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  1. AoM Tower Phase 1: Watchers on the Trail

    Though I really like the rocks, I have two small comments. The first is that personally, I feel like sing the same colour for the rockwork as for the stonework, doesn't give the best effect, so I'd propose to make the bridge dark bley to give a bit of a contrast? Second, the rocks at the bottom of the lake seem very straight, I wouldn't mind some more variation there either. That aside: nice MOC I hadn't even noticed, but they're great indeed!
  2. The Streets of Daydelon

    Yes please! I'd like to pick some details out or give some constructive criticism, but it's just all so lovely... Now I've been staring at the build for quite some time now on Flickr, trying to decide which house I'd want to live in, but honestly: I can't decide. I want them all! Keep up the good work SK!
  3. Twilight Hovel

    Now, Jeric defenitely isn't the only one to enjoy the Twilight Forest! Such an amazing colourscheme man Especailly the use of the new light yellow is superb As said before, I also really like the little stones, they are great touches
  4. AoM Storehouse Phase 1: Taking Stock

    I really like the idea of storehouses burried in the hillside, but I feel like showing just a bit more of the surroundings in your MOC would bring the idea across more efficiently. The size of the builds aside, it's great! The tree and vegetation on top of the house works fine, and I'm a huge fan of your fields, with the rounded walls and crops
  5. Nordheim Watchtower

    The similarity between the image and the build is great! I really love how you incorporated the small "crosses", where the gabble meets. It's not that difficult or spectacular, but it adds a great touch When it comes to the LEGO-part: of course, your wooden pannels and stonework is nice as well, but we're used to that The details I probably like the most in this MOC, are the small supports for the roof. The hinges are simple, yet sooooooo clever at the smae time! Mind if I borrow that idea some time? Lastly, a big thumb-up for the landscaping: no tower, castle, house, ... can be complete without a decent surrounding, and I feel like that's were you really excel at. The trees, the rockwork... Hat off, sir. Really.
  6. Prologue: Dangerous travels

    I really like how that bear seems to be climbing the snowy rocks, great posing And of course, welcome to the guilds!
  7. AoM Farm Phase 2: Setting the First Row

    A small but very nice build! The trees look good (finally a decent use for these white telescopes ), as does the plow. I really like your design, with all the bars and clips. It's also great to see that you haven't forgot to add the runner-up with the seeds!
  8. Zotharith: The outskirts

    Ever since BMA, I have been wondering when this would get online, and now you've posted it, the MOC looks even better than I remember! As always , your Nocturnian colourscheme works very well, and you have added a lot of details, which can only be encouraged. However, the general lay-out and idea is the real star of this build for me. Man, I love how all houses are put on poles above the swamp For me, this is a truly magnificent village! Lastly, I want to point out these lanterns. Ice on the cake for sure!
  9. Aren't freebuilds classified as "builds not entered in any contest"? So it's defenition would kinda prevent it from being an entry in the challege, I fear... Looking forwards to your other entries whatsoever (and quite curious to your brother's, too. Good things he's going to be an Avalonian as well )!
  10. Eryosmith Band

    Ah, I see. A bass is indeed more realistic!
  11. As always, the Maestro was just a bit earlier to say the things I wanted to say: lovely tree, and even when it looks somewhat uniform, the rockwork is cool too! Looking forward to some more builds from you
  12. The End of the Hundred Years' War

    I'd say @ZCerberus can do the job, or maybe @kabel can?
  13. AoM Farm Phase 1: Clearing Fields

    I really like that the wall has a slight curve to it Nice vignette!
  14. Journey to Eyros

    Looks like a fine forest to me! The bamboo (although reminding me more of Kaliphlin than of Avalonia) is great!
  15. Eryosmith Band

    Sweet! Really like that band, maybe they can come and play at Avonhem once? Only remark would be that the cello seems a bit too big. But brickbuilt instruments are always hard to pull off, and you managed quite well I think