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Found 83 results

  1. Jevil

    Metalbeard MOC

    Oi, I've been busy. STILL working on updating my YOUTUBE Channel since.... May this year? Sitting on a litteral HOARD of lego Sets from the last two to five years I want to pull apart and review, and I've got Mocs out the Yin-Yang. This is a recent one I made with the Systar System Party Crew set as a base (Music-Beard/Party-Time Metal Beard) I took the base model for Metalbeard, and pallette-swapped a lot of pieces until the good Captain was in his classic colors again. I took several creative liberties in his design, however I feel that i've hit a happy middle ground between making this an original creation I'm content with, as well as something that can be recognized as, "Oh hey, it's the Robot-Pirate from the LEGO Movie!" A feature I'm proud of including in this MOC is the right leg (The good one) having a functional joint in the knee. well, with the way the parts fit together, I'm pretty happy about that leg. Left leg/peg-leg has a special pin element on the side of it, that the new Grapple/Anchor piece, found in the latest Batman set (Batcycle Vs. Mr.Freeze) can easily attach to, to keep it out of the way when he's gallivanting about. The back of the model. I took the most liberties here, building up the engine on the back. Since his last stint, Metalbeard has overhauled and upgraded his onboard engine. Four cylinders, five exhaust ports, lots of output! Metalbeard with Accessories. Sword clips into his good hand, and he cradles his cannon under his Hook-arm. Against his better judgement, he has a single black cylinder shot for the cannon rattling around loose in his chest O' Innards! The Captain, in all his glory!
  2. Benny was initially a bit put out when he was told he had to recycle his old '80's technology, however he soon managed to make the most of it.
  3. The Lego Movie 1 is now 5 years. This is beyond the shelf life of any LEGO products actually featured in it. One thing which I assumed would always prevent a commercial LEGO movie from being released is the fact that all Lego products have a relatively short shelf-life, many only lasting 1 year, while movies remain available indefinitely. Now, I understand that right now LEGO Movie 2 merchandise night satisfy some kids who have seen TLM1, but even that is temporary. So, how do kids who were too young to buy it's direct merchandise respond to TLM1?
  4. Renny The Spaceman

    Wizard Team Go

    So, this exists! I came across this VERY weird video centred on Vitruvius while searching the web and may I be the first to say, why? Given the other videos on the uploaders channel my best evaluation is that this was meant to be an extra on The LEGO Movie Blu-ray that was pulled for some reason. Sources: The channel in question:
  5. Oky

    UCS Unikitty (MOC)

