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  1. Captain Baker

    Brick Bounty MOD

    This Mod is Dripping with Awesomeness. Love it. .
  2. Captain Baker

    The Devil Lady - new ship for the redcoats

    That's a Formidable looking Custom Ship you've built & it would certainly be an asset to any Pirate Lego Ship Collection. Pretty Sweet.
  3. Captain Baker

    [MOC] My First Pirate Diorama

    Nice, just checking out your Flickr page too. You've got an Awesome Collection, loving this pic displaying your Pirates. I'll be posting pics of my Collection Soon.
  4. Captain Baker

    REVIEW: #40158 Pirates Chess Set

    Pretty Sweet looking set, Definitely Above average. The older set is Sweet Too, I may acquire both & potentially mix them up
  5. Captain Baker

    Battle of The Bountys

    Both are Great Looking Ships but I have to go with BrickBeard's Bounty. I prefer the design & set of minifigures included, however I will soon own both of them
  6. Captain Baker

    Pirate torso(most of them) Evolution through the years

    Nice to see them compared & you can clearly see the Evolution of the designs. You easily spot the upgraded 1s from the oldies but the Great thing is, they all still fit Very well together.
  7. Captain Baker

    LEGO Pirate Photography

    Hey Pirate Lego Enthusiasts. Loving these snaps a bunch of you have posted. I'm as New as today to this Forum, I just had to Sign up & become a member after seeing such Passion, Love & Community Spirit for Lego. My Pirate Collection is Continuing to grow & I shall soon be posting pics of my Horde. :)(:
  8. Captain Baker

    Whats the deal with the 2015 pirates line?

    I think the New line is still pretty cool, not as much on offer as other Pirate lines from the Past but that's probably due to Lego focussing more on other Lines. I'm excited for what we may get with the New POTC Movie though, surely that's bound to spawn a New Line of Awesome sets, based on various scenes from the Film :)(: