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Found 29 results

  1. Hello! This is my entry to LEGO's Legends of Chima Big Box Competition! Before I start talking about the actual fortress, I just wanted to say that I don't build many things with physical bricks. Only things I do are my Winter Village entries (I will definitely be entering again, this year!) and an occasional thing for another contest I might see. I usually use LDD, which I'm pretty decent at, but they haven't updated it at all during 2015. So, with my limited selection of bricks, I made this. Hope you guys will like it! The theme of the contest was to build a fortress to protect the CHI. I had a friend help me with photography, and I asked him to keep the images looking a little amateur-ish so it didn't look too "official" like an actual LEGO Shop@Home image, or too 'professional' for the CLUB magazine if they ended up choosing me as a winner (of 2) and putting it in the next issue. Also, a lot of the pieces are a bit dusty, so excuse that, sorry! I only had 2 of the Fire vs. Ice Chima sets (and some polybags) and resisted ordering any extra pieces from LEGO. So, without further ado, this is Flinx's Flaming CHI Fortress! The figures I included were Flinx, Frax, Laval, Cragger, Worriz, Eris, Mungus, and Voom Voom. In the front, a gate with a phoenix head, two big torches on the sides in front of tan, brick guard towers. One has a moveable turret, and the other just has a balcony. I watched some episodes of the show to get some reference photos. The entire temple was on fire, so I tried adding some flames, torches, and other things around the outside. I tried integrating the Chima "theme" with the giant animal heads into this, hence the giant phoenix head above the gate. I usually try making my MOCs look like official LEGO sets, so I added a lot of play features to this. The phoenix head can turn from side to side, and has spring shooter eyes. Turning the fortress around, the interior features a large tower, stairs, a Fire CHI pit, and more. Starting with the right tower, the lower half features a small blacksmith/weapon creation/armory room. There's a rack with multiple golden weapons and tools to create flaming swords and such to attack the Ice Tribes with. An anvil is off to the left with a golden fire chainsaw. Above is a balcony. The middle tower features a prison, a room with The Artifact, which in the show is a giant map showing all of Chima. Mount Cavora lays in the middle with a hovering fire CHI crystal above. Above is a small bedroom for any of the characters to sleep in, with a lamp. The top of the tower has Flinx's throne (in my "world of Chima," Flinx is the ruler because I don't own Fluminox.) Giant flames burst from the sides, to show the flaming effect. In front of the Artifact is path with torches and a trap door leading to the prison below, activated by turning the entire Artifact. (Fun fact, my original version of this fortress was a lot smaller. The Artifact was still in the middle and I wanted it to turn and do something. At first it knocked down the stairs in front of the gate. Then I decided to switch to this Indiana Jones baseplate I found. After heavily revising this middle section over and over again, I was finally satisfied with how I made it.) Onto the last part of the fortress! The bottom half has a small elevated area with a pit where the CHI is protected and can be lifted by the nearby crane. Above that is a staircase that leads to the turret. It took me a while to figure out an acceptable design but I'm glad with how it turned out. I really wanted to use those trans-orange claw pieces. The turret can be raised and lowered past the golden fence piece. It can also spin around, and all four flick-fires can be shot at once. And that's it for the fortress! Now onto the Croc tribe vehicle I included. I made this a long time ago, when the contest was first announced. I actually based it off of some really old concept art for the Chima line that was posted on the site. I tried reverse engineering the build, but I couldn't exactly figure out the treads on the side, so I just built them so they don't actually roll. And that's everything! I really had a lot of fun building this, and I hope I win the contest. Even if I stopped being interested in Chima after 2013, that's a LOT of LEGO! If you wanna see the 2-3 extra photos I didn't post in here, check out this album on my Flickr! If you've got any questions, please feel free to ask below. Thanks again for looking!
  2. My son likes Legends of Chima so I suggested we continue the story despite the end of the theme. Since I have Rocket Raccoon, I decided to build a new vehicle for a raccoon tribe. It is designed to be quick to sneak into the lion temple, steal chi and get away. The raccoon tail spins with the moving of the back wheels. The ladder is little big. I made a wall like the lion temple wall and the ladder ends up being excessive. The chi is a little hard to get in and out of the storage compartment. I don't like the laser cannon but haven't come up with anything better. The pictures below are from the ideas project. I had thinner wheels on it before but ideas require currently made pieces. (I really should go back and take pictures with the other wheels as I like that better.) Much of my pieces are old so it has more exposed studs than many current Lego designs. Ideas project
  3. Who let the wolves out? Were they ever in? These questions and more will get no follow-up in this new-fangled review of… Set Name: Worriz' Combat Lair Set #: 70009 Theme: Legends of Chima Pieces: 664 Minifigures: 6 Year of Release: 2013 Price at Release: USD 70, GBP 60, EUR 70 Bricklink it! Flickr album! INTRODUCTION Full frontal disclosure: I was never very excited about Chima and I'm not sad that it will no longer be with us. I like the minifigures for their parts, especially the feline faces which look great in a number of custom minifigure applications, but I never cared for the sets. The whole animal-look thing was an interesting concept, but more often than not it seemed to me that the animal-head ate up a ton of parts, leaving the rest of a model to be a bony, technic jumble. I'm mostly a playset kind of guy anyway; if I'm going to like a vehicle, it better have some meat on its bones. How, then, am I here right now, reviewing one of the largest purely-vehicular sets of this entire theme? Easy: sales. I'm a sucker for sales. I've since learned to curb my wallet a bit, but at 40% off the old me would've bought just about anything. Since I own the set, I thought I might as well go through in a detailed review and see if it meets my 'all Chima sets are a crappy bunch of technic with an animal head' expectations. INSTRUCTIONS Usually set artwork ranges from 'inoffensive' to 'quite good,' but I must say they were stretching here to make this set look exciting. They've placed most of the minifigures in physically impossible positions, including a couple of the wolves 'standing' on the truck. Do you see how, on the front booklet, one of the rotors on the helicopter is awkwardly behind those old gun-like pieces? It's like that on the box too. There's really nothing about this artwork that would make me want this set. Even though there are six complete sub models, the instruction booklets still break smack-dab in the middle. Right, makes sense. Remember the old days when LEGO would make awesome displays of whole themes placed together on built landscapes, and then photograph the setups for promotional materials? Actually they still do for City, so that's something, but not for their 'big bang tons of tie-in merchandise' theme Legends of Chima. Instead, we get this supremely cruddy photoshop job of a few sets together. My favorite thing (besides for the magically reversed image of the Lair) is Grizzam (the white gorilla) now swinging off to nowhere. In my head he's saying "F*** this battle, I'm out of here." LEGO's 2D backdrop artists are doing a great job, though. STICKERS Since I bought this set on-the-cheap and will surely break it down for parts, I did not apply stickers. These stickers do actually look pretty cool, and I'm sure would work well in a variety of sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, or other type of grungy setting. I didn't think they'd make or break the look of the set; pretty sure I can give it a fair review without them. INTERESTING PARTS This set does include a fair number of rare, interesting, or otherwise useful parts (for anyone that doesn't exclusively build bright fairy princess castles with studs purely on top). I went through and picked these out based on a combination of personal preference and what I thought other people like. There are a ton of SNOT pieces and tiles, which are always great, as well as a bunch of varieties of slopes. The dark red is in there just because it's cool and I like it. All-in-all, even at full price this set makes a decent parts pack provided you like this type of part. MINIFIGURES Finally, my favorite section!!!!!!!!!1 Like I said in the intro, I do like the Chimafigs. They are absolutely covered in finely detailed prints which inevitably get covered up by other things, so first I'll look at them all decked-out before closing in on the details. These minifigs get some pretty cool weapons - did you know that the trans-red serrated thingies the wolves have only come in this set (in that color)? That's pretty cool! The gun build for Windra, the wolf matriarch, looks great and its main component is quite rare in flat silver to boot! The good guy weapons look great too. I should also mention that the white, jagged cape on the wovles only comes in two sets (and on the SDCC exclusive Collector minifig). For those that cared about collecting the minifigures or cared about the characters, this set was a great way to get most of the wolf tribe. From left to right, you get Worriz (the young leader or something), Wilhurt (the brute-force muscle-man?), Windra (exclusive to this set and the real brains behind the tribe?), and Wakz (the old wizened military commander?). I've added the fifth member, Winzar, on the far right. I happened to have him from a polybag. I do appreciate how much the members of the wolf tribe vary. They fit together, for sure, but they all have distinct differences in their prints down to things like different sizes of teeth on their 'face-helmets.' They're a fun, rugged bunch. Back to just the minifigs in this set… they all have cool back prints too, though I don't think the fur-and-tail detail on Wakz is very successful. The armor plating on Worriz looks simply wonderful, and so useful for castle/fantasy. The daggers on Windra stand out as a fun detail too, making her seem very dangerous. I like the Chima 'face-helmets' for what they are, but what I really love about the Chimafigures is their head-prints. I was so surprised when the theme launched that LEGO had gone all-out on the head prints when the figs were intended to wear their helmets, but I love it. You might not think it, but the more humanoid faces look fantastic in a variety of headgear like hoods, helmets, and the like. My lion-headed green spacemen always bring a smile to my face. I don't care for the bird ones, so Eris' head does nothing for me. Worriz also looks a bit… strange. The other wolves and Grizzam could be quite useful, though. Truly surprising was the fact that not only did the Chimafigs have head prints, most of them had two! You don't want to mess with these wolves when they're angry - they look liable to literally bite your head off. Grizzam looks more like you made a bad play-on-words pun. Eris I screwed up, and put her 'angry' face in the previous picture and her 'happy' face in this picture. If you can tell the difference between the two, you win eternal happiness. THE SET - By Parts Though the set artwork might lead you to believe that the set contains just two models (big truck and copter), the box assures you that it splits into five. I count six. … Obi-Wan: From a certain point of view. … In any case, I'll go through them now in build order before looking at the result of their combination. Athletic Wheelchairs The build starts weak with these two, er, things, that are supposed to evoke wolf paws but to me evoke athletic wheelchairs. No matter their name, they don't look good. Had these been packaged as a set on their own, I believe they would have joined the 'awful tiny set' ranks occupied by the Spider-Trike and Mandarin's Flame-Thrower Lawn-Mower. You will notice the pieces usually used to attach wheels sticking out conspicuously on the back. These hint at a play feature that actually works quite well and is really fun. Bottom line: even though these models tend toward the 'garbage' side of things, they turn out ok in the context of the larger set. Wolficopter After a poor first showing, the build progresses into one of the best models: the copter. The overall shaping looks nice, with a touch of wolf nose on the front. It's not intended to have its rotor folded down when not on the truck, so I had to prop it up with a wolfy friend. Though the set uses a very limited color palette of just light bley, dark bley, black, and dark red (with smatterings of white and red), it still comes off looking a bit jumbled and colorful. I get that LEGO doesn't go for monochrome much, and it might make a set harder to build for the childrens, but eliminating black or one of the bleys would make this thing look much sleeker. Regular red really comes off as unnecessary here against the dark red, and the model would look much better with only the darker shade. What really makes the copter is the fact that the rotor incorporates well folded up and unfolds wonderfully with quite an impressive wingspan. Plus, wolfy is no longer needed with the rotor unfolded - the redistributed weight keeps it from falling back. I guess it's worth noting that in fantasy Chima land there's no need for such physics-necessitated things as tail rotors. But really I don't mind. I'll admit I've been making you wait for it - what REALLY sells the copter is that the rotor spins really, really well. Maybe it's the excessive wingspan, the way it's attached, or something else, but whatever it is this things spins amazingly and is therefore a ton of fun. Truck Flying swiftly along, we come to the beginnings of a larger part of the model: namely, the Wolfy truck part. This isn't the sort of build I enjoy. There's a lot of Technic, a strange slidey mechanism locked down by Technic and SNOT stuff, and a general sense of 'where the hell is this thing going.' The end of booklet 2 (and bag 3) leaves me with this: I wrongly believed that those black Technic beams will become some sort of play feature. They won't. Next comes the head. As usual with Chima, the head displays the wonders of modern, imaginative LEGO set design. Also as usual, there's a crap-ton of parts crammed into a relatively small space that do nothing for the model but look nice. So far, this truck meets my 'bunch of technic with a part-eating head' expectations. As far as the build goes, the instructions next have you make the little side equipment compartments, and then you move on to the prison attachment. However, I photographed the truck with the Wheelchairs already attached to the front, since it really looks a bit terrible without them (yes, I actually did the set a favor). With the Wheelchairs attached, the Wolf Truck really looks quite nice and menacing. Mean-looking head, big rough wheels, some kind of attack paws in the front - nice. You would not want to have this beast coming at you, staring you down. It looks really menacing and ready to flatten you into a road-kill pancake (presuming you're an animal, since everybody is an animal in Chimaland). It also looks fairly decent when viewed from the side, though it becomes apparent that the truck is pickup-style, given that there's not much of anything besides the head. Still, it works. I like the use of the Chi crystals as a sort of super-charged jet exhaust. Even though the whole truck gives off a 'big n tough' vibe, which would usually make it seem not so fast, these engines get you thinking about this thing tearing up some pristine landscapes and leaving them in dire need of new vegetation. But now we come to some issues. Let me pose the question - what does one want out of a truck? I'd say two things: rolling well and space to put minifigures to engage in roll-play. The wolf tribe gets only this as their base, after all, so they better get some room to have tactical meetings and strategize their hits against the meddling Lions, Eagles, Gorillas, and whoever else. ALAS, this truck is just a bunch of gappy technic and other structural stuff. There's no real place to pose minifigs at all. I understand that the helicopter needs a place to rest here (which I will show later on the completed set), but couldn't LEGO have achieved both? Couldn't the designer have filled in some of these spaces with a few plates and added some consoles at which the wolves could work? As it is, Worriz might fall through the cracks and end up roadkill himself. Onto more lameness, we get these storage units on each side that look nice but have very little function. The one that's left empty can't fit any of the weapons included in this set, and the other one has two saws, which I suppose are meant to be repair tools? "Oh hey, the engine broke." "Eh, just give it the ol' saw." Right. Despite its flaws, the wolf truck still makes it into my good book due to its very awesome playfeature (and its general good looks, which I've already mentioned). Seriously, shooting off those wheelchairs and knocking over minifigures doesn't get old. Plus, unlike with most of LEGO's shooters, these projectiles won't be lost very easily since they're so large. This one's a winner. Prison Pod We get a significant down-grade in build size with the next section: this prison pod. The parts use here veers into 'extravagant' territory - it really has more tiles and detailing than a prison pod needs. All those tiles certainly make it look quite nice, but with respect to the set I think the parts could have been better used making the truck less gappy. From a parts pack perspective… whatever, I'll be grateful for the tiles. Unlike the near-useless storage containers on the truck, this prison has plenty of room to do what it needs to do - namely, house prisoners. I even managed to fit Eris in there. Overall - job well done on the prison, LEGO. Cycle What? - you say! Cycles have their wheels facing the same direction as the driver! - Aha! Fooled you again, did I. This cycle can both incorporate into the larger vehicle, and pop off, having its wheels rotate to turn it into a cycle! Vehicles that can fold and be functional always get me. That's part of why I love the copter in this set, and why I loved that Shield car set. For you see, the wheels fold out to make a functional cycle. Just position the gun out a little bit for balance, and it even rolls fairly well and stays standing due to the width of the heavy-duty wheels. Simply put, I dig the look of this thing all around. The asymmetry really works for it; even the side with the technic parts exposed looks alright and I appreciate the tiling. The gun might be ridiculously huge and impractical, but the whole thing is fantastical, so I don't mind. The gun being attached by ball-joint gives it a superb range of motion and makes for fun scenarios like this - 'Ha, thought I couldn't shoot you over there? Guess again!' WHOLE SET Now that I've gone through everything separately, it's time to click everything together and see how the thing stacks up as a huge 'Combat Lair,' whatever the heck that means. I must start off by saying that in person I really don't care for it. All together, it looks like a big bland jumble that's too large and ugly. Some of my photographs make it look much better than it is - looking over my Flickr set, even I kind of like it. But I'll start with a picture that illustrates what you'd be looking at in real life: See? It's quite large, but has no substance. The colors all blend together and almost negate any detail, making even the good sections fade away into the mass. The engines that look cool on the truck part now presumably spit Chi exhaust right on the prison, and there are no additional engines on the back since that's where the cycle goes. The copter just sits on the thing with no attachment points, and it doesn't really integrate into the model. It looks much better on its own. Take the copter off, and the issues become even more apparent. There's just no substance here at all: no place to pose figures, no place for our wolf friends to relax on their ride, no meeting center. What kind of a mobile base is this? LEGO got 'mobile' down, but it seems they forgot the 'base.' Here's my best attempt at getting some roleplay going. I'm really reaching here. I know what some readers may be thinking. Essentially it's a big truck for kids. Isn't it awesome enough that the set makes one huge truck and splits into a bunch of vehicles? Can't kids roleplay with the minifigures on the floor next to the truck anyway? What's CloneyO griping about? Let me explain. Firstly I'm griping about the plain fact that the huge combined vehicle looks ugly. It's drab, it's full of holes. I appreciate aesthetics and have a feel for how I'd relate to a set were I a child, and this set would turn me off. It doesn't scream 'fun and excitement.' Further, even as a child I liked sets that have some interior. I liked trucks, but I wanted to put minifigures in them. The City line has a new Mobile Police Center all the time, and the fun there is having a full truck that also has a fun interior. What I expected out of a big, mobile base was some interior, and that's not what I got here. I got the Chima design brief of awesome animal head attached to gap-filled nonsense. But hey, these low-angle pictures make the thing look pretty decent: CONCLUSION The above picture shows what I like about the set (minus Grizzam - I like him too). Buuuuut wait, isn't that everything in the set? Yes, yes it is. Everything separately has merit. The Wolf Truck looks beastly and has a super-awesome play feature in the launching of the front claw wheelchairs. The copter has a rotor that spins like ace. The prison does what you want a prison to do and gets covered in lovely tiles. The cycle has a wonderful folding feature and an overall fun design. I indeed went about slamming the set as a whole; as one huge vehicle, it's a mess, no way to sugar coat that in my eyes. The basic Chima design principle of 'all look and no substance' gets put on display here in full effect. What's more, the color scheme involves too many colors and still results in a set that's drab and ugly. Yet I like the different components on their own, and the minifigures are a cool bunch for both collectors and customizers. They have neat weapons to boot. Ultimately, I don't much care for this set, but I enjoyed the experience of thinking about it. Chima's over, dead and gone, but with sets like this I can't help feeling that LEGO brought Chima's less-than-Ninjago performance on itself with sets like this. I simply can't see how this set would really appeal to children, being drab and lacking interior as it does. For adults, it's a reasonable parts pack, but not much else.
