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  1. KlodsBrik

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    I sooo hope you´re right. Second thought is that, if is really is part of the ninjag movie, It might be a cheaper way to get several sharks.
  2. KlodsBrik

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    All updates will be availabe for probably "ever", so no worries. Only thing is that ofcourse, the game ain´t gonna grow bigger than it already is. The "good" thing is that all pack´s are gonna get cheaper as shop´s are gonna want to get them of their shelfs.
  3. KlodsBrik

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Yeah, to me, something that is really bothering me, is that I was informed that the shark WAS part of the SM to begin with. Again my source, she´s just an ordinary employee of LEGO but have a lot of love for the brand as well. I´ve been awaiting some new info the last week to get to know what is really going on here. Been curious as to what happened to Dimensions, as well as what is going on with this whole Shark thingy. To me it´s obvious that the shark was designed for the SM, but I really have no clue as to why it wont be a part of the set ( in case it won´t ) it´s still twilight to me ( us ) . But judging from my latest info and some pictures I´ve seen from some box art I offcourse can´t show, seems like that the shark ain´t gonna be part of this set. Another thing is about the interior. I´ve had mixed feedback on that part. One says it does, another says a designer told him/her it doesn´t. So it´s still a freaking mystery to me. But freaking hell, I loved your idea about the DVD / BlueRay edition of POTC5 including a Shark .... I hope TLG is reading this thread closely ...... Hint ... Hint ... Hint !!!!! And now, only because I have seen all the hate that just2good got on Twitter I have begun to get involved myself again. For the love of the bricks. Several years ago something similar got me down, now, there were other things in my life as well. But it drowe me into a dark age. I never tried to make people hate me. I did all I did for the love of LEGO. Even started all over with a new nick leaving my old behind. Im standing up again, cause the people who bring us the news in a positive way, are the people making this community exciting. Love you all !!!!
  4. KlodsBrik

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    It´s most likely that the shark is part of the Ninjago movie. Now I heard this out of context from an employee I know that mostly have some good hints as to what LEGO is up to. I have been most curiously about this shark mold, and the whole thing about LEGO not showing the boxart for this POTC set yet. Now, Im still guesing, but having read @just2good ´s tweet, where he is guessing on the same, Im becoming pretty sure this will be the case. But damn IT ... No more Dimensions, and no ghost shark for POTC .... LOL ... Weird year to be a LEGO nerd lover !
  5. KlodsBrik

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Been in the same situation for the love of LEGO. "we" just spread what we can from our sources, and to bring good or bad news to the people we see having the same interest in our little beloved bricks. A shame that you have to go through all this bullsh1t. I´ve been watching you from day 1, and you´ve always taken care of presenting what leak´s are worth getting out into the community. And which are not. Don´t listen to the hater´s. They don´t represent the biggest part of the community. Worst thing is that mostly the biggest part of people will react upon bad news, and one won´t hear a lot from the people who know one is right. Unfortunately I know you are right as well. Damn, I loved LEGO Dimensions. Only great thing that is coming out of this is when everything goes on sale so one can build of large armies of cybermen ( That´s my curse ), and other minifigs that will be a challenge to get in the future. @just2good Keep up the good work mate ! To me, you are a very respected source of information. Dont let the adult "kid´s" get you down.
  6. KlodsBrik

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    You might be on to something. That could be the cure to all our questions about this manatee shark.
  7. KlodsBrik

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    The ship look´s awesome. Just as I thought it would look from other angles, than those previously showen. Also feels that the price seem´s more justified from the above picture. The haul does look big enough for some cabin interior. We need more pictures !!!! Still those sharks are killing me. I so do not hope that it´s an giveaway if one buys the set, cause then im pretty sure that we won´t be able to get it in Denmark. Just an feeling. Im going to LMAO if it turns out it will be this year´s EB´s Christmas raffle price !! ( And insanely humble to say the least. )
  8. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] Hammerhead Garage

    Awesome MOC. Has a very apocalyptic look to it !! And your snot road looks great. KlodsBrik.
  9. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] Mining Outpost

    Great additions. This have become a very lovely alien landscape. Almost feel sad that it´s finished. Would have loved to see further additions for it. KlodsBrik.
  10. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] Transport Terminal

    That´s probably the nicest use of the brick seperator I´ve ever seen. Also the fact that one can easily turn this into a bus station instead of an passenger terminal is genious and could brilliantly easy be an official LEGO set. Greatly excecuted as well, look´s awesome. Yeah love it ! KlodsBrik.
  11. KlodsBrik

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Yeah, I´ve been looking very close at that blurred box art when it was first leaked, and it definately does look like it could be two shark´s. We had leaked pictures of the shark itself. But once again, what makes me wonder. We already have pictures of the set as it were shown at Toy Fair, and also had official pictures from LEGO. But no shark´s shown in any of them. Why would they hold that information back ? Did LEGO( Disney ) themself think that it was a "poor" set. ( Im not), and decided to wait release of the shark and boxart, to make more people think they would get what what they paid for ? It just doesn´t make any sense at all for me. Also my contact haven´t been able to tell me anything about ghostsharks in the set. It´s not like the person know´s everything, but I do get a lot of info Im not allowed to talk about. Im just really wondering about the myth of the ghost shark´s by now "POTC Episode 5.1" EDIT: Also I cant recall that LEGO only showed some part´s of a set before.
  12. KlodsBrik

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Still makes no sense. What do you guys think. Was that leaked shark a fake or an piece LEGO decided not to put into the set afterall. We should have had official pictures of it by now ! ?
  13. Interesting. And it definately does make sense with improved and more advanced production facilities and method´s. Thank´s @CopMike . Im always interested in knowing these small thing´s about how LEGO ( as well as other companies ) improve their products.
  14. KlodsBrik

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Are we sure that the set will include the shark´s at all ?? Im worried by now that we won´t, as official pictures doesn´t even include them, and being that it´s probably available for VIP´s 27th of March, their should be pictures of the sharks included with the above photo imo ? Am I wrong ? I would really have loved those ghost sharks included.. Besides that I really think that this set is gonna look great when we get more pictures and shot´s of it from different angles. Im not sure if it justifies the price of 200$, but im probably getting it anyway, as it´s a lovely and different approach for pirate ships. Just my 50 cent´s . KlodsBrik.
  15. KlodsBrik

    Curse of the Blue Angel

    That was a pretty sweet animation. It definately shows that you´ve used a long time producing this. Offcourse it´s not a masterpiece, but you could definately become a pro with a little practice. I hope you are in the process of writing your next animation, and I can´t wait to se what you come up with. Great work. KlodsBrik.