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  1. TitusV

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Hahahaha, okay, I've never looked at it that way Henjin Luckiliy I've got you guys to remind me of what's really important
  2. TitusV

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Welcome to all new members, you made a great choise! ( @Full Plate I hope to see some forests from your hand soon ) I know I've been not been fulfilling my duties for the Avalonian heartland as well as I should, but university kicked in and so... Anyway, it seems like you can all do very well without me, keep up the good work guys ( @Henjin_Quilones nice description of the other guilds you've got over there!) Lastly @LittleJohn seems like I missed even more, that looks very promising. I'll have to check it out somehow! Edit: where did I get my new member title?
  3. TitusV

    Book III - Challenge I: A Time to Rebuild

    Up sand and dark green, up! Indeed, congratulations guys, some absolutely magnificent entries (I know I've been very absent from the guilds as of late, but suddenly real life kicked in so... I only stumbled upon eurobricks almost by chance, but I'm very glad I did. Hope to be able to post a build soon, and good luck to all CCC-entrants of course!)
  4. Tudor? Tudor. Tudoooooooor! Oh my, I know I've left the forums a bit (more than a bit) long, but I couldn't leave this one without a comment! A great wall (though I think putting a black wall behind it might prevent seeing some gaps), a great base and an even better tree on the side all mike it a very nice build... But then I haven't mentioned the tudor-sections yet The only thing I could think of is that not using the medium blue for both the wall and the house would make the latter stand out even more, but that's a detail my dear. Very nice job As for the 'neo'-classical style... I guess that if you'd see the MOCs of the 'founding fathers' (like ZC or DC), our could be nicknamed 'neo' very well?
  5. TitusV

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Wow, great to see you back alive en_zoo! And eh, well, I don't think SK sometimes isn't around and active...
  6. TitusV

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Its absolutely amazing to see all these lovely builds, I hope to have time to give them all the attention they deserve one day! Keep up the good work! Due to other obligations (being university and finishing my build for Legoworld Utrecht) I' ve fallen short of participating in the first challenge of Book I. A bit pissed off about that, but well, nothing to do about it A small teaser of my soon-to-be-repurposed entry WIP.
  7. Welcome to the Guilds Goodman! @Henjin_Quilones I love it when the leader is communicating so honestly, good job
  8. Good to hear! Who knows, maybe he'll even meet Arthur one day...
  9. Aye, but still, it was an Avalonian build No, just kidding, you'll be doing great in Kali (just remember to drop by every now and than)
  10. Now I want to disagree. I've always felt you had a distinctive style, and builds from your hand are recognisable! (just my opinion, maybe I've stared to much at your photostream )
  11. Oh my, how could I have missed this? Windusky, why? I have to concede its a cool sigfig, the little red cape looks great!
  12. Seems like there's gone a lot of thought and preparation into your sigfig DimpQPire, looking forward to seeing it completed!
  13. TitusV

    Moto the Fire Dragon

    Hahahaha, have I been so hard on the previous bases? Oopsie... Well, this one is excellent in any case! The colourscheme is lovely and a great use of the radar dishes If I've got anything to remark, it would have to be that it may draw some attention away from the dragon The beast itself is very nice as well, with some smoot curves, amazing wings and such a cute tail that I want to hug it
  14. Welcome to the guild indeed! Seconded!
  15. TitusV

    Scouting a Site

    A really nice microbuild you've got there! The rockwork is just Though its hard to see the colours of what lays under the seasurface, I really like that you haven't just tiled it, as we see so often, but have included some cheesey slopes and studs up. I like the little ship too! Have I already mentioned that therocks are just ?