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Found 23 results

  1. GJC15344

    Lego Minas Tirith

    Lego and Lord of the Rings work perfectly fine together! We have had a lovely Lego set of the battle of Helms Deep including the Hornburg, and a Lego version of the Orthanc. What we haven’t seen yet is a Lego version of one of the most iconic places in Middle Earth: Minas Tirith. The battle for Minas Tirith, featured in the movie "The Return of the King", is one of the most memorable cinematic battles ever. The Lego Lord of the Rings theme misses just this one set to live up to the epic legacy of the Lord of the Rings franchise. If you agree with me, please do not hesitate and go to to vote for this epic Lego version of Minas Tirith! If the idea reaches 10.000 supporters, the Lego Ideas team will review this creation and consider it for production! his set features three levels of walls, which are characteristic for Minas Tirith's appearance. The lower and upper wall are on minifigure scale. They feature working gates and walkable ramparts: perfectly playable to relive your version of the battle of Minas Tirith. The lower section of the citadel tower features a throne room. The citadel tower can be easily detached from the upper wall section, to enhance playability. Once finished playing for a while, the set can be reassembled to put it on for display. The citadel tower and the upper wall are both designed to bear resemblance to the actual grand scale of Minas Tirth. Therefore little houses, towers and royal buildings are worked into the design of the castle to fluently incorporate both minifigure and micro scale in the castle's appearence. The set also features several minifigures, working catapults on the walls, and a catapult for the orc army laying siege to the castle. All together this sets includes: Lower wall with gatehouse and catapults Upper wall with gatehouse Citadel tower with throne room Minifigures: Gandalf the White, Pippin, 3x Gondor soldier, Denethor, 4x Orc soldier Orc catapult Are you with me? Every vote counts! Because “even the smallest person can change the course of the future” ;) Also, let me know what you guys think of this Idea! Are you excited about it? Is it feasible? Are you missing anything?
  2. A Demon from the ancient world... A creature of both Flame and Shadow... I hope you like it .


    Hi guys! I bring you my new MOC that represents the first half of the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. This MOC begins in Hobbiton (The Shire) through the Old Forest where the Hobbits meet the Nazgûl, the Brandiwine river, the village of Bree, Weathertop and Rivendell. You can see the rest of the images in my Flickr album:
  4. Nuju Metru

    The Balrog of Moria

    I designed this famous beast for a commission, and I'm very happy with how it turned out! This minifig-scale Balrog was a tremendously fun challenge to design. It has 39 points of articulation, can balance on its own feet in many poses, and features custom-cut cloth wings. If you're interested, instructions are available-- PM me for more information. All images link to their larger versions on Flickr! Or, to see more images, go check out the Flickr album. I appreciate any comments or critiques you may have. Thanks for your feedback!
  5. 'A wizard is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.' Remember this? Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring was a movie dated back in 2001. Can you imagine its already 2017 now? I own this set a little bit after I've came out of my dark ages of LEGO, and I was very lucky to have it before it retires. Overview Name: Gandalf Arrives. Theme: LEGO Lord of the Rings Year: 2012 Pieces: 83 pieces Minifigures: 2 Price: £11.99 / $12.99 / RM69.90 Introduction In Fellowship of the Ring, the movie started with the peaceful life of the Hobbits in Shire. Nobody knows Bilbo is having the one Ring for so long, making him immortal. This year, Gandalf arrives at his doorstep for his 111th birthday. And his arrival started stirring their peaceful life into bringing the ring to Mount Doom. I love that movie. Lets get started. This is the box art of the set. You can see very fine weather of Shire scenery as the background with the nice wagon. And you get a carrot to feed the horse! At the side with the 1:1 picture, the background was actually the map of middle earth. I like the green so much. Inside of the box we get one instruction booklet. This set is quite small and as you can see in the picture, you get a wagon, a horse, Gandalf, Frodo and a book. It was a random book without any stickers on it. Should be the one Frodo reading before he sees Gandalf. The Build It really looks exactly the same as in the movie, isn't it? The building technique was easy, it only took around half an hour to finish it but as in the picture, some modification needed to be done to save the smoothness of the cape. As you can see in the picture, the 1x1 round plate added detail to the back part of the wagon and the wood planks covers the inside of the wagon nicely. The overall build was very simple and complete. The Minifigures. As for minifigures of this set, we got Gandalf the Grey with his pointy hat and Frodo Baggins in his green shirt. Both of them are very detailed but not exclusive to this set. Gandalf's beard actually damaged the cape a little bit but its insignificant. I suppose the sling bag was carrying weeds. This set is very nice to add into collection as it makes a very nice display. Now its time to get the Hobbit house. This is how it looks like in front of the house. Summary review Playability: 6/10 (This is kind of a display set. Nothing to play with actually.) Design: 9/10 (The design of the wagon was very nice and movie accurate.) Price: 8/10 (The price was considered low when I got it before it retires.) Overall: 8/10 (The designer had done a good job designing it to be added to your Shire scenery for the wizard's appearance and cute home looking Frodo.) Edited 2 hours ago by kaelthas
  6. Littleworlds