    It's everyone's favorite unicorn-kitten princess, Unikitty! The breakout star from The LEGO Movie recently got her own cartoon show and I decided to make a giant sculpture of her. This is a 8:1 scale replica of the bipolar ruler of Cloud Cuckoo Land. The tail was the most difficult part to recreate and I'm not completely happy with it, but overall I think it turned out pretty good. You can turn her head, roll her eyes, pose her eye brows, and spin her horn. But best of all, the back of her head can be opened up to reveal a playset inside. This playset is a representation of Unikitty's mind. As we all know, her mind is all sunshine and rainbows, but she keeps her anger locked up deep inside a corner of her mind. When she gets angry, her angry self breaks out of its cage and unleashes her fury! I tried to build it out of existing parts so that I could potentially build it IRL if I felt like it. This is why I had to make the neck in lime green instead of cool green. I think the only part I used that doesn't exist in these colors is the light royal blue 1x1 cone at the top of the horn. So it is possible to build it for the most part, but I think it will be too much trouble tracking down all the parts in the correct colors. This was going to be an Ideas project, but sadly it was rejected due to it being based on a current IP. Thanks for looking, and remember: Stay positive!
  6. Hi, I've been working on a movie accurate MetalBeard, mostly from this playlist, but also using a 4K copy of the movie and various screenshots. Just wanted the thoughts of the community on whether I'm missing anything. My wanting to have him accurate is almost reaching OCD levels, but I am happy with where he is now. One part of note is the latest update video in the playlist posted a few days ago which I can confirm is in the movie from this screencap: [img=] In the video he forces the piece to the point it's bending, I didn't want to do that so moved the shark forward a peg. Any suggestions or ideas would be great. Here is some pictures of my MetalBeard as of posting, thanks!
  7. Ok looks like I managed to get the video in the actual post this time! This contains my first 3 attempts at the most-traditional form of stop-motion LEGO animation. 1) A close-up shot of Lord Business on the street 2) A wide-shot composition of minifigures out on the town 3) THE WORLD'S FINEST meeting up on the rooftops From start to finish, you can really progressively see my techniques coming into form! Each of the 3 scenes took 1 hour to shoot, 1 hour to edit. (Add an additional hour or two for THE WORLD'S FINEST, I had a lot of trial & error to get that one in the can.) ENJOY MY PUBLIC PLAYTIME!
  8. Many many years ago I enjoyed playing World of Warcraft for year or two. For some reason, every christmas, I get into my holiday spirit by thinking back on the cosy joy it was to wander around in WOW exploring and just enjoying the landscape. I so recall the first time I arrived at Ironforge, and that´s the reason it had to be part of my Cube layout project. I hope you like it. Grinding materials for leather skills: A place in WOW I used a lot of time, was at what I recall as a bay, where turtles were all over the place. They dropped a lot of usefull materials for either getting better at leatherworking skills, or could easily be sold at the auction house at Ironforge. This baylike area, led to several dungeons that were handy for getting experience points, and advance in the game. I sooo loved this area, and I can still get all relaxed thinking back on it. Running around, enjoying the music, just relaxing and not having to rush anything. Dungeon leading to Ironforge: Arriving at Ironforge: Ironforge is build into a huge mountain, surrounded by snow and forest. This were an ideal place to run around during christmas when no snow were outside. First sight: At Ironforge one would expect nothing less than drunk guards and huge statues. 3 more cubes for my Cube layout project: So, three more cubes have been added for the project, well actually its five, as two more cubes have been "landscaped" to make an "endcap" for the build. So, finally have an endcap ready. Now I can progress on all edges of the build, finally getting one full loop of tracks for the train to roll on. This is how it looks by now. Another great thing, is that Im finally ready to begin building on "top" of the whole of this area.The Doctor who and the "turtle bay". View of the Diablo cube next to Ironforge: I was really worried as how the Diablo cube would look next to the Ironforge cube. Turned out great ! Two studs width with some overhang made the transition work quite well. Now, the backside of Ironforge has not been finished yet. This build turned out soooo tricky, as I need a sort of three way effect, using the Diablo cube and this for sort of a camoflage to make the train run through. So as you might have noticed their is quite a few places where the rockwork ain´t top notch yet. But that´s yet another great thing about this project. I can fly between themes, building what I feel like, whenever I want to. Honestly though, I need a break from rockwork right now, this has teared me apart. Everytime I moved something a bit, the whole build moved in random directions, and it took Me forever to figure out, how to make it look "big" considering Its placed on a 34x34 stud base. But for now Im happy with how it turned out. On the backside of Ironforge im gonna build Stormwind, another great city of World Of Warcraft, using the backside of Ironforge as sort of a forced perspectiv, making up micro build skyes and towers ( I think, have only made a test build). But that´s the plan for now. On top of the diablo cube, Im planning a boss fight. I mean, what is Diablo without a boss fight. And I have a special one in mind ! Installments planned: Doctor Who - Gas and Snacks - T.A.R.D.I.S - ( Can be found here ). Doctor Who - Gas and Snacks - T.A.R.D.I.S - Small continuation - ( Planning ) Doctor Who - T.A.R.D.I.S train ( offcourse :P ) - ( Planning ) Fabuland - Fabuland settlement ( Building ) Matrix reloaded ( building ) Matrix revolutions ( planning - somewhat testing build ) Diablo - Part one - A shortcut to the black templars treasure - ( Can be found here ) World Of Warcraft - Arriving at Ironforge ( This one ) World Of Warcraft ( a collaboration of Diablo, Baldurs gate, World of warcraft ) - ( building ) War against the Cthoor. Call of Cthulhu. The LEGO movie. Please do leave comments and questions. And I hope you enjoyed the build. KlodsBrik
  9. Hidden entrance or just an old collapsed mountain side ? Don't take the rockwork here to serious as the top of this cube wont be finished till the surrounding cubes are done. Still the entrance is here ! Spider Attack !! No problem for a level 5 wizard ! Dead spiders equals loot ! The treaure ain't out of reach at all ! Diablo interface: Diablo cube - First installment: Again - The top of this cube still needs a lot of work. Will be done when I have the surrounding cubes at hand at somewhat fitted to this one. Now, I actually thought that this would have been the next finished installment of my Cube Layout Project: However, once I started to build the Diablo interface, I could'nt stop. I Really wanted to have the Diablo interface as my first installment for the Diablo, world of Warcraft and Baldurs gate installment's I have planned for this project. I also needed to know how many studs high it had to be, in order to fit the surrounding cubes with the track layout in order to make it all fit. Now, I dont even know what will be the next installment. My Cube layout project consist of cubes 34x34 studs. This in order to be able to put a baseplate on top and still have an one plate edge, in order to be economical with my bricks. Also it makes it quite easy to adjust hight of every cube as i move along with the project. Now a bit of what I have planned for, to have fun here, and getting back into building again. Installments planned: Doctor Who - Gas and Snacks - T.A.R.D.I.S - ( Can be found here ). Doctor Who - Gas and Snacks - T.A.R.D.I.S - Small continuation - ( Planning ) Doctor Who - T.A.R.D.I.S train ( offcourse :P ) - ( Planning ) Fabuland - Fabuland settlement ( Building ) Matrix reloaded ( building ) Matrix revolutions ( planning - somewhat testing build ) Diablo ( a collaboration of Diablo, Baldurs gate, World of warcraft ) - ( this one ) World of warcraft - Arriving at Ironforge ( Can be found here ) World of warcraft ( a collaboration of Diablo, Baldurs gate, World of warcraft ) - ( building ) War against the Cthoor. ( Planning ) Call of Cthulhu. The LEGO movie. Who know's what's next ? ! Hope you like it. KlodsBrik
  10. Doctor Who - Season 9 - Episode 12 - Hell Bent: This is Clara's T.A.R.D.I.S ( Well they sort of stole it from the Timelord's on Galifrey ). My first build since I had a fire way to close to me. I've just recently gotten back into building after having spend countless hours washing and cleaning my LEGO collection ( and im still not totally finished ). So this is the first installment of my project I like to call "Cube Layout project". This is all about having fun, and for me to get back into building. Before the fire I was caught up in a lot of other project's as i got my first LEGO train, so I never got to build a full layout. Now it's time for that ! Cube Layuot Project: All these cubes will fit together for a bigger layout being 34x34 studs. This will enable me to put a baseplate on top and have a 1 plate edge surrounding it in order to be economical with my brick usage. This is not the layout as planned. Just a collection of some of the cubes already buil't. Now a bit of what I have planned for to have fun here, and getting into building again. Installments planned: Doctor Who - Gas and Snacks - T.A.R.D.I.S - ( This one ). Doctor Who - Gas and Snacks - T.A.R.D.I.S - Small continuation - ( Planning ) Doctor Who - T.A.R.D.I.S train ( offcourse :P ) - ( Planning ) Fabuland - Fabuland settlement ( Building ) Matrix reloaded ( building ) Matrix revolutions ( planning - somewhat testing build ) Diablo - Part one - A shortcut to the black templars treasure - ( Can be found here ) World of warcraft - Arriving at Ironforge ( Can be found here ) World Of Warcraft ( a collaboration of Diablo, Baldurs gate, World of warcraft ) - ( building ) War against the Cthoor. Call of Cthulhu. The LEGO movie. Now, everything is up for change, as this is all about having fun. To me it's all about having a train layout finally, with some great looking surroundings. I will ad and rebuild every installment as i get further in the progress to fit everythig together. So this build is not yet finished. Now, i have a feeling that this will be the next finished build. So here's a teaser ... Where will this tunnel lead ? So glad to be back. KlodsBrik.
  11. RacerRabbit

    [MOC] Aqua-Kitty

    Seeing Oky's Steampunk Unikitty inspired me to make a Unikitty of my own. So allow me to introduce to you......... AQUA-KITTY!! Comes complete with wetsuit, mask, snorkel and flippers! The mask is made up of a red 2X3 plate in place of Unikitty's pink 1X3 plate, 2 1X2 Trans-Clear plates and 2 1X1 Trans-Clear plates make up the lens and a red 1X3 plate on the bottom. The snorkel is made of a round 1x1 plate and 1x1 plate with clip holding a tommy gun which I thought would be best for the snorkel as the magazine can be used as the clip that attatches the tube to the mask and it's also at an angle as snorkels tend to be. And finally topped off with a lightsaber handle for the top of the snorkel. Now for an undersea shot! I hope i've put this in the right forum..... Please let me know what you think. Thank you!
  12. Hi everyone. Ever since Lego started producing the Unikitty tail in more colors, it has been a small project of mine to come up with a way to use them for custom Unikitties. My first Unikitty MOC was Robokitty. This tail is from the Disney Castle which I built over the past weekend and seemed like a perfect fit for the steampunk theme. The result: Steampunk Kitty! Steampunk Kitty by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr
  13. LegoRomania

    LEGO Movies Discussion

    I started this topic because nobody is talking about the Lego Cinematic Universe (LCU). First movie:The Lego Movie (2014) Future movies: The Lego Batman Movie (2017) The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017) The Lego Movie 2 (2019) The Billion Brick Race (Movie in development,there is no current release date)
  14. Not much else to say but, simply asking whether The LEGO Movie's Target-released "Special Special Editon" Blu-ray is region locked to Region A or also playable on Region B and C. DVD Compare lists it as just Region A:
  15. Like what Rick did about two years ago: I modified the 70804 ice cream truck as I was also thinking it was too tall. However I didn't use only parts from that set. Here is a first try: One of the main difference compared to Rick's version is that I wanted to keep the meta-part used for the rear of the vehicle. I had to lengthen it by 1 stud for that. Maybe later I'll do another try, with deeper changes (not using the dark grey vehicle base), as I still find the front of the vehicle a little too massive. Note for moderators: I wasn't sure if it was better to post in the old thread or create a new one, threads can be merged if you think it is better.
  16. I’ve bought The LEGO Movie video game on the Wii U maybe a 6 months ago for cheap with the plan of playing it when I get some time. Now that I did, I wish that I discover it before. I’ve just finish but all the main missions, I’m not even near 100% yet, but I will try too. I must say as a huge fan of the movie, I really think this game add lots to the story of the movie. The game has lots of cinematic from the movie, but the mission we play is basically everything between every scene of the movie. It’s like adding twice content & story to the movie. I’m not a huge gamer, I consider myself a casual gamer, but I really got into this game. The other previous LEGO Game I’ve played is LEGO City Undercover (I’m about at 70% of the main mission, I should really finish it. Really like the open world). Other then that I’ve recently got into LEGO Dimensions, which is also neat, but I’m not far in the game yet. I’m curious of what other think of that game, not only by itself, but in addition to the movie.
  17. Hello fellow LEGO gaming fans. I am here today to post a review of the new and exciting LEGO Dimensions! As I am still so last gen, this will be for the Xbox 360 version of the game, but gameplay isn't different across platforms when it comes to the exciting bits. I will readily admit, the only games I really play are the LEGO games and Disney Infinity, so Dimensions has given me the best of both worlds. I hope this is an informative review that will assist you in choosing to purchase this game for yourself as an AFOL or for your children as a parent. From the LEGO Shop website we have the usual excitement building blurb: The price list is pretty much what you would expect for a video game with added peripheral items. UK £89.99 US $99.99 Europe €99,99 It is hard to really tell you if it is worth the cost. A price-pre-piece judgement isn't going to cut it when you're buying an Xbox 360 game, three of the chipped figure stands and the base that reads them. It is really not the best way to get the particular figures either. By all the usual AFOL standards, it is a bit of an enigma. So on to the reviews proper: A nice big game box, that you may see on the shelf in store. All the usual information one expects of a box for a game that is a little more than just the disc. The back is a bit more exciting, just look at all the logos of popular franchises and themes that are involved! Though the build picture does not capture the truth. The repetitive truth... The box top has that all important list of items to collect and enhance the game with. Ready to tell the kids all the other goodies they need to get and for you completists to check against. Inside the box there is everything you need to play the game. Reader, Dimension Gate Building Set, Game Disc, a little booklet that directs you to help and FAQ's and a larger sheet that is a double sided tick list of everything there is to collect currently. It is actually quite similar to a sheet included in Disney Infinity 2.0. That has all the collectable power discs pictured, so you know exactly what else you need to purchase The base, quite pleasingly, is not only compatible to LEGO from the two sets of four studs that are part of the structure. It measures 24 studs on the longest side and 18 on the shorter. As it matches with stud measures there is opportunity to construct all kinds of exciting surrounds Here is a picture. Portal The box is printed with more of the same artwork and another tick-box picture list of the exciting other sets to collect. Exciting, action packed artwork and a photo of the built model. As you can see, this is only for sale with the base game and not designed for re-sale. Yup. That is what you can collect and what's coming soon. It fills space and reminds you what to buy. Here we have the contents of the box. All the parts you need to build a portal and a teeny tiny Batmobile. The portal/gate set box has three numbered bags, the special modified plate that fits over the game-base, an instruction booklet and the DDS. Though it is only a tiny one and has survived intact here. Batman is not quite the same figure as his other appearances. While he has the 2015 minifig batsuit torso, the headgear is still the old version of the cowl with the chin bar. The capes for Gandalf and Batman are not the 2015 cape fabric either, but the old stuff we're used to. Wyldstyle is the same figure that appears in the Bad Cop Car Chase set. This time she also has the relic detector, a printed tile. Gandalf is the same figure from the Lord of the Rings LEGO sets, though bricklink cites the cape as a new part and therefore making a new figure. What sets these apart are the attractively printed game piece figure stands, or tags. They are thicker than a plate as they have to contain the chip that the game base reads. The printing is unique for each character, so you can easily take the figures away and still play or amuse yourself endlessly by putting the wrong figure on the base but the game still playing the correct character. Once more we also have an orange new-style brick tool. This looks like it will get a lot of use for the fiddly mini-build vehicles, save your fingernails! Bag 2 And now on to the gateway itself. Bag two has all the parts you need to build the gate. This has some wonderful printed shields with enigmatic symbols upon them. Plenty of azure, dark blue and transparent light blue. As you can probably tell from the many multiples of parts there is a lot of repeated building. A lot. The Build: It is a reasonable build process, a few neat techniques for a SNOT result. However it is very, very same-y. With the steps obviously created with children in mind there are a few pages taken in placing the "A" plates into a circle and a few of the steps are just placing 14 of the same part onto the build. Of course, a symmetrical repetitive design was going to need that sort of parts placement, so it isn't a fault really. Just monotonous and a little boring. The result is a pleasing gate design, however. As you can see, the dimension stones (The printed shields) are not in place on the portal. They hook onto the back! (I took the base away for this shot, no point in having all that cable in the way!) Mysteriously, the book ends with the advice that further building instructions will arrive in-game... This also explains why the shields are placed at the back of the portal to begin with, which seemed a little wasteful on first glance until my brother suggested that it was probably a game objective to collect and place the symbols on the gate. On to interesting parts! Lots and lots of lovely azure. The "A" plates are particularly great. By no means is this set an economical way to get the colour though. However, for now there are parts that are only in Dimensions: The afore mentioned printed relic detector tile. I'm a sucker for printed tiles, loved them since I was a child, and this is a rather clever one. This plate might have a lot of uses for a clever MOCist. While the design clearly intends it to sit over the central "stud" of the reader, there are at least four ideas I have for uses in at least as many different themes. Printed shields! Who can dislike printed shields? This time in transparent purple. Surely these mystery symbols will mean something? The game will explain all. I can see fans of SciFi, Techno-castle and EB's own Heroica the RPG desiring these lovely parts. There are a handful of basic parts appearing in new colours in this set too. Nothing super exciting or rare though, I can see them repeating in a myriad others if that isn't already the case. Build - 4/10. Placing 14 of the same part, three times, was frustrating for me and would certainly bore any children. Parts - 10/10. The shields and azure bumped the score high. Batmobile This was the contents of bag 3. I had to wait for the game to start building it. A lot of little parts to build a little model and a spare Batarang too. After completing some tasks in-game you require a vehicle. An instruction manual pops up on screen and off you build. Again, I would say they are simplified instructions and this time without the ability to quickly flick through a booklet. It is a cute little model though, a lot like a mini-kit you would collect in the Batman games. A clever use of small parts for big details. The new part used here is so far only in sets that are part of the Dimensions theme. A most wonderful new element for fans of vehicles. It is something I know that I have wanted for quite a while. All in all, I'd rate this little one a 9/10. Clever parts usage, a nice model to finish off with and a new part too. I would recommend that you have a tray or a nice surface to work with while playing though, the little parts for the little model are easier to corral when building. The Bat Blaster This is an upgrade you unlock and then purchase using studs and gold bricks. It will overwrite the toy tag information to make this an option when playing. Like in the other LEGO games when a character has multiple abilities, there is an option to change which Batmobile power/version you are using. Building only uses the exact same parts as the batmobile, so you needn't worry about the spare parts that came in Bag 3. It is a neat little build, taking about the expected number of steps on-screen. The design is... interesting. It looks like any one of the unusual Bat-vehicles out there that may have appeared in the gadget heavy 60s comics or the hundreds of random action figure tie-in toys that turn up (Neon talking street luge anyone?). It was well done considering it could only use the same parts that also form the Batmobile. The Sonic Batray When I heard the name I wasn't impressed. But this is pretty darn cool as far as random Bat-vehicles go, design wise anyway. The build is once again an on-screen booklet that takes far too long to page through (I'm impatient...). But the result is a Bat Ray that if it was in shades of black and really really dark grey, wouldn't look out of place in the Nolan-Verse Batman's motor pool. I would rate the builds an 8/10. The designers had a tough job turning one Batmobile into two other useful things that still looked "bat" enough. Th end result came out well. Parts 10/10 purely for how well everything is used and how the vehicle is depicted in such a small scale. Gameplay Much like any other LEGO game, you are a minifigure character in a world made of a mixture of LEGO built items you can break and regular graphics that you can't. I'm not going to share plot spoilers or cutscene information because they are half the fun of a game after all! I have been having a lot of fun playing through it though and always have a willing player two in the queue. You start off, of course, with the three included characters and the events that lead them to team up. An interesting (and slightly confusing) new dynamic is the use of the base. Unlike other games that use a reader like this, there is a lot more than just placing the figure you want and playing. The base lights up in a number of colours and this is used initially as a puzzle to start the game. There are also instances where you have to move the figure around the base to activate powers, warp around puzzles or escape traps. The sections light up in different colours to clue you in on where to go, but it makes for a lot of moving around! I'd advise that this can easily be a three player game if you've got a lot of extra hands hanging around to watch! Two player like any other LEGO game and an extra set of hands to move the figures around for you. As my brother theorised, part of the game is collecting the printed shields in game, to stick to the gate as you progress. This involves a modification of the Master Builder feature of past games. This time an