  4. I found this while looking for minifigure armor stands The seller no longer has any to purchase. But I want to know does anyone else happen to have any of this. They never made Chima armor in gunmetal
  5. I'm not into LoC, but as a collector of fantasy monsters I couldn't resist getting Flinx's Ultimate Phoenix (70221). The phoenix in that set is a work of art! That said, it does have a few characteristics I'm not crazy about, so I modded them out. The changes I made are: SNOT'ed the neck SNOT'ed the body where Flinx normally goes SNOT'ed the tail SNOT'ed the wings removed the push-fire play feature, and replaced the blue pins in the talons with black ones. You can see the mods in the picture below apart from the replaced pins. Sorry about the rubbish photography. Any burning questions or comments?
  6. I created this topic so people can share pictures of Chima I recently bought the eagle legend beast DSCF3612 by camberry234, on Flickr DSCF3619 by camberry234, on Flickr DSCF3621 by camberry234, on Flickr This ones my personal favourite
  7. Legend Beasts 70123 Lion Legend Beast 70124 Eagle Legend Beast 70125 Gorilla Legend Beast 70126 Crocodile Legend Beast 70127 Wolf Legend Beast Sets: 70128 Braptor's Wing Striker 70129 Lavertus' Twin Blade 70130 Sparratus' Spider Striker 70131 Rogon's Rock Flinger 70132 Scorm's Scorpion Stinger 70133 Spinlyn's Cavern 70134 Lavertus' Outland Base Speedorz: 70136 Banana Bash 70137 Bat Strike 70138 Web Dash 70139 Sky Launch 70140 Stinger Duel Scorpions! I can only assume Lavertus is a new Lion. Though what about Laval and Eris and the other "main" characters? From "Darth_tater", thanks! -Sci
  8. I was a little bit bored today, so I ended up adapting the new-style Speedorz I had into these, which I'm actually quite pleased with: Which then, with a little help from the power of Chi hands, turn into these little fellows: Note that these wouldn't have been possible with the old-style Speedorz, the old styles have too few connection points to be able to accommodate all the extra appendages securely. And believe it or not, these still function perfectly well as Speedorz, albeit they run a lot slower. I was going to put claws on the feet, but I seem to have convieniently misplaced all my T-pieces, so here the feet are just plain. I really want to try this with the rest of the new Speedorz, but I only have these two at the moment. Hope you like my unique reinvention of the Speedorz!
  9. NOTE: I've just noticed that the title states the number of Cragger's Fire Striker and not Sir Fangar's Saber Tooth Walker, can someone change it to 70143 please? Hello, and welcome to another of my pictorial reviews! For this review, I decided to pick set 70143 Sir Fangar's Saber Tooth Walker (or Sabre-Tooth, whatever your preference ) (Brickset entry | BrickLink entry). The set retails for £34.99 (UK) or $39.99 (US), and contains 415 pieces. But is this set cool or does it send chills down your spine? Read on and make up your own mind Would you prefer to just let the pictures do the talking? Brickshelf gallery First up, the box. It has the same fire-themed banner as all the other Chima Ice/Fire sets, contrasting with Sir Fangar's icy mugshot in the corner and the generally cool colours of the background. Gorzan breaks out of an icy prison while Stealthor rides a cool chopper. The star of the set however just stands there while Sir Fangar (I'll refer to him as just Fangar for the rest of the review) fires flick missiles at Gorzan from the walker's enormous flanks. The back fo the box shows the various functions of the set, as well as a nice action shot of a trapped Gorzan while Fangar and Stealthor get away with the CHI. Funnily enough, they show the moving jaw as a feature but not the more obvious moving legs. Other features include the chopper trike storage and deployment and the obligatory flick missiles. Three Minifigures accompany this mid-sized set: Gorzan in his new fiery garb, Stealthor and Sir Fangar. None of them are exclusive to this set, Stealthor also appears in the Flying Phoenix Fire Temple, and Gorzan and Fangar both appear in the limited retail set Sir Fangar's Ice Fortress, but this is the cheapest way to obtain all three minifigures, including Fangar with his full bad guy garb (a version of Fangar without the cape or armour also appears in the Speedorz set Fire vs Ice). Fangar: This is likely the reason that many would pick up this set, so you can obtain a fully equipped (armour, cape) Fangar, leader of the Sabertooth Tiger tribe. This is an extremely detailed figure, with Fangar boasting copper and grey body armour printing, including a beautiful sabertooth tiger head pattern with the Chi orb mount in it's mouth. Unfortunattely it seems like my torso and legs don't match up exactly with each other, but I can just about live with that. Unlike many of his cronies, Fangar doesn't show a great deal of decay printing, most of it is on his head. His head features a lot of scarring and it looks like the Sabertooths discovered how to use copper plates to patch themselves up. The copper patch isn't reprinted on the headgear so it does make his right eye look a little odd, but I personally like that. The trans-light blue armour lets you enjoy the printing while still bulking out the minifigure. Fangar wields an enormous fang blade of sorts, which uses a white lightsaber hilt, a relatively rare part. The cape is the same as 2013 Cragger's, but cut from white fabric, a new colour for this cape. Stealthor: I've already talked in extensive detail about this Minifigure, so rather than repeat myself I refer you to my description on my Flying Phoenix Fire Temple review. Stealthor gets a new weapon here, a sort of CHI-powered ice gun which utilises a brand new paw piece. Gorzan: The protagonist of the set gets an update from his previous Outlands version, sporting not only some new clothes but also a new headgear expression, which no doubt adds some variety. His headgear gets a more neutral expression this time around compared to the traditional open mouth headgear, with a more concentrated / determined expression. The torso and legs receive some gold and dark red armour plating pattern, with the torso getting some Phoenix patterns presumably to show the Gorilla's alliance with the Phoenixes. It's a beautiful but generic print, I just wish that Gorzan got some gorilla motif kneepads (like how Cragger and Laval got their tribe motif kneepads on their fire suit versions), this would have helped Gorzan get some more individuality and connection to his tribe.Gorzan has a very elaborate fire hammer which makes use of the new fire piece. This does make the hammer much taller than Gorzan himself though, but I suppose more leverage means more damage, right? New parts and recolours: Plenty of wonderful new parts and recolours are present in the set, presumably to try and justify the price tag in part I guess! New parts include 16768, 15090, 15091 and 16770, as well as a multitude of unique recolours. Trans-Light Blue recolours include 32348 and 48169, and Dark Orange recolours include 98585, 13547, 93606, 47456, 43723, 43722 and 2450. Brickset's inventory obtained from lists all the parts present. Instructions: Clear and easy to follow, and follow a similar format to all recent sets. Dark Brown is diffrentiated from Black by white borders around Black parts. Here's the obligatory random instruction image: The build is decent, with Technic mixed in with system to keep it interesting, although the legs and armour flanks are fairly repetitive. A competent builder can have this built in about half an hour to 45 minutes. There are 4 bags and also a DSS with a few difficult to apply stickers, they are mostly either small stickers going on large parts or stickers that apply to awkward edges such as the angled, sloped edge of the 6x2 wedge shell, so be aware of that. Bag 1 builds the Minifigures, a small patch of land with the lovely icecage piece and the Sabertooth chopper trike. Stealthor's weapon can also attach onto the front of the trike, which you'll see a bit later. So here's the contents of Bag 1 (all pictures exclude spares): Bag 2 builds the body of the Sabertooth Walker. The gears are part of the chopper trike launcher mechanism. Looking promising so far: Bag 3 adds the legs. This is the most repetitive part of the build. The trans-light blue liftarms look really nice here Bag 4 builds the head and shoulder armour where the flick fire missiles are mounted. And it's finished! The finished model: The piece of land. This literally uses just 3 parts, yet it does what it's supposed to. Gorzan models his icy prison for us: The icecage piece is open at the back. Probably not it's best view to be honest... The Chopper Trike. Here I've attached Stealthor's weapon to the front. The Trike is simple but I really like it, I think it's cool (I promise I'll stop the ice puns! ) Stealthor: "Hey, check out my cool ride!" The Sabertooth Walker. From the front, it's an imposing beast of a machine and by far it's best angle. It really does look menacing. Side view: Not really it's prettiest side to be honest. The front looks brilliantly executed, but as soon as you reach the rear section, it kind of looks lazily designed. You can see where the chopper trike mounts on the walker here, but to be honest, it's far too sparse around the belly area. It tries to emulate the curvy hips that big cats usually have, but since there's only Technic bricks here, it just looks half finished. Back view: Marginally a better view than the side view, but still looks a bit unfinished here too: The Walker exhibits some asymmetry, with cogs on one side and this Technic liftarm I'm pointing to on the other side. Pulling this liftarm down releases the trike. Unfortunately this function does not always go smoothly, you are supposed to pull the lever down and the trike will slide out of the bottom of the Walker and roll along the floor, but more often than not the trike will get wedged on the Walker upon exit, or not roll off the platform smoothly so that the trike sticks after the front wheel touches the ground. I did take a picture of it, but my camera decided not to save it unfortunately. Here are a couple of shots of the Saber Tooth Walker without the trike on the back. Without it, the sparseness seems to be exaggerated even more and the Walker's back goes very flat. The Walker's legs are very flexible and sturdy and allow for some quite cool and threatening poses. But this leaves me wishing that the head had some movement as well, as the huge, static head limits the posing possibility. Fangar has to stand to pilot the Walker. His ice leg better be of good quality And finally, a shot of the contents of the entire set: So, in summary: I wanted to fall in love with this set, I love saber tooth tigers, but somehow this set just left me feeling a little cold. The Minifigures are amazing and the design of the front is beautiful, but all of that is let down by the sparse rear end and flawed trike launching mechanism. The platform the trike stands on also tends to droop under the trike's small weight despite the gears trying desperately to provide enough friction to make the platform stay, and this results in unintentional trike launches without you doing anything at all. It has lots of exclusive and rare recolours in decent quantity, so it's great for the parts aficionados. Now for the ratings: Set design / asethetics: 6/10 - I might have even been a bit generous here, but a beautifully designed front end coupled with a lazily designed rear end and flawed mechanism does not make for a top-notch model. Even an attempt to hide the gears or Technic frame would have been welcomed. Parts: 8/10 - Trans-light blue liftarms and a whole host of new parts to add to the Dark orange library? Plus 11 of the trans-light blue Hero Factory claws? Yes please. Minifigs: 9.5/10 - Almost can't be faulted. Gorzan's lack of individuality on his fire suit is my only niggle. Playability: 5/10 - It's fun to pose the limbs, but lack of moving head may be frustrating. The flawed mechanism may also frustrate. I would have also liked a little vehicle for Gorzan, the odds seem to be stacked heavily against him Value for money - 6.5/10: It's a sizeable model despite it being quite spartan at the back. The minifigs and exclusive recolours help soften the blow a little. Overall: 35/50 - I would avoid this set at full price - wait for a sale. If you want a caped Fangar and fire suit Gorzan, you may want to consider the Ice Fortress instead of this. Not completely recommended at full price, but if you value minifigs and parts well over asethetics and playability, go for it Thanks for reading my review. I wouldn't mind a mod adding a poll for me, but for now, may you share your thoughts on the set in writing EDIT: Changed location of pictures from Flickr to Brickshelf.
