Happy Bricking!
  5. 75537 Darth Maul will be released in 2018. I'm very excited to get this figure, but he's going to be the standard TPM version. That means he's the same ol' humanoid figure with standard black pieces and limbs. I was kinda hoping he would be the cyborg version from The Clone Wars, so I decided to build one myself in Lego Digital Designer: LDD MOC: Lego Star Wars Buildable Figure Cyborg Darth Maul 8 by Jek Porkchops, on Flickr He is made using mostly parts in existing colours, so I have the option of BrickLinking the parts if I decide to build him (and Maul's head sculpt will be released eventually). Some changes from these pictures will be made if I were to physically make him however: *The upper leg armour will be made using the 2016 Star Wars upper leg armour shells, as they have the perfect shape. They were however unavailable in LDD. Also, both the SW and 8M shells don't yet exist in dark bluish grey, so I might have to use black SW shells with custom grey stickers on them, or wait until they do exist. *The real one will have the regular lightsaber blade piece, but it was unavailable in LDD, so I used a substitute in the pictures. *The chest armour does not exist in regular red (without printing), so I could opt for a black version with custom red stickers. *I might make custom stickers of the black and red patterns for the torso piece, the chest and the upper arms. LDD MOC: Lego Star Wars Buildable Figure Cyborg Darth Maul 1 by Jek Porkchops, on Flickr I designed it as if it would be an official Lego set, so I had a lot of 'constraints' to work with because it also had to be sturdy and stable. While I by no means have any idea what the precise constraints are when designing such a set, I think there are are only a few things that would not make it if it were to be finalised: *The lightsaber hilt would probably be of the standard design, but I modified mine to look more like Maul's *The 'ribs' that hold his upper body in place are probably a little too fragile for little kids, but I think they are strong enough to be physically built, and I kept them this way because they are crucial to the overall look. LDD MOC: Lego Star Wars Buildable Figure Cyborg Darth Maul 2 by Jek Porkchops, on Flickr The 4M half beam is where it all began, as it is perfect for the shape of the mechanical detail in front of his stomach. I also like the light bluish grey peeking though, as it too is accurate. I wasn't able to make the 'ribs' round though, so that's something to improve upon. I also think the hip section should look a little more curved around the joints, but I do like the 'crotch' section as is. The hip / upper leg articulation is a little limited, like the K-2SO set, but not a lot. LDD MOC: Lego Star Wars Buildable Figure Cyborg Darth Maul 3 by Jek Porkchops, on Flickr I am very satisfied with the leg design, as it is proportionally accurate and pretty detailed. I have chosen DBG over gunmetal, because while gunmetal might look better, most of the parts used here aren't available in that colour and it looks very matte in the show anyway, not as shiny as gunmetal. Plus, the Lego figure from 2013 has a DBG lower body as well. The lower legs are made with a lot of system parts to create the shaping and the details. They are placed around a Technic axle that runs all the way through. LDD MOC: Lego Star Wars Buildable Figure Cyborg Darth Maul 4 by Jek Porkchops, on Flickr The toes are fully articulated using mini ball joints. The middle piece only has 3 ball joints, so I had to find a different way to add a fourth tow. In the end, this reduces its mobility, but it makes it more stable as the figure can securely lean on at least one toe per foot. Maul is posed similarly, with the hind toe extended back, in many of the official images. LDD MOC: Lego Star Wars Buildable Figure Cyborg Darth Maul 5 by Jek Porkchops, on Flickr The 1x2 plates on the backs of the lower legs represent details as well. The arms are very standard. I used a black bone on the forearm to subtly distinguish the gloves from the mechanical parts, and because Maul's elbows look mostly black. I wish the official Lego figures would return to this type of elbow joint, as the B-joints are very restrictive. LDD MOC: Lego Star Wars Buildable Figure Cyborg Darth Maul 6 by Jek Porkchops, on Flickr His back mostly consists of system elements. Maybe the shoulder blades could use some stickers as well. Sadly, I wasn't able to cover up the