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  1. Great idea to also show the "close up" version of the flower! I am working on something similar... Hopefully I'll build it on time!
  2. [Era II, Ch IA - OL] - Looking for accommodation

    Nice ideas! Definitely on my To-Do list! Thanks!
  3. [META] A quick overview of the map

    Don't worry, you will all be conquered by the almighty Oleon so maps are insignificant and will be drawn anew !
  4. [Era II - Ch I - Cat. B - nmr 3] Luxuriant paradise

    Nice jungle and different types of flowers! I sincerely hope a Corrish flower-aficionado publishes a book summing up the vast variety of flowers encountered at Celestia!
  5. A nice, solid moc! I like the barracks and the tent but above all I liked the close up of the two different soldier types (especially the captain of the engineers- very nice torso and legs selection). Bananas for breakfast, bananas for lunch, bananas for supper, bananas, bananas, bananas...
  6. A very nice entry! Superbly fleshed out characters and I really like the different photographs (one with the entire building/top floor and the other only with the basement). I also like the trans clear plated behind the windows as they "complete" the whole view (trans clear easily beats black bricks I guess ). For the history/architecture lovers, I have to mention that this building design of yours was really common in Europe (and elsewhere) back then, as the family used to live on the top floor and at the basement, they placed their livestock. All in all a great moc and good luck at the challenge!
  7. A superb era appropriate building and I love that it has interior and a throng of minifigs!!!
  8. Class 2 - HMS "Barracuda" [COR]

    Wow! nice ship! Really sleek and with beautiful sails! My only remark is that you should have left out those three flex tubes that are connected at the bottom of the three front triangular shaped sails as their bending looks a bit off. Oh, and I really like that bird's nest!
  9. [Era II - Ch I - Cat. B - nmr 4] Keep off the grass

    A nice entry with tons of laughs! I liked the inclusion of the tiled river and the carnivorous plant! I'm sad to hear that your pc exploded or something
  10. [Era II, Ch IA - OL] - Looking for accommodation

    Thanks Lord Buckethead! The tan one is my favorite too. I also have to agree that this roof technique is the best looking (at least among the conventional techniques). Frenchman's torso does make a wonderful sailor after all . I am waiting for the red version of yours! Thanks! Alas, sand green depicting moss was an idea I have... ahem, borrowed from a past moc or two (not mine ) Thanks Ayrlego! You can never have enough trans tiles and plates for that sea technique! As for the rest small details you mentioned, I think I have reached a spot (brick-wise) where I can encompass some more details compared to my previous builds. Oh, and be sure that Hugo will drop by to visit the colonial governor for a cup of coffee (or tea or whatever Corrish drink in their colonies these days ) Thanks Elo! Regarding the photo quality, I've noticed that too. I can even see the dust! The funny part is that I've used the same decrepit mobile phone I've been using for ages. I believe it had to do with the lighting as I've been waiting for the right weather conditions to photograph it at my balcony (too much rain and wind up to yesterday) so the clouds must have diffused the sun light and enhanced the photos. Definitely something to take into consideration on my next photos! Your suggestion for the moc depth has been noted and I totally think that you are right. It feels a bit "empty" as it is now. I'll use some black bricks a bit behind the windows next time and see how it turns out.
  11. [Era II, Ch IA - OL] - Looking for accommodation
  12. The "Unfolded Tablecloth Productions" present you their next big hit: Hugo D'Offren embarks once again on a great adventure! This time though it is not an adventure involving vanquishing enemies of the Crown, rather than a mission of scientific (and prestigious) nature. We are to explore the jungles of Celestia and locate the fabled Superb Orchid of Celestia! Hugo has just arrived at Jameston, accompanied by his trusted crew and marines. With him, there is also a young and ambitious dragoon officer, the protege of Hugo (sporting the Dragoon's shako used when on foot and the dreaded scarlet demi-cape of the Oleon Dragoons regiments). He is his sister's son after all. All together, they are to meet a Crown agent (the man in black attires - let's call him Mr B for now) that was stationed in Jameston some months ago in order to facilitate the expedition's first steps among other things. The meeting is to take place in front of "The Captain's Daughter" Inn, at a secondary quay of the settlement. At the following pics, you will watch this meeting taking place (and all those sailors "happily" carrying the expedition's luggage and stuff - mostly blank canvas and empty diaries ready to be filled with the wonders of this island's Jungles). Sadly no time for interior (even a rudimentary one). The "bucket floating around was drifted here from a nearby wreck - worry not, as none was injured. Both buildings (The Captain's Daughter Inn and a nearby merchant house) are a gift from Oleon to the good people of Jameston. They can license them in their name as they see fit. Thanks for watching and good luck to all the contestants!
  13. [MMM] The Charity of Luna

    Por Zeus! Now that explains a lot!
  14. [MMM] A merry Mokolei Merrynight

    I LOVED it!!! The dragon is a fascinating moc on its own, let alone all the other little things going on in your build!
  15. [MMM] The Charity of Luna

    Infidel! Guaaaards!!!