  10. Hunter1

    Chi Sir Fangar Revamp

    This time I want to show you my revamp of set 70212 Chi Sir Fangar. For more photos click this link to the gallery on Flickr. I hope, that you like it. All comments are welcome. -H.unter
  11. TheOneVeyronian

    [MOD] CHI Mungus

    It's been a while since I posted my last set MOD, but I got round to photographing another of my MODded sets - CHI Mungus! It's actually a MOD of the Mungus-Fangar (Mungus dominant) combiner, but with many extra MOD's. Hopefully you'll have the time to look at it and appreciate it, what with the news that Bionicle is back and all that Anyway, without further ado, here's some pics: Front (I should point out the exposed red axle is for when you want to pose the figure with the weapon in both hands - maybe I should have used a black one): LEGO Chima - CHI Mungus MOD (1) by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Side: LEGO Chima - CHI Mungus MOD (2) by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Back: LEGO Chima - CHI Mungus MOD (3) by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Pose 1: LEGO Chima - CHI Mungus MOD (4) by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Pose 2: LEGO Chima - CHI Mungus MOD (5) by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr That's all right now. Hopefully I'll be back soon with some more set MODs for you, but for now, hope you enjoyed this one Extra pics available on request.
  12. Hello all, and I hope it's okay to post this here. I am contributing my 1st review to Eurobricks, but I'm not new to review writing as I used to write set reviews for under the name "VeyronianHyperLady" and became a top 10 contributor over there. This review will be about the following set: 70146 Flying Phoenix Fire Temple, the flagship set from Chima's Fire vs. Ice wave of sets (Brickset entry | BrickLink entry). It retails for £89.99 (UK) or $119.99 (US), but does it deliver any bang for your buck? Read on and make up your own mind If you just want to look at the pictures, here's the Brickshelf gallery (it's a bit disorganised, but they're all there!) Firstly, the box. It sports the fiery banner at the top, like with the rest of the Ice/Fire Chima sets and features the beautiful artwork of the Phoenix Temple in it’s “Fire CHI Power Mode” as a phoenix flyer, while a sabertooth vehicle attacks the walls of the temple. I don’t understand why the vehicle can’t go through the obvious gap left by the temple and attack it from the inside . My box unfortunately came with a price sticker and was a bit water damaged from being left out in the rain by a courier , but it seems okay now. The back of the box shows all the functions of the set. Note that the Sabertooth vehicle can actually detach into two vehicles. The Minifigures are an immediate selling point to the set. Seven excellently detailed minifigures accompany the set, with six of them (counting Fluminox’s unique royal gown variant and Voom Voom’s trans-light blue heavy armour variant) being exclusive to this set, and the other being found in 2 other sets (at the time of writing). The set includes the Phoenixes Fluminox, Foltrax and Flinx, the tiger Tormak, the lioness Li’Ella, the Sabertooth Stealthor and the Vulture Voom Voom. Fluminox: Undoubtedly the star of the minifig selection, Fluminox, presumbaly king of the Phoenix tribe, appears here in his royal robes, using a printed slope instead of a pair of minifig legs (much like Ewald in this respect). The figure is printed with a beautifully intricate robe over feathers pattern, with golden fire motifs, a pendant, chains, dog-tags and a belt. Only the pendant is obscured by the armour Fluminox wears, which is a new mould cast with a little fire emblem by the front stud and some feathering detail on the shoulders. There are two studs at the back where the wings (new in orange) attach. The head itself is printed with a very similar pattern to the Eagle’s head pattern, with a stern face and a surprised face. The golden fire motifs continue onto the new phoenix helmet mould. All this combines to make a beautiful minifigure which will be absolutely essential for any Chima collection. Fluminox holds a Wingfurno, which a nice but rather uninteresting to look at weapon, but it does the job nicely. Flinx: Possibly the first Chima minifigure to have the short legs (corrected, it's the second, G'Loona was the first), Flinx is a small minifigure but still has plenty of detail, with a similar robes over feathers pattern, which the shoulder armour partly covers. Again his head is double sided, with a happy expression and a stern expression, with both sides conveying a rather youthful appearance. He uses the same headgear mould as Fluminox but with different printing. The youthful face, use of the small triple flames and the short legs suggest that he’s the baby of the Phoenix tribe, but this packs him with a lot of character. His weapon uses a new flame piece, like a lightsaber piece but with flame extensions down the middle and is marbled with trans-red and trans-yellow. Foltrax: Probably the least interesting of the Phoenixes, but still a nice and exclusive minifigure. Foltrax’s mix of red, dark red, orange, gold and dark bluish gray might not agree with everyone though, as Foltrax does look messy with all these colours. Unlike Flinx and Fluminox, Foltrax has an armour, fasteners and abs pattern, which is a very nice pattern sadly obscured by his heavy armour, however the armour is necessary for the wings to clip on. Foltrax’s head is quite similar to Fluminox’s, and could be easily mixed up, but luckily Foltrax and Fluminox come in different bags so, unless you mix all the bags up, putting the wrong head on the Phoenixes is very unlikely. His weapon is relatively standard fare, a Ninjago blade piece on a 4L bar, but does it’s job. Tormak: The first Tiger minifigure in Chima, whose headgear mould is the same as that of Li’Ella and 70141’s Lundor, which makes sense given that they are all based off the big cats. Tormak has some beautiful dark red/gold fire motif armour patterning, fur and muscle patterning on the torso, but this is covered by the heavy armour. Tormak’s head is double-sided, with a scowling face and an angry face, and his head is also printed with lots of tiger stripe patterning which, sadly, isn’t repeated to the same level of detail on the headpiece. The headpiece is strangely devoid of tiger stripe markings for the most part. I would say that Tormak suffers from lack of arm printing as well, he just doesn’t have as many stripes on him as a tiger should have. His weapon, a fire longbow of sorts, is perhaps one of the most elaborate weapons ever seen in an LEGO set, and looks very over the top, since it’s actually taller than Tormak itself. You have to tilt Tormak’s legs right back before he can even stand holding the weapon. The other problem with the headpiece is that, unlike many of the other Chima animal headpieces, it has a raised back. This wouldn’t be a problem if only Tormak’s head wasn’t double sided, since you can see the print of the reverse side show through, which is a shame. You can see how visible it is in this picture: Li’Ella: Finally, the Lion Tribe gets a female member added to the minifigure roster. Li’Ella has a dark red cloth print on her legs with the recurring gold flame motifs, and has some feminine upper armour printed on her torso, but again, this is covered by her shoulder armour. Again, she has a double sided head, one side with a smirk, one with a smile. The smirk is the face represented on her headpiece. If you look closely, her mouth is surrounded by lipstick. Not sure if this printing is necessary since she already sticks out as a female Lion amongst all the male Lions we already have, and, well, lipstick looks a bit strange on a lion I guess! Her weapon is pretty much recycled from the Eagle Tribe but with trans-orange round tiles on it instead. Stealthor: The only figure that isn’t a variant unique to this set, but still a nice figure nonetheless. This figure has some very intricate patterning depicting their partially decaying bodies. I suppose these ice zombies could have been in worse condition if they hadn’t been preserved in ice for 10,000 years (I don’t think calling them zombies is completely appropriate though, Stealthor looks much more intelligent and quick-witted than traditional zombies, but I suppose they’re already undead ). He sports some shoulder armour in trans-light blue, which I really like since you can still enjoy the printing in all it’s half decayed glory, which makes me wish the good guys had trans-orange armour (but maybe that was a Health and Safety nightmare for everyone? ). The patterning continues with the head, which is actually double sided unlike the Vultures. Stealthor’s two faces are both similar, one with narrow eyes, one with wider eyes. The head sculpt is different to that used on the Tiger and Lioness. The ice hand is Dark Azure in colour. Stealthor has an interesting weapon which uses two of the new claw pieces. Voom Voom: The other bad guy in the set. Once again, he has intricate printing depicting him wearing a tatty loincloth decoreated with bones, and showing the half-decaying body. He wears the heavy armour, which is trans-light blue so you can still see the printing. His head is just one-sided, with a cunning expression on his decaying face. I know vultures are scavengers, but it looks like Voom Voom scavenged himself at one point. The wings are new in Light Bluish Gray and he also has an ice leg. I do wish LEGO could have varied which leg is iced over on which figure though. Voom Voom wields a pair of ice axes. My only problem is why did they choose vultures if they were doing extinct prehistoric creatures thawed from the ice? Sabertooths and mammoths made sense, but vultures just didn’t as they’re still around? I guess I’m just being nitpicky because I studied ancient life as part of a degree at university New parts and recolours: There are a few new parts and recolours, including new parts 15092, 16770, 15107 and 16768, 13547, 43723, 43722 and 43719 in Dark Orange, 11091 in Dark Red, 11127 in Trans-Orange and Bionicle Zamor Spheres in both new marbled patterns (representing Fire and Ice), as well as a new 1x1 round tile print. Brickset’s inventory obtained from contains a full list of parts used in the set. Instructions: They are clear and well differentiated, though reddish brown and dark brown do look similar, but shouldn’t be a problem. Here's a random instruction image: The Build: The build itself is an entertaining 2 ½ or so hours without too much repetition, but do be aware that the build is seemingly more Technic than System, which if you didn’t know about it’s function, you’d think that it was a strange choice to build a temple out of Technic. If you don’t like stickers, be aware that this set contains over 20 of them to apply, and some of them aren’t easy to get straight. There was one tiny sticker that was especially bad, but more on that later. Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of the build after each bag since I decided to review it after I built it all, so you’ll have to make do with my descriptions. Bag 1 builds Stealthor and Voom Voom, as well as the base of the sabertooth vehicle. You start the vehicle’s clawing mechanism here, but you don’t finish it until Bag 2. Bag 2 builds the claws for the clawing mechanism and assembles the detachable air vehicle. You then move onto Booklet 2 and bag 3, where you assemble Tormak, Li’Ella and Foltrax, as well as build the temple gates. Bag 4 extends on the temple gates, adding the two rather thin walls, and also assembles the “pool of fireballs”. Bag 5 builds Flinx and Fluminox and starts construction of the base of the center of the Phoenix Temple, including building the bomb dropping function. Onto Booklet 3, and bag 6 adds the Phoenix claws that also act as flaming torches, and finishes off the bomb dropping function. Bag 7 finishes off the centre of the phoenix and you can then see the mechanism that allows it to transform into a phoenix flyer. Bag 8 builds the walls of the temple/wings of the phoenix flyer. Bag 9 finishes the build off by adding the engines and shooter turrets to the ends of the walls built in Bag 8. The finished model: Here is the finished Saber-Tooth vehicle: Side-on view. Not it's best angle I don't think, but here you can see it's aggressive forward tilt. Back view. Front view. From this angle it really does look quite a beast of a machine. Activating the clawing function is easy, you just push a rod that sticks out of the back until it stops, then let go, then start all over again in a reciprocating motion. This is achieved by slope bricks mounted on a modified plate with axle hole, attached to the vehicle with frictionless pins, as well as a rubber band. The motion works very smoothly for the most part. Here you can see the detached air vehicle and what the base looks like without the top. The wings are built with hinges and can fold in and out, but I think I prefer the two attached. Note that these actually sit loosely on top of one another, so don't go rolling the vehicle over your ceiling Stealthor sits in his new toy. It's quite a snug fit. Note the canopy is double hinged. Now onto the temple: The complete temple is quite sizeable and works quite well as a temple, though the lack of entrance into the phoenix itself may be a bit puzzling. The bley stickered part in the centre is where you can load the zamor spheres for a function you can use in phoenix mode. Plan view: Here's the walls with the phoenix part detached. Note the trans-red circles - the phoenix slots into them when docked. The phoenix actually sits completely loose, so be careful when moving the temple as a unit. The wall section is also the most fragile part of the build, which doesn't help with transporting it. The Phoenix in Temple Mode, detached from the wall section, front view: Back view of the Temple Mode. The back central section is sparse and full of Technic, but with good reason. You can pick the temple up by the back and push the section where my thumb is to begin the transformation from temple to phoenix: The temple in Phoenix mode ("Fire CHI mode", but Phoenix mode is easier to say I think ), a front view: A plan view of the Phoenix in Phoenix mode: The Temple gains another entertaining function in Phoenix Mode. Push the pin where my thumb is in the picture and make the Phoenix drop Zamor spheres as bombs. Bottom of the Temple in Phoenix Mode. Not much to see here I suppose, but you can see the hole where the Zamors drop out when you push the pin in the previous picture. Here you can see the shooter turrets are not very moveable, but they are counterweighted. If there are no minifigs in them, they droop like in the picture, but they level out when a minifig is placed in command. A bit of a close up of the Phoenix, back in Temple mode. The sticker on the black tile is nigh-on impossible to position correctly Fluminox can stand in the head of the Phoenix quite well, though how on Earth is he supposed to pilot it if he's sitting so far away from the controls? As said earlier, the shooter turrets level out when a minifig is placed in them: This is the so-called "Pool of Fireballs", although simple, it looks very nice and compliments the Temple quite nicely when you position it in the middle. And finally, here's a shot of the whole set contents: So, in summary, this is a set that's worthy of being a flagship model in every way. It is a decent and interesting build if you don't mind building with a bit of Technic (I understand why this got a 9-14 age rating after I built it ), it really is excellent value for money, in the UK this is a whole £10 cheaper than the similarly sized 70010 The Lion CHI Temple, the Chima flagship set from last year, and boasts 1,301 parts compared to last year's Chima flagship set which only contained 1,258 parts, so on a price per piece basis, the Flying Phoenix Fire Temple is excellent value for money, especially if picked up on sale. I love all the interesting new recolours in the set, especially those marbled Zamor Spheres, and, best of all, surely it's the world's first swooshable temple? Young kids will need good strength to swoosh it, the phoenix part weighs about 650 grams, but no problem for AFOL's. It's best swooshed with one hand on the back, thumb by the bomb dropping mechanism. Now for the ratings: Set design/aesthetics: 9/10 - This set is very well designed, especially the phoenix. It's clever in construction and looks good whatever mode it's in. Points are only lost on how the saber-tooth's vehicle looks in two vehicle mode. Parts: 8/10 - Plenty of new and especially recoloured parts to keep new part aficionados like me happy, but for it to be a viable parts pack you'll have to deal with significant amounts of both System and Technic, which may put some people off. Minifigs: 9/10 - They're excellent as always, though I think Tormak's lack of stripes and the fact you can see his reverse head print at the back with his mask on is a little disappointing. Playability: 10/10 - it's fun to transform the temple into a phoenix and drop a few bombs on unsuspecting ice zombies. The addition of a substantial bad guy vehicle is also great. Value for money: 10/10 - A pleasing PPP ratio to me in the UK, and there is much fun to be had with this set. Worth every penny I paid for the set. Overall: 46/50 - an excellent set, definitely recommended if you have enough LEGO budget remaining, and even better if you find it on sale Thankyou very much for reading my review! Thoughts on the set are welcome since I can't add a poll quite yet EDIT: Changed picture location from Flickr to Brickshelf.
