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  1. Avonhem Manor - Home Sweet Home!

    Thanks Elostirion! How's BoBS faring these days?
  2. I'll do my best, sir Good luck at work, I still have a week before school kicks off again
  3. Welcome back, NiceMarmot! It's been quite some time! I have to admit, the story hasn't gotten any easier, but Kai and LJ did a good wrap-up!
  4. Ooo yes, the bigger you go the more nightmare it becomes! My "photography-study" is already to small for a 50x50 build
  5. Here I am, dG! After the last challenge, I felt a bit tired so I decided to build a bit slower That's also the reason why I won't have a huuuge entry to the Anniversary Challenge (especially not a 100x100 build, which is just jaw-dropping Henjin!). At this moment, I'm trying to develop Avonhem with some more freebuilds, but you already knew that In any case, it indeed looks like we're all doing a little summer-sleep. I hope that'll change soon!
  6. Avonhem Manor - Home Sweet Home!

    Tudor-styled buildings to rule the world!
  7. Avonhem Manor - Home Sweet Home!

    A tutorial to this kind of half-timbered tudor-styled houses can now be found on BrickBuilt! Thanks Faladrin! I'm sorry to say, but there's no interior (I'm not SK ). Will try to do so in my next build though! Thank you Kai! Glad you like the microfigs, since they must be one of my favoured details of this MOC! If this seems a lot of dark green, you should defenitely go check out one of Blufiji's builds Greens and browns are the typical Avalonian colourscheme. Thanks for commenting! Well, clean DC is ZC And you're absolutely right about those windows man! You make me blush, Garm. You make me feel like this is CCC-winning level (which it is not, to be honest). I really tried to use as little texture as possible, and though it feels weird I can't say I dislike it. Lanterns are, again, inspired by ZC. Thank you for the tips on building a tree, I think I will now try to corporate at least one tree in every MOC, so as to "train" myself Thanks dG, not only for commenting but also for letting me use Benoic! I really like details, so I'm glad you like them too You're what? No fan of... tudor-style? Go join the darklands, man No, thanks sir! Thank you! Good to hear it'll never get old, since there's more of this to come Where you are going the way of more texture, I'm trying less texture with every build. A it weird, but I think it turned out nice Glad you noticed the border, since you are the first one and I do actually like it a lot!
  8. Watchtower at Fahrin Falls

    Had already seen this (and drooled over it) on Flickr, but I still find it lovely Though there's way too much texture for my taste, I think you're absolutely nailing the worn-down look. I really like the woodwork, especially the diagonal beams, and waterfall is awesome If I had to remark something, it would be the minifig. If you ask me, it's legs don't fit with it's torso Lastly, I have to say something about these rocks. Are you crazy man? Because these rocks defenitely are Though I've never tried something like that myself, I can imagine it must be very hard to pull off. Respect, sir
  9. Welcome to the best (well, that may be disputed. In any way the coolest ) guild!
  10. Finally back in Avalonia, Lord Stark and Alric are making the tiring journey to their homesteads. Luckily, they will not have to sleep under the stars this night: Lord Ceron of Avonhem has offered them a bed for the night and a place at his fire! Avonhem is a small lordship located in the Avalonian heartland, next to the river of Avonmora and downstream of it's big neighbour Sionnach. It's leading family has since long pledged it's swords to the rulers of Benoic, though it has been quite some time they actually had to bare steel for their overlords. It's support to Benoic's war efforts has more come in the form of grain and livestock to feed the glorious troops. Finally back to building in my beloved Avalonian style. Inspiration by ZC and DC, and special thanks goes to @Blufiji for comment and aid while building, and to @de Gothia for letting me use his county. Hope you like it, CC not only very welcome, but also craved for (especially on the tree. As a true Avalonian, I'm ashamed to admit that my trees could be way better). Long live the Avalonian dragon!
  11. Sea Haven

    Well, the salty sea water would quickly tear away the wood
  12. Sea Haven

    Wow. Just wow. First of all, some things I've already said before, but I can't help repeating: your landscaping is just gorgeous. The multiple shades of water work very well, and you defenitely showed mastery of the rockwork-technique. Secondly, some (maybe) new things: the colourscheme is absolutely fantastic. The bright green-olive green combo works far better than I would ever have expected. Though wooden buildings would be quite unhandy IRL, as you told me yourself, the reddish/dark brown just adds that tiny bit of flavour needed. My last remarks go to the building. I know how you've struggled with them, but man, in the end they turned out sooooo lovely Splitting up the main keep into multiple smaller towers accomplished miracles, and the wooden sections are ingenious! I also really, really like your roofs Keep surprising me, good sir
  13. A journey to Mitgardia

    Sweet! I really like the landscaping, and the colourscheme is very nice too (especially the dark tan for the timbered sections ) Yea, I've found BB a very useful site as well
  14. The Battle of Maerwynn Creek

    Awesome, TM! I always love collabs, and this is no exception all the details are great, as is the landscaping. All the minifigs are lovely, and you posed them very well. A last remark goes to the small tent with the red-yellow cross, which is just yummy Keep it up!
  15. In the Halls of Power

    A very cool lay-out and simple yet effective decorations (like the double horizontal stripe) makes for a nice build, though personally I would have left the baseplate away (it's studs distract a bit from hte main build, IMHO)