    [MOC] Lions and Dragons

    Hello all! I build these vignettes as both a nod to Classic Castle of the late 80s/early 90s and the 2010 Kingdoms-theme, which features a new take on the old antagonism between the two powers.The sets of the 2010-incarnation weren't great (well, mostly!), but the minifigs were just awesome! Anyway, enough blabla. Lets have a look at the Throne-room of the Dragon Queendom: For the Dragon Knights I had a distinctive, quite archaic look in mind, which pays tribute to the often harsh and inhospitable land they live in. A clear geometry with straight lines and steep slopes to give the impression of the Queen’s throne room being made of large black stones cut into simple shapes. Quite a imposing fortress-like architecture really with inspiration from ancient Babylonian temples and the city of Windhelm from the game Skyrim, with a little bit of Saruman’s throne Room thrown in. I also decided to give it a more asymmetric layout, to make it visually more interesting and slightly unsettling. The fireplace is made from a transparent Nexo Knights minifigure-base and a light brick I got from a Prince of Persia set. It turned out looking quite naturalistic and required no fancy effects added in post-production at all! Meanwhile, at the court of the Lion King: The Lion Kingdom got a more welcoming throne room, which impresses rather by its elaborated decoration than with brutalist geometry. It is in every respect a more conventional setting, with typical medieval decorative elements and a warm colour palette and a quite symmetric layout to emphasize noble rulership, justice and stability. The striped columns are inspired by the throne room of Emperor Charlemagne in the cathedral of Aachen, as my King himself is inspired by the life of the real-life ruler.
  7. "Look to my coming, at first light, on the fifth day. At dawn, look to the East." -Gandalf
  8. Hello fellow LEGO gaming fans. I am here today to post a review of the new and exciting LEGO Dimensions! As I am still so last gen, this will be for the Xbox 360 version of the game, but gameplay isn't different across platforms when it comes to the exciting bits. I will readily admit, the only games I really play are the LEGO games and Disney Infinity, so Dimensions has given me the best of both worlds. I hope this is an informative review that will assist you in choosing to purchase this game for yourself as an AFOL or for your children as a parent. From the LEGO Shop website we have the usual excitement building blurb: The price list is pretty much what you would expect for a video game with added peripheral items. UK £89.99 US $99.99 Europe €99,99 It is hard to really tell you if it is worth the cost. A price-pre-piece judgement isn't going to cut it when you're buying an Xbox 360 game, three of the chipped figure stands and the base that reads them. It is really not the best way to get the particular figures either. By all the usual AFOL standards, it is a bit of an enigma. So on to the reviews proper: A nice big game box, that you may see on the shelf in store. All the usual information one expects of a box for a game that is a little more than just the disc. The back is a bit more exciting, just look at all the logos of popular franchises and themes that are involved! Though the build picture does not capture the truth. The repetitive truth... The box top has that all important list of items to collect and enhance the game with. Ready to tell the kids all the other goodies they need to get and for you completists to check against. Inside the box there is everything you need to play the game. Reader, Dimension Gate Building Set, Game Disc, a little booklet that directs you to help and FAQ's and a larger sheet that is a double sided tick list of everything there is to collect currently. It is actually quite similar to a sheet included in Disney Infinity 2.0. That has all the collectable power discs pictured, so you know exactly what else you need to purchase The base, quite pleasingly, is not only compatible to LEGO from the two sets of four studs that are part of the structure. It measures 24 studs on the longest side and 18 on the shorter. As it matches with stud measures there is opportunity to construct all kinds of exciting surrounds Here is a picture. Portal The box is printed with more of the same artwork and another tick-box picture list of the exciting other sets to collect. Exciting, action packed artwork and a photo of the built model. As you can see, this is only for sale with the base game and not designed for re-sale. Yup. That is what you can collect and what's coming soon. It fills space and reminds you what to buy. Here we have the contents of the box. All the parts you need to build a portal and a teeny tiny Batmobile. The portal/gate set box has three numbered bags, the special modified plate that fits over the game-base, an instruction booklet and the DDS. Though it is only a tiny one and has survived intact here. Batman is not quite the same figure as his other appearances. While he has the 2015 minifig batsuit torso, the headgear is still the old version of the cowl with the chin bar. The capes for Gandalf and Batman are not the 2015 cape fabric either, but the old stuff we're used to. Wyldstyle is the same figure that appears in the Bad Cop Car Chase set. This time she also has the relic detector, a printed tile. Gandalf is the same figure from the Lord of the Rings LEGO sets, though bricklink cites the cape as a new part and therefore making a new figure. What sets these apart are the attractively printed game piece figure stands, or tags. They are thicker than a plate as they have to contain the chip that the game base reads. The printing is unique for each character, so you can easily take the figures away and still play or amuse yourself endlessly by putting the wrong figure on the base but the game still playing the correct character. Once more we also have an orange new-style brick tool. This looks like it will get a lot of use for the fiddly mini-build vehicles, save your fingernails! Bag 2 And now on to the gateway itself. Bag two has all the parts you need to build the gate. This has some wonderful printed shields with enigmatic symbols upon them. Plenty of azure, dark blue and transparent light blue. As you can probably tell from the many multiples of parts there is a lot of repeated building. A lot. The Build: It is a reasonable build process, a few neat techniques for a SNOT result. However it is very, very same-y. With the steps obviously created with children in mind there are a few pages taken in placing the "A" plates into a circle and a few of the steps are just placing 14 of the same part onto the build. Of course, a symmetrical repetitive design was going to need that sort of parts placement, so it isn't a fault really. Just monotonous and a little boring. The result is a pleasing gate design, however. As you can see, the dimension stones (The printed shields) are not in place on the portal. They hook onto the back! (I took the base away for this shot, no point in having all that cable in the way!) Mysteriously, the book ends with the advice that further building instructions will arrive in-game... This also explains why the shields are placed at the back of the portal to begin with, which seemed a little wasteful on first glance until my brother suggested that it was probably a game objective to collect and place the symbols on the gate. On to interesting parts! Lots and lots of lovely azure. The "A" plates are particularly great. By no means is this set an economical way to get the colour though. However, for now there are parts that are only in Dimensions: The afore mentioned printed relic detector tile. I'm a sucker for printed tiles, loved them since I was a child, and this is a rather clever one. This plate might have a lot of uses for a clever MOCist. While the design clearly intends it to sit over the central "stud" of the reader, there are at least four ideas I have for uses in at least as many different themes. Printed shields! Who can dislike printed shields? This time in transparent purple. Surely these mystery symbols will mean something? The game will explain all. I can see fans of SciFi, Techno-castle and EB's own Heroica the RPG desiring these lovely parts. There are a handful of basic parts appearing in new colours in this set too. Nothing super exciting or rare though, I can see them repeating in a myriad others if that isn't already the case. Build - 4/10. Placing 14 of the same part, three times, was frustrating for me and would certainly bore any children. Parts - 10/10. The shields and azure bumped the score high. Batmobile This was the contents of bag 3. I had to wait for the game to start building it. A lot of little parts to build a little model and a spare Batarang too. After completing some tasks in-game you require a vehicle. An instruction manual pops up on screen and off you build. Again, I would say they are simplified instructions and this time without the ability to quickly flick through a booklet. It is a cute little model though, a lot like a mini-kit you would collect in the Batman games. A clever use of small parts for big details. The new part used here is so far only in sets that are part of the Dimensions theme. A most wonderful new element for fans of vehicles. It is something I know that I have wanted for quite a while. All in all, I'd rate this little one a 9/10. Clever parts usage, a nice model to finish off with and a new part too. I would recommend that you have a tray or a nice surface to work with while playing though, the little parts for the little model are easier to corral when building. The Bat Blaster This is an upgrade you unlock and then purchase using studs and gold bricks. It will overwrite the toy tag information to make this an option when playing. Like in the other LEGO games when a character has multiple abilities, there is an option to change which Batmobile power/version you are using. Building only uses the exact same parts as the batmobile, so you needn't worry about the spare parts that came in Bag 3. It is a neat little build, taking about the expected number of steps on-screen. The design is... interesting. It looks like any one of the unusual Bat-vehicles out there that may have appeared in the gadget heavy 60s comics or the hundreds of random action figure tie-in toys that turn up (Neon talking street luge anyone?). It was well done considering