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Found 68 results

  1. This short animation was made in 24 hours for THAC 2024 contest. THAC is short for The Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest. This is an annual international event for fans of stop-motion animation. I've always wanted to participate but never had the free time. This year I managed to do it. What does it look like exactly? Read more » Video: Some stills: Full story here: LEGO Gallery - [BRICKFILM] Stop motion animation for THAC 2024 WIPs, Behind the scenes and other extras at my: Instagram | Facebook | Flickr
  2. I just realized there's a subforum for comics, how cool is that? I'd like to post this thing I'm making. To be continued!
  3. samurai-turtle


    The story is I wanted to make one mech for one of my mini figures. But I did not like it, and then I started to think what if "her" friends made some mechs too. And I stared to use my Mixel sets to make the Mechs for other mini figures. I had laying around (or spares). So here their are (a group shot or two)... The individual mechs are... Kappa Mech - Piloted by Leo, technically this might be the second one I made using Glorp Corp Mixels. But the first one I made I was not to happy with and it got remade more on that later. I did think making the limbs bigger / longer but I just settled on making the arms longer. Goblin Mech - Piloted by a Orc, using Spikels Mixels, it looks like some thing a goblin would make. You would noticed that I gave this (and a few others) a "door" to get in and out of the mechs easier. Thunder Mech - Piloted by Jay Walker, useing the Musical Mixels to make this one. I am thinking thunder is a noise and Jay is a lighting ninja it seemed like a good mach. Stitch's Mech - Piloted by Stitch, using Frosticons Mixels. This might be another one I had trouble making at first until I put Stitch as the pilot and then it just came together. The back story on this mech is Stitch got tired of "people" making fun of his size, so he ended up building this thing. Mystical Mech - Piloted by Lance, using Wiztastastics Mixels. I eventually put Lance in this mech wanting to use the first figure in some thing else. And I even put some "Wing Blades" on this mech to make it a little better and give it a slightly different attack than the other mechs. (The others using their "claws" for attacking.) Beetle Mech - Piloted by a Rogue / Archer (from the mini figure collectable series). I used Glowkies Mixels for this thing, putting the "horns" it made me think it look similar to a beetle. I even think the "teeth" holds a type of cannon. Plus this one has an odd way to get in an out of the mech. Snow Owl Mech - Piloted by a Chima Polar Bear. This one is very different from the others because is does not use any Mixels. What I am using is a Nexo Knight's Mech (Lance's) and a Chima Legend Beast (Eagle) plus a Ninjago poly bag (Dragon Hunter). You are probably wondering why I am calling this a "Snow Owl" one of the earlier versions the feet reminded me of a Snow Owl's feet. But I wanted some wings on the mech so I ended up using the Chima Eagle for parts. Plus If you look at one or two of the pictures it is holding a boomerang (from the Dragon Hunter) for a extra attack, along with it's "forearm blades" witch can flip around for a slash attack. Not to mention I was trying to make a mech for this figure I was not to happy with the other versions until this one came about. Also, I kinda figure with a Polar Bear Pilot in an Snow Owl Mech it might make this a feared "Bear Owl" from D&D. A gallery of the individual mechs...
  4. LEGO has introduced a lot of great themes over the years, only to cancel them after one or two waves. Are there any themes that you would like to see reintroduced, but this time with updated minifigures and building techniques? Personally, I'd take Alien Conquest and Monster Fighters over permanent themes like Legends of Chima any day.
  5. Peppermint_M

    Fantasy Index

    Visit the lands of fantasy where dragons fly and treasures are to be found. But look out for the creatures of fire, shadow and stone. Tags Prize Tags and awards for LEGO Elves themed builds A reward for Nexo Knights Reviews - Chima Reviews - Chima Speedorz Reviews - - Elves Reviews - -Nexo Knights Fire Army Reviews - Nexo Knights Stone Army Reviews - Nexo Knights Tech Infection Reviews - Nexo Knights Extras and Polybag Reviews - MOCs - Chima MOCs - Elves MOCs - Nexo Knights MOCs -
  6. I decided to create an entry for the Ultimate Train! rebrick contest. It is a train for the ice bears of Chima.
  7. I haven't really thought too much about how the penguin tribe fits in Chima. This is some quick thoughts to go with the build. After the Great Illumination, the mammoths and ice bears sought out a colder environment to settle in. To there surprise they found a Penguin tribe already living there. The Penguin were battling with an Orca tribe. Pukit doesn't speak. He carries paper and writes down answers too complicated to explain through gestures.
  8. makushima

    [MOC] Vizier

    Vizier Lego Bionicle Chima MOC - Vizier
  9. This was designed with the idea of adding a new cattle tribe to Legends of Chima. It could just as easily be used in Nexo Knights or some other fantasy/sci-fi setting. he Sky Chariot is part of a larger vehicle idea, kind of like the Battle Ram from Masters of the Universe. I've not designed the rest of the War Charger. The Herbivore Empire saw the result of the Great Illumination. Callistus, son of the cattle emperor, set out to investigate. Since the War Charger was damaged, he detached the Sky Chariot to look around. Unfortunately the duck who also came from the Herbivore Empire doesn't believe carnivores can be good. She sabotages their relationship with the lions.
  10. makushima

