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  1. Great uniforms and I seriously hope that more relevant posts emerge in the future! @Flavius Gratian While I can clearly understand the fact that you adore Oleon so much and want to mimic us, we are nevertheless so gracious that we permit you to wear white breeches whenever you want! Just be aware that in case of a conflict, should we capture your troops wearing our colors, they will be considered saboteurs and will be executed on the spot (or so writes our "Grand Manual of Conducting War With Other Factions") OOC now, since BoBS is a free and open community, you can portray your troops with whatever colors you like within the general rules of your chosen faction. Blue, red and white are all for flavor and to diversify factions among other things.
  2. The Wonders of Celestia

    That build is amazing (as always) and cant wait for more! I am happy that it was brought back at the spotlight. I especially like the statue, the way the staircase feels so naturally incorporated into the rock/mount and the spot on greenery around the rock/mount
  3. [TSotEP] 4 - Hiring the Crew

    I am really curious as to how far one can go with a crew like this
  4. [COR - FB] Quinnsville Monument

    Couldn't agree more! Of course that time lessens the more you get involved in rotating stuff in LDD, still it is annoyingly time consuming. For me, the most annoying part is when you have to rotate two pieces and place them at the exact same angle in order to snap to a third piece (a minifig grasping a musket with both hands for example).
  5. [COR - FB] Quinnsville Monument

    Nice statue and posing!
  6. Exploring Celestia, One Day at a Time

    Nice photos and appropriately minifig scaling on the real grass
  7. [SR - FB 1 - MAR 18] A Smoking Room

    Niiice! A gentlemen's club! I really like ALL the furniture and those little details you've put there!
  8. Astrapi Silver Mine

    Great build, spot on close up photos (as always) and a great myth (with a bonus build inside the build) to accompany it. Just beautiful! Do you believe we are close to finding Zeus' Artifact?
  9. Not so far but that uncertain status isn't exactly a settler/builder-magnet
  10. [COR-FB] Having a ball!

    I am thoroughly impressed both by the idea and the implementation! Thanks for bringing all our sigfigs together!
  11. [SR-FB-LDD] Paint Factory

    Nice and colorful! I also like the exceptional integration of rocks by the walls. But what about the environmental pollution at the back of the building? Do I see colors down the drain???
  12. Capt G, that is a "nice" execution! I also enjoyed the crowd watching. I am not overly sold on the roof style though (the black one) but all in all this is a lovingly crafted moc! Oh, and tiling makes that moc shine even more ;-)
  13. [TSotEP] 2 - Surprise

    The port is very well built but the ship...oh that ship!!! Eagerly waiting for the next parts
  14. The moc is great, the various equipment are great too and so is the story. But what I liked the most, was the ceremony that enriches the faith subject in BoBS. In times of old (and sometimes even today), a rooster was also slain and drained over the cornerstone or at the foundations, for the building to stay solid.
  15. Your mocs have always something innovative to contribute. Adding your spot on photos to that and we have a beautiful duo of story+build! I especially enjoyed the target manequin and the idea of the chain blocking the port