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Found 40 results

  1. I've started building with some various Super Heroes scenes. Two scenes are finished. The Scarecrow has placed some canisters with fear gas in the docks. But why? Is this a distraction? Batman hasn't noticed the green question mark yet. The other scene is a bit inspired by the Flash TV series. The Flash noticed a yellow streak moving through Central City and started to chase it. There are more pictures in my Flickr album. Feedback and questions are appreciated. Sander
  2. Since this is becoming a whole series, I thought it's time for a general discussion topic. You can watch the trailer for the latest Justice League movie "Cosmic Clash" here: And here is an image of the DVD/BluRay combo pack that comes with the Cosmic Boy minifigure fittingly. According to the Brick Fan, It will be available on March 1 while the Digital HD version will be available on February 9. LEGO DC Comics Superheroes – Justice League: Cosmic Clash by Allen Tran, on Flickr The trailer doesn't look that exciting. Brainiac seems annoying and this feels like a retreat of the Lego Batman 3 plot, just with the Legion of Superheroes added in. On the other hand, I enjoyed the Legion of Superheroes cartoon back in the day and I really liked the last Lego Justice League movie, "Attack of the Legion of Doom", so I hope that they will be able to surprise me again and that the movie will be much better than the trailer makes it out to be. And yes, I believe in Batman too. What are your thoughts on this and the other Lego DC movies?
  3. I know Ashnflash did one of these last year on YouTube, but I thought I would give my ideas for the minifigures and builds for a LEGO DC Advent Calendar Builds: Batcycle Redbird Cycle Arrowplane Bat-Train Wayne Manor Daily Planet Hall of Justice Green Lantern Jet LexCorp The Flash Museum Batboat Christmas Tree Minifigures: Red Robin (classic) Wonder Woman Green Arrow Lex Luthor Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner classic) Joker Sinestro (Green Lantern) The Flash (90s show) Composite Superman Steel Superman (exclusive red and green Christmas suit version) Batman (exclusive red and green Christmas suit version)
  4. I know a lot of people have been wanting some LEGO sets based on the CW Arrowverse shows, so i thought it'd be fun to see what sets people would actually want! Imagine that LEGO is releasing a Summer wave of sets this year based on some of those shows, and choose the locations and characters that'd be in that wave! Supergirl Supergirl's First Flight! With Alex onboard a crashing plane, Supergirl has to reveal her powers to save her sister, and National City below! Includes; 3 Minifigures, Supergirl, Alex Danvers, Winn Schott. Crashing Plane and CatCo Media Rooftop! £34.99 Cousins in Arms! Help Supergirl save the falling building of LCorp with Superman at your side! Meanwhile, J'onn J'onzz saves Cat Grant and Lena Luthor from inside! Includes; 4 Minifigures, Supergirl, Superman, Martian Manhunter, Cat Grant, Lena Luthor. Falling LCorp Building with Luthor's office diorama! £49.99 The Flash Race to the Finish Line! The final showdown opposite Savitar joins different heroes from across the multiverse to Infantino Street! Includes; 7 Minifigures, The Flash, Kid Flash, Vibe, Killer Frost, HR Wells, Jay Garrick, Gypsy. Savitar Buildable Figure and Infantino Street Diorama! £59.99 Revenge of the Rogues! The Flash must save his love, and best friend, Iris, from Captain Cold and Heatwave! Includes; 4 Minifigures, The Flash, Iris West, Captain Cold, Heatwave. Bank Diorama and Iron Heights Van! £19.99 Arrow Endgame on Lian Yu! As Adrian Chase breaks down the Green Arrow, his friends must do all they can to assist their friend! Includes; 7 Minifigures, Green Arrow, Mr Terrific, Wild Dog, Canary, Malcolm Merlyn, Talia Al Ghul, Black Siren, Prometheus. Crashed Plane and Speedboat with Beach Location! £64.99 Deathstroke Defence! Defend the streets of Starling City from Deathstroke as he attempts to ruin the city! Includes; 6 Minifigures, The Arrow, Felicity Smoak, Spartan, Speedy, Detective Lance, Deathstroke. Ruined City Diorama with Diggle's Van and Arrow's Motorbike! £34.99 Ultimate Collector Sets S.T.A.R. Labs - Including, The Flash/Barry Allen, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, Harrison Wells/Reverse Flash & Joe West The Arrow Bunker - Including, Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, Black Canary, Ragman & John Constantine The Legends Wave Rider - Including, Rip Hunter, White Canary, A.T.O.M., Firestorm/Dr Martin Stein, HawkGirl & Vandal Savage Collectible Minifigure Series Black Canary (Sara Lance), Slade Wilson, Ra's Al Ghul, Oliver Queen (League of Assassins), Jay Garrick (Hunter Zolomon), Zoom, Jesse Quick, Eddie Thawne, Lisa Snart, Pied Piper, HawkMan, Vixen, Nate Heywood, Damien Darhk, James Olsen, Hank Henshaw (Cyborg) I know a lot of this wouldn't happen, but they are just some of my ideal thoughts! Let me know what you think, and the ideas you have!
  5. WetWired