    [MOC] Shark

    Shark!!! Lego Chima Bionicle MOC - Shark Lego Chima Bionicle MOC - Shark
  11. Finally found the final solution to displaying all the Chima birds into one piece! AC
  12. makushima

    [MOC] Siberian King

    Siberian King Lego Bionicle Chima MOC - Sabreus
  13. makushima

    [MOC] Bagira

    Bagira Lego Chima MOC - Bagira
  14. makushima

    [MOC] Classic Cyborg

    Classic Cyborg Lego Chima Bionicle MOC - Classic Cyborg Lego Chima Bionicle MOC - Classic Cyborg
  15. makushima

    [MOC] Night Furry ;-)

    Night Furry Lego Bionicle Chima MOC - Night Furry ;) Lego Bionicle Chima MOC - Night Furry ;) Lego Bionicle Chima MOC - Night Furry ;) Lego Bionicle Chima MOC - Night Furry ;) The head inspired by
  16. makushima

    [MOC] Cupidon

    Cupidon Lego Bionicle Chima MOC - Cupidon Lego Bionicle Chima MOC - Cupidon Lego Bionicle Chima MOC - Cupidon
  17. makushima

    [MOC] Firebird

    Firebird Lego Bionicle Chima MOC - Firebird Lego Bionicle Chima MOC - Firebird Lego Bionicle Chima MOC - Firebird
  18. makushima