it could only use the same parts that also form the Batmobile. The Sonic Batray When I heard the name I wasn't impressed. But this is pretty darn cool as far as random Bat-vehicles go, design wise anyway. The build is once again an on-screen booklet that takes far too long to page through (I'm impatient...). But the result is a Bat Ray that if it was in shades of black and really really dark grey, wouldn't look out of place in the Nolan-Verse Batman's motor pool. I would rate the builds an 8/10. The designers had a tough job turning one Batmobile into two other useful things that still looked "bat" enough. Th end result came out well. Parts 10/10 purely for how well everything is used and how the vehicle is depicted in such a small scale. Gameplay Much like any other LEGO game, you are a minifigure character in a world made of a mixture of LEGO built items you can break and regular graphics that you can't. I'm not going to share plot spoilers or cutscene information because they are half the fun of a game after all! I have been having a lot of fun playing through it though and always have a willing player two in the queue. You start off, of course, with the three included characters and the events that lead them to team up. An interesting (and slightly confusing) new dynamic is the use of the base. Unlike other games that use a reader like this, there is a lot more than just placing the figure you want and playing. The base lights up in a number of colours and this is used initially as a puzzle to start the game. There are also instances where you have to move the figure around the base to activate powers, warp around puzzles or escape traps. The sections light up in different colours to clue you in on where to go, but it makes for a lot of moving around! I'd advise that this can easily be a three player game if you've got a lot of extra hands hanging around to watch! Two player like any other LEGO game and an extra set of hands to move the figures around for you. As my brother theorised, part of the game is collecting the printed shields in game, to stick to the gate as you progress. This involves a modification of the Master Builder feature of past games. This time an instruction manual appears on screen and you use this to build the physical model. Another thing to mention are the vehicle tags. The batmobile did not have a printed tag. Instead, once you complete the building steps during gameplay there is an option to save the model to the tag. So, while you can take the figures away and play elsewhere, I'd advise leaving the vehicles on the stands or it will get confusing fast. Try and have a tray or some other surface with edges so you can fiddle about building the vehicle /taking it apart/ building the new vehicle. It stops parts getting lost. Though, the tag and game won't know if you haven't rebuilt the physical model, so you could just keep your favourite one together Characters: The characters included in the game are not new to the world of LEGO Gaming. All three have appeared in other games. As I can't capture my own gaming, here are the character videos from the official LEGO Dimensions youtube channel. Gandalf Batman Wyldstyle Gameplay Comments On Characters. Just like every game, you switch characters to complete certain tasks or work as a team when playing two player mode. All three can drive the batmobile when it is used in the game. There are regular witty comments from the three as you play and sound effects when they interact with the game environment. Just as in other games, there are places and spaces you can only access with certain character abilities. Unlike the other LEGO games, this means actually purchasing some extras for real, or "Hiring" a hero using collected studs. The Hiring feature allows the player to borrow a character ability for thirty seconds, long enough to use it to unlock and access a hidden area or space. So you can complete it all without spending your money. A thoughtful inclusion. Final Comments LEGO Dimensions is fun to play. It took a little bit of getting used to with all the new things to take into account. However the new gameplay features meshed well with the old and familiar once you knew what was expected. There is a little more moving around than I'd like when videogaming but AFOLs and kids alike could easily corral a minion to assist. The storyline is entertaining and the humour that we have come to expect is present in the plot and the dialogue sound-bites while playing. It genuinely meshes the different universes well in the plot and gives gamers a chance to play LEGO versions of media franchises that would otherwise have not existed. The building is interactive with the game, which really is new and it will be interesting to see how it pans out in the long run. I wonder how many gamers will take to the idea. While yes, we are getting a lot more of the same when it comes to the game itself, that is always entertaining and the new dynamic just edges it over the more recent LEGO games simply for the novelty. Finally I'd like to thank EB and TLG for this fantastic opportunity. I love LEGO and I love both figure based gameplay and the LEGO Games, reviewing Dimensions has been a real treat.
  9. Lancethecat