Technic pieces and that dreaded blue pin on his lower back, without making him too bulky. LDD MOC: Lego Star Wars Buildable Figure Cyborg Darth Maul Custom Torso by Jek Porkchops, on Flickr His torso is completely custom, because it needed to be 1M longer than a standard torso (underneath the torso ball attachment point), both proportionally and to make more room for the mechanical 'ribs' and the custom hips. I started out with three glatorian necks as the neck and shoulders, and with the torso ball connector. It was very difficult go make it stable enough, as there were a lot of pin connections that had to be doubled up with axle connections, all within a limited space, but the end result is as sturdy as most custom Bionicle 2016 torso's. I have to wait and see before I order any actual parts, as the design can probably be optimised a bit more. Also, I hope the Maul headsculpt will work well with this MOC. I might have to change some parts to dark red after seeing what 75537 looks like. So that's it. I hope you liked it :) Please leave some constructive feedback if you want. Bonus creepy mock-up Darth Maul head: LDD MOC: Lego Star Wars Buildable Figure Cyborg Darth Maul with creepy head by Jek Porkchops, on Flickr
  6. Hi! Design of my new MOC is ready! This is my first MOC from Clone Wars! Darth Maul's Gauntlet Fighter Main functions: - 735 pieces, - 1 minifigures - Darth Maul from Star Wars Rebels - a lot of details PDF Instructions - read description on my YouTube movie or check on Rebrickable! What do you think? More on my Youtube, link below! Also available on Rebrickable: OF BRICKS/mauls-gauntlet-fighter/#comments
  7. This is my rendition of the famous climax of the first prequel. Darth Maul goes to battle Obi Wan and his master, Qui-Gon Jinn. The pictures you see are only a quarter of the room because I don't have enough pieces to finish the moc, I wish I did :) I wanted to try and make this moc the closest I could to the actual room from the movie. Please let me know how I did and things I can do to improve. I love your feedback. Thanks, MovieMocs Real scene VS Lego Real scene VS Lego
  8. MovieMocs

    [MOC] Duel of the Fates

    This is my rendition of the famous climax of the first prequel. Darth Maul goes to battle Obi Wan and his master, Qui-Gon Jinn. The pictures you see are only a quarter of the room because I don't have enough pieces to finish the moc, I wish I did :) I wanted to try and make this moc the closest I could to the actual room from the movie. Please let me know how I did and things I can do to improve. I love your feedback. Thanks, MovieMocs (TOP LEFT: When you don't have enough parts :) Can you see the resemblance?
  9. Continuing with my project to update and refresh all of the UCS sets to use modern and readily available parts, I’ve adopted a more systematic approach and am now working through the sets in order of release. The first UCS sets were of course the 7181 Tie Interceptor and 7191 X-Wing, but the Tie Interceptor requires so many changes that it would essentially become a MOC and the X-Wing was already updated as 10240 Red Five. I’ve therefore skipped these sets, and moved on to the oldest UCS set included on the UCS 10th Anniversary Poster: 10018 Darth Maul. (Rendered with Blender via Mecabricks) Released in 2001 as a retail exclusive, the model has an interesting build though the two-tone colour scheme gets a little dull and repetitive. The instruction manual was rather unusual, using a top-down view throughout and having the model built up one layer at a time. (Rendered with Blender via Mecabricks) Being a brick-built sculpture, pretty much every part is still in production and I didn’t have to do too much work here. The most visible change is in the cylindrical block that supports the whole model, which I recoloured from black to dark bluish grey - the main component is 30562 Cylinder Quarter 4x4x6, which only appeared in black in one other set. Some of the other parts used in the original model took me by surprise, as I’ve only rarely encountered 4x6 and 4x10 bricks and I never knew 4x18 bricks even existed. These bricks have all had to be replaced with smaller bricks or combinations of other plates. One lovely touch on the original was a chrome silver antenna to represent Darth Maul’s small silver earring. Since Lego don’t do chromed parts any more, I’ve sadly had to replace it with a 4L bar in light bluish grey - though I’d advise anyone actually building this model to get a custom chrome-plated part so that the detail could be done properly. Summary of all changes to the set: You can view the model on mecabricks, and download the LDD file here. I’ve not prepared an LDraw file, because so little has changed with this refresh that the instruction manual for the original can still be used. Please note that I’ve not built this model in real bricks yet, and probably never will. Darth Maul is just a little bit too creepy for my tastes…