  13. Hello there! First off, I'd like to point out that this MOC is kind of non-canonical to the Chima universe, it is just a place and event that was invented by me for this MOC, it just so happens to be Chima-themed . And apologies in advance for the photography, I've never had to photograph an MOC this big before. Okay, now for the MOC and short backstory: When the Scorpions drank the Chi and became anthropogenic, they took over some Outlands Palace Ruins deep in a poisoned and desolate wasteland, devoid of the vegetation that usually dominated the Outlands. Mysterious and full of magical power, it has become the Chi store and ideal place to hold captured Legend Beasts for the Outlands tribes. Chima legend tells that the ruins are guarded by a ferocious Scorpion Legend Beast, and that the moats and lakes surrounding the ruins are rivers of pure venom. Nonetheless, the leaders of each non-Outlands Chima tribe, along with Lavertus, Rinona and the liberated Lion Legend Beast set out to the Palace Ruins to rescue the Crocodile Legend Beast and recover the stolen Chi... but little did they know that Scorm and his allies were already waiting for them. And so began the Scorpion Palace Ruins Raid... LEGO Chima - Scorpion Palace Ruins Raid 1 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr LEGO Chima - Scorpion Palace Ruins Raid 2 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr LEGO Chima - Scorpion Palace Ruins Raid 3 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr LEGO Chima - Scorpion Palace Ruins Raid 4 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr The legendary Scorpion Legend Beast lies atop the Ruins, observing the battle and waiting for a Scorpion to instruct it: LEGO Chima - Scorpion Palace Ruins Raid 5 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Here's a top view. I admit I did run out of olive cheese slopes LEGO Chima - Scorpion Palace Ruins Raid 6 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr A scorpion head motif adorns the top of this man-made (or rather anthropogenic animal-made) waterfall: LEGO Chima - Scorpion Palace Ruins Raid 7 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr LEGO Chima - Scorpion Palace Ruins Raid 8 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Sorry this one's a bit blurry, but it shows the inside of the palace ruins with the Chi store and the captured Legend Beast. LEGO Chima - Scorpion Palace Ruins Raid 9 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Here's some more atmospheric shots with a change of lighting: Razar is firing his Chi beam here, but Scorm is firing his venom blaster back, turning the Chi beam into a fire beam: LEGO Chima - Scorpion Palace Ruins Raid 10 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr There's no denying that you wouldn't want to get punched by a gorilla wearing metal fists LEGO Chima - Scorpion Palace Ruins Raid 11 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Scorm firing his venom blaster outside the entrance: LEGO Chima - Scorpion Palace Ruins Raid 12 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr This is what you see right above your head as you walk through the entrance. A jaw trap resembling a scorpion's or spider's mandibles. Looks like someone's already succumbed to it: LEGO Chima - Scorpion Palace Ruins Raid 13 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr LEGO Chima - Scorpion Palace Ruins Raid 14 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr And finally, Cragger engages Spinlyn at the entrance to her cavern (I admit I did attach a Spinlyn's Cavern to this MOC, and sorry, this one's a little blurry as well): LEGO Chima - Scorpion Palace Ruins Raid 15 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr If you would like to browse all the pictures at full resolution on Flickr (including a couple of pictures of the detached Scorpion Legend Beast), here's the link: Well, that's it for now. I would love some comments and constructive feedback on my largest MOC to date
  14. Hey guys, I was looking at modding some of my Legends of Chima weapons to be more show-accurate... For example, Laval's black Valious has a chrome Lion head and a red handle. Crominus's blade is red with black scuff marks and fine gold embroidery, and so on. I am relatively new to customizing and was wondering if any of you had any suggestions for what paint I should use to create fine details... Any help? Thanks!
  15. REVIEW 70007 - EGLOR'S TWIN BIKE Taking flight on the wings of…jet engines and motor fuel? Theme: Legends of Chima Pieces: 223 Price: USD 24.99 / £19.99 Links: BrickLink / Brickset Sleek, polished and fast with a futuristic look, the Twin Bike sports an air of unparalleled coolness in the Chima universe. You can almost feel the wind blow right through the wing-like structures on the bike, hear the engines rove as the Chi fuels its wheels and sends it down the road with the furious roar of a mean machine. Not to be left behind, Eglor, the Eagle Tribe minifigure in this set is just as cool as his bike, and this duo is surely well worth the buy. Eglor has also appeared in a smaller and cheaper Speedorz set (70105). Read on to see why this set is more worth it than the Speedorz set if you want to get Elgor. Packaging: Front Box Art Let’s start from the beginning. You get a giant picture of a bike running down the road, while Razcal the raven is flying a copter while attacking Eglor. The question of why a raven needs a flying machine in order to fly will be answered later (or at least I’ll try to). What you’ll probably be noticing is the corner of the box showing the bike in its jet mode. And yes, it does look as cool as it looks on the box (more on that later). Back of the Box You can see more of the jet mode in the back, along with the transformation steps that are really, really simple. Oh, and again there’s Razcal the bird using a copter to fly. The box looks great, attractive and all, but let’s get to the set itself!!! Contents: Breaking out the insides of the box Look! Two numbered bags (with smaller bags inside each of them), two giant plastic wheels, a sticker sheet and an instructions booklet. There’s only three stickers on the sheet, which is great for those who don't like putting them on. The stickers do look great though, as will be seen later. The instruction booklet contains the usual instructions, ads and minifig sheet, all of which I'm not going to be showing here. Let’s begin with Bag 1! Bag 1 contents Here you’ll get the bricks needed for building Razcal’s mini-copter, the wheel-base of the Twin Bike and of course, the minifigures themselves. Some of the more interesting pieces You get some shiny metallic parts in this bag, along with Chima’s purple wing pieces and two light-blue Technic wheels. Funny how those wheels are used as steering wheels in giant Technic sets instead of, you know, wheels. This color that the wheel comes in though is exclusive to this set, and has only appeared here so far. Minifigures: Eglor’s front side And heeeere’s Eglor! At least, the front of him without the mask. There is only one word to use for his minifig – amazing. Just take a closer look at his torso and legs. He’s in full military-like garb, with holsters overlapping his chest plate, and he's sporting a six pack underneath all that. I didn’t know birds could have six-packs. Oh well. The belt is also painted in detail, while the holsters continue to the legs, ending with a knee-guard and some yellow claws at the feet. It’s holster-overload, but that’s what makes him look great! The entire dark-blue scheme works beautifully with the silvery white and dark-grey equipment. Wonderful color arrangement, and wonderful design. Eglor has freckles on his light-blue face, and he’s looking kind of serious here, unlike his TV series counterpart where every character is bright, high-pitched and cheery (no offense to the show). Eglor’s helmet piece is in the same dark blue color, different than the usual white of other minifigs from the Eagle Tribe. It’s simply patterned with white stripes, but it’s effective nonetheless. The beak yellow looks a bit thin and faded at first, oftentimes looking like it has mixed with the blue, making it look like bad printing quality. But you get used to the look after a while and actually feels that it matches Eglor. Eglor’s back side and alternate (awesome) face Eglor’s alternate face shows a whole new side of awesomeness. Just check out that monocle!!! He still retains that angry serious look on his face, but it feels different and looks cooler thanks to the red monocle. I can see him being used in a lot of ways, steampunk coming first to my mind. The armor extends to the back (I love how the armor follows his spine structure), and so does the belt and holster. The helmet itself is the same on both sides. Eglor all geared up And thus he grew wings. And a Chi armor. And he looks great. There's nothing much to be said about this character other than he's amazing. The front side of the helmet has the same white pattern. Notice how Eglor’s freckles still show underneath his helmet? That is some great detail. You can feel the character bursting out of this guy. The wings are white, and it’s a nice contrast to his overall blue color. Both faces look great in the helmet. Eglor is definitely one of the best Chima minifigs out there and a must-get for collectors. He's so different from the other tribal Chima characters, it’s as if he came from the future with all his soldier-like equipment and looks! Eglor’s Chi weapon Here’s him with his weapon that looks like a Chi-powered Nunchuck/Bolas (you know, the kind you use to throw at animals and catch them). It’s a bit unwieldy for playing, but it looks great for poses. I wish that there’s some compartment in the Twin Bike to store this weapon, rather than having it kept separately. It sure looks like it'll come in handy during close combat when out of the bike. Razcal’s front side Moving onto the next minifigure, here’s Razcal from the raven tribe. He appeared before in his solo set, Razcal's Glider (70000), so he’s not that exclusive either. The Ravens are almost always excessively equipped and wonderfully so. The Chi chest piece looks great, and Razcal has a little pouch dangling off his torso, in reference to his status as tribe accountant. His face looks menacingly good with the reds all around. Funny how his helmet doesn’t show them though, and it’s even funnier how the beak on his face doesn’t have the same gold plating as it does on the helmet. His helmet itself is awesome; one of my favorite Raven Tribe helmets. Notice that the metal plating on his beak is just an attachment, not the actual beak himself. The rings around his eyebrows and beak ridge adds a nice touch to his character too. I’m going to go ahead and call him Metalbeak from now on. Metalbeak, ahem, Razcal's back side. Whoa! Looks like Razcal’s either cranky, freaked out, or just that he drank too much coffee. Or maybe he really did freak out after seeing the tribe's financial charts plummet to the ground. Either ways, it’s really different from his other face, which is good. His beak is slightly open here and it makes for a pleasant variation. The details on the pouches are also nice, with small glimpses of money/gold coins showing out of his overstuffed pouches. The helmet looks the same but with only two rings. Razcal in gear Black wings, amazing helmet and face combination, this figure is frankly terrifying and awesome. The shiny metal beak looks amazing from the front. Sadly though, Chima’s new armor piece covers up almost all of the front torso, hiding all the details that make the character look good. The bird tribes would naturally have wings, so it’s a pity that their armor covers up the details. This new armor’s shoulder pads look like some animal’s paws, which is pretty cool. Razcal with his weapon It looks like a bowgun-ish weapon, or maybe just a gun with horns on the side. It’s a nice little weapon for Razcal, albeit a bit too bulky. It’s decent that Chima sets have customized brick-built weapons, but they hinge on the side of awesomeness and downright ridiculousness. This one’s in between. Vehicles: Razcal’s copter A simple and small build, Razcal’s copter has this makeshift look to it, and it’s very Raven Tribe-like, not only necessarily because of its purple wings. The build of this vehicle is simple, but also interesting in some parts, like the way they built the flip-sided 1x2 plate to attach it to Razcal. Razcal attached to the copter So...Razcal’s minifigure is actually different from his previous set (70000), because in this set, his wings are attached to an additional 1x2 plate for ease of removal. His armor then fits to the copter securely, and it works nicely. Just one thing though…a raven that detaches his wings and uses a copter to fly…? The only explanation I can come up with is that he needs to fly at a faster speed, like Eglor with his jet. But a makeshift copter? The wings are pretty wobbly when you start spinning, and I doubt that a copter can catch up with a jet. Anyways, it’s a nice side addition to the set, but I feel like the designers could have done something more than this. Kids would surely grow tired of this tiny copter when they're aching for a more worthy enemy for Eglor's bike. Basic skeleton of the bike Bag 1 contains the basic build of the Twin Bike, with plenty of Technic parts used, much like other Chima sets. The turntable base is the main part used to transform the bike into a jet. Somewhat interesting Technic pieces This is somewhat interesting. I don’t play into Technic sets often, so having this yellow pin was new for me. After looking it up, it turns out that this almost never appears in normal LEGO sets other than serious Technic ones. It's probably used for motors or such...I don't know. Here though, it half-fits the grey piece and is used to hold the wheel in place to the basic skeleton of the bike. Base of the bike done Here’s the wheels and extra parts attached. The light blue ring looks great and even gives it that TRON look for some people, and I take it that it’s the Chi powering the wheels. Other side of the base The other side of the bike has been criticized by some to be…ugly, or not uniform to the bike’s blue wheels. I disagree for that fact that this is a transforming LEGO bike, and this side would be the underside of the jet. It makes sense, it looks fine and neat enough, so no complaints about that. The trans-blue piece extends to the back, giving it that Chi effect again. Pretty neat and consistent. Leftover parts from Bag 1 Some transparent pieces, technic pieces, a claw and a shaft. Nothing special here. Moving on to Bag 2! Contents of Bag 2 Right off the bat you can see that this contains the main body of the Twin Bike. The dark blue and white mixes well, along with the yellow beak standing out of the pile. Parts are well varied here, with a lot of engine parts, connectors and wings. Yes, more wings. Wings Aside from the orange wings from Razcal’s copter, we get two white and three blue wings, much like Eris’ Eagle Interceptor. Not a lot, but it’s still nice to have these since they're only released in Chima sets so far. The cockpit Following Chima’s well-known animal-like vehicles, the Twin Bike’s cockpit is in the shape of an eagle-head, and it's well done here as you can see. The sticker go to the head, and it looks cool, so I recommend putting it on if you don’t mind stickers. The cockpit then fits onto a stand to attach it to the rotating base of the bike. Completed bike base Here’s the base of the bike completed with the engines and two Chi crystals powering them fitted on it. It’s taking shape already, and it looks good with a rough technical/industrial feel to it. The claws are lifted up here to show the (simple) engines a bit clearer. Bike wings Here are the wings to the bike, with two stickers to each wing. The white and blue colors play off really well, and I love how the white wings are held in place using the binoculars at the tip of the plate. The Twin Bike Putting it all together, we get this awesome-looking bike. The claws on the bottom act as holders when the bike’s standing still, although you don’t really need it since it stands fine on its own (the wheels are large enough to support the entire build). This is surely something nice to display on your shelf. The other side of the Twin Bike And this…this isn’t really the part of the bike you want to display. It doesn’t look as sleek and cool as the other side, but it’s not cluttered enough to be off-putting. Extra parts from Bag 2 Only three small parts, since most of the bricks in bag 2 are large and unlikely to be lost. To the Jet Bike! : Transformation steps The transformation is really simple; just flip the wings up, twist the cockpit 90 degrees left/right depending on where it’s facing, flip it back, then extract the claws. And turn it over to get this: Jet mode A jet/hovercraft! It also looks cool in this mode, with the wheels acting as the jet’s engine, and it looks like it can hover too. There’s two circular trans-blue bases on the bottom of the bike that act as the jet’s thrusters when transformed, in case you’re wondering how this jet moves forward. It’s a really cool form, and it captures the Eagle tribe feel very well. Both modes are just amazing. Conclusion: Bike Mode Jet Mode And there you have it. Battle on ground, dogfight in the air. Which mode do you like better? The jet’s pretty cool to me. Price : 7/10 For the price…it’s fair enough, although the overall set feels lacking thanks to Razcal’s tiny copter. You’d feel like you could get a better land vehicle or small ATV to accompany the bike rather than having the copter. Keep in mind though that the only other way to get Eglor is from his Speedor set or the pricier and bigger Equila's Ultra Striker (70013). And with this set, you get an Eglor-centered vehicle and Razcal. Design : 8/10 Well, you gotta give props to the designer for fitting a jet and a bike into one build. The bike is cool to display, and so is the jet. Considering this is from the Chima Universe, it fits in perfectly well, and continues to show Chima’s strength with its animal-based vehicles. Razcal’s copter would probably just be put aside though. And one more thing - I wish the set name would be something other than 'Twin Bike'...what part of it is a twin bike??? "Eglor's Twin Jet Cycle" might sound cooler. Just sayin'... Play Value : 9/10 Hey, you practically get to play on two bases here – on air and on ground. It’s like having two separate sets. Kids will love the heck out of the transforming bike, but you’d better get a replacement for Razcal, because he’ll just be kicked out in the first five seconds using those jet lasers. Overall : 8/10 You get two great minifigures and a kickass bike/jet. The bike is a definite must-buy for Chima vehicle collectors, and it's a decent set for a gift to kids. As for parts, it’s good enough with the number of wings and a beak, but there are more technic parts in this set than normal bricks. Extra Pics (because why not?) : Calling the Eagle Tribe! Well, I don’t have all the eagle tribe members and vehicles, so this would have to do. But hey, Eglor’s bike seriously stands out, doesn’t it? There’s Equila with his speedor and Eris with her new armor from Worriz’s Combat Lair (70009). This will look amazing with her Eagle Interceptor. And now…for some extra shots of Eglor being well, Eglor… ...Because he looks like he’s an awesome biker. He has a Twin Bike, but can you imagine him in a real bike? Look how cool he is! Eglor as a specialist in a crack team of soldiers. Here’s him going on one of his missions. He’ll probably do something rad with that dynamite. Somebody make a movie out of him already, please. Okay, it's a lazy mix and match, and I just think Razcal would make a nice tough biker-gang figure in an alternate anthro meets Sons of Anarchy universe Thanks for reading!
