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  1. TitusV

    Market Day in Sionnach

    Great how I can recognise both the Brickbuilt-influences and your own style! I have to remark that the tudored sections of the white house look a bit blocky, especially under the roof... Still, the more tudor the merrier The market looks very nice, lots of activities going on which is always cool - and having interiors is even cooler These guys in the sewers, on the other hand... I'm curious to see what they're up to!
  2. TitusV

    AoM Mill Phase 1: Labor Intensive Flour

    I pity the man turning that stone around, it defenitely looks like a heavy job! Though I feel like the dark tan wedge plates make the ground just a bit too regular, you have used them very well in the little rockwork patches I also like how you've evaded a flat roof by putting some additional tales on top of it, nice job!
  3. TitusV

    GoH Book III

    Hereby I, [insert name] of a city yet to be founded and of a background yet to be revealed, pledge fealty to the pearl among the guilds. Up Avalonia, up! Let them fear the Dragon's Flight! ---- OOC: yiehaaaaaa! I've been waiting for this so long (you don't wanna knowhow old that build is, really), I can't believe it's actually happening! A big thanks to the leadership - even though it took some time, you guys did what was needed (great initiative to clear the lore a bit, for example). Also, congratulations to @Henjin_Quilones, seems like you beat me Well deserved, I'd say!
  4. TitusV

    AoM Store Phase 1: Trading

    I have never thought of using such big pieces when rockworking, but seems like it works! On the other hand, I'm no real fan of the road pavement, especially the 1x4 and 2x4 tiles are too rectangular for my liking. But you managed to hide it very well under that beautiful wagon! Also thumbups for the vegetation, good job
  5. TitusV


    Such a lovely MOC! I see what you mean about the backside of the rockwork, but that's really the only thing I could remark. The overall landscaping is great, all the greenery makes for a very Avalonian scene, and all the colourful flowers are just I like your stonework as well, as TM said: the round 2x2 tiles create a very non-militaristic, peaceful atmosphere! The different agricultural activities all look good as well, like the wheat and the windmill!
  6. TitusV

    AoM House Phase 2: The Long Way Home

    Indeed, the flowers are lovely! I also really like the rounded corner's of the base Looking at the image, I feel like a roof-window could have added just the extra bit, but even without that the house looks very fine (we even got an interior, hurray )!
  7. Of course you should!
  8. TitusV

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    And the "Best News of the Year" trophy goes to... Have a blast at BW, and I'll cross my fingers for Book III
  9. TitusV

    AoM Wall Phase 1: The Sorgheim Palisade

    As said before, these angled walls are gorgeous I like how you used wedge plates to make a walkable slope, though I think it would have looked better a bit irregular. Also a big fan of your variation between rounded (log) pieces and normal reddish brown plates
  10. TitusV

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Looks great! Love how building in other peple's cities would force members to look things up and get in contact
  11. Welcome back, I'd say! I fear there are no current challenges, everyone is awaiting Book III. Freebuilds are always appreciated, though!
  12. Very nice for sure! I have to second Zlatan, the road is bit straight and untextured, especially when compared to the wall, but that's about it. I really like your woodwork, and putting the wall at an angle is just brilliant!
  13. TitusV

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Sounds like a great summary to me! One small remark: this new Queen hasn't been confirmed by the leadership, who're still debating the results of the last challenge. To be honest, I feel like the passivity of the guilds has a lot to do with this indecisiveness, people are just waiting on the end of the Book and the start of a new one, so they know what the world is up to and can build/tell their stories accordingly.
  14. For me two ounces of tan, to remind me how much prettier the green is
  15. Actually, green is green, wether the leaves are just in front of your eyes or dotting the hills on the horizon...