instruction manual appears on screen and you use this to build the physical model. Another thing to mention are the vehicle tags. The batmobile did not have a printed tag. Instead, once you complete the building steps during gameplay there is an option to save the model to the tag. So, while you can take the figures away and play elsewhere, I'd advise leaving the vehicles on the stands or it will get confusing fast. Try and have a tray or some other surface with edges so you can fiddle about building the vehicle /taking it apart/ building the new vehicle. It stops parts getting lost. Though, the tag and game won't know if you haven't rebuilt the physical model, so you could just keep your favourite one together Characters: The characters included in the game are not new to the world of LEGO Gaming. All three have appeared in other games. As I can't capture my own gaming, here are the character videos from the official LEGO Dimensions youtube channel. Gandalf Batman Wyldstyle Gameplay Comments On Characters. Just like every game, you switch characters to complete certain tasks or work as a team when playing two player mode. All three can drive the batmobile when it is used in the game. There are regular witty comments from the three as you play and sound effects when they interact with the game environment. Just as in other games, there are places and spaces you can only access with certain character abilities. Unlike the other LEGO games, this means actually purchasing some extras for real, or "Hiring" a hero using collected studs. The Hiring feature allows the player to borrow a character ability for thirty seconds, long enough to use it to unlock and access a hidden area or space. So you can complete it all without spending your money. A thoughtful inclusion. Final Comments LEGO Dimensions is fun to play. It took a little bit of getting used to with all the new things to take into account. However the new gameplay features meshed well with the old and familiar once you knew what was expected. There is a little more moving around than I'd like when videogaming but AFOLs and kids alike could easily corral a minion to assist. The storyline is entertaining and the humour that we have come to expect is present in the plot and the dialogue sound-bites while playing. It genuinely meshes the different universes well in the plot and gives gamers a chance to play LEGO versions of media franchises that would otherwise have not existed. The building is interactive with the game, which really is new and it will be interesting to see how it pans out in the long run. I wonder how many gamers will take to the idea. While yes, we are getting a lot more of the same when it comes to the game itself, that is always entertaining and the new dynamic just edges it over the more recent LEGO games simply for the novelty. Finally I'd like to thank EB and TLG for this fantastic opportunity. I love LEGO and I love both figure based gameplay and the LEGO Games, reviewing Dimensions has been a real treat.
  18. I had really hoped to get a hold of the Doctor Who level pack today as my local shop had told me they would get the second wave today. Unfortunately they got all but the Doctor Who level pack. I did get the Unikitty fun pack, and for the fun of it i will make it my first review ever of a LEGO set. Also offcourse my first review here on EuroBricks. Year of release: 2015 Theme: LEGO Dimensions Set name: Unikitty fun pack Set Number: 71231 Pieces: 60 So another member just entered my LEGO Dimensions collection. The front of the box: Shows Unikitty on her chip and the first variation of the Cloud Cuckoo Car. I really feel the build for the Cloud Cuckoo car looks promising. The back of the box: Shows the three variatoins of the Cloud Cuckoo Car, also their is the X-Stream Soaker and the Rainbow Cannon. The content: The content of the box reveals two bags, and the building instructions. Note as always, only building instructions for the mini figure or in this case Unikitty is available in the instruction booklet. The remaining build must be build from ingame instructions, or is available on Funny that they show two variations of Unikittys head, even though only one side is printed. However at the time of my review, no instructions was available yet online. Instructions: Step 1-3 lets you build Unikitty quite easily. You will have to open both bags to get Unikitty build. Unikitty meets up with some fellow companions of hers. As far as i know this is a new variation of the Unikitty 1x3 headpiece. Time to put Unikitty on the Toypad for some disco and load her ingame to get the instructions to build the Cloud Cuckoo car. A random instruction, in this case step 4 for the Cloud Cuckoo Car ingame. I dont know how to take screenshots from a PS3, if its even capable of it, so i had to just use my camera. Did turn out quite good afterall. The Cloud Cuckoo car done. It delivered on fun when building, offcourse their wasnt much to it, but a lot of different pieces in all sorts of colours go into the build. And the finished result is just as satisfying. Back view of the Cloud Cuckoo Car, quite nice as well. Unikitty riding her Car. Definately does make a fine and usable build if your into the whole LEGO Movie universe. I surely love it and it will make a nice display model on my Dimensions build for the toypad for sure. Spareparts: All the rainbows colours. Quite a nice collection of spares i must say. Last but not least an ingame picture of Unikitty in berserk mode. This is to say the least hilarious she goes totally nuts when in this mode and i just had to mention it even though, again i had to take a picture with my camera from the screen so its not that good. I havent been playing a whole lot yet with these builds, since i was more interested in trying to make a review. I will let you decide on your rating of it. For me its a nice package, the price tag is what it is considering it has both technonlogy and LEGO in it. But i feel its definately worth it if you enjoy playing LEGO Dimensions. Hope you enjoyed and please do comment. KlodsBrik.
  19. Good morning Eurobricks! I usually live in the brickfilm side of the forums (so forgive any lapses in etiquette) but I wanted to share my recreation of Emmet's apartment buidling from The LEGO Movie. What started out as a set for a brickfilm grew to become a full recreation of Emmet's apartment building. Emmet's Apartment Building by Seaotter71, on Flickr Screengrabs of The LEGO movie got me going, but it wasn't until my son got the video game that I could really reverse engineer it. The top floor, true to the movie, borrowed heavily from the City Hall modular. Edgeofpanic, who had independetnly submitted this to LEGO Ideas had an LDD file that helped with the roof. The signs are a custom print job by Promotec and ties the whole thing together. This thing is a beast. I thought it was going to be comparable to the height of the other modulars and then realized I had missed a floor. Back to bricklink I went. Enjoy. I have started the inside and will be fleshing it out over the next few weeks. Spoiler: The inside doesn't really fit inside the building.
  20. Sparky


