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  1. Oh nice! Sorry I didn’t pay enough attention! If you need help in any way creating theses, I’ll be more then happy to help you anyway I can.
  2. Hey Tom, I have a suggestion for your label collection. I know it might be a lot of job so feel free to do whatever you want with it but if it’s not too hard and time consuming that would be really nice I think. When you release a new version, do you think you can have a folder containing only the new part available in this new version? Or a list of the new parts to know which one I need to print? This would make it easier to print only the new label for each version. I have an idea of the work this require so that’s just a quick idea. Thank you again, they look really nice so far! Happy to see your Index Label (1x Plate, 2x Bricks, etc.) I was planning to do couple of these on my own, you’re just to good for us hehe.
  3. Yeah I saw that on Instagram yesterday, that’s really my kind of storage setup. One thing I might keep different then you is for small commons parts. I like to keep these organize by type & color like shown in this nice shot by Chris McVeigh: The best I found for those small parts are (the same as picture on Chris McVeigh shot): They have fixed seperator so don’t have to worry for separator to move out when searching for parts. Also the bottom of each compartment is round, it’s just perfect for easily getting the part, they just roll on the side, they never get stuck on a corner hehe.Also since I’m in Canada, I’ve got to use Stack-On (only the 18 & 39 drawers version are easy to find for reasonable price) or MasterCraft (the Canadian Tire brand, one of our country hardware store) have a 60 drawers version almost identical to the 60 drawers Stack-On. I’ve contacted Akro-Mils directly and their refered me to a canadian distributor near me to get those drawer, they where selling them at 50-60$ each, that’s crazy hehe. But Lowes just bought Rona, one of our Hardware Store, I hope to see some of those products availability changing. I still got couple of step before labeling. I need reorganize my LEGO room, which is also my home office to try to liberate one wall for this. I also just have 4 drawers unit yet (2x 60 & 2x 18), need to get couple of others to get everything nicely seperated. Hehe and I also have a bunch (20-30) of empty container like you have on top of your drawer with circular cap. Still don’t know if I’ll use them for anything lego related. But seeing your setup really encourage me to get my collection organized soon, that’s a good motivation =)
  4. All my parts are sorted, but I’m in the process of labeling them. I’ll use these for sure! You really did an awesome job with all theses, and glad that you keep the update coming! Oh and thank you very much for sharing with all of us.
  5. jpsirois

    Best Glue for Lego?

    For a water soluble one, Le-Glue seems interesting, would be curious to see review of it:
  6. Yeah, I think that would make sense too. Oh and I forgot about that new Pirates of the Caribbean upcoming movie, that would be really nice to see new sets with that too. There’s been really nice Pirate ship in that line in the past. There’s so many great license lately! I guess I’ll just have to increase my LEGO budget ;)
  7. I was currently thinking to acquire all the Toy Story set (or at least minifigs) and with Toy Story 4 announced for 2018, I was thinking maybe I should wait to get my favorites childhood characters for cheaper if they release new sets with the upcoming movie? Do you think it’s likely to happen? Do you see any reason LEGO would not try to get that license? Often I wish I was out of my dark ages earlier (or that I just never had any).
  8. jpsirois

    Lego Exo Suit Hangar Bay Diorama MOC

    Woah, that’s one of the best, if not the best, Exo-Suits scene I’ve seen so far. Really well done. Inspiring for my in-progress Classic Space Layout.
  9. jpsirois

    LL-924 and Variants

    Brilliant Ideas, lots of creativity in all of these. I’ve been wanting to make Classic Space stuff with other colors for some time, there are some nice inspiration for that.
  10. jpsirois

    6951 Robot Command Center Redo

    Really nice looking. I’ve never been a huge fan of the original one, but this one is pretty neat! Great job!
  11. I totally agree. As I mention and try to make the emphasis on in this post, it’s really the additional part of the storyline of The LEGO Movie it add that I really like and I would say the game itself is OK. Many LEGO games are indeed really repetitive. At the speed they release all theses games (all made by the same studio) it’s not really surprising. They improve a little the existing concept and brand it with a new license. Some of them have some nice addition, but nothing major in general. I really like the LEGO City Undercover open world. You can just drive around and the city is big. Also on the Wii U it’s one of rare game (except the one from Nintendo and some others) that make a nice use of the Gamepad.
  12. jpsirois

    2016 Lego trains

    Having it as a 2 in 1 set would be brilliant and we would be all forced to buy two set for sure! Also I’m currently planning a huge holiday Village display for next year, so that would be just a perfect timing.
  13. jpsirois

    Lego Podcasts

    The best I’ve found so far is definitely "All Sorted: A LEGO Podcast by Jeff & James from Breaking Dads". A must listen IMO.
  14. You can probably find The LEGO Movie Game on Wii U for really cheap now. From what I’ve heard, the 3DS version (PSVita probable too) is not the same then the same then the normal console one. So if you like the other Wii U LEGO Game, I think you’ll like this one too. It may not be the best of all LEGO Game out there but I think it’s really worth playing.
  15. jpsirois

    (MOC) Playground

    Nice, I’ve just liked them on Mecabricks to keep track of them for later inspiration. I’m currently planning a big Winter/Christmas scene I want to build each year with my daughter and it will have a kids playing area, in winter but still interesting to see other people work for inspiration. I also have a Pinterest, I’ve recently linked to my Flickr with IFTTT and this Recipe. This allow me to later organize all my Flickr Favorite (97% LEGO Stuff hehe) into specific board for each kind of category. I can also Pin or Upload stuff from any website so that’s really convenient to keep everything at one single place. It’s the best solution I came up so far to keep everything at one place & organized. It still a work in progress, but you can take a look here: and here is my unsorted Flickr Favorite board: I still need to find the easiest solution to add all the previous Flickr Favorites I had before having this setup with IFTTT =)