    [MOC] Ant

    Ant Lego Bionicle Chima MOC - Ant
  19. makushima

    [MOC] Spider

    Spider Lego Chima MOC - Spider
  20. makushima

    [MOC] Lion

    Small lion Lego MOC - Lion Lego MOC - Lion Lego MOC - Lion
  21. Hi guys :) A year after Frostbite, Ice Chima moc, I've decided to completely rebuild it :) I will leave first post for presentation, and add pictures as I build
  22. Hi guys ;) Frostbyte is big Ice Chima diorama which is currently under total reconstruction (pimp up my Chima:) So, first we are going to talk about the old one, then, the new one ;) This mammoth diorama is my part of a project, officially first in the world, made as collaboration of two builders from two rlugs from different countries - Tony Tocaci from Brickenburg Asociatia, Transylvania, Romania and me, from Beokocka, Serbia The idea was made one great night in a pub, with a lot of beer :) "next year, let's make something together - my ice Chima fighting Tony's Blacktron guys" You can see results in the pictures below ;) First things first: the whole diorama was transported by tri guys and a girl 600 km from Belgrade, Serbia to Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in two cars :) And set up for 8 hours :) Here are few pictures of setting up: -- The first thing was Chima tank, made out of two Star Wars superstar destroyers sets :) We got them as part of our support, but the guys that were in charge of SW disregarded them, and they were languishing in some dark corner for a whole year, broken. So I confiscated them and Chimalized the - there is a saying in our club - you got something as a support and don't show it on exhibits? Be careful, or Angeli will chimalize it! But the end result was satisfied, so everyone was happy :) There are two chimalizes exo-suites working with big guns on the tank, and the tank, beside engines has two dozens of Vargas puling it :) --- We continued to set up around it, While Tony was putting his own Blacktrone base Round Chima Slime towers were particularly hard to transport - they are VERY sturdy, but if broken, hard to rebuild I must brag that one of those towers was part of the window dressing for one year permanent of Lego Certified shop :) With them, Chima Slime fraction was getting finished: So, we are trying to align everything, and of course, I've made few mistakes, and roof of one building is taking the space of the walls of another :) It is hard to build such a big diorama when it is bigger then any floor of any room in your house :) A lot of planning must be done "in head", and is something gets forgotten - you have to rebuild on exhibit. I could use 12 minions at this point :) So, we are putting mammoth factory and airport, and again, factory and fortress collide. But it can't be fixed, so - we just apart baseplates for that one stud I've got more, and pretend nothing happened :D So, after few hours, it is time for beer break :) And then, return to work :) And blacktron bad guys (look how black and dark they are, must be bad:) have used our beer break to invade us :) There are a lot of Chimalized sets, like this Delorean, and guys from my club really hate them :) At some point moc expert Mihai Marius Mihu landed a hand also, so, three lugs made a print on the moc :) We had a rule - while setting up, what you touch and break you have to fix. Girls loved this rule, and most of the buildings were "fixed" as my initial design was not satisfying enough :) With ice trees, we finished our setting up :) Very hard working eight hours, but very satisfying :) My favorite parts were flowers :) As a special tribute, I've met with one great builder totally by chance, mentioned Mihai Marius Mihu, and we decided to make something together - and thus is how the Faerie dragon was created (infamously known as Draconic Chicken:) ---------------------- Now, about the moc: Frostbyte is on 8x6 48x48 baseplates, it consists of three big units: Ice Chima, Santa's village and Chima Slime swamp Santa's Village: Santa's village is under siege! But no worries, the village is full of tough Santa's helpers :) Even Santa himself is one tough guy: Ice Chima Ice castle: Hallo Fred - Halo George! You can find more pictures here
  23. I had a conversation with 'David Thomsen' who had more than just the Pirates names. Looks like the 2015 wave is still Fire VS Ice. -Sci 70220: Strainor’s Saber Cycle 70221: Flinx’s Ultimate Phoenix 70222: Tormak’s Shadow Blazer 70223: Icebite’s Claw Driller 70224: Tiger’s Mobile Command 70228: Vultrix's Sky Scavenger 70229: Lion Tribe Pack 70230: Ice Bear Tribe Pack 70231: Crocodile Tribe Pack 70232: Sabre Tooth Tiger Pack 30256: Ice Bear Mech
  24. Hello! This is my entry to LEGO's Legends of Chima Big Box Competition! Before I start talking about the actual fortress, I just wanted to say that I don't build many things with physical bricks. Only things I do are my Winter Village entries (I will definitely be entering again, this year!) and an occasional thing for another contest I might see. I usually use LDD, which I'm pretty decent at, but they haven't updated it at all during 2015. So, with my limited selection of bricks, I made this. Hope you guys will like it! The theme of the contest was to build a fortress to protect the CHI. I had a friend help me with photography, and I asked him to keep the images looking a little amateur-ish so it didn't look too "official" like an actual LEGO Shop@Home image, or too 'professional' for the CLUB magazine if they ended up choosing me as a winner (of 2) and putting it in the next issue. Also, a lot of the pieces are a bit dusty, so excuse that, sorry! I only had 2 of the Fire vs. Ice Chima sets (and some polybags) and resisted ordering any extra pieces from LEGO. So, without further ado, this is Flinx's Flaming CHI Fortress! The figures I included were Flinx, Frax, Laval, Cragger, Worriz, Eris, Mungus, and Voom Voom. In the front, a gate with a phoenix head, two big torches on the sides in front of tan, brick guard towers. One has a moveable turret, and the other just has a balcony. I watched some episodes of the show to get some reference photos. The entire temple was on fire, so I tried adding some flames, torches, and other things around the outside. I tried integrating the Chima "theme" with the giant animal heads into this, hence the giant phoenix head above the gate. I usually try making my MOCs look like official LEGO sets, so I added a lot of play features to this. The phoenix head can turn from side to side, and has spring shooter eyes. Turning the fortress around, the interior features a large tower, stairs, a Fire CHI pit, and more. Starting with the right tower, the lower half features a small blacksmith/weapon creation/armory room. There's a rack with multiple golden weapons and tools to create flaming swords and such to attack the Ice Tribes with. An anvil is off to the left with a golden fire chainsaw. Above is a balcony. The middle tower features a prison, a room with The Artifact, which in the show is a giant map showing all of Chima. Mount Cavora lays in the middle with a hovering fire CHI crystal above. Above is a small bedroom for any of the characters to sleep in, with a lamp. The top of the tower has Flinx's throne (in my "world of Chima," Flinx is the ruler because I don't own Fluminox.) Giant flames burst from the sides, to show the flaming effect. In front of the Artifact is path with torches and a trap door leading to the prison below, activated by turning the entire Artifact. (Fun fact, my original version of this fortress was a lot smaller. The Artifact was still in the middle and I wanted it to turn and do something. At first it knocked down the stairs in front of the gate. Then I decided to switch to this Indiana Jones baseplate I found. After heavily revising this middle section over and over again, I was finally satisfied with how I made it.) Onto the last part of the fortress! The bottom half has a small elevated area with a pit where the CHI is protected and can be lifted by the nearby crane. Above that is a staircase that leads to the turret. It took me a while to figure out an acceptable design but I'm glad with how it turned out. I really wanted to use those trans-orange claw pieces. The turret can be raised and lowered past the golden fence piece. It can also spin around, and all four flick-fires can be shot at once. And that's it for the fortress! Now onto the Croc tribe vehicle I included. I made this a long time ago, when the contest was first announced. I actually based it off of some really old concept art for the Chima line that was posted on the site. I tried reverse engineering the build, but I couldn't exactly figure out the treads on the side, so I just built them so they don't actually roll. And that's everything! I really had a lot of fun building this, and I hope I win the contest. Even if I stopped being interested in Chima after 2013, that's a LOT of LEGO! If you wanna see the 2-3 extra photos I didn't post in here, check out this album on my Flickr! If you've got any questions, please feel free to ask below. Thanks again for looking!
  25. Hello, in Germany (and many other countries in Europe) there has been one last Polybag Chima Release: A Bulkar Minifigure with a special fire-saber. But: With this January 2016 Release, the theme Legends of Chima is history (like Ninjago once was...). In February, there will be a new magazine of Blue Ocean: Nexo Knights, of course. So for all Chima-Fans: This is the final Polybag... Best wishes Andres