    MOC: LotR Advent Calendar

    After four months of designing, re-designing, parts-ordering, and building, I'm pleased to announce that my first LEGO Ideas project, the Lord of the Rings Advent Calendar, has finally been approved. Star Wars Advent Calendars have been immensely popular in the past, and I think that a Lord of the Rings A.C. would be even better. My proposed project includes micromodels of famous Middle-Earth locations and two exclusive figures: Santa Gandalf and Old Bilbo. I know that many people on this forum want to see LEGO release a set with an Old Bilbo minifigure in it, but since we're unlikely to get a Bilbo's Birthday set in any upcoming waves, this may be the only way to get him. You can check out individual pictures of all of the models in my Flickr photostream. If you want to see my Lord of the Rings Advent Calendar become a real set, please support it on LEGO Ideas!
  10. gdugaucquier

    Gandalf Hair

    I don't like Gandalfs hair. When I was looking at the Hobbit, It seemed that Gandalfs wig resembles Thorins hair alot. So i painted the piece gray. But I'm stil not sure. Any idea's? The hat with the hair was another experiment.
  11. Good evening! I am happy to announce that my project to build the company of Thorin Oakenshield from the Hobbit films. The project began 656 days ago in a land of which kind no longer exist in Middle-Earth when I posted bust of Balin in November 2012. It sort of grew into a full Balin, and got a brother Dwalin, and a cousin Oin, and some random Bifur guy... And well, I decided to build the dwarves, and then somebody asked (probably here on on EB) asked if I'd build Gandalf and Bilbo. And well, I did. You probably remember some of these MOCs (Kili even made it to the front page). The new ones here are Ori, Bilbo and Gandalf. Of course the story of the company doesn't end here. There will be conventions and exhibits to visit with these guys. There's heaps of more photos on my blog. Enjoy. At least I did enjoy building them!
  12. My 2nd Entry for the 2014-2015 Middle Earth Lego Olympics. The theme for this Round was The Hobbit characters and for my category I was given Gandalf. Gandalf the Grey, later known as Gandalf the White, also known as Mithrandir (Sindarin-"White Pilgrim" or "Gray Wanderer"), was a wizard, or Istar, sent by the West in the Third Age to combat the threat of Sauron. He joined Thorin and his company to reclaim Erebor from the dragon Smaug. For this entry I decided to build a brick built figure of Gandalf, trying to go out of my comfort zone, as I have never done brick built figures before. In this build I was attempting to portray Gandalfs and Bilbos meeting at the start of the The Hobbit film an Unexpected Journey. During there time together Bilbo spoke to Gandlaf "Good Morning" and Gandalf replied; "What do you mean?" he said. "Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?" "All of them at once," said Bilbo. I wanted to portray a scene which identifies a concept of Gandalfs personality, even though he is down to earth and tolerant about serious situations, Gandalf still has a great sense of humor and creates some brilliant comic relief within the books and films. Hope you guys enjoy :)
  13. This my entry to the "There and back again" category. The build itself is actually pretty sturdy, even if it does not look like it is. Using a lot of dark brown robotic arms to fix the foliage, makes them connect so strong you can actually shake the whole vignette, wihtout loosing any parts. I have placed black bricks in the background to create this creepy feeling. The scene shows the chapter when the party reached Mirkwood and Gandalf is telling Bilbo, that he has to leave. Bilbo and the dwarves have to face the menaces of Mirkwood on their own. Even if it is also in the book, I prefered to add the dialoque from the movie, because I really like it. You've changed Bilbo Baggins. You are not the same Hobbit as the one who left the Shire. I was going to tell you ... I ... found something in the Goblin tunnels... Found what ? What did you find ? ... [hesitating] ... My courage ! Good. Well that's good. You'll need it. Thanks for hosting this great contest, I love everything from Middleearth. And good luck to the other contestants !
  14. EtelEnzos