  10. When I first heard that the LEGO company was releasing a rendition of the vehicle back in January 2015, I had high hopes that their set would be faithful to its inspiration. Sadly, that wasn't the case, and their rendition was definitely my least favorite of that wave. I've been wanting to make this vehicle for some time. After finding another great MOC from another LEGO Designer, my design finally came together. If you wish to see his project, which is exceptional, you can click here. The design features many of the features seen in the original ship, namely a rotatable top cannon, a central canopy with space for 2 drivers and a commanding officer, 6 side areas for prisoners or deploying troops, and 2 adjustable front guns. Along with a very sturdy frame design, this is the perfect rendition of the fan-favorite Imperial vehicle. Here are some pictures of the design from different viewing points. Let me know in the comments what you think of this design, and be sure to tell the original designer how nice his MOC is as well, as his is the inspiration for this design. You can also go to MOCpages & to see this vessel, if you want.
  11. Red Skull and Darth Maul team up to take down Captain America! It's a match made in heaven, two red heads... Perfect team! Daul and Hydra block the Captain, while Red Skull takes to the skies in a fancy dancy Quinjet. ANGRY FOR 50 YEARS! Yup, so that's my entry! Thanks for lookin!
  12. All & more photos available in full size on Flickr 75022 Mandalorian Speeder Star Wars set based on The Clone Wars season 5 Released 2nd half of 2013. Parts: 211 Mass: 325g MSRP/RRP: $24.99 USD, £24.99 GBP, €29.99 EUR, $29.99 CAD, $39.99 AUD, $? NZD (currently unavailable) TLG's blurb: Attack with Darth Maul in the Mandalorian™ Speeder! Get to the rendezvous point in the LEGO® Star Wars™ Mandalorian™ Speeder with the treacherous Sith Lord Darth Maul minifigure with mechanical legs. Plot the Mandalorian takeover and take on anyone who gets in your way with hidden flick missiles, rear weapon storage and elevating cannon! Then, face off in minifigure combat with his legendary Darksaber! Includes 3 minifigures with weapons: Clone Wars Darth Maul and 2 Mandalorian Super Commandos. • Includes 3 minifigures with weapons: Darth Maul and 2 Mandalorian™ Super Commandos • Features hidden flick missiles under the hood, rear weapon storage and elevating gun • Weapons include a Lightsaber, Darksaber and 2 blasters • Collect Darth Maul with mechanical Clone Wars legs • Unleash the hidden flick missiles! • Elevate the gun and aim to fire! • Battle with the legendary Darksaber • Relive the excitement of [i]Star Wars™: The Clone Wars[/i] animated TV series • Measures over 3" (8cm) high, 7" (19cm) long and 4" (12cm) wide Instructions for download: (7MB) (International version) (NA version - ie in English, Spanish & French) Bricklink | Lego Shop@Home | Brickset Reference images: Unfortunately this is the only image I can find that shows the speeder. Here's Darth Chicken: Here are the Death Watch super commandos: Apologies for some of the photos, it was getting dark when I built & photographed the set. The Mandalorians are very difficult to get photos of without reflection off the helmets, I don't think I eventually succeeded, but I certainly did get frustrated. This set is one of 2 released in the second half of 2013 based on the now discontinued animated TV show The Clone Wars. A well known villain returns from being thought dead, and attempts to seize power, using potential allies as stepping stones. He becomes the new leader of Mandalore with super commandos part of his forces, this is where this Lego set fits into the story. Let's have a look at it. As is typical, we start with The Box. It seemed a big box for the size & price of the set. It's bigger box than for the Tank Droid set, even though the price is the same. It is very possible that that gives an illusion of better value for money. As is normal for Star Wars