    | | Metalbeard in all his glory, now with 100% more Bionicle pieces. (accessories and animals included)
  21. Transparency for Effect

    LEGO Dimensions Physical Brick Discussion

    Looks like LEGO's answer to Skylanders with real LEGO toys. Will be another TT Games LEGO video game about a villain tearing rifts between the various LEGO worlds and kidnapping certain characters. Uses many licenses and themes, including The LEGO Movie (which makes some of the other licenses redundant), Lord of the Rings, DC Comics, Back to the Future, Ninjago and surprisingly, The Wizard of Oz.
  22. I'm a big fan of police cars, and the Lego Movie uses one that I intially thought was custom made for the movie. This is the four wide police car that is used mostly in background scenes, though it does show up en masse after the escape from Bricksburg. After spending some time reverse engineering it from the various scenes, I realized that the model is actually a slightly modified civilian car that was released in 2012 as 4435 Car and Caravan (the trailer hitch is the giveaway) with influences from 4436 Patrol Car. The car appears to be Black and Light Grey in the movie, which I changed to white because some of the main parts don't exist in light grey, such as the wheel arches. I also added red and blue lights behind the main headlights, though these were my personal preference. Interestingly enough, the roof piece in black does not yet exist and won't until the release of 60097 City Corner later this year. When that set is released, I'll be building several of these to put in my own town. EDIT: Turns out Mark2 has an error in the lights. Instead of using two 99780 Inverted brackets and one 1x2 plate, it should have been one Bracket 1x2 - 1x4 and two 1x4 plates stacked on top of each other. Mark5 has this corrected. LDD File: Lego Movie Police Car - Mark5.lxf Lego Movie Police Car - Mark2.lxf
  23. Hi all together, some might remember me for building The Batwing last year and providing the PDF instructions Build your own Batwing! by Brickmasta Since nothing new from TLG is in sight for their precious TLM franchise, which is really disappointing for me since there is still so much stuff from TLM they could do, I decided to take matters in my own hands and continue on delivering some of the coolest movie creations. Next on my list: The Batmobile Lets get back to work then... by Brickmasta I learned quite a lot during reverse engineering The Batwing and fortunately I also required a lot of pieces I can now use for recreating The Batmobile. My goal for this build is to make it as professional as possible, sturdy but still with play features to make it attractive for children to drive it around without breaking apart. I started with the base structure and inside of it and already discovered a few changes I need to do to make it a reliable construction. WIP #1 - Lego Movie Batmobile by Brickmasta At the same time I am in progress of creating the digital PDF instruction manual, which enables me to experiment, build ahead and take a look what could work out and what not. WIP #2 - Lego Movie Batmobile Instruction by Brickmasta With all of this set I will hopefully be finished quicker than I was with The Batwing, with also being able to provide you the instruction PDF at the same time on my Brickmasta blog. Hope you enjoy it, next updates coming pretty soonish
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    MOC: RoboKitty

