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  1. Oh, I haven't noticed it earlier then. Glad that this new lego piece comes in black too!
  2. Nice vignette and presentation/story. A question: Did our lovely priest buy a new priestly uniform or it was always like this? I spotted the new dress piece in black on the last photo
  3. Nice story with a twist! The monster was good and so is the terrain.
  4. blackdeathgr

    [BTSC] BoBS Tournament Soccer Cup 618

    Wow, a cup and custom made bricks for that event??? Things are getting better and better by the year! Looking forward to compete and ofc to see the many funny mocs like the ones our guys made for the previous tournament. And as always, good luck to all the participants!
  5. Hugo was exercising his favorite hobby under his favorite nondescript tree when an employee of his came to bring the bad news. Little Hermes, the vessel that started everything, the very vessel that ferried Hugo to the new World and made him rich, had been lost at sea. The news hit Hugo hard the day after (when he got sober that is) but for now, all that was heard, was him saying to the messenger: "Little Hermes has been lost? Oh, well, grab the schematics from my desk drawer and bring them to our shipbuilders at Eltina. I want an exact replica. That boat has a sentimental value for me! Now bugger off and let me drink that fine Oleander wine someone brought me as a present from the Old World...hic!" Hugo is pondering (aka drinking heavily) by Spy Tha, on Flickr This build was gifted to me by our esteemed @@Bodi, obviously for sistershiping reasons So credits got to Bodi along with my deepest thanks!
  6. Nice build (AC black fag rules!!!) and an equally nice story
  7. blackdeathgr

    [Era II - Challenge II - Cat C] Suddenly...

    yummy story! And that smoke "poof" ...brilliant!
  8. So, ehm...books, right...? I mean, why not... one can gain a fortune from selling books
  9. Now I am really hooked! Moar please!!!!
  10. blackdeathgr

    [OL - FB] Arrivals from New Oleon

    I would say New Oleon (territory) is inhabited by New Oleanders (people) but native speaking might be using another dialect in which the proper wording would be New Oleans
  11. blackdeathgr

    [OL - FB] Arrivals from New Oleon

    Yay! The new New Oleanders have arrived!
  12. Nice building and a smart crane! Really glad it has an interior as well. But that lime on the ground... that lime... is killing my eyes
  13. I REALLY loved it (both the dummies idea and the MOC execution)! Go get them guys!!!
  14. blackdeathgr

    Captain Nordau's Rowboat

    Yummy sailing raiding boat accompanied with funny text. What's not to love!? Can we please see more of the boat's building technique (i.e. a top down photo or something) ?