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  1. TitusV

    GoH Book III

    Well, as it seems a good time for inactive members to post something, I'm happy to welcome you back Angeli! Some great looking Drow over there, even if they are a bit on the losing side at the moment (an excellent recap by @Exetrius), but I'm sure you'll be fixing that
  2. Oh, my apologies, why am I only readint his now? Well, I don't know whether the thread is still used, as its last post (new settlement) dates from over a year ago (and normal proceedure is to make a post there per settlement, to which I will then link in the first post). However, if there is demand, I could certainly try to get it up to date again? (starting with this beautiful list of Sea Rat settlements!) (though I imagine there are more settlements from the other factions as well)
  3. Congratulations to the winners, some great entries there!
  4. TitusV

    GoH Book III

    Good to see you active Blu!
  5. Thanks Kai, glad you like the little boat, it was one of the funniest parts to build Thank you, I'm really happy to be back to building! Good to see someone has noticed the pot, I thought the dark orange fitted the colourscheme just too well Blue would indeed have been a very nice colour to add even more depth to the build, especially dark blue (though my collection of these is very, very limited). Thanks! Thanks, glad you like it You almost make me blush, thanks! New techniques can be very challenging and even frustrating, but also very satisfying, so if you want to you should just try them! Aye, I'm really happy to be (more or less) back to building, hope to give you another MOC (or maybe even two) this summer! Glad that you like the build, thanks. As for the base colour: you're probably right, something like dark blue or a combination with trans clear would have added a nice extra touch, though my collection of these is quite limited. I defenitely have to try it on a smaller base though, and maybe make some BL-orders afterwards Thank you dG! Thanks!
  6. TitusV

    Mesozoic Tax Collector

    Great to see how the Mesozoic line continue, please keep them coming Though it feels like the little hatch at the front would look better with two supporting beams, that's only nitpicking. A sweet colour palette and some cool details (like the stained glass or the nice use of the crown sigil) make for a great build
  7. TitusV

    Map of Historica: Challenge III Prize

    I imagine that fitting the whole of Historica on such a small base is no easy job, but you've pulled it off really well Kai! Speaking of the base, it is probably one of my favoured to date, with the guild shields but especially the 'Book III' font. Using a grill tile there...
  8. This fits really well in the list of impressive Kaliphlin city scapes, such a nice MOC Not only a lovely colourscheme (the olive green and dark orange ), but an overload of little details (the crack in the wall with the little cheese slopes, for example) make for an impressive scene. Good work! A small remark is that the gallery under the olive green tower seems a bit plain to me, though this could very well just in comparison with the rest of the build
  9. TitusV

    Duel In The Ruins

    A nice little scene for sure! The outpost is small but really cool, I especially like the details of the wooden section
  10. My entry for category A as well (and my first build to be posted in about a year...): Avalonian Autumn
  11. Dear journal, Worrying words from the Mystic Isles have reached us a week ago. Fishermen speak about grey ships sliding through the fog and villagers gossip about a steady decline of Elven appearances. As nobody seems to know exactly what's happening in the core of this magic archipelago or where its inhabitants are going, Lydia has left four days ago, searching truth behind the rumours. She has failed to give a sign ever since. ~ Arthur
  12. Good to see there at least some life left in Nocturnus (well, eh, life, Nocturnus, kind of a contradiction... Anyway, you get what I mean ) As Kai has already mentioned, the pillars with the guild shields (nice detail using a grill tile for the Spire one ) are great, but the best part is defenitely the curve under the roof. Simple, yet giving this build so much elegance and character Looking forward to the continuation of the story!
  13. TitusV

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Why do I get the feeling someone is looking at me here? I try to do the be active more or less frequently (which I am not, I know), but as you say, when summer (joust) is here things should get better! ---- Even without a lot of activity, I can still congratulate our new King. Long live the dragon! I'm sure he'll make for a great ruler, especially with HQ's behind-the-scenes-powers to support him. Thanks for organising the contest!
  14. TitusV

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Indeed looking good en_zoo, I really like his (yellow) facial expression
  15. TitusV

    Avalonia Mini-Challenge: Game of Thrones

    Wow, this is so good, in three ways: First of all, it would finally fix the leadership vacuum (IC, I mean of course! HQ and ZC are doing great) Second, mini-challenges are always nice, but even more so if the start when I have a week free Third: the intro build is just too cool Henjin Long live Avalonia!