  16. Hello everyone, This polybag review ought to be shared with all of you in a few months ago, since my last visit to LEGOLAND Malaysia in September 2013 and this polybag was part of my shopping basket. I am pleased to pick this up quickly and polybags do not come so easily at times, so I just pick it without hesitation. Let's see if this polybag is worth the effort and value. Name: 30252 Crug's Swamp Jet Theme: LEGO System / Legends of Chima Year: 2013 Pieces: 23 Minifigs: 1 minifigure Price: USD N.A, GBP N.A, EURO N.A, SGD $8.00, RM 19.90 Resources: Brickset, BrickLink An original polybag image of the 30252 Crug's Swamp Jet Back view of the original polybag image of the 30252 Crug's Swamp Jet Ready for some fast speedy water action? This will be a short and comprehensive review. More importantly, this polybag served as an appetiser for any LEGO individuals who are unsure of this new Legends of Chima LEGO Theme. This polybag will allow you to have a good insight and deeper appreciation of the new minifigures designing concept which is largely based on the animal tribes rivalry over the control of 'chi' crystals. In this context, this polybag is all about the aquatic deployment of the swamp jet for the Crocodile Tribe. Instruction Manual (Front) Instruction Manual (Back) The LEGO building content These are the laid out content of building up this lovely little new LEGO Legends of Chima polybag set. The building process is quick and fast. It probably take the builder less than five minutes to finish building. After the built is completed, this is the only remaining spare part. My name is Crug and I belonged to the Croc tribe Crug's body structure revolved around the minifigure scale and the outer layer features his crocodile physical characteristics. The level of details is highly recognised, coupled with the fact that it comes with back printing and double head printing. These details are welcoming to know. Crug has appeared in just a few LEGO sets and not to mention that he has his very own new Speedorz set as well. My only complaint is the lack of weapon for Crug. It could be much complete in this manner The completed built of the Swamp Jet After completing the built of the Swamp Jet, you may find the entire design to be very simplistic. True enough, it utilise less than 30 bricks to construct this Swamp Jet and yet an individual can still readily recognise the direct usage of it. The overall colour schema made use of grey, red and dark olive green combination which is the primary colour of the Crocodile Tribe. On a whole approach, this is certainly an effective simplistic Swamp Jet that can be quickly deployed to respond towards water skirmishes. Lifting the front of the Swamp Jet The front of the Swamp Jet can be lifted upwards. Somehow or another, I find it quite familiar and able to relate it to the crocodile jaws. Where shall I place the 'CHI' crystal in order to power up my Swamp Jet? To conclude, I am very satisfied with this polybag design and more importantly, it is able to provide me a greater insight to the Crocodile Tribe minifigure in terms of seeing and appreciating the in-depth design features. This also allow me to obtain Crug in an inexpensive manner without buying regular LEGO sets. All in all, I will encourage you to grab this without second thought only if the pricing is very very reasonable. Otherwise, it's alright to give it a miss. Summary review Playability: 6/10 (The Swamp Jet can be deployed in many water battles quickly.) Design: 7/10 (Limited parts and simplistic design but able to utilise the parts well.) Price: 8/10 (The price that I paid for, is quite reasonable for a polybag price.) Overall: 7/10 (Grab this polybag if you are able to find it reasonably priced.) I gave it a "4" based on my Review Score Card. What about yours? I hope every one of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Criticisms are strongly welcomed. Pictures can be found in My Flickr and My Brickshelf (When moderated)
  17. I'm not sure if we have such a topic or not, but if not I hope it will be appreciated. So now we have 11+ tribes in Chima: Lions Crocodiles Ravens Wolves Gorillas Eagles Bears Rhinos Skunks Foxes Beavers I think that there are so many animal species in the world, that could be made as Chima minifigures, or at least they can appear in the TV series. I think a fish, or a tiger tribe would be neat
  18. The Mugbearer

    [LDD MOC] ChiMechs

    This is a small project of mine that is now complete because of limited number of Speedorz frames available in LDD (a least for now). I am a big fan of Mecha. And I like Chima pretty much alot, that's why I even had this idea in the first place. So I was thinking 'what if I will take a Speedor frame and make with it a Gunmen-ish Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann-style Mecha? I think that would be awesome!' How awesome it is you can judge for yourself. =) Let us pretend that In the magical world of Chima where animal tribes struggle for possession of a precious Chi orbs, the great Mount Cavora suddenly shuddered. And as it did so, it threw out a number of enormous, never seen before Chi orbs, that were scattered across all the Chima, too powerful to use them on their own, too dangerous to be left alone. And King of Croc Tribe, Cragger, was the first to find a use to them by building a first ChiMech: a towering, brutal machine of destruction, that could compete even with Gorillas' Mechs. After defeat against Cragges's ChiMech, Gorzan, the mightiest of Gorilla tribe's warriors, has met with his friend Laval, a prince of Lions, and brought the grim news. ChiMech - Croc by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Laval decided to make a stealth sally in the territory of Crocs to find out what gave Cragger such power. Together with Gorzan and Eris they snuck into Crocs' fortess and found the ChiMech. While passing by throne chamber, Eris overheard Cragger bragging to Razar and Worriz about his discovery of Chi Core, the biggest Chi orb ever emerged from Mount Cavora. She also discovered that Crocs already sent out the scouts to find other locations where Chi Cores landed, and hurried to tell Laval and Gorzan who were sniffing around the hanger, but Worriz has scented her presence and caught her. But he never told Cragger and ordered his wolves to deliver the eagle to their camp. Laval and Gorzan never discovered her disappearance until they've been spotted by croc guards and was forced to leave. ChiMech - Croc Cockpit by The Mugbearer, on Flickr In the Wolves camp Eris discovered that Worriz secretly envied Cragger's success and sent out his own scouts to find at least one ChiCore, while his best mechanics were reverse-engineering Cragger's ChiMech by blueprints that they managed to copy while Cragger was so busy bragging. Eris decided that as much as she'd hate to steal, she must take those prints and deliver them to Lagravis. Razar has happened to visit Worriz's camp after visiting the Cragger's fortress and made a deal that she'd give away a first Chi Core they will find to Ravens if Razar will help her to escape and steal the blueprints. The two made a cunning and daring escape from Wolfs' camp but not before Worriz's mechanics finished to build their own ChiMech. ChiMech - Wolf by The Mugbearer, on Flickr While it was not as intimidating as Cragger's, it possessed outstanding agility. After parting with Razar, Eris made her way to Lion Temple and gave the blueprints to Lagravis. She discovered that after their escape from Croc Fortress, Laval and Gorzan wandered to the Temple and warned Lagravis about Craggers ominous invention. Lagravis ordered Longtooth and Leonidas to find the closest Chi Core and bring it back asap. Meanwhile, Laval let Gorzan go back to the forest to protect his tribe. Left alone, young lion spent alot of time planning how to find Eris and worrying about her safety. To his relief, Eris appeared at the Temple's gate at dawn, tired but happy. She gave the blueprint to Lagravis personally and went to have some sleep. ChiMech - Wolf Cockpit by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Back after Eris's escape, Worriz, while being angered by this event, has his Chi Core installed and so departed from the camp to meet with Cragger and tell him that he now has a ChiMech too. Cragger was furious and at first even engaged in a fight to destroy Worriz's Mech but suddenly changed his mind. He decided that he will just let Worriz to go first and 'accidentally' will shoot at his back where Chi Core was installed under an armor plate. Worriz told nothing about Eris's escape to not cause further anger from Cragger. They rallied their warriors and marched out on the Lion Temple. Combined forces of Wolves and Crocs has arrived by the noon... and was really surprised to discover that Lion Gates were now guarded by a ChiMech designed by the Lions! ChiMech - Lion by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Laval was piloting the Mech and he proclaimed that Cragger will never reach the Chi Cores anymore and that he will protect it even with his own life. Since Cragger still was pretty sure about who sent his parents to that Gorge, he was okay if Laval - or any number of Lions - will fall on his, Craggers, way to rule all the Chima. He ordered his forces to attack the Temple. ChiMech - Lion Cockpit by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Since Laval was equipped with a spear and an impenetrable shield, he could repel any ranged attack, even from Cragger's ChiMech deadly cannons. But once Worriz has reached him, Laval felt all the sharpness of Wolf ChiMech's claws. Furious strikes made Laval to back off, step by step, until he has reached the closed gates. And that's when Cragger decided that it's a good opportunity to kill two rabbits with one stone and opened fire at Worriz's ChiMech back. However, armor was strong enough to endure all the shots, although sudden back-stabbing attack allowed Laval to kick Worriz off the Temple's stairs. Worriz, though infuriated, decided to retreat, but suddently a volley of rockets has covered the battlefield, leaving havoc among Crocs' and Wolves' lines. ChiMech - Eagle Diving by The Mugbearer, on Flickr A majestic shadow has screened the sun, and a white and blue lightning swooped across the battlefield. Lions rejoiced, for Eris, who managed to reach her people and give them the blueprint, piloted the brand-new Eagle ChiMech that brought the balance and tilted the scales in their favor. Eris changed her flight mode on the fly, hovering near the Laval's ChiMech, ready to unleash another salvo at the Crocs heads. Feeling that this is good time to disappear, Worriz commanded retreat and Wolves left Cragger and his goons alone on the smoking field. The battle was won. ChiMech - Eagle Hovering Mode by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Lagravis ordered everybody to immediately extract the ChiCores from their Mechs and never ever use them again. He found a place at the Temple where Cores could be kept in safety and in a few days every Chi Core that Mount Cavora produced have been found and brought to the Lion Temple. But Laval still felt uneasy: something told him that this isn't the last time he's seen Chi Cores, and the day will come when ChiMechs will be needed again. And he swore to be prepared and asked his father's permission to keep Lion and Eagle ChiMechs intact. Worriz and Cragger did the same without anyone's permission, but since the blueprint was destroyed - by Lagravis's orders, of course, nobody could make any more of those powerful and dangerous machines of war. ChiMech - Eagle Cockpit by The Mugbearer, on Flickr One day Lion guards discovered that one of Chi Cores has disappeared, and found a black feather lying under empty pedestal... To be continued?..