    Batcave and Wayne Manor MOC

    It's been a while since I've posted here, as you will see I've been busy. Now I think this is the largest LEGO Batcave in the world, someone correct me if I'm wrong. It took about a year and a half on and off and I can only guess somewhere between 50-100k pieces used. I honestly have no idea what the final number might be. It stands at a little over 2 meters tall. The pic with me in it for reference (I'm 6'4) 0 by Brent Waller, on Flickr It features a Wayne Manor on top, moving suit conveyor and rotating carousel for batmobiles down the bottom, integrated lighting and a bunch of little vignettes on the sides featuring villains and scenes from the history of Bat-lore 45 by Brent Waller, on Flickr 99 by Brent Waller, on Flickr 9 by Brent Waller, on Flickr 26 by Brent Waller, on Flickr 12 by Brent Waller, on Flickr I've just posted a couple of pics as there's so many, If you want to see more check out the Flickr album I'd recommend checking out the video walkthrough, I intend on doing a full commentary tour at some point soon too.
  6. Agent Kallus

    Batmobile [MOC]

    I was inspired by @Digger of Bricks's suggestion of a batmobile that uses the nexo knights canopy so I decided to throw something together for Batman's 80th anniversary . It isn't based on any one version of batman's iconic vehicle but takes inspiration from many of the numerous depictions of this famous car. I'll apologise in advance for my lacking photography skills. You can see Batman's head but sadly that's all as a whole minifig can't fit inside. I was originally going to use a the smaller fin shown above but I preferred that look of the larger bat wings. I was going to make the stripe blue and use this part but I thought the grey looked better.Anyway thanks taking a look, comments and criticism are welcome.
  7. Whether you're interested in the Marvel or DC Comics Super Heroes themes, which source material do you prefer seeing as the inspiration or basis for the theme's playsets? Share your personal preferences in the above poll or comment in the thread below to further elaborate!
  8. Corporate Rat

    Batcave WiP

    This is a WIP of a project I'm excited for.. So far,I've built a computer area, and driving strip for the Batcave.
  9. Listed are some superheroes that need to be in Lego form. I'd love it if other people could expand on these ideas, and add their own. DC: Green Lantern: Atrocitus Big Fig, Arkillo Big Fig, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner(Green/White Lantern), Carol Ferris(Star Sapphire), Saint Walker(Blue Lantern), Larfleez(Orange), Black Hand, Indigo 1. Maybe more. Aquaman: Ocean Master, Mera, Murk, Tula, Atlanna, maybe more. The Flash: Iris West, Joe West, Zoom, New Captain Cold, Heatwave, Wally West, and more (this is where many more could be added) Green Arrow: Red Arrow, Black Canary, (Same for Flash, here, many more characters here) Legends of Tomorrow: Heatwave(Mick Rory), Firestorm (Martin Stein), The Atom (Ray Palmer), White Canary (Sara Lance), Vixen, Rip Hunter, Nathan Heywood (Steel), Zari (Wind Totem Girl) Others: John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Solomon Grundy, Shazam, Black Adam, Hawkgirl, Raven, and multiverse other earth variants of existing characters. Marvel: (Not entirely sure about all of these characters, need some help) Beast, Nova, Deadpool, Tons of X-men.
  10. Transparency for Effect