sets, the cardboard is very glossy and smooth. I found boxes from this wave to be more difficult to open than usual, I had a bit more trouble prying the boxes open without tearing the cardboard this time. Maybe they're using a different glue, the knife wasn't as slick as usual. Box shows us what we're in for, a car-based speeder with obligatory flick-fire missiles, a couple of super commandos from Mandalore, and a Sith, this one being the Zabrak Darth Maul, with mechanical legs. Setting is in the capital city on Mandalore, and the very nice 2013 SuperYoda green box art border really makes the packaging attractive. Back shows us the posability of the builds & minifigs and also the flick-fire action. Along the top of the box are the full sized images of the included minifigs, also shown in smaller scale on the front. We are alerted to the fact that these minifigs were not previously available. One side of the box also alerts us to this set being new... I'm not quite sure of many occasions when you would release a set that isn't new though. On the underside we have a lesson in safety, linguistics and economics. Next, we go Inside The Box Contents of the box are an instruction booklet, a sticker sheet, & 3 unnumbered bags. The minifig parts are divided through the bags. Sticker sheet: Only 5 stickers, and no tiny ones that are impossible. My sheet (as is common) was annoyingly curled up. Let's see the instruction booklet. Nothing unusual on the front. The bags are not numbered for this set, you do the "pour all the bags onto the table and sort by colour" approach this time around. The instructions themselves are exactly as you would expect, no real need to look at them here. If you want a look, check out the link provided above for the pdf, but here we can see how to put the minifigs together. Towards the back of the booklet is a nice action artwork of a few of this wave's sets. Parts inventory as per usual. We don't need to see the back, we know what hideous horrors adorn the back of instruction booklets. Now for the parts: Who doesn't like blue cheese? Not much in the unusual category, but here is a close-up of the chicken legs: Minifigs: Shirtless Darth Maul from The Clone Wars, he fetches a hefty price on BL. Well, now he's available in a small standard set. Except with chicken legs. He comes with both his red lightsabre and also the late Pre Vizsla's darksabre. (A trophy I suppose.) The super commando helmet & jetpack are shiny, rather than the flat colours used previously. It isn't mentioned anywhere in the set, nor is it obvious at first glance, but the 2 minifigs have different face printing. The left image shows the head used for the Pre Vizsla minifig, the one on the right the generic Mandalorian minifig. Not sure? Mando mouths point down at the sides. Pre's points slightly upwards, has pointier cheek bones, less defined eyebrows, bigger eyes, inverted chin, and forehead lines. Both are still quite ugly... The untidy armour appearance is very curious seeing as though these guys weren't really around for very long, they must've just thrown a blotch of red paint at their uniforms and not let it dry or something. Interesting about the black hand on the helmets. Another Saruman/Count Dooku Christopher Lee parallel to think about. Except it's Darth Maul, not his successor. Here is an intermediate step in the build, showing how the flick-fire contraption works. The front of the speeder is to the left, we see 1 seat in front, 2 seats behind that, between them are 2 clips for holding blasters. Behind them, in the (not yet covered) boot/trunk is storage for the lightsabre & darksabre. The small construction shown above slides forward on tiles when the outer handle is moved in that direction, thus pushing the missile out. These bits weren't used. A look at all angles of the final built set: (Front is pointing up here) 8 boat studs mean this thing really coasts across the carpet! Zooms even better than a wheeled vehicle. (and here) Room on the back for a minifig to stand and fire the cannon/gun thing Darth Maul / Savage Opress comparison: Mandalorian armour comparison: The bounty hunter in the Jek-14 set has the same helmet piece but the printing is completely different. Model/set evaluation: It's fairly basic looking, but I like it. This is my only car-based speeder, all the others I have are the bike-based type. It's good to have a Lego vehicle where there is a place to seat all of the minifigs. They all