  19. REVIEW 70107 – ROYAL ROOST The King of Lions comes along for a Speedor ride. Theme: Legends of Chima Pieces: 105 Price: $14.99 / £9.99 Links: Bricklink / Brickset I can’t press how useful these Speedorz sets are for getting Chima minifigures the easier and cheaper way, and with this wave of sets, it has become much more obvious. Royal Roost presents us with Lagravis, king of the Lion Tribe, who is of course, quite an important character. Whenever you hear ‘king’, you’ll probably expect him to be an exclusive or at least a hard-to-get minifigure available only in a huge set. But here we can just get him for a mere $15, making it a sure deal for those who want him and does not want to get The Lion's Chi Temple (70010) Let’s get on with the review now. Packaging: Front side of the box Like all Speedorz sets, the packaging is compact, nice, and sturdy. Not to mention that it’s very disposable after you ripped it off and get the insides out There’s not much to say about this other than it looks good, especially the close-up of Lagravis’ head on the right side corner…he sure looks old Back side of the box It’s funny how the same two kids show up on the back of every box…Here you can see the small tower of the set; it plays and breaks up almost similarly to Winzar’s Ice Tower (70106) . Unboxing: Everything in the box The contents are the same as in any other Speedor set; there are the cards neatly packed in plastic, the building instructions, two packages of bricks, the ripcord and the Speedor itself. For Royal Roost, we get an additional white box containing Lagravis’ cape. The new minifigure sheet Here’s a look at the new minifigure sheet, which seems to be present in all of the new wave sets. Furty and Skinnet have the Lion Tribe emblem beside them if you look close enough. Sure they’re the allies of the lions, but are they part of the tribe? Don’t they have their own Fox and Skunk Tribe emblems? We can only wait until next year... Rules of the game The game doesn’t differ that much from Ice Tower (70106). The objective is to knock down the tower, and whoever catches the ball gets to draw a card first. If you’re looking for good games, it’s better to look at LEGO Games itself. But then again, this is aimed towards kids, who will no doubt enjoy letting the Speedorz loose and raising hell on the tower again and again. Laying down the cards One thing that’s awesome about these Speedorz sets are the cards. They’re beautifully drawn with great colors and eye-catching action. Just look at Lagravis being all badass! For all art-appreciating LEGO fans, this is surely a treat. Lagravis is seen holding all the weapons in the set too, and I can easily imagine kids playing with the Speedor and imitating these scenes. If only the TV series could be this cool… Contents: Freed from plastic packaging Right out of the packages, the one thing that immediately caught my eye is the colors of the bricks. You can quickly tell that the set belongs to the Lion Tribe. Chima sets do a really good job in making each tribe stand out with their own unique color themes. Bright, cheese yellow, brown and green; it’s easy to say that the tower’s gonna look lively. Lagravis’ mask comes in plastic, which is nice because considering the cramped packaging in a Speedor box. Quick look at cape and mask We’ll get to the minifigure later, but here’s a quick view of Lagravis’ cape and mask. The cape's shade of blue color is a very nice choice, and the mask...well, you’ll just have to wait till we get to the details (More or less) Interesting Pieces: Shiny! Translucent parts are canon in the Chima universe, as you can see with the abundance of Chi-colored (or translucent-blue if you prefer,) parts. With Royal Roost, you get some pearl gold ones too. The axe-head is a definite extra, useful for making more weapons. If for some reason you’re looking to collect Chi (those blue gem-like pieces), Speedor sets give them away as if TLG has a warehouse full of them, just waiting to get rid of the stock. Some misc. parts Bricks ahoy! Like, literal brick-like bricks. Ahem, that was confusing. There are only two of them, but it’s better than nothing. They add a nice detail to buildings. Then there’s the somewhat new inverted bracket (they appear a lot in Chima and new Star Wars sets), quite useful for those looking to build MOCs. The Speedor: Speedor armor and ‘engine’ Coming down to the core of the set itself, the Speedor, you can see that it’s quite different from the others. Lagravis’ Speedor is fancier due to the fact that it comes in pearl gold color instead of the usual yellow or orange that other lions have. The design is neat, and it feels like royalty too, much suited to King Lagravis, although I believe that the armor looks somewhat more eagle-like than lion-like. The wheel is the same as any other Speedor. Here it is in full glory: Lagravis’ claw-weaponized Speedor Like any Speedor, the armor is fixed with two black technic pegs, with the optional weapon attachable under it. Lagravis’ Speedor has a claw-like modification for its weapon. …But seriously, the more I look at it, the more it looks like an eagle. What do you think? The Minifigure: Hail Lagravis, old man! Now, on to the King himself, Lagravis looks great. Just look at him! Dark-blue cape flowing, bearded muzzle, muscled armor (?!) and a shiny crown. This has got to be one of my favorite minifigures…well, all the Chima minifigures look great, so it’s hard to choose, haha. Great price for the set to get this guy, remembering that he's only available in the largest and most expensive Chima set - The Lion Chi Temple (70010). Cape-less and naked Lagravis Lagravis is old, that’s what strikes you when you see his face without the mask. He has wrinkles, a gray bearded jaw and eye bags. But he looks wise, and you can tell a lot just looking at his face. The other side however shows an angry scowling lion. He’s probably mad at Laval again for some random mischief he did. The blue cape extends to the torso, although it looks like a scarf when the cape is off. The Chi medallion looks good, and so do the belt and armor. It’s all very Chima-detailed, and there isn’t much to say anymore other than it’s great. First time that a crown comes equipped with a hollow head and spiky hair… Here’s a full view of Lagravis’ mask and a close-up. You can see the details of his face, especially the crown and beard. The paint is superb, and there are no shaky lines or imbalanced color here. It really feels well-made and it's pretty much perfect. A King needs weapons As in the card images, Lagravis’ axe and knife are there in the set too. It looks royal, again, keeping up with the overall feel of the set, mostly thanks to the pearl gold, white and translucent-blue colors that complements each other very well. Being the boss And here is the King with one of his weapons, looking quite aggravated. Lagravis must’ve fought some crazy-big monster to get that tooth as a blade A King needs no driver, he drives himself! And there you go, Lagravis, his axe and the Speedor. Someday someone will make a diorama with Lagravis riding down the plains in his Speedor, leading a legion of other lions in their Speedorz, armed with spears and all. The Tower: The base Building the tower is relatively easy, and this base is made up of two similar parts, which of course means that some repetitive building is in store for you. Notice the greenish base and the grass that makes it look more jungle-like. Second and third layer For the top of the tower, you get a yellow structure and the ‘roost’ holding the ball. You could replace the pastic ball with a miniature bird or something, so as to make it a real roosting place Completed tower The structure is stacked together like the previously mentioned Ice Tower (70106), since it's meant to be knocked down by the Speedor. The translucent-blue is made to look like Chi flowing in the middle, and the base makes for a nice lush green ground effect. All in all, it’s a solid build. Extras In case you want to know, there’s some extras here. The typical studs and technic peg, along with some good weapon-builders. Conclusion: Everything built and ready... Price: 8/10 For $15, you get Lagravis and other neat things. As said before, the only other way to get Lagravis is through The Chi Temple, which is way more expensive to buy. Design: 7/10 The tower’s pleasing to the eye, and it really has that Lion Tribe vibe to it. No complaints here, although I believe most would break it down for parts after a while (I know I will). Playability: 7/10 It’s boring for adults, of course, but younger kids will like it. I’m not gonna be a critic for such a simple game, but you gotta admit, the Speedor is pretty fun to zoom around with for a while Final Score: 7/10 In conclusion, this set has got a little something for everyone. The play feature is good enough to be entertaining for young ones, there’s good art to be found in the cards, the tower looks nice, and there’s Lagravis. It’s a great set for a great price, and I recommend Chima-fans and collectors to get this set. As for those who’ve never bought Chima sets before, you can’t go wrong with Royal Roost. That's the end of the review Thanks for reading! ...but wait, there's more! A tribe meeting, and Laval is late. As usual. With this set, I finally completed all lion minifigures for now! And boy do they look great together. Leonidas and Lennox comes from Cragger's Command Ship (70006), while I got Laval and Longtooth from Laval’s Royal Fighter (70005). Three great sets, all minifigs complete. In other words, awesome! Here they are side-by-side: Brotherhood of the Lion~
  20. http://www.polygon.c...daptations-from 3 titles: LEGO Legends of Chima: Speedorz, which is by TT Games and 4T2 and will be online and in the iOS app store tomorrow. Racing/battle themed. LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval's Journey, which will be released for PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS in the summer and Nintendo DS in the fall. LEGO Legends of Chima Online, a free-to-play online game by WB Games Montreal. I guess Legends of Chima video games were a bit of a foregone conclusion, but it's still a surprise to see just how many games are planned. Not sure what to expect of the third title, but as far as the first two are concerned, TT Games and 4T2 have offered up quality LEGO gaming in the past, so I expect great things.
  21. Seeing that Lego Legends Of Chima sets have started hitting the shelves (and my Aunty has picked up Razcal's Glider which I should get December 27th/28th), and the preliminary names for the summer wave have been released I have already started thinking about sets past that. Here are my thoughts: Longtooth's Lion Bike, 120-150 pieces . Includes Longtooth and a new crocodile. . A Lion Bike. Wolf Striker, 230-250 pieces . Includes a new wolf and a new eagle. . Includes The wolf striker. The Croc's Royal Quad, 300-340 pieces . Includes Crominus, The Crocodile Queen and a new lion. . The Quad and a Lion speeder. Gorilla Tree Top Fort, 360-400 pieces . Includes Gorzan, a gorilla and a new raven. . Includes a treetop base with a turret, a watch tower and two sections. Raven Nest Base, 360-400 pieces . Includes Rawzom, Razar and a gorilla. . Includes the nest base, a small raven vehicle and two storeys. Eagle's aerial assaulter, 600-650 pieces . Includes Eagle Queen, Eris, Ewar, a new eagle, Wilhurt and a new wolf. . Includes a big aerial ship with missiles, flick fire missiles, escape pods and a big interior space. What do you think? Also tell me your thoughts and your wishes.
  22. We have had the MT-201 Ultra-Drill Walker, the Ultra Sonic Raider and now we have the Ultra Striker. It would seem LEGO designers associate the image of more or less behemoth-sized tank-like vehicles in their action themes with the word 'Ultra'. Will Equila's ride live up to the role? Theme: Legends of Chima [Exclusive] Set name: Equila's Ultra Striker Set Number: 70501 Price: 39.99 $, 39.99 £, 39.99 Euro Pieces: 339 (+ 8 extras) Minifigures: 3 Year of release: 2013 Links: Peeron, Bricklink and Brickset This is the biggest Legends of Chima set I got so far. I must admit the main focus for me were the great figures. I especially like the Dark Blue Eagle (Eglor) and the Black Wolf (Wilhurt). Moreover, the vehicle has appealing aesthetics and looks like a good parts pack. That said, let's have a closer look to this flying tank used by an Eagle tribe in the middle of a mythical jungle world. The Box Front The front of the box shows a shot of the set in action. We have Wilhurt escaping with a CHI crystal in front of a rampaging Ultra Striker, while Eglor monitors the situation from the sky. All of which happens on a jungle background. I'd like to focus your attention on the background for a moment, as I noticed what looks like a fairly rare attention to detail in the photo composition. Look at the right side of the scene: the forest is blurred, due to the speed of the running wolf and the chasing eagles. Now look at the left side: the jungle in the distance is still, as can be expected by something far enough from the action. I'm not sure if this strategy has been implemented by LEGO box designers in other cases, but I seem to remember mostly static backgrounds with the action and blurs limited to the foreground set and minifigs only. Logos and set info complete the art, as always. Back The back shows the various play features of the set. We can have Wilhurt steal the CHI from a parked and unguarded Ultra Striker, with Equila getting all work up when he finds out, or we can suppose the eagle was hiding in the cockpit (not much space for that, but we'll talk about it later), and make him jump out at the last moment to stop the cunning wolf. If the wolf actually succeeds to get away, we can hunt him down with the Ultra Sticker and shoot our huge and painful missiles at him (try not to miss because you have only two shots!). Now come in the two most interesting features of the set: we can separate the cockpit from the main body and have it fly on its own (just like in Eris' Interceptor and Ninjago Ultra Sonic Rider's set); or, we can 'unfold' our wings and have the entire tank take flight. A flying tank (and not just a controlled fall one like in the latest A-Team film)! How cool is that? Sides The sides of the box sport the usual logos and legal notices. The upper side also shows a detailed view of the three characters with their weapons, with a 1:1 scaled mug shot of Equila. Contents Inside Upon opening the box, we find 3 numbered bags of parts, and another bag containing two rubber tracks (big version), two flexible ribbed hoses and one huge rubber tyre. The instruction booklets and sticker sheet will be discussed in the relevant section later on. Out of the bags As you can see in this quite jumbled mix of parts, the main colours are Blue and White, with minor Dark Blue, Azure, Yellow and Bley additions. Few Flat Silver, Pearl Gold, Red and (mainly big) Black parts complete the palette. New pieces New parts included in this small set are: Dark Azure and Dark Blue Wing 9L with Stylized Feathers, Light Bley Brick, Modified 1 x 2 with Studs on 1 Side (I consider this new from this year, even if it appeared in 79003 An Unexpected Gathering in late 2012), Pearl Gold Minifig, Weapon Sword, Double Blade with Bar Holder, and Trans Light Blue Rock 1 x 1 Crystal 4 Point (CHI crystal). The minifigures' parts also fall in this category, but are listed separately (see relevant section). Rare parts Parts collectors and MOCers will be interested in the following rare parts also: Blue Wedge, Plate 4 x 6 Cut Corners (returning in this colour for the first time after 10 years), and Trans-Clear Hose, Flexible Ribbed with 8mm Ends, 19L with Blue Center Pattern (finally crossing from Hero Factory to System LEGO sets via the Legends of Chima theme). Extra parts The usual bits and spares include: two blue half pins, one black pin with friction, a transparent light blue small round tile, one yellow half bush, one red bush, one pearl gold big teeth/claw and one flat silver spear. Colour consistency While most parts have good colour consistency, I noticed that the Yellow Wedge 3 x 4 with Stud Notches has a strangely lighter hue with respect to the other parts in the same colour (these are standard LEGO Yellow). I tried to photograph it, but I'm not sure it is evident in the pic; human eyes are still better than cameras' sensors in detecting slight colour variations. Minifigures The three minifigures included in this set are Equila (the Ultra Striker owner), his friend and ballistics expert Eglor, and fierce Wolf hunter Wilhurt. Here you can see the assortment of parts used to build them. Of course, the Eagles have nice body armours and look quite noble (as the myth depicts them, especially in American tradition). By comparison, Wilhurt looks like a wild un-civilized hunter (which I suppose is the aim of TLG designers with the Wolf tribe, though they gave them high tech vehicles like the speedorz and the Pack Tracker...). Here we have the figs with their accessories. I like the fact that TLG designers introduced a Dark Blue eagle to the tribe; it really adds variety. Wilhurt, too is an oddly coloured version of the mainly Bley and Dark Bley wolves. This armour part, as is now common knowledge is what allows the Chima bird charters to sport wings. I must say I like the look of it, and I appreciate that LEGO is producing more armour parts with studs on the front and back, as they allow a wider range of character customisation, and they can be used in other contexts also. Wing(s) in place. The vertical clip holds the wing bar to connect to the armour. It