    LEGO Dimensions Physical Brick Discussion

    Looks like LEGO's answer to Skylanders with real LEGO toys. Will be another TT Games LEGO video game about a villain tearing rifts between the various LEGO worlds and kidnapping certain characters. Uses many licenses and themes, including The LEGO Movie (which makes some of the other licenses redundant), Lord of the Rings, DC Comics, Back to the Future, Ninjago and surprisingly, The Wizard of Oz.
  11. Tasked with tracking down the Joker through his old associates, Harley's latest mission for the Suicide Squad takes an unexpected, darker turn. -Cast- Harley Quinn - Audrey Bacon Amanda Waller - Caitlin Buckley Joker - Joshua Hutcheson Dr. Collins - Rob O'Dwyer Check out the complete LDCU saga here! I've been meaning to make this for a while, and when the LEGO Batman Movie sets started coming out, it finally pushed me to action. The dynamic between Harley and the Joker is one of my favourite aspects of DC comics, and something I really want to explore further in the LDCU. As for the brickfilm itself, for once I'm actually pretty happy with how it came out! A lot of the vfx on the rooftop are a little half-baked but I've definitely learned a lot from attempting the smoke scene in particular. My shutter remote also started acting up halfway through shooting (gonna need to replace that soon) so there was a fair amount of unwanted camera shake I had to fix, but minor details. Consider supporting me on Patreon? Want to see more from Jam Pot Studios? YouTube: Facebook: Blog: Instagram: Flickr: Twitter:
  12. Hello, and welcome to my minifig-scale bottled city of Kandor! This is the first MOC I've posted on EB, so be gentle. Or harsh. Or honest. EDIT: I may update this later, as I keep building, or take better photos This is part of a much larger Fortress of Solitude project I've been working on since forever (hence WIP, or work-in-progress). Please excuse the dust, dog hair, bad lighting, bad photos, etc, etc, ad infinitum. I'm only posting because someone asked how I did it, and because I really like some of the work I've done and am keen to share it, even if I'm not in a position to take decent photos. Or dust thoroughly beforehand. Seriously, my dog sheds a lot. It's a problem. On with the show. Here's some shots of the city, still bottled. Each shot is a 90 degree rotation clockwise from the previous shot. And here it is out of it's bottle. As you can see, the city is built on a 2x3 plate for a base, and fitted into a 4x4 (round) space, offset using two jumper plates. This is pretty tricky. The top of the cylinder, when assembled, only has a 2x4 opening, so you can't simply put the city inside the bottle. The opening at the bottom is the same 2x4, so you can't attach the 2x3 city then add the half-cylinders because the city overhangs on at least two sides. The easiest way to assemble it all is to add the two 1x2 jumpers to the bottom of the city's 2x3 base, then hold the cylinders around the city, so that the cylinders grip the jumper plates and form an even surface. Then attach the assembly to a 4x4 (round, or not), making sure to apply pressure to the half-cylinders AND the city itself. This can be frustrating, especially if the city isn't stable enough to withstand the pressure put on top. For mine, that longest spire is a perfect place to apply pressure and ensure solid clutch-power on the bottom. As for the city itself, well, you have tons of options. I went for the white color-scheme, to match the general aesthetic of the 70's movie version of Krypton, but plenty of depictions of Kandor/Krypton have color, so it all depends on what you want. For my project, I just started grabbing all of the tiny white pieces I could find in my collection and started throwing them together, finding pleasing arrangements, hoping to suggest micro-scale alien architecture. This is the fourth version or so that I came up with (though I think I liked the second version better, it is lost to me now). Here's some shots without the bottle, each one turned 90 degrees clockwise, as before. As you can see, there's all sorts of tiny bits in there, lightsaber hilts (attached vertically using a 1x1 round w/ pin), a lever-base, cheese slopes, a skeleton arm, some minifig hands, and lots of SNOT building on a 1x1 brick with studs on 4 sides. There are so many ways you can configure this stuff, it's nuts. I actually just acquired some white minifig skis that I'm hoping to incorporate soon. The only restrictions are to the inside of the cylinder, which leaves some room to build past the 2x3 plate-edge on the short sides, making the city more rounded in appearance. Spires also need to be position to fit through the centered 2x4 gap at the top. That's it, really. If anyone has any questions, please let me know! Now that that's out of the way, here's some shots of the Fortress itself (very much a WIP), and a couple of other goodies. A wide shot of the base and half of the outer Fortress, with Kandor sitting in front for size-reference: Pictured are four spires, individual constructed and attached at the base. The spires are built using a core of standard bricks and technic bricks, strategically placed so that the outside can be plated and tiled in various places, adding to the crystalline look I'm going for. Here's where the spires attach, using some technic pieces, so that the spires are able to swing open, allowing access to the interior (which is fairly non-existent at this point ) The spires are built with some overlap, so that, if you raise the first one, it catches the second, and so on. When closing it up, the last one catches the next-to-last, and so on. Aaaand, this is the point at which I stalled out on the project. I want to incorporate some gears so that the entire structure can be opened and closed using one crank/gear. But I'm not a Technic guy. I came up with a simple enough lift system, but the spires are too heavy for it to work smoothly, or well, or at all really. I thought about redesigning the spires to be more hollow, thus lighter, and I thought about changing the way in which the spires interlock, and I thought about changing.....etc. So yeah. That's why there's a year's worth of dust on this monster. I should get back to work soon. Again, criticism, thoughts, and ideas are all welcome. Here's a case of kryptonite that would go somewhere inside, though I'm not entirely happy with it, simply because glass isn't enough to save Superman. It'll have to go behind lead, but then we couldn't see inside, so I'll probably add a vault for it to go in. Eventually. And last but not least, my Phantom Zone projector. I styled it largely based on the Superman: The Animated Series version. It is able to tilt up and down on the stand, or detach completely so that Superman can fly around with it and zap anyway who annoys him. Like Jimmy Olsen. Damn that Turtle Boy! A picture here would be good. #FAIL Phew, I'm tired of writing this post, so I guess that's it. Thanks for checking it out!
  13. To me Batman is the definite superhero ever since I was a child. Not only because of the Tim Burton film from 1989 was so much better than the Superman films (there wasn’t as much superhero-competition around back in the day!). I think what got me really hooked was the iconic animated series, which was launched a couple of years later, which picked up the tone of the film – and went off to give it its own and very distinctive feel. Oh, and it saw the first appearance of Harley Quinn, the mad psychiatrist, who fell for the Joker and became his hench-woman. One of the most iconic characters of the series, which leads us to today’s review of the Gotham City Cycle Chase, which features not only Batman and Deadshot, but also her in a prominent position! I happily admit that I didn’t really spent a thought on the bikes when getting this set. The character line-up was just too good for me to care about them. I wasn’t even sure if I would actually assemble them. I rather planned to use the parts for a proper batmobile instead (especially the tyres). But I figured, if I wanted to review the set, I should have at least assembled them once! When opening the box I was quite surprised to find the instructions in two volumes. I found that rather exotic for a relatively small set of 224 pieces, but it makes sense if you take into account that the pieces for the bikes come in different bags too. I think it is just meant to clarify the building process as much as possible and not mix up parts. As usual you start with putting together the minifigures. In this case its Batman and Harley Quinn. Deadshot follows in the second part of the instructions, together with the pieces for Batman’s bike. The characters seem to be modelled after the recent comics rather than the films, which works very well for me. I like Harley Quinn’s look in Suicide Squad, but I will never get used to stubby Batman ears. They just look as intimidating as cat-ears on a beanie-hat. Anyway, he looks pretty cool in this set and that’s the important thing here. The printing on his torso (back and front) is very neat. Just