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  1. blackdeathgr

    [SR - FB 2 - Jul 620] Harbour master house.

    I am planning to read this for quite a long time.Is that as good as people say? The build is nice but if I would have to change something, it would be the top platform that I find too wide compared to the rest of the building and the rendering tool (try and I believe you will never go back). A really nice detail is the buoys!
  2. blackdeathgr

    [ESL] Colonial Trading Post

    I really really love that build. Clean lines as always and instantly recognised style of yours. The printed panels give the moc a lot of character and so do the rockwork and the crane. The sea is amazing too. Is it a single layer of round plates or a double one? I take it took you A LOT of time to complete, eh? (and what about dismantling when time comes? )
  3. blackdeathgr

    A Tale of Revenge - Part 2: Heretic!

    Your name rhymes though! On the other hand, Canon Francois...
  4. blackdeathgr

    A Tale of Revenge - Part 2: Heretic!

    Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Ross Fisher!
  5. blackdeathgr

    [COR ChIIICatC] Intriguing Visitors

    Gz being frontpaged! Well deserved!
  6. blackdeathgr

    A Tale of Revenge - Part 2: Heretic!

    Intriguing story that I really enjoyed (very Count Montecristo)! However I assure you that is not the case concerning the rights of our citizens in Oleon Perhaps Patricia is destined to be the wife of an upstanding and loyal noble? I also liked the build which is really pleasing to the eye (I certainly don't mind that the court floor had no planks although I would like to see a planked version).
  7. blackdeathgr

    [OL - FB] A Patron in Eltina

    My MOC shelf life must be approximately 7-10 days and yes I am in that dire lack-of-LEGO-space situation
  8. blackdeathgr

    [EBFS] Backyard Paradise

    Thanks! I had this idea the moment I've read about that competition. Plus, it's always stimulating when you build/step up out of your comfort zone (i.e. Pirates theme) Then, I can only say, "You bad, bad dog!" Basically I am unfamiliar with the different attitudes per dog breed as I am actually a proud cat owner
  9. blackdeathgr

    [OL - FB] A Patron in Eltina

    It's nice to finally see those builds posted!
  10. Fascinating build!!!
  11. blackdeathgr

    [EBFS] Backyard Paradise

    Thanks! I was aiming for this exact feeling!
  12. blackdeathgr

    [EBFS] Backyard Paradise

    Thanks . It's for a contest here in Eurobricks. Don't forget to check what other builders have posted as well!
  13. blackdeathgr

    Eurobricks Flower Show: The Showground

    Backyard Paradise
  14. blackdeathgr

    [EBFS] Backyard Paradise

    A lonely pensioner in a gray city has built his personal everyday paradise His trusted dog and the numerous flowers and veggies he cultivates are his escape from the gray city. His granddaughter also visits him from time to time and she has gifted him with a colorful grafitti with the word "LIFE" written on the wall. Built for The Eurobricks Flower Show contest A bit more on Flickr. C&C always wanted!