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  1. blackdeathgr

    [MOC] Blue Imperial Fort

  2. blackdeathgr

    [COMIC] The Monday Deathmatch Tournament

    I love it! Thanks Mister Phes for frontpaging this!
  3. blackdeathgr

    Clay Carling's Adventures in Jameston

    Welcome aboard! The first bustling photo looks great!
  4. blackdeathgr

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    @Django Fett Nice re-introduction and MOC! Eagerly awaiting for the continuation of your story
  5. blackdeathgr

    Orange Plantation

    Great plantation and house and GZ on it being front-paged! @Ross Fisher Check the "Estates General" my indebted friend!
  6. blackdeathgr

    A new vineyard

    Nice moc keymonus! Really well made but I believe the sheep are stealing the show here!hehehe!
  7. GZ for the front page!!
  8. blackdeathgr

    [MOC] Pirate Island vs Imperial fort

    GJ Pantelo!!!
  9. blackdeathgr

    [SR - FB] Delivery

    Nice house! And the rat head is a nice touch
  10. blackdeathgr

    [Mystery Island 9] In the Laboratory

    Nice laboratory (and funny above all)! Some monkeybusiness is definitely brewing over there! That "alembic-oid" trans light blue thing is well built and kudos on the old black armless torso (or at least I think it is exactly that ) !
  11. @Capt Wolf Great write up!
  12. A great era-appropriate book (not sure where to post it so I think it would benefit more people if it stayed here - feel free to move it though) "Discurso de mi vida" by Alonso de Contreras A true gem and one of the finest books of the so called Golden Age of Sail, along with the "The True History of the Conquest of New Spain". Hopefully it inspires you! Cheers!
  13. blackdeathgr

    Svalg Keep: Mitgardia (Free-Build)

    This is a really great MOC with lots of details! I especially like the rock overhang and partial cover of the black sloped base!!!
  14. blackdeathgr

    [GOC] the new Fortress of Port Woodhouse

    Nice one! Great beach, foliage and wall! NPU on the lbg ingot you used at the wall! As I wrote at Flickr as well, the cannons doesn't look intimidating enough, (We Oleanders have waaaaay bigger cannons -> )