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  1. It has become my favorite too!
  2. blackdeathgr

    Port Wilks Waterwheel

    This must be the absolutely best version of a watermill yet as I believe it has near perfectly dimensions (aka "wood" thickness)! We really need a building guide! Coming with a really detailed building, fantastic rockwork and an era appropriate carriage helps tremendously too!!!
  3. More cannons to pose a threat to OL fleet maybe? Muhahahaha! (joking ofc) If you aren't using hinged bricks for structural reasons already, at the bottom gray line, I would try to use some curved slopes at its bow and stern if possible, for a more curved hull impression (as master @Bregir pinpointed to me once among many other things when I posted this boxy monstrosity !). Your shape, size and width is definitely spot on I would say!!! By the way has anyone found sufficiently thin waxed ropes? I am finding thicker versions all over the place but nothing sufficiently thin to use at ratlines. Also has anyone found (a sacrilege I know but it saves time!) ready made ratlines from a model shop? It's an idea I am having in my mind for quite some time but I have yet to encounter any at a proper minifig scale either. Alternatively I don't know if anything like that helps (seems too extravagant though) since I know nothing of tying ratlines myself.
  4. blackdeathgr

    Black Pirates

    After some research (and accidental stumbling upon), arguably the best colored pirate so far (besides Prince of Persia Middle Eastern minifigs) is Greef Karga from SW theme. You can use this minifig as it is or replace its arms with reddish brown ones and ready to go! Not costing an arm and a leg, helps too!
  5. blackdeathgr

    [OL - FB] King's College, Breshaun

    Blue and white never looked better at a building! I really love the fence and the fountain and the "Monsier Admiral Statue" is well posed too!
  6. blackdeathgr

    [WIP] Jack Stone Hulled ship WIP experiment

    Due to the excessive sloping/tumblehome at the bow, it looks like more of a "space frigate" to me (a' la Disney's Treasure Island) , rather than a "usual" age of sails ship. Still, you have managed to incorporate those 4+ pieces really seamlessly and one cannot easily discern where the big piece ends and where the small bricks start.
  7. blackdeathgr

    [SR - FB - Oct 21] The frigate Magnetic North

    Imposing and playable at the same time! I especially like the deck and the stern!
  8. Interesting color choices and nice scaled down (nordic?) church design!
  9. blackdeathgr

    [COR- Faction Flavors] Antonio's office

    A really nice vignette! Small details as others mentioned (the sword hilt, desk chair, horizontal wooden beams, candlestick ) make it really shine, while minifigs are cleverly chosen.
  10. Now I love you a little more my friend! Given the Era seting, I am sure we will see some great things!
  11. blackdeathgr

    [MOC] The Field Marshal

    Nice one! Printed uniforms are always the best However strange, DUPLOs are only cheap at yard sales. If you buy them new or from BL, they cost a lot more money compared to the System bricks.
  12. blackdeathgr

    [MOC] Navistar

    Lovely ship with an even better interior!!!!
  13. blackdeathgr

    [MOC] Admiral's Outpost on Azure Coast

    Outstanding building! And I really like all the clutter around it!
  14. Beautifully integrated shelves with nice assortment of stuff! And that sack posing as dress is really convincing and NPU! !
  15. I had some serious laughs with this story! Perfect posing, really nice trees and snot baseplate! And somehow this extended arm doesn't look out of place!