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  1. Wheel Spoke Factory

    Ahahahaha! I am still trying to figure out if your invention would work irl Nice moc nevertheless!
  2. A nice MOC series and a nice accompanying story. I'll echo Ayrlego's opinions and I would also like to add that when you build a tan baseplate, it would be better if the buildings (tents in your case) were of a different color like white for example or dark tan (assuming you have the bricks ofc). Other than that, I like your angles that you took the photos, the rocket effect and the shape of the nearby building and finally the brickbuilt tent design (although I woulf prefer them in another color choice as I wrote above). All in all, keep up the great work!!! Oh, I also like the rocket crew minifigs and the use of top hats for those corrish bodyguards. Especially the latter is something I've been thinking of using it in a future naval MOC of mine
  3. [COR - Aug FB] Leaving Nova Malto

    Great one once more! As always landscaping is excellent (the color variation is great and matching) and we tremble at the sight of so many Corrish troops gathered together (well not really ). Those Eslandolans are great too and with adequate variation in uniforms. And last but not least, those palm leaves in the new colors... oh those palm leaves... On a funny note, - out of the three chasseaurs (the ones with the "wooly" hat), it looks like the middle one is having a problem to see straight with his hat being so low. He might stumble on a rock or something unless his comrades are holding his hand while on the march! - @Kai NRG Maybe stepping on stones on a single foot is a royal punishment for them as they abandoned the colony in Eslandolan hands P.S 1.: As I remember you are down under, right? If that's indeed the case, I've found the reason for your many (awesome btw) mocs these days. You are having winter time there!!! Here it's too hot to even try sorting/disassembling my bricks and A/C is not an option as I totally hate it. So eagerly (well not so eagerly really) waiting for September to come (along with our lugbulk order) in order to materialize some ideas I'm having. P.S 2.: Seeing your flags are years old, how do you prevent the clips from breaking while you have them stored? I've been having this question for quite some time now but I haven't really found a solution other from not moving them AT ALL while being stashed.
  4. Gin House, New Haven

    Charming building! And that corrish ambassador...!
  5. Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    Destiny's Bounty is quite a little beast! Thanks for the comparative photos!
  6. REVIEW: 70409 Shipwreck Defense

    A nicely done review for one of the hidden little gems of the previous pirate set series
  7. Mercantile Wharf on the Colonial Expansion

    Really great! The whole layout and the individual buildings are top notch!
  8. WoW, you are churning out great MOCs non stop! I love this as well and you sir are surely setting the standards for all of us! I particular;y like the irregular base, the lush tree and as always, the 1x1 round bricks roof (my favorite roof design tbh)
  9. [COR-FB] Regular Like Clockwork

    All these clocks...!!! Heidt imminent! Also that title... surely reminds me of things other than clocks! Hahahahaha!
  10. Money among the stones

    @SilentWolf Thanks for correcting me! I haven't use the mine licencing procedure for quite some time Also edited my post (crossing out the wrong step)
  11. Money among the stones

    Keymonus nice vignette and may you have the desired results! According to the rules found here, You first pay 25DB as set up costs using this form (transfer the money to Oleon), then post it at the starting thread for @SkaForHire to see it (you can also PM him if he isn't answering fast enough). When he is back on you with the results, you can licence the mine using this form (I know, there are a lot of steps but who doesn't like a bit of good old blue/red/green bureaucracy? ). Feel free to PM me for further instructions or if you are unsure of the whole process. The most important thing as I've already said, is to post the link at the starting thread for Ska to roll the dice and come up with the resulted mineral. Edit: Thanks SilentWolf for the correction!
  12. Nicely done! I, too, like the arched windows used, well, as arches and I also really like the ship (as if it came out of a board game)!
  13. For whom it may interest! Yes, you CAN see that precious little bluecoat in the back, can't you?? Especially for those ship-builders out there, there is a nice category that nets you Silent Mary . So you can participate (if you have finished vacation/suntanning/mountain climbing/camping/whatever unlike myself) and make BoBS-ers proud and our universe a little more known to those pirate-y people out there!!
  14. OMG! These refugees are certainly living some very colorful lives these days