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  1. I really like how you transformed the Barracuda Bay's base sans ship with adding that cute building!
  2. blackdeathgr

    [ESL - TROOP] Mercs of Fuerte Unido

    What a cast of both interesting and beautiful minifigs (and accessories too)!
  3. Truly exciting times to be on the BoBS ship brothers!
  4. I really love both writing and the whole compound! Money well spent as D'Offrens would say!
  5. blackdeathgr

    [COR-FB] Traffic Jam in Wullham

    Excellent photo using "regular" pieces! I guess some people are more capable than others at photoshooting! My experiences with traffic are primarily with sheep (especially in virtually all of our islands), with an Amish cart (just once back in the US countryside) but fore and foremost with goats (one can definitely not depict them in LEGO form anymore unless he is a billionaire) Ahahaha! My kind of guy!
  6. blackdeathgr

    MOC: Riad

    Wow this is so great! Fascinating techniques and attention to details make this moc unique! Floor is the best part imo!
  7. blackdeathgr

    The Conquering Hero Returns in Triumph

    Ha! I knew there were more torsos than those I've counted at the first pic! Beautifully and quirky colorful, nice experimentation on those techniques and ofc Captain ( I mean who doesn't love Captain A??)
  8. blackdeathgr

    [COR - FB] Horse Farm, Elizabethville

    While I usually love your builds, I am mixed on that one. I love the terrain transition from water to sand but when you raise the ground vertically mostly with tan bricks like a wall, it strikes me as being too simple compared to all the other wonderful techniques you've used in this MOC. Maybe the water has make some cavities in these spots so it would be better to use more tan slopes and inverted slopes - just a thought though. Same with the low stonewall, as SNOT doesn't tie well enough with the studded green ground directly below (I would prefer a good old classic profile bricks+greebling for that wall or at least some greenery growing at the wall base so as to cover the gap between the ground and the wall - I know, nitpicking right now ). Finally, what I really love about the MOC is the shack, the minifig choices (and posing - as always), the tree and some small details like the seagulls, the twig on the beach and ofc the LEGO animals (one can't have enough LEGO animals in my opinion). Keep on building friend and thanks for enhancing our small but bonded BOBS community!
  9. blackdeathgr

    [GoC] HMS Forbearance

    Great job Spud!
  10. blackdeathgr


    Although requiring a small fortune for large amount... Boots on guys! Always boots on! You can't imagine what a man could stumble upon, these days of old!
  11. blackdeathgr

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    Merry xmas to you too friend and a happy new year! Santa in a boat is a nice idea!
  12. Excellent MOC with great details everywhere!!! I dare say that such stunning fountain is clearly of Oleander design! Are you sure you haven't chosen the wrong faction to join?
  13. Happy Xmas to everybody and their families guys!