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  1. New LEGO/ Lego MOC, VW T1 BUS (VW Camper Van) Is still 10 grain width, the new version is not based on the past version of the upgrade, I refer to a large number of original drawings and objects, re design details, body length, internal structure, and customized manual spraying (silver effect) parts. The new version of the T1 will be a series of my design, I will be based on this chassis for a variety of T1 modified car design (such as: pickups, SUVs, racing cars, trailers and so on, of course, will also consider the static model). T1 is a classic, multi-purpose models, it is worth pondering, I hope there will be more based on the design of the personal style of the modified car appears, I will always maintain this series of drawings sharing. The current version is 1.1, the design will be updated at any time, with the design of the trailer will be released, welcome to communicate with me through MocPages, Sina (Weibo) and other social platforms.
  2. Later, I will also release a number of different versions of the model, as well as some of the trailer design. I am trying to fix and update the drawings, thanks for the support.
  3. Free, classic, although there are only ten bricks of the width, but the MOC is equipped with a L motor, a servo motor, a receiver and a battery box. And the interior of the engine compartment is also consistent with the prototype car. The drawing is a version of the LDD file and is expected to appear more modified versions. *I use the Mac version of LDD (4.3.9), but the site of the parts analysis engine is 4.2.5, so the loss of a lot of parts, please refer to the LDD document!
  4. Based on the Mercedes-Benz G500 Cabriolet design, and carried out a more radical modification. Two L motor drive, one servo motor steering, four-wheel drive, remote control. Using two special parts, one is above the 42043 logo, and the other is x85 (lamp bowl). Rear bumper design is still in the adjustment. http://www.moc-pages.../moc.php/430479
  5. moonein

    [MOC] Dodge Avenger 07'

    Your MOCs are very powerful. Do you have any plans to design a Dodge MOC?
  6. moonein

    [MOC] Dodge Avenger 07'

    here it is~ video~
  7. moonein

    [MOC] Dodge Avenger 07'

    My car is silver, Dodge Avenger only 550 cars in China, when I purchased it, there is no red and black... yep,but without internal modification thks~ MOC works in my another House I will be recording at a later time
  8. MOCS: http://www.moc-pages...home.php/103595 YouTube: LEGO Technic MOC Dodge Avenger 2007 ein.creative criterion copyright 2016 The MOC work is based on my first car (Dodge Avenger 2007) as a prototype, using servo motor steering, dual l-motor drive, front and rear wheel suspension. Because it is a medium-size works (wheel size 56*28mm), effective control of body weight, and 20:12 double l motor output to the differential, actual driving speed is quite fast.