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  1. blackdeathgr

    [SR - FB] Lothario's poker lounge

    Nice build and presentation! sauce Kids are like sponges regarding info!
  2. blackdeathgr

    [COR - Ship Level Increase] The time has come...

    Nice curtains and effective sword hanging!
  3. blackdeathgr

    [OL-FB] A New Commission and Command

    Impressive building, great uniforms and I so love how bustling it is (and with an interior) !
  4. Yeap, blonde wife, brunette daughter
  5. blackdeathgr

    [REVIEW] 75266 - Sith Troopers Battle Pack

    Pff..Jellybeans. The only thing that makes them look good, is that those black accents match overwhelmingly red suites nicely. Vive les Mandalorians! A nice review though (as always) Bob! P.S: LEt's recreate Space Crusade in LEGO bricks!
  6. blackdeathgr

    [GoC] Class 2 Myzec Trimaran

    I love it! All that color and character! Easily one of the best Native vessel in BoBS! Hanging feathers do wonders and I also really like that long coveted (by me) tent between the masts. Can't find a proper one in ages! I guess I'll have to improvise for my waaay future army camp.
  7. Sorry for my late reply but do proceed please! Everybody likes mingling! Hehehe! P.S: Those mirrors (however DUPLO) are awesome! Don't you just love the interconnection between system and Duplo?
  8. blackdeathgr

    Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    @Ayrlego Drooling over those animals and also drooling while waiting to see your new builds! Captain Wolf had also found (waaaaay back) some tan versions of cows somewhere. I believe it was brickforge again. I know someone who could do that for you. Very reasonable prices... Padre back off! This builder's feet must always stand on firm ground! Oh, and happy new year everybody!
  9. blackdeathgr

    [ESL-FB] Fountain Plaza in Salida Este

    Excellent fountain and floor tiling!
  10. blackdeathgr

    [COR - FB] Shot Tower, Quinnsville

    A really nice and innovative idea! I like how the efficiently round (no seeming vertical gaps) the round tower is!
  11. blackdeathgr

    [COR - FB] Spudkirk Raid

    fantastic rockwork and elevated ground and the white building is indeed very nice! Someone also got those elusive shields...hehehe!
  12. WOW! All that food must not be left to rot! Of course Hugo D'Offren will attend! latest pic here Ah, just kidding, you can find him below still alive and kicking
  13. Definitely not a technic fan (a cannon and a sloop is what I would have built for the wastelands) but I faved this topic because it is really as cool as Antarctica!!! Eagerly waiting for your ideas/builds guys!