as you would expect it. It reminds me quite a lot on the 90s TV series. Sadly he doesn’t has dual-moulded legs or at least printing on them (yes, we are getting quite spoiled!). But he wears a new, soft fabric cape, which makes it easier to pose and sit him. Nice detail. The skin on his face is actually printed on a black head-piece. Quite unusual. It has a slightly more tanned look than other minifigures. Maybe Bruce Wayne is using spray tan to hide the lines of his mask? Harley features a lovely and quite extravagant blue and red outfit with corset and tiny metallic studs. It is really gorgeous to look at. No dual-moulding at the legs or the hair piece though. At least as far as I can tell as a non-injection-mould specialist. It at least appears to be painted rather, but looks very good and the colours are nicely separated.The little hole on top of her hair piece though just shouldn’t be there. But maybe it is an indicator that it was dual-moulded after all? Hard to tell. Her face is just perfect though. She looks cheerfully mad, which is just the right expressions for the character! Deadshot is a bit of an odd addition to the set. I would have expected a more classical villain from Gotham. Or maybe some random joker-henchman. He looks quite interesting though: His head and legs have a very cool metallic-colour, which gives the impression of a heavy armour suit. His torso and arms (he is the only character of this set who has printed arms) have some neat silver printing too. If you wouldn’t know better though, you would take him for a killer android instead of a guy in a metal suit. The only weirdness are the classic yellow hands, which look quite out of place on him. But since he has yellow gloves in the comics, that’s completely fine actually. Since he is the ony one in the set without a bike, he gets at least a quite impressive pair of gadgets for his job as sharpshooter: a king-sized bazooka-thing and a nice brick-build jetpack, which makes him not only very mobile, but also rather easy to hide and take the dark knight into his crosshair. The design of the bikes is relatively simple, with technic beams and connectors making up the frame. That makes them not only pretty lightweight, but also sturdy and quite modern and cyberpunk-looking. Not a bad thing at all. Building them is pretty straightforward too, as you would expect it. And thanks to the instructions and packaging it is almost impossible to pick the wrong pieces or the wrong places for them. The only part where I can imagine that inexperienced builders will have a moment of confusion or two will be putting the mounts for the wheels together. It’s not hard to do – just done in a pretty surprising way! All in all the bikes can’t quite meet the standards the minifigures, but at least they do a good job in matching the characters of their respective owners: Harley (perfect name for a biker btw!) Quinn’s bike is simply an odd thing with different sized wheels (big one front!) and an absurdly sized hammer mounted on a hinge, so that she can either punch down while passing by, or keep it tilted down and run people over with it. Not the most refined combat style, but simple and effective – and appropriately comical! Batman’s bike, on the other hand, is more refined and has some pretty nifty features: the rear fenders have stud-shooters and are mounted on ball-bearings, so they can be used quite effectively as gun turrets. Each of them also holds a clip for Batman’s gadgets, which are of course the typical batarang and a gun for shooting grappling hooks. Sadly it is mostly cosmetic though: it doesn’t has a rope or a shooting function. The overall appearance of the bike is more sleek and it looks really like something build for performance. Though, I am not quite sure what the rocket booster behind the driver seat is doing there. It is mounted about 45° upwards, so maybe it is supposed to create downforce – apart from not burning the tyre, as it would when pointing straight backwards! I am quite surprised what a lengthy review this became. Seems this set is a lot to talk about. I am quite happy that you get two of the most prominent characters of the franchise (and some other guy^^) at a comparably low price point. And they look indeed excellent. The bikes are pretty decent, too. Maybe a bit on the simple side, but they are totally fine for the price. I am very happy with the set and I’m sure it offers quite the play-value for kids too! Pieces: 224 Rating: 5/5 Also feel invited to check out my blog for more pictures!
  14. DComics Shop