has been noticed that this configuration renders the figs quite bulk, and it is indeed true, but I feel it at least fits the theme well. In this front shot of the figs without armour and head piece, we can have a better look at the printing of the parts. I especially like Eglor's torso and legs, as his jump suit works really well in Dark Blue and I like the idea of a flying character wearing a jump suit, just like our air forces. Equila gets the second place in ornamentation and Wilhurt, the savage hunter ends dead last; this does not seem to make him happy at all. Looking at the facial expressions, all the characters are quite grim, but the wolf is clearly angry. Allow me a brief consideration. I've always been curious about Wilhurt's name since first I saw it. I'm wondering, is it a short version of 'He will hurt you'? It really seems possible, and I would not be surprised if, when we'll get to see him in the Legends of Chima TV series, the other wolves will be quite scared of him themselves. He seems like a lone hunter, berserker type of character, doesn't he? All three figs have printing on the back of the torso and head. I like how Wilhurt wears (or grows) a sort of fur cloak or mane on his back; it helps in adding detail to an otherwise plain part of his anatomy. Another little detail I appreciate is the fact that Eglor's second face does not wear the usual eagle goggles, but some sort of high-tech eye-glass. It fits well with his ballistics expert role in the eagle tribe. This last shot is a comparison between Equila (on the right) and Ewar (on the left; not included in this set). As it has already been mentioned on the net, the two share every single body part, with not one difference between the two except for the head piece (or mask). Equila has a tiny bit more of printing on the forehead there than Ewar. That's all. Instructions Following what seems to be the most recent LEGO policy for instructions, we have two instruction booklets. Though the set is on the medium/big side, the number of booklets is mainly due to the fact that few pieces are required for each building step, with even single-piece steps. I must admit, nonetheless, that TLG achieved a pretty good compromise with this set. The cover shows the same shot and artwork as the front of the box. The LEGO and Legends of Chima logos, set number and booklet number complete the layout. The stickers are of the clear back variety. I do not apply them, so I do not have any knowledge to share about their glue quality or the like. The only things I can say are: they look pretty neat and do not cover multiple elements. As already mentioned, the instructions are standard fare, with an almost solid sand blue background that neither distracts the eye from the build or plays havoc with colour recognition. The parts' callout neatly covers 3 pages (of which only the last two are shown in the pic above). Yep, there are quite a lot of different parts and colours in this set. The last pages, as we can easily predict, are dedicated to advertising. I decided to put here a pic of the fore last page, with the '4D Movie Xperience' ad, for those visiting LEGOLAND Discovery Centers and LEGOLAND Parks. The rest are Legends of Chima set and speedorz ads, plus the usual LEGO Club and WIN! images we have come to know (and sometimes hate) so well in the last years. Building Start The build starts with the cockpit. Nice and clean, it has a functional look to itself. The red bit will become almost invisible in the finished build. Unfortunately, TLG designers decided to use a new sticker, to apply on the yellow roof piece, for the onboard computer instead of resorting to an older printed brick. Once completed, the cockpit takes the shape of an eagle head, complete with sharp beak. The dark azure feathers serve as... ...wings for the stand-alone flight mode. I did not find the pose of the feathers in the standby mode to my taste, so I rotated them to get a sleeker look. From the back, we can see the pins that connect to cockpit to the main body of the Ultra Striker, and that serve as thrusters in the stand-alone mode, I suppose. The trans-orange bids help give this part a more interesting look, and may serve as warning light for when the cockpit manoeuvres to re-attach itself to the main body. The main body of the tank starts with a forked chassis, upon which we mount the rubber tracks and the rear giant wheel. At the end of instruction booklet one we attach the eagle claws and finish the chassis. Going up, we encounter a recent trend in LEGO sets: in a step we are required to use 4 4x2 white plates where a single 8x4 plate would have sufficed. I'm note sure if using 4 smaller parts helps in achieving better grip and sturdiness, or if this kind of move is only related to rising the piece count; it is not too clear in this case. Here are the wings (only lacking the shooters, which will be added once they are mounted on the vehicle's frame). Notice the two CHI crystals that power the Ultra Striker... ...via the trans-clear/blue ribbed hoses. I'm not familiar with Chima's mechanics and technology, but I really do not understand why the power source should be placed in the open, especially when it does not serve a second purpose as weapon and it is at the centre of a contest between the tribes. It's like advertising it and inviting any wannabe thief to try his/her hand at getting it from under your nose. Notice the yellow and red technic bricks? That's where the connectors on the back of the cockpit go. There is an 'hidden' technic axle that can be pushed from the back to make the cockpit pop out and take flight. Finished set Front By connecting the cockpit to the tank frame and adding the shooters, we complete the model. Notice how Equila has to get stripped of his wings to enter the cockpit. Now, while it's a nice idea to render the wings part of the vehicle's aesthetics and store them safely at the same time, I think I'd be quite annoyed if I had to chop off a body part to get into my car every day! Wing supports While I decided not to include side and back shots of the Ultra Striker in this review (for the simple reason that they can be found on with all ease), I think it can be interesting to focus our attention on some smaller details of the model. First up is the use of hinged 4x1 tiles to support the wings in flight mode. When you first assemble your set, you'll notice that the wings' connection has enough grip to keep them from falling down due to gravity. But then you have to add the shooters, which increase the wing weight in a significant way. The supports, normally hidden by the wings themselves, can then be raised and used to keep the wings in flight mode without ruining the model's aesthetics. I had to ask myself: why did TLG designers decide to go with this solution, and not use click hinges for the wings' connection in the first place? I suppose the reason is linked to the given range of mobility and destination poses the click hinges allow, which would keep the wings too high or too low in the rest position with respect to the body frame. Get yourself together, man! Wilhurt choose one of the worst moments to attack the Ultra Striker: being fairly new to this big toy, Equila is trying to link the cockpit to the tank frame, but it may take some time. All together Another consequence of the limited space inside the cockpit is that Equila has to leave his weapon behind each time he climbs onboard. Is that the real reason why Eglor accompanies him? Bonus images Job description That was when Eglor learnt why nobody wanted the 'Weapons specialist' job in the Eagle Tribe. Bed time tales When he was a cub, Wilhurt used to have nightmares about Little Red Riding Hood and her friend the Lumberjack. Bad time tales As an adult, Wilhurt instils nightmares in Little Red Riding Hood and her friend the Lumberjack. Final comments Overall, Equila' s Ultra Striker is a great set, full of play features and complete with three outstanding minifigs (for the fans of the series, at least) and an exclusive CHI-powered weapons as well as 2 CHI crystals themselves. Design & Colour scheme – 9/10 (Very well proportioned and efficient. The only con is the reduced space inside the cockpit. The colour scheme works very well, both for the eagle faction, and for a bird-like vehicle, with clear paint on the underneath and darker shades on the upper surfaces. The only strange bits are the red accents put here and there to emphasize the play features.) Minifig – 8/10 (A good selection of very detailed prints and a great attention to detail make these figs worth the extra money for this set. The only con I can see, and the reason why I lowered the grade for this voice, is that they have reduced use into other themes, with the possible exception of Eglor's jump suit.) Parts – 8/10 (Great variety of useful parts, and a reasonable amount of new pieces. I'm pretty sure will soon see many interesting MOCs using the big feathered wing pieces.) Playability – 10/10 (The movement of the tracks and rear wheel is smooth, the shooters work as good as they ever may, and the detachable cockpit is a nice [albeit not new] touch. The number of figures of opposing factions also provides ample spark for many interesting stories.) Build – 8/10 (Nothing too complex, but some efficient solutions are used, like the wing supports and talon claws.) Price – 6/10 (The main critical point in this set is its price. Given the piece count and number of figs, it should be in the same range as Eris' Interceptor and the Pack Tracker, so 5 Euros less than it is. I know this set is marked as 'Exclusive', but that does not seem reason enough to make it so price-y without an actual increase in parts count.) Overall: 8.2/10 Very good As always, questions, comments, and pic requests welcome! If you like my reviews, and would like to learn how it's done, please consider joining the Reviewers Academy:
  23. It's time to review another Legends of Chima Ultrabuild (which I will now call Chima Builds for the sake of simplicity)! This time, it's Cragger, the evil warlord of the crocodile clan. While I was looking forward to get Eris mostly because of her eagle motif, Cragger got mine attention for the same reasons I got Ogrum: His colours. In addition to dark green (or Metru green, as some of us call it in memory of Toa Matau), Cragger brings yet another green to the constraction line, a dark olive green, somewhere between dark and lime green. But is a new colour the only thing that Cragger offers? Let's find out in this review. Set name: Chi Cragger Set Number: 70203 Price: 14.99 Euro Pieces: 68 Year of release: April 2013 (Europe), apparently August 2013 (USA) The bag While Cragger's bag uses the same blue frame as Eris (and all other Chima Builds), Cragger himself glows red rather than blue, just to make clear that he's evil (and maybe even a Sith Lord? After all, one of his blades glows red as well...). Since the building instructions use the same picture I'll talk about more about it later. The back of the bag. Unsurprisingly, the layout is the same as on Eris' bag: Cragger is standing in a landscape, and you can spot Laval in the background. Funnily enough, to me it looks like Cragger is smiling, while Laval looks seriously pissed off (Apparently he doesn't like happy crocodiles - what a jerk!). Left to this is a picture of the combiner using Cragger and Worriz, and below all this is a little comic showing how Cragger unleashes his powerful Chi form to beat Laval up. Well, maybe Chi Laval looks so angry in the upper picture because he's about to get back at Cragger... Uhm, I think I interpret waaay too much into all this stuff going on there. I guess it's time to open the bag, right? The parts If I didn't made any mistakes while counting the pieces on this picture, Cragger contains 68 parts. That's 2 parts less than Eris, but on the other hand, Cragger comes with quite a few rather large pieces. Being a crocodile-themed charachter, Cragger is mostly dark green, olive green and gunmetal, just like a real-life crocodile (well, aside from the gunmetal of course). Note that Cragger uses the larger torso skeleton. Cragger's head deserves special mention even among the Chima Builds since it's two separate pieces, the skull and the lower jaw. Both pieces look very nice (Cragger even got a scar on across his right eye) and got some printing here and there. The other side of the head reveals the ball socket, which faces backwards just like Eris' did. Cragger's Chi plate. Note that the Chi sphere is located on the left half of it, not the right as it was in Eris' case. And there's the new sword piece Cragger comes with. I think it's been a while since we got a blade that looks so brutish. Unfortunately, the improvement I mentioned within Eris' axe blades doesn't apply to these swords - the blades are slightly bend. Probably due to their size and the fact that they are packed into bags along with plenty other pieces. Pictures of interest from the instructions Ah, the cover. I really like the design of the Chima covers, with all the glowing energy and the lovely backgrounds. Cragger's cover also really inspired my imagination. Can you see all the little green drops? It looks like Cragger just bursted from below the swamp water to attack his clueless enemy - just like a real crocodile! Well, except for the fact that real crocodiles usually don't wield giant halberds. Here's another look at Cragger's combiner. There's also that neat picture of Laval and Cragger duking it out using their Chi Forms (and before you ask - no, there wasn't anything like that in Eris' instructions ). Building the set Cragger's anatomy leads to a few tweaks from the usual formula of building constraction sets. After putting some stuff (a grey connector on the front, and a small bone piece for the tail) on his torso and building the legs, you put some bones on his shoulders. Which get then connected above the ball joint (which is usually reserved as the neck joint). Then he gets his head, which is connected via the other small bone to the three other bones (which eventually resulted in Cragger's long crocodile neck). Next is his tail. I think this picture shows how it is assembled. While this picture shows what it looks like once it's assembled. After the tail, we move up a tiny bit and cover Cragger's back with gunmetal armour. Then we continue with his weapon. First the staff in the center... ...then the tip of the halberd. The lower part consits only the other gunmetal blade, and then we get... The finished set Behold! The evil Cragger has unleashed his powerful Chi form! Oh yeah right, spare parts. Design and playability Thanks to his extended neck and the nicely patterned colour scheme, Cragger clearly rocks the crocodile thing. His poseability, however, is kind of a mix bag. The extended neck and the tail are very poseable (and thus add a great deal to the fun of posing this guy), but on the other hand, the articulation of his arms is severly limited due to his dual-held weapon. That is something that already annoyed me with Vastus back then - a dual-held weapon is only fun if the character has open hands and can alter the grip of the weapon. This way however, is really hard to put Cragger in poses where he can actually use his weapon (or put him in a pose where neither of his hands is bent in an awkward way). Another thing I'd like to mention are the coloured parts. Cragger's lower legs and arms are olive green bones which don't use any additional shells. That actually helps to give Cragger a crocodile-like appearance, since crocodiles have rather sleek limbs compared to their somewhat fat bodies. Besides, coloured bones are always an instant win to me. Also, having a covered back is yet another great plus for his design. Okay, he got a hole between the two shells, only due to his huge crocodile neck. Cragger's head also adds to the joy of posing him thanks to the moveable jaw (a feature that is strangely not highlighted on his bag - after all, Ogrum's packaging even praised the swinging mace as an action feature). The joint itself is ratcheted and can be placed in 4 positions (closed mouth and after that from "slightly open" to "I'll eat you as a whole" open). His extended neck can look a bit awkward from certain angles due to having no shells there though . Since I don't own any other Chima sets than Eris' Eagle Interceptor I don't have a mini figure of Cragger to compare the Chi Form with. But judging from pictures, the only noteworthy differences between the two are the colours of his armour and weapon (Cragger's spear is golden, and his clothing is dark red) and the lack of a cape (which reminds me that someone here on Eurobricks guessed back then that the Chima Builds might reuse Furno XL's cape). But aside from that, Cragger is quite close to his normal form. The size comparison with Eris surprised me, since I expected Cragger to be slightly smaller than Eris. They are however roughly the same size since Eris got longer legs while Cragger got a taller torso and longer neck. (and yes, both their heads have their problems when they try to look around) Bonus pic! I modded Cragger to hold his weapon with only one hand. A rather simple mod which makes posing Cragger easier (and thus, more fun). Final thoughts Cragger. Is. Awesome! He comes with a new colour, nice new parts, a cool head and a quite refreshing building experience, and his only downside is the rather shoddy poseabilty of his arms due to the design of his weapon. All in all, he's a fantastic set, and I honestly recommend you to get him. Be it for the colours, be it for the head, be it for the blades, or all those things together - he's definitely worth your money.
