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    Aside from LEGO and everything that has to do with it, I also fence and I'm in boy-scouts.


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  1. Oh my, how could I have missed this? Windusky, why? I have to concede its a cool sigfig, the little red cape looks great!
  2. Seems like there's gone a lot of thought and preparation into your sigfig DimpQPire, looking forward to seeing it completed!
  3. TitusV

    Moto the Fire Dragon

    Hahahaha, have I been so hard on the previous bases? Oopsie... Well, this one is excellent in any case! The colourscheme is lovely and a great use of the radar dishes If I've got anything to remark, it would have to be that it may draw some attention away from the dragon The beast itself is very nice as well, with some smoot curves, amazing wings and such a cute tail that I want to hug it
  4. Welcome to the guild indeed! Seconded!
  5. TitusV

    Scouting a Site

    A really nice microbuild you've got there! The rockwork is just Though its hard to see the colours of what lays under the seasurface, I really like that you haven't just tiled it, as we see so often, but have included some cheesey slopes and studs up. I like the little ship too! Have I already mentioned that therocks are just ?
  6. Very nice! IMHO, the ground could use a bit more details, but as the build is more focused upwards, that's no big problem. I really love to see all those building materials hoisted up, and that dome is just lovely Great minifig posing as well
  7. TitusV

    [Freebuild - Mitgardia] Amos Lachlan's Parish

    A very different job indeed, but that doesn't hurt! Looking forward to seeing how you'll fill in his tale! As for the build: Though I feel like some differently coloured vegetation would break things up a bit, that's just nitpicking. Very cool to set the chapel at angle, great idea
  8. Welcome indeed, I'll go get a better look at the intro immediately!
  9. Of course I was only referring to the vegetation not being vegetation when compared with the real vegetation of our lush forests (wow, that was a lot of vegetation for one sentence) For being Nocturnian, however, I really like them Exetrius!
  10. TitusV

    A mercenary's story: Part I

    Hahaha, I really recognise your love for the goat design A nice start for sure!
  11. TitusV

    AoM: House Phase 2: Widow's Cottage

    Another lovely scene from your hand, Ayrlego! My purist soul has not much love for the yellow leaves, but that's no problem as I can now give it all to the lovely landscaping (I had never thought yellow may work so well) and stud-shooter-trees (a genius idea for sure) Please don't linger too long in th BoBS forum
  12. Good to see Nocturnus is not dead yet Some great vegetation (if one could call it vegetation, of course ) and a very nice tower Exetrius
  13. TitusV

    Flockwood village

    For a first build, this is defenitely very cool! Though I feel like th cottage could use a window, one can clearly see that you've put a lot of work into it The snow is great as well, especially on the trees (cool design, very appropriate for this scale)
  14. TitusV

    CHALLENGE I: The Ruined Granary

    Great minifig posing, they make for a very busy feeling (especially combined with all the wooden supports)! Some of my favourites include the one tiling the roof, or the bald mason Also, the crack in the wall looks very good
  15. TitusV

    AoM: Tower Phase 1: Roadside Outpost

    Lovely tower! Decreasing the platforms by one stud per level is just genius Also, I'm a big fan of the ladder The vegetation is good-looking too, the trees came out nicely and the colourscheme is very Mitgardian. Lastly, that little cooking fire is such a sweet detail, I just had to point it out