    Hello from Serbia!

    Hello my name is Ferenc Matyus 34 yers old, and I`m a new user on this platform. A year ago discovered again (since my childhood) the beauty in creation with the Lego cubes. I`m on some projects and just recently finished my first bigger statue which is a life-size Superman Lego sculpture. I look forward to sharing it with everyone. Have a nice day!!
  15. Hello everyone! Here are some pictures of the making the life-size Superman statue (17.300+ bricks). The pics are not the best quality because i was focusing to built the statue as soon as possible... 2016-05-16 19.02.19 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 2016-05-19 18.54.39 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 2016-05-21 19.15.31 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 2016-05-21 19.16.53 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 2016-06-01 19.20.47 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 2016-06-06 19.42.03 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 2016-07-01 15.24.23 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr
  16. LEGO Superman Classic Life-size Statue, more than 17.300 LEGO bricks are used The project took nearly six months to plan and build. Each of the 17.324 LEGO bricks are brand new and were glued together for better stability. LEGO Superman dimensions; 1,8 meter - 70,8 inch high (nearly 6 feet tall) Weight 20 kg - 45 pounds. I hope you`ll like it!!! 3 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 4 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 5 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 6 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 7 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 8 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 9 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 11 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 2016-07-01 15.44.43 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr
  17. the2awesomeguys

    LEGO Batman v Superman

    A short sketch based on the recent DC film; Batman v Superman; Hope you enjoy, any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  18. I am a beginner please write a comment about what you think it will help me .. thanks Why will not my video become visible when I publish ?
  19. terryfay1983

    Big Bang Justice League

    please move if this isnt allowed in here.. wasnt sure where to put it.. how many people have done this to their big bang set? The Big BANG Theory Justice Legue by Terry Fay, on Flickr
  20. Hello, the movie "Batman v Superman" will be fun - I hope. So this is my Review (in English) of the new set Heroes of Justice: Sky High Battle. The Batwing is a fun-build, and the main five minifigs are included. Have a nice day Andres
  21. Hello fellow AFOL, I recently made another of my Brick Comics stories. This time it features Hal Jordan Minifigure. It is my tribute to Green Lantern 75th Anniversary. It is set in the same universe of my previous Jar Jar story ( I posted it here some time ago ) Anyway you can read the story here: Green versus Red I even made a cover for this story: Green vs Red (Brick Comic Cover) by BrickSev, on Flickr Here is a brief synopsis: "A mysterious phenomenon is bringing many realities from the whole Multiverse in contact. As events of epochal significance (and others of trivial importance) take place the notoriously hated Clumsy Creature ( represented by Jar Jar Binks Minifigure ) allies himself with various villains in order to have his revenge against those who despise him. One of this villains is the infamous Red Headpiece. He has grand plans of conquest but his base has been stormed and one of the Multiverse’s greatest heroes is intended to bring him to justice…" I hope you like it. It truly took a lot of efforts to make this Brick Comic, especially the Green Lantern constructs so any comment and feedback is very appreciated. Thank you very much
  22. NIght of Owls 1 by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr The Court of Owls is one of the first Arcs in the New 52 Batman by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo and by far on e of my favorite new "villains", This particular scene did not take place in any comic that I have seen, but enough was left open during the Night of the Owls to imagine many other altercations taking place! I am not a customizer, but really need to figure out how to at least make some decals so that I can do a little bit of it. The custom Red Hood is from Joker's Brick Store on Bricklink and looks fantastic. The Arsenal is completely purist, as are the Talons for the Court of Owls. Night of Owls 2 by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr Night of Owls 4 by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr Nightwing 1 by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr NIghtwing and his Wingcycle....heavily inspired by Lego Jalex and his amazing Fenrir from FFVII Advent Children <a href="</a> Red Hood 1 by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr Robin 1 by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr Court of Owls by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr Batgirl 1 by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr
  23. rickfromkrypton