  24. When I first saw the Legends of Chima theme I wasn't sure what I think about it, the minifigs are beautifully detailed and good-looking but the vehicles looked somewhat silly to me. Now I dug deeper in the wrld of Chima and I came to really like it, so I decided to ge my first set and bring you a review. Theme: Legends of Chima Set Name: Lennox' Lion Attack Set Number: 70002 Year of release: 2013 Minifigs: 2 Pieces: 230 Price: 17.99 GBP / 24.99 USD / 19,99 EUR / 5990 HUF Set Description: Protect the Lion tribe’s CHI with Lennox’s Lion Attack! Crug is after the CHI powering the mighty Lion Attack vehicle. Catch him with the all-wheel drive then help brave Lennox to deploy the big claw attack. Load up the rapid-fire disc shooter and send that CHI-swiping scavenger back to the swamp where he came from! Includes 2 minifigures and a weapon. Includes 2 minifigures: Crug and Lennox and a weapon Features CHI, big claw attack function, all-wheel drive, lion head front and rapid-fire disc shooter Includes Crug’s standard weapon Power through the jungle with all-wheel drive! Shoot the rapid-fire discs! Fire the two flick missiles! Protect the Lion tribe’s CHI! Measures over 3" (10cm) high, 7" (19cm) long and 6" (16cm) wide Box: Front The box is from the smaller category but to my biggest surprise it's very stiff and heavy. It sports the usual design with the Lego and Chima logo. In the right corner we can see Lennox's head, I really like how TLG make every box unique with the current hero's face. The main image shows the lion vehicle in action (spitting mentos), chasing the bad croc guy who stole Chi from the lions on a dusty road, surrounded by forest/jungle. On the left we can see some info about the set but this being the europian version there isn't much. And finally we can see the minfigis on the low left corner, namely Crug form the crocodile tribe and Lennox from the Lion tribe. Their association to the bad/good side is easily recognizable, Crug has red background, while Lennox has blue. Back On the backside of the box we can see the play functions of the set through a little story where Crug is trying to steal the Chi, but Lennox with his Lion car is defeating him and takes it back. The functions are described in 6 different languages and we can see the guys arguing in the upper right corner (Give it to me! - No, you give it to me!) The content of the box We get 4 unnumbered bags, 2 Chi tubes, 2 Building instructions, 4 rims and a Sticker sheet. Interesting parts In this set there are beautiful new and/or rare Flame Yellowish Orange parts, some old parts in reddish brown, the new tooth pieces (which are made of rubbery, very soft plastic) in both white and reddish brown and the black technic piece for suspension. Last but not the least we have the new Chi part and the 2x3 plate with holder in trans lightblue. Building instructions I haven't inserted a pic about the front because it's the same as the box. The BI has a light blue background which makes the colors easier to recognize. There are 2 booklets and they are surprisingly long (wich is very good) and in the first booklet you can find a picture of all the figures from the first wave in the middle of the building, which is quite odd. The steps are easy to follow and there is little repetition. Sticker sheet There are stickers yes, but there is not much and they just add to the overall look of the set. Minifigs: The set contains two minifigs, for me Crug was the selling point in this set, he is my favorite Chima minifigure. Crug: According to he is Cragger's loyal muscleman, if he needs raw force to get things done, then Crug is the one he hires for the job (Like taking the new refrigerator up to the 7th floor...). The minifigure looks beautiful, he is the brown croc in the theme. The paint job is spot on with all small details like the steel jaw with a screw in it and the fangs on his belt, with the ripped clothes, this figure is freakin' awesome! His head is dark brown while the body is reddish brown. We get a double-sided head with a calm killer's look and with a surprised/frightened look on the other side. Lennox: Lennox is the vehicle-pro guy of the lion tribe, a cool, careless young lion with hidden potential to do great things. Tha paint is beautiful here as well, the little details makes him perfect, like the lion head shaped knee-armor, the detailed belt and the greekish looking skirt. He has a double-sided head too with a shy smile on one and a fierce/angry look on the other. Unfortunately his only weapon is the Lion car, at least he could have a saber or something... The completed set: I'am very satisfied with the result, the vehicle is very sturdy and it rolls easily. The Lion head on the front looks great, but it somewhat resembles a cub more than an adult lion's frightening look, anyway I like the design. (Next time I'll have a walk with my vacuum cleaner before making a review ) The tubes connected to the claws makes the feel that there is really something flowing in to them, I really like these parts. The contras of this set is that the rear part of the car is almost empty, there is a curvy back with stickers, a little place to stand for Lennox (a real cockpit would've been better) and the Chi holder, which is very simple, the cannons cover some area but if you look from behind it's still a bit naked. The play functions: Now that's where the set stands out! First there is the disk shooting mechanism wich works fantasticly, the disks fly a long distance before they hit anybodys eyeballs . You have to load them up into a hole at the back of the lionhead and you pull the trans blue plate at the back which loads a disk in to the rail, then release the plate and Bang!!! Then we have suspension for the wheels which is not common out of the world of Technic. For flick-fire lovers I have good news, but I don't think there is actually somebody who loves them (I hope TLG readsthis). Moreover the cannons can rotate up/down and left/right. Rating the set Design 8/10 The designers captured the lion-ish look very well, the great choice of colors make it mor authentic. The 2 minus points are for the naked back. Build 10/10: It was really fun and took a surprisingly long time. The BI is easy to follow with good color differentation (In spite of this I managed to miss a step ) and with little repetition. Parts: 9/10 There are tons of parts here in rare/new color, which can be useful for MOCers, I myself can't complain. Minifigs: 9/10: Both figures are excellent (especially Crug ), with beautiful paint job all over them but it's a shame that Lennox doesn't have a weapon. Price: 8/10: Its a bit high but you get Crug (he only appears in a polybag and in a big set of the summer wave) and a fun little vehicle with great play features. Overall: 44/50 I'am very satisfied with this set, a few weeks ago I couldn't have imagined that I'll be buying this but here I am and happy with my Chima set Great play functions, beautiful figs, nice lion looking vehicle, tons of fun. I hope you enjoyed my review and it help you decide whether to buy this or not. End of story.
  25. I've been a member on Eurobricks for something like 3 years now. It was also 3 years ago when my local LEGO store opened. But I'm still absolutely clueless about new releases until I spot them on the store shelves. And that happened just earlier this week when I found out that TLG already released the Legends of Chima Ultrabuilds here in Germany (though in my defense I should mention that I was kinda busy being on a convention last weekend). Well, it's been a while since TLG had two original constraction lines at the same time in their sortiment. Back then it was Knight's Kingdom, a fantasy theme about knights (as the name suggests) which coexisted with LEGO's well-known more sci-fi Bionicle franchise. After the rather mediocre sells of both the Ben 10 and Superhero Ultrabuilds TLG decided to make Ultra Builds for the already established Legends of Chima line (which is the successor to the incredibly successful Ninjago). But instead going for Laval or Cragger, I decided to get Eris first - despite the fact that her Ultra Build was already criticized for various reasons. But how much of the critic stands true? Let's find out (after this incredibly long intro). Set name: Chi Eris Set Number: 70201 Price: 14.99 Euro Pieces: 70 Year of release: April 2013 (Europe), apparently August 2013 (USA) The bag Just like the Hero Factory sets, the Chima Ultrabuilds come packed in nice resealable bags. The front of the bag shows Eris flying through the skies of Chima with a floating island behind her (which just reminds me of the floating islands which were here and there part of the displays in various stores - those things were simple but very cool designed). You can also spot Eris minifigure head in the upper right of the bag, hinting that this is her super-powered version. Urgh, making a picture of the back was a pain. But to make sure that you can appreciate it properly... I decided to scan it this time after I emptied the box bag. The big picture shows Chi Eris in her natural environment (she didn't got any action features we got used to with the past waves of Hero Factory, so there's plenty of room for a beatiful landscape - oh, there's also Chi Worriz in the background!), and below that there's a mini comic showing how Eris goes Super Saiyan to kick Worriz' butt (I'm surprised it's Worriz, not Razar though). There's also a picture of the combiner model which requires Eris and Laval. Oh, and there's of course also the chunk of legal text. And the choking hazard in plenty of languages. What would be a review of mine without a size comparison of the packaging? Eris' bag is roughly the same size as the bags of Deluxe sets like Ogrum. Enough about the bag, let's take a look inside! The parts Eris comes with 70 parts (10 parts more than Ogrum, though Eris costs 2€ more). As you can see, she comes with lots of bones, white shells, transblue shells and a few golden pieces. Overall a nice collection of parts, though there aren't many recolours or new parts. Let us start with highlighting the most exclusive part to this set - Eris' head. If you compare it with the minifigures head you'll probably notice that this head looks far less feminine. In fact, it looks radically different from it. I wouldn't say it looks necessary masculine but rather has an ambiguous gender. Given that generic look I wouldn't be surprised if TLG will use this head again in a future set (and I'd be more than happy if this set would be Eglor). If you put aside the issue with the resemblance to Eris (or the lack of resemblance), it looks actually quite cool and would be great for MOCing. This picture was supposed to show the nostrils on the beak, but it's blurry. Oh well. The top of the head. One thing of interest is the connector of the head. It doesn't face downwards but backwards. Like all Chi Builds (except Gorzan, who got the Hulk chest), Eris comes with a recoloured version of the super hero chest which features a printed pattern. While I was a bit disappointed with this piece (I'm not a fan of printed pieces, and I don't like the asymmetrical design of it), it grew on me while I was building her because it shines really nice. I suppose TLG decided against placing the Chi sphere in the middle of the chest due to the shape of the part. However, I wish TLG had gone the extra mile to give them unique torso plates similiar to those of the 2.0 heros instead of printed shells. But that was probably not in the budget. The new blade piece, which are used in Eris' battle axe. The shape of this piece is very versatile, which is a big plus for MOCing purposes. In case you were wondering, this piece is in the same blue as Stormer XL's swords. Oh, and one thing I forgot to take a picture of... The mold for these blades features a minor improvement over Stormer's (or Furno's) swords: The blades aren't bend, which results in an even axe blade for Eris. Eris' wings itself aren't new since they were already featured in a few Chima sets (mostly Eris' eagle jet), but the colours are new. Chi Eris got 4 golden and 2 white wings. It's a very nice piece, and I hope to see it in even more colours in the future. A few pictures of interest from the instructions The cover. Same as the bag minus the age recommendation (Geez, I'm 23 years too old for those... ). Yet another picture of the combiner. I haven't checked yet if the instructions are already online (which reminds me I have to check if the instructions for the Brain Attack combiners are online - I wanted to try Breez'/Ogrum's combiner out!). A few pictures of the instructions are dedictated to ads, showing the rest of the Chima line. This page shows all six Chi Builds in action. Oh dear, I'm so getting Cragger just for the colours and the neat head sculpt. Building the set Eris' build starts pretty much the same way as every HF build does. First she gets a part attached to her back and after that the legs are built. Then the legs get already armour and the arms are built. And here's the rest of her armour. Then there comes the head. Due to the socket and it's shape, Eris needs a separate piece for her neck. But every eagle needs wings, and they are the next step (the piece in the front is the wing skeleton without shells). And after attaching the wing bones to her back... ...she gets her wings! Now it's time to build Eris' axe. This is the upper part, which includes a fair share of TECHNIC pieces. Once finished you put it in Eris right hand. Then comes the lower part of the axe. This picture contains probably the most complex assembling I ever took a picture of. I hope you can figure out how it works. ... Okay, enough sarcasm. If you attach the lower section of the axe to Eris' hand as well, it will result in... The finished set So yeah, here we have Eris, leader of the eagle tribe, in her powerful Chi form. (and a few spare parts too) Design and playability Eris uses practically the same build as most HF sets did in the past three years, so she offers of course a fair deal of poseability. Her bright and vivid colourscheme looks also very cool and is well patterned across her body. However, similiar to some other Ultra Builds (like Big Chill or Iron Man), her head has a few issues regarding its poseability. You see, due to the feathers on her neck Eris isn't able to look downward. At least she can look upward, which is important for flying poses. One thing I don't like about her however are the wings, and this is mostly because of the wing bones. Eris' wings look very skeletal, and the very large bones don't help matters either. It's also nigh impossible to pose her wings in a relaxed position that looks good. I think Eris would look better if TLG had shorten the wing bones but had added the wings in a slightly different way which would put them closer together. Though to be fair, Razar has the same issue (although one could argue that the skeletal look works better for him, being an evil raven and such). I do however like the design of her legs. The lack of shell armour helps to give off the impression of sleek, bird-like legs, though it would be even better if her lower legs (or at least her clawed feet) wouldn't be black, but yellow, orange or even gold instead - it's really a pity that only Cragger (and arguably Gorzan, since he's mostly black anyway) can benefit from recoloured bones for his build. Her axe looks very cool though. Makes me wonder though how TLG got the idea to give the winged character an axe. And said character is also mostly white and blue. You know, all these things apply to my Self-MOC as well (although my Self-MOC got silver, not gold, has no animal motif and is male). Crazy coincidence, eh? Here's a comparison between Eris Minifigure form and her Chi form. Many people complained about how much Eris Chi form differs from her default appearance, and I have to agree here. It's partly because of the colours (like the much brighter blue of her minifigure), but also because of the rather masculine look of her Chi form. Of course, this stems mostly from the head (Eris' head is dominated by round shapes, and there also her round eyes, which make her look absolutely adorable, while the Chi head has sharp edges, looks dead serious and lacks any pupils), but I also think that Eris' overall design could had been at least slightly more feminine. For example, I wonder why TLG didn't used the Breakout torso armour for her, it's sleeker than the 2.0 armour, and let's face it, both look rather robotic. Here's a size comparison with a few HF sets. Eris is visibly taller than Breez and Ogrum (though Ogrum is a bit short when it comes to Deluxe sets anyway), but she's still a head smaller than Furno XL. Final thoughts Let me be honest here, Eris is not the best transition of a mini figure into an Ultrabuild figure. Be it the differences to her normal form, the ambiguity about her gender in this form or the design of the wings, the poor girl got a few issues. But aside from this, she's a cool set to have. Pretty much all of her parts have great potential for MOCing, especially if you desire to build something different than a robotic warrior (or at least someting that doesn't have a robotic head). I would recommend her if you like eagles or still need more white, blue and gold after Surge, Stormer, Frost Beast and Jet Rocka (I guess the next Brain Attack wave will hit shelves in mid summer both in Europe and the US, but I'm just guessing - so it's still possible that these will be released first in the US too). Otherwise you're probably better off with one of the other sets of this line (or even one of the smaller Chima sets - I seriously recommend you Eris' eagle jet, that thing is fun).