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    Aside from LEGO and everything that has to do with it, I also fence and I'm in boy-scouts.


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  1. Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Well, I could reply on this, but since our Royal Mapmaker, mister @Henjin_Quilones, already did so way better than I ever could... Hahahaha, thanks Henjin, you're absolutely right there! (though actually, there's too much sand getting across the border for my taste, I think I will give up on Drond's Feelds in Book III)
  2. Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Ok, ok, I admit! Kali also offers a lot lf rock, and maybe even a snake or two (but that's about it)
  3. [MOC] Kaliphlin flying Tradesman

    Though I'm not very fond of more "modern" MOCs, I like this one. It looks perfectly shaped to sell some Kaliphlinite spices in the darklands...
  4. Summoning gone wrong

    The build is very nice (though I feel like the green background makes the effect of the neon-green windows dissappear a bit), but the story is even better Already looking forward to the following MOC!
  5. Old Mage's Tower

    Indeed a very nice build! It's defenitely your trademark style, but it also reminds me a bit of TM's towers. Anyway, really love the vegetation (go Avalonian treehuggers!) and the roof is just yummie-yummie, how all these angled sections come together
  6. Loving your intro, Orange Leader! Looking forward to see Argatz's story develop
  7. Oasis Retreat

    Seems like the wicked wizard living in a not-so-stable-looking construction also works in other guilds! Although the house seems a bit rectangular, especially when compared to your Avalonian towers, I really like it! The surroundings are nice as well, quite cool how you managed to squeeze a palmtree in without using the palm leaves
  8. Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Welcome for sure! As others have said, just follow your heart (though I can tell you Avalonia truly is the coolest guild )
  9. A warm welcome to the mightiest guild for our new members I may have seemed a bit inactive latent, but don't worry, I'm still building!
  10. Shinmizu Village

    It surprises me noone has ever combined these two styles before, because the results are lovely! All the little canals and streams and bridges make for a very fresh and beautiful village, whereas the many details show a very busy life. I also recognise the feeling on the non-straight houses, angled roofs are such a pain-in-the-megablock Overall, quite the build. The two of you should do things like this more often
  11. AoM: Mill Phase 3: Firoir Watermill

    It is indeed a lovely colourscheme Also really like your irregular base, minifig composition but especially wood-work. These arches supporting the roof of the biggest building are just yummie
  12. A very neat village indeed! I really like your roofs, though they're a bit studded, they have a very Eastern feeling
  13. Indeed, just get building! Though it is true the old challenges are no longer active, they still make for some very, very good inspiration I think...
  14. Congratulations to everyone, but especially to Ecc for getting this done pretty soon(ish)! Also, up Avalonia!
  15. [WIP] Still Nocturnian work :-) Orc Fortress

    Wow, quite a big WIP and it defenitely looks Nocturnian! The lights really add to that as well