    (MOC)Metropolis Mayhem v.2 (PIC HEAVY)

    Well everyone, the day has come. I am now secure enough with my feelings about showing this. I have been working on this for quite some time. I hope you all enjoy. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you.....METROPOLIS MAYHEM v.2!!!! Here it is...... mma1 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mma3 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mma4 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mma5 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mma6 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Big Belly Burger gets invaded by DARKSEID, while BATZARRO flees from GREEN ARROW........ mma7 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mma8 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Centennial Park has been over run by Arkham Prisoners. One of MR. FREEZE'S goons hi-jacked the Arkham van, and released the inmates. The first thing they do when they breakout is break into Superman's memorial. They find a body inside. POISON IVY and her Flower goons chase citizens in the park. BEAST BOY is perched in the tree ready to attack BANE, RIDDLER, and MR. FREEZE. mma9 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmb1 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmb2 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Centennial Park also has a small pond. A pond which has become home to KILLER CROC!!! mmb3 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Towering over Centennial Park, The SPECTRE witnesses the rampant evil breaking out all over The Avenue of Tomorrow. mmb4 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Welcome to The First Metropolitan Bank. It looks as if TWO-FACE and his goons have decided to rob it! BATMAN, BATGIRL, and Damian Wayne ROBIN are on the scene. They got this! With the alarm going off, SUPERGIRL is attracted to the sound and heads for the bank. BRAINIAC, who just happened to land his ship, doesn't even know the world of hurt he entered. mmb5 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmb6 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmc1 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr What's happening on the street? Well, there's the high-jacking taking place, and the cops are all over it. We have citizens running from it, and some are running right into DARKSEID!! While others are being shooed by the MFD. Check out the old man gang!! mmb7 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmb8 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Here is a small Industrial Park. A few Ninjas have decided to break into the power station. But HEY!!! That was DEATHSTROKE'S idea. Who will win, and turn of Metropolis' power? The PENGUIN and his penguin goons have high-jacked the LEX-RAIL train. AQUAMAN fends off BLACK MANTA, and helps to keep the water tank safe. mmb9 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmc2 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmc4 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmc5 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmc6 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Here stands the Majestic WGBS building. Live breaking news on Channel 8! ***NEWS FLASH*** GORILLA GRODD has stormed WGBS and has taken a hostage. Reports from the street have shown us that GRODD has busted through our Roof sign. A piece fell to the ground, smashing a new sports car. The sports car was being used for one of our segments on the street. We will keep you informed when we have new reports. Stay tuned. ***NEWS FLASH*** SCARECROW decided he would try his new serum on an unwilling participant. Unfortunately for him, he didn't notice STARFIRE!!!! mmc8 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmc9 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmd1 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmd2 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr In the shadow of the WGBS building stands Metropolis' oldest Pizza Joint. OR IT USED TO!!!!!!!!!!! The ANTI-MONITOR lays waste to pizzaria. {also notice the new shoulders for Monty ;)} mmd4 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr So you found STEELWORKS, eh? The home and workplace of John Henry Irons, aka STEEL. Which is apparently being robbed by CAPTAIN COLD and his Cold goons. Looks like a yard worker has become a frozen victim. CAPTAIN COLD froze and blew open the front doors. One of the goons guards the truck, while the other steals Toastmasters ;) and other advanced weaponry. They even stole STEEL's hammer and television!! No worries though, NIGHTWING is on the scene, and he isn't alone. Tim Drake also known as ROBIN, watches over the situation, waiting to attack. MAN-BAT just wants to have a relaxing sleep, so he crawls up behind the STEELWORKS sign to nap. All the while CATWOMAN waits for unsuspecting people to use the ATM, so she can steal the cash! mmd5 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmd6 