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  1. [COR - Cruisers of Terra Nova] HMS Wentham - Class 5

    Beautiful one!!!!! I also love the size. Spot on. Not too big of a ship but not too small either Now that you have mastered the LDD building, I would encourage you to try different rendering programs (such as bluerender?) for smoother effects. If I were you, I would ask Kolonialbeamter for these things
  2. [OL - FB] Rhodos

    A nice first attempt (mine was hugely worse) A bit C&C since you asked: The hull is a bit tall I think (expect at least half of it to stay below water level when at sea) so if you want to present it that way, you can lower the whole hull by one brick height (or partially sink your ship in a handful of 1x1 round plates. Regarding sails, I found every ship a bit more appealing if it has some forms of sail, even a paper one (and even rolled up, in a secure position, on the mast) You should try it one day as it vastly improves appearance imo. That's all from me and I would like to wish you a pleasant staying once more.
  3. [OCT] Charcuterie at Octoberfest

    Yep, that's a nice stand and facade you've got there!
  4. Congratz (because you know, Octoberfest congrats should end with a Z) on all participants and winners!
  5. [OCT] An end with a big bang!

    Oh man! How could I miss that masterpiece!!! Awesome inovative techniques all over and a really intriguing story!!! I really liked that mischievous looking pirate minifig and those great colorful explosions! GZ on winning at Octoberfest and a hefty prize too!
  6. [COR-AMRCA] Mokolei Expedition

    I see awesome eastern Mokolei-an builds here! I also loved the map due to its colorful nature. Keep up Marco-Polo-Mokolei-ing guys!!!
  7. @merc Exactly what @Drunknok wrote It all sounds daunting but if you do it once or twice, you get the hang of it. Plus bookmarking those links helps A LOT. Of course. if you still have questions or you are uncertain about something, feel free to ask again and again. We are really happy to help (and given the various timezones our players live, a quick answer is more or less guaranteed (I am really curious as to the highest and lowest latitude our players dwell btw but that's a different story)
  8. Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    @Kwatchi Ahahahahahaha! The Thunderdome! Muhahahaha! Nominated as the best joke of the week!
  9. Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    @Khorne Awesomeness in minifig form (as usual)! I really like the legs on black boots on various minifigs after all...
  10. [SR - AMRCA - Doctor Thaum] The hunt for Red Oktober

    a) Excellent movie! b) Great story! c) Nice ship railing!
  11. Merry Xmas people! It feels like yesterday from the last EBXmas Raffle but time flies by with good company Well, ever considered why you are ending up with tons of swords and pistols after opening one Pirate themed set? The answer is pretty clear: They grow on (Xmas) trees and TLG inserts them into those sets liberally! Behold the proof of it! As always have fun and enjoy this time of the year with as much fun as possible! Merry Xmas!
  12. As KB already said, and if I correctly understood the question, you can and sometime people get paid in DB for that. No need to send them anything (files etc) though. Usually you do the posting and another player licenses the MOC. That way you keep your 10DB for the MOC and the said player can then take ownership by licensing the building/ship whatever.
  13. Hey! Great seabed and a nice story for part 2 Also a smart way to deal with the sharks
  14. Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    @Drunknok When we started BoBS, I felt the same as I wanted to participate in each and every challenge, incentive etc etc. Sometimes I could manage that, sometimes I couldn't. And sometimes mind that each faction's "events" can be completed in due time, even after a deadline. We merely present them to draw attention and let people have options. For example, if a faction announces that it needs lighthouses, that means they will usually need them even when the deadline expires. Still, some people don't like lighthouses so they can totally skip that event. But simultaneously the faction also needs ships/shoemakers etc, so they announce another initiative etc etc. That way we want to offer options to the players and/or give ideas of what they can build. Of course, some minor agreements are being made behind the scenes between faction leaders when the initiatives are faction-wide so that we can possibly achieve the maximum participation possible. Finally, apart from all those faction-wide or (just faction) initiatives, we have Challenges. And since Challenges define each Era we are playing (and usually new territories and good stuff are involved), it is advisable that you participate in each one (again if you have the time ofc). BoBS is an open building RPG, with totally not mandatory "events" and you can participate whenever you have the time. Else burnout comes