sit snugly, Darth Maul fits fine despite his different (and longer) legs. The cannon/gun thing only tilts up and down. An easy turntable mod can make it swivel too. The build is fairly normal, I wouldn't expect your young fellas to have any more challenges than usual if at all. It isn't a boring build, if you might be thinking that. I have the Tank Droid set too, I feel that this set is better value-for-money or at least more satisfying, but who doesn't want a Jango Fett minifig? I might grab another of these to add to my super commando numbers, we'll see. I think the dark blue look great, I don't think you need to know what this set is to like the look of it. Is it a good parts pack? Well it has a lot of plates and such, and not too many parts that are useless for anything else. It's not quite my scene so I am only guessing. Minifig selection: Robotic leg Darth Maul and two Mandalorians. I always really love the colour combination of red, black & grey ... win-win-win as far as this set is concerned! I may have preferred Darth Maul to use dark red rather than red though. Good minifigs to have, we could be happy with a bunch of those super commandos so 2 is good. Unfortunate that with The Clone Wars finished, Bo Katan & Satine minifigs will probably not eventuate. It would've been nice to have 1 of those 2 in this set, but that would need to be not at the expense of any of the 3 we have. If you were to go for multiples of this set, you would only have extra Darth Mauls. That sounds okay, but none of his parts are useful for anything else. Offload onto Bricklink I suppose. Thanks for reading/skimming, I hope this was useful to you. Any other photo requests let me know. Any questions/comments feel free to share, or suggestions/corrections - including the poll.
  13. Ninja Nin

    [MOC] The Lawless

    My second entry to the community build : The Clone Wars: Season 5 Episode 16 The Lawless Darth Maul and Savage Opress took the lead of Death Watch to expand their criminal enterprise on Mandalore. Chancellor Palpatine, who felt the disturbance in the Force, arrived at the Royal Palace. Darth Sidious told Maul that he had become his rival, and the epic duel began between the brothers and the Dark Lord of the Sith. The duel continues in the Sundari Royal Palace of Mandalore ! Hope you like it, and sorry I am late for the community build !
  14. I’ve been making an effort to look at more of the different sites FOLs can post their MOCs on lately. And one that caught my eye on ReBrick was a medium-sized bust of Darth Maul with his probe droids. And I thought, “Wow, that’s really nice shaping.” So I clicked on the link back to the builder’s photostream and saw… 4-LOM! Bossk! Dengar! Zuckuss! IG-88! White Boba Fett! Some Clone Wars bounty hunters I don’t care about! ( ) All beautifully sculpted and detailed. Excellent work using a variety of shapes to sculpt instantly-recognizable characters at this scale. Look at the bandages on Dengar. Look at the expression of Bossk. But he’s also made two other characters in addition to the nine bounty hunters and the pilot Luke Skywalker at the beginning of this post, and one of those really caught my eye. The head, especially the mouth, on this Greedo: Incredible. The models are also on CUUSOO.
  15. MaceWindu

    Duel Of The Fates

    Hi, everyone! I'm glad to present you my new MOC - "Duel Of The Fates". The name came from the soundtrack of the movie. I recomend you to watch this scence to know what is my MOC about(try to watch with 720p or 1080p ). The sences, wich I show in my work, start at 2:00. Main views: The entrance to the hall: Black hall is modular part. Because of the grooves, red interceptings easily inserted between the walls of the corridor. When red barriers are deactivated, grey pillars are extended. The droid's rooms are gifts of my imagination! Don't be so serious! In the right we can seee the passage with the reactor pit. And this hints, that the pit's very long! And the story! You know it! [/url] [/i] The original photos are also in the spoiler: Bonus! Thanks for watching!
  16. I Scream Clone

    Maul vs IG-88

    Hey one and all, just a quick MOC to showcase my new IG-88 designs and an old one I borrowed from someone a while back. If you wouldn't mind voting in the poll that would be great. Thanks, hope you like the MOC! Maul vs IG-88 by I Scream Clone, on Flickr Maul vs IG-88 by I Scream Clone, on Flickr IG-88 by I Scream Clone, on Flickr Cheers.