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmd7 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmd8 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmd9 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mme1 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mme3 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr S.T.A.R. LABS. (not much has changed with this MOC, just the placement of a few characters) SUPERMAN goes after GENERAL ZOD. HAWKMAN throws a Kryptonian soldier around, while Dr. Emil Hamilton watches. WONDER WOMAN lasso's up FAORA. mme4 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mme5 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mme6 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr LEX LUTHOR and his Goons are robbing S.T.A.R. LABS for its KRYPTONITE supply! One goon uses Lex's Power Armor suit to fight of CYBORG. While down on the street, The FLASH disposes of one goon into the dumpster, while he makes the next goon spill KRYPTONITE. The spilling of the KRYPTONITE takes down a Kryptonian soldier that was attacking LUTHOR. LEX calls for his Dr. goon to take a blood sample. This causes car crashes and traffic tie ups. This happens all the time on The Avenue of Tomorrow!! mme7 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mme8 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mme9 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Thirsty? Lets head over to The ACE O' CLUBS and get a pint! Hold up!!!!! Looks like The JOKER and his cronies are holding up the place. HARLEY QUINN and goons rob money from patrons leaving the bar. A Joker robot and Goon break into a second floor apartment for some more cash. The JOKER puts some poor sap into a canon. Citizens flee, and an old Groundskeeper comes swinging his broom to chase off The JOKER. This is the least of our worries. It looks as if DARKSEID has sent BRIMSTONE to wreak havoc. Even though he has a fear of fire, J'ONN J'ONNZ The MARTIAN MANHUNTER, leaps to action. mmf1 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmf2 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmf3 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmf4 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmf5 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmf6 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmf6a by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmf7 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmf8 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mme2 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Beside S.T.A.R.LABS stood an apartment building. That is until SINESTRO, and the SINESTRO CORPS landed their Central Power Battery on it! Good thing The GREEN LANTERN CORPS was in town! HAL JORDAN, KYLE RAYNER, GUY GARDNER, JOHN STEWART, and another GREEN LANTERN rush to action! mmf9 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmg1 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmg2 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmg3 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmg4 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Well that's all I have for now folks. But before I go, here are some pics looking down The Avenue of Tomorrow. mmg5 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmg6 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Let me know what you guys think. There will be an addition in the future, but I must plan it first. Comments welcomed Have a good one!!!!!
  24. rickfromkrypton

    (MOC)Giant-Fig The Spectre

    Hi guys. Im back with another Giant-Fig. This time around I tried building The Spectre. Here's what I ended up with...... spectre1 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr spectre2 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr spectre3 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Comments are Welcome.
  25. rickfromkrypton

    (MOC)Giant-Fig Brimstone

    Here is my second attempt at a DC Comics Giant. My first being the Anti-Monitor, ( http://www.eurobrick...opic=103071&hl= ) which looks way better in real life. Here is my second character, he is BRIMSTONE. (because I had a lot of orange pieces that I didn't know what to do with.) Brimstone was an artificially-created being generated from a "techno-seed" that Darkseid had launched into an experimental fusion chamber in New York City at the start of Operation: Humiliation. It broke out and started terrorizing the city, claiming to be an "avenging angel" out to rid the world of "false gods" and "graven images" (i.e., superheroes). Here he is...... brim1 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr brim2 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr brim3 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Here he is in my Metropolis Mayhem v2 layout.(Which is still being finalized. Pics soon, I promise.) brim4 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Comments are welcomed. Until next time.........