    Hi everyone. This is just a quick MOC of UniKitty as a robot that I made using the dark gray tail from the Detective's Office. It's not much, but I thought I'd share it. I hope you like it. RoboKitty by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr
  25. Well this sure has been a fun few days, taking pictures, buying brick, cranking out reviews of smaller sets. I tell ya, this was not my New Year's 'Resolution', but I wouldn't trade it. Well...maybe for even more LEGO, but wouldn't we all? As a formality: Greetings! I go by LEGO_Ink (or various variations that may or may not include the '_'). While I'm not NEW new, I have only recently found a soft spot for trying to get ahead of the game on reviews. Any custom sets I design can be found here, but you can also jump in queue at any point by clicking the link by the imbedded images. The thing that really motivated me to start sharing my opinion for LEGO sets were the highly functional features that were starting to become more prominent from the LEGO Designers. There are such slight details and modifications, that I feel they really get overlooked in the grand scheme of completing a set but, should they be designed any other way, you'd have a completely different play experience.*** Moving forward, I'd like to_ I'M BATMAN!!!! LEGO Ink, Flickr Well, uh...hi, Batman. What's up? WHAT'S UP? YOU MEAN, BESIDES MY SWEET NEW GRAPPLING HOOK, AN OVER-SUPPRESSED KITTEN, AND MY MASCARA UPGRADE? Yeah, so...haven't gotten there yet. ... MMMMM. SOOOOO...? On it. Set: 70817 Batman(TRADEMARK!) & Super Angry Kitty Attack Theme: The LEGO Movie Piece Count: 115 +ballast Population: We're going to go with 4. Season: Winter 2015 Wallet Request: USD $9.99 Before I get rambling, or interrupted, I have been looking forward to this set as well. If you haven't read my previous review for Double-Decker Couch, we're in for some great characters. Between the two sets we're only missing Wyldstyle, as a primary, and she had enough incarnates from waves 1 & 2 that we all probably have something that will suffice. As for the here and now, the front of the box. What I am now seeing as 'standard' art for the boxes. We appear to be in the same TLM-2 off-stage area as D-D Couch, except tensions have arisen since the last call. If memory from the film serves correctly, we will be down a cast member, or two, by the time things get rolling again. LEGO Ink, Flickr The same little triangle can be found in the lower corner, and my first query comes here, which may be something that is up for debate among fans. Should Micro-Managers be considered as figs? They are not Mini- and thus do not fit that description. However, as some of you are probably going to pull the 'It's Brick-built!' card, I'll see you, and raise you a Uni-Kitty. Any of them. I'm not overtly concerned one way or the other, but I feel that they [M-M's] should count, especially this little one. Thus, my stated Population: 4. The box-art is direct, and what happened in the movie is, probably, most closely translated for this particular set. Carnage, Smirks, and Clumsy Robots. DON'T FORGET SWEET GRAPPLING HOOKS!! Yup, still on it... The back of the box. Even more action, and perfect explanations of details. One such detail, I actually overlooked in my eagerness to make sure I bought the set before it flew off the shelf, is the exploding feature of the Micro-Manager. (Further Down) We also have flick-fire missiles, which apparently work when you push the back of something. Who knew!? LEGO Ink, Flickr Box contents include three small [unnumbered] baggies, one instruction booklet, and one cape. I'd assume it's as near to random decision, as makes no difference, but Vitruvius' cape was included in the bags for D-D Couch, yet Batman's was excluded. It's power 'cannot be contained, in any container!!' TLM_SuperAngry_003 by LEGO Ink, on Flickr As stated in the other reviews, there is a lack of sticker sheet. And while the booklet has a prominent crease in the middle for folding, it's crisper than a minted green. Another stated element is the LEGO Survey. Prominent to me because the characters on the back seem to be reflective of whichever theme the booklet has been assigned. LEGO Ink, Flickr For new and rare elements, There's not a lot aside from the characters, which will be addressed later. What there is, however, sticks out. Element #85861, Plate, Round 1x1 w/ Open Stud. I absolutely love these, and for this set you won't be disappointed, either. We get 2 in Dark Red, only previously seen from the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 and Emmet's Construct-o-Mech. We also get 3 in Black, which marks its debut with this set. [EDIT 1/2/15 - Black also get some serious recognition in 10246 | Detective's Office. Seventeen of them, with potential to swap a dozen out for spares, according to New Elementary.] LEGO Ink, Flickr BUT, GOSH, MAN, WHY ARE THEY HERE? ...Yes, we're at the grappling gun. FINALLY!!! LEGO Ink, Flickr Either I'm out of the loop, or this really is one of the cleanest, most well executed, additions to a previously moulded weapon. Not only does it redefine a purposeful weapon [of the two 'barrels', the top is visually re-purposed into a sighting system while the bottom retains the conceptual propulsion system], but it's appropriately bulky, without being superficial. As a neatly printed element, I thought this could be handy for future use. Knowing more, now, about LEGO and printing processes, parts like this make my engineering self all giddy. There's so much decorative potential! LEGO Ink, Flickr *** Onto the only actual building that needs to take place for this set, we come across the obligatory Micro-Manager. As for the previously overlooked function, this one has flick-fire missiles, as well as an exploding function...all within a 3-Stud span of each other. Not to shabby. The section that really tied my laces, was the way that the function would be locked in. LEGO Ink, Flickr On any other M-M, we would see a fourth 'Inverted 1x2-2x2 Bracket'. Here, however you cap the back side with a standard '1x2-2x2 Bracket'. The Technic underlying brick will function as the pivot point, and once you get all four brackets into place... LEGO Ink, Flickr then place a 4x4 plate over both sides and very surely Lock the mechanism together. LEGO Ink, Flickr One would have to, extensively, surpass the vertical forces required for play to disrupt this function. The addition of the standard bracket is two-fold. After locking the whole thing together, the remaining top studs will act as a minimal connection point for the roof of the M-M. Because of the design, these are now connection points that won't shift during play, leaving a constant surface for reattachment. LEGO Ink, Flickr The Man Upstairs, having a go at the features. LEGO Ink, Flickr And here we have a finished product! Again, the size constraints amaze me for this particular build. The arms/tentacles, for example, have 3 (Three!!) points of articulation for each arm. This includes the rotating 'shoulder' at the base of the M-M, but doesn't include the four pose-able claws. Then, there's the levitation systems that are based on the two rocker panels at the rear. Or the two exploding roof panels. Oh, and the two flick-fire missiles which are intentionally differing sizes, that tuck cleanly above the 'shoulders', and below the exploding roof. While the M-M's have all had differing features, is this the first one that actually blows up? ON TO THE DUDES!!!! But, Uni-Kitty's name begins with 'Princess'. ::SIGHHHHHHHHHH:: YOU, ARE THE WORST. Onto the...the... Onto the Characters. THE BEST! Another Robo Skeleton. A SUPER Angry-Kitty. A Batman(TRADEMARK!) with a black headband. A Batman(SHUSH!), with a black headband? Why yes, I will tell you more. LEGO Ink, Flickr Here, we have a side-by-side of how his expression plays out. The elevated band offers the same principle as previous Bat-figs, it's no-so-secretly his eyes. However, for this rendition we have a black band with two white slits, per side, for eyes. As much as I wonder why this wasn't put into production for the previous TLM Bat-figs, I'm glad they decided to do it. With the cowl, he now looks how Bat-fig has meant to look for quite some time. With that, I do understand that Batman was illustrated with white-outs for his eyes for quite some time. He's also had mascara. Now both families win. The benefit to this new color scheme is that he doesn't look like he just came off the basketball court, or was mis-printed. To me, he actually kind of looks like he's got eyebrows to match his facial expression. The best part is that the unintentional 'eyebrows' don't clash with the respective faces. Instead, they make a slightly altered version to the same head we were just looking at. Exact same head, exact same side, but you add the cowl and he becomes that much goofier/angrier. LEGO Ink, Flickr LEGO Ink, Flickr As far as the ballast goes, I'm always up for goodies. The jewels of this batch include a red Kitty-Horn, and two Open Studs [both of the rarer variety]. LEGO Ink, Flickr HEY, GUY. IT'S GETTIN' LATE. Yes, my closing thoughts. This has been a long schpeel, for such a small set. Hopefully, you didn't tune out too long ago. 4/5 Cost effectiveness - Pretty alright, I'd say. At cost ratios, it's on point. You have to realize it's not substantial, as far as taking up space or bulk parts. You do get four characters, three of which are unique to this set. I, personally, don't mind the Robo Skeleton. He's something I'd eventually want extras of for any diorama invasion, so since he's my first I think I'll take him. 5/5 Play - Yes, the only thing that plays is the M-M. The Grappling Gun doesn't fire, Uni-Kitty doesn't have changing heads, and the Robo Skeleton isn't as agile. The Micro-Manager takes it up a notch, and has more play features in it's body than some $7 sets have in all their entirety. I'm glad I got it, and I'm not even a completest. I, sincerely, hope you all have had a Happy Christmas, and wonderful New Year!