    MINAS TIRITH LEGO MOC by etelenzos, on Flickr Battle of Minas Tirith by etelenzos, on Flickr See more on my Gallery:
  15. Here is my entry for MEC Category A: Durin's Bane. Recreate Gandalf's glorious battle with an ancient Balrog! The part count is around 300 and consists of a mighty Balrog and Gandalf. My plan for Durin's Bane is that a balrog is big enough to be a set without any fluff and could be packaged like a Hero Factory or Bionicle set. The bridge of Khazad-dûm would be great but huge and spendy and could still be a separate set with generous helping of Moria orcs. Play features are super important and Durin's Bane is fully articulated, can stand easily without tail support (but the tail helps a lot), has a light brick for an inner fire effect, has a platform for Gandalf to stand on to reenact the falling scene and has a removable chest that Gandalf can break off with Glamdring to expose the weak point! Things that would be improved by LEGO could be a break apart, light up sword (it shatters against Glamdring), possibly a different fire whip and various other parts such as wings and the fire mane. Thanks for looking! Here's the flickr set --
  16. Hi everybody. This is my entry to the MEC. I only had enough time to build in one category, so I choose B. After Sauron was defeated and the ruling ring has been destroyed, the age of men, an age of peace and harmony, began. Gandalf took a break from is great adventures and quests and now lives peacefully in a small cottage in the middle of the woods. Frodo, Bilbo and other friends continue to visit him, and when they do, they seat by the fire, talking about how they manage to get thru all the dangers and slippery roads. It’s a time of peace, it’s a time of friendship… The idea was to recreate a circular cottage with a roof in a shape of a wizard’s hat, taking some inspiration on the latest DC build, Caer Caradoc . The roof didn’t worked out as I wanted, mainly because of lack of time and specific parts, but I think the idea is there. I now this roof is not going to please to everybody, but hopefully the idea gets thru. :) Some photos. Hope you like it and CC is welcome! PS: Good luck to everyone!
  17. Here are some custom figures that I made for a LEGO Ideas project: Old Bilbo is shown here in the outfit he wore at the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring. He's a pretty important character in the trilogy, and I'm surprised that LEGO hasn't made him yet. Old Bilbo by lancethecat, on Flickr Gandalf is decked out in full Santa garb, with a red cloak to match. Santa Gandalf by lancethecat, on Flickr If you like these figures and want to see them in a future set, there's a link to my project below.
  18. I noticed a lot of people were listing their favorite dwarves in the main LotR/Hobbit thread. I figured it might be nice to have a separate thread to discuss which is your favorite, as well as have a poll to vote so we can see which is the most popular (could I a mod please add a poll with all 13 dwarves?). Thorin Balin Dwalin Fili Kili Bifur Bofur Bombur Oin Gloin Ori Nori Dori Here is deskp's banner to easily see the names of all the dwarves and their Lego minifigure counterpart: Click the picture below for a larger version!
  19. A while ago I started making unique weapons for Thorin's Company. These then got boxed up when I went to uni, and now I'm back for summer I'm getting round to finishing them off. First up is Orcrist, the Goblin-Cleaver. For this I used a silver ninja sword, blu tack and glue. It was supposed to just be a preliminary version, but I quite liked it. It's a bit untidy and needs work, but I thought it was okay for a mk1 :) And alongside Bilbo and Gandalf. I can't remember what piece i used for Glamdring except it was an unofficial piece I probably bought from firestartoys. Also, a shot of twelve Dwarves feasting in Bag End. And finally, I am looking for someone to share in an adventure.
  20. Review: 30213 Gandalf Polybag Hi this is my first review so be kind, It is the Gandalf poly-bag from the daily mail promotion Price: 90p for the daily mail, Type : polybag Set Number:30213 Year of Release: 2013 PACKAGING: First we will start with a picture of the baggie, a basic one as far as I know, CONTENTS: Here is a picture of the contents, I thought this was brilliant for the price and a nice surprise that it was not a lone figure. INSTRUCTIONS: A random page of the instructions is next, easy to distinguish colours and no problems reading a very easy build. -missing a in build photo but its only a few parts- COMPLETE SET : A nice little build with a spear, dark green vine , printed map tile (y) dark brown torch and new flame piece (as oppose to the older one) Design: 6/10 Quite a bit crammed into a 90p set! Build: 4/10 Playability: 6/10 Head swapping, Spiders , spears a map? all sorts of adventures to have here! Minifigures: 10/10 Cannot fault gandalf! Price: 10/10 Superb value Overall: 10/10 for 90p I could not ask for more! Conclusion: Brilliant set love it when a nice little set comes up cheap and easy to get!
  21. My entry into Round 2 the Middle Earth Lego Olympics over on Mocpages. I also made it Playable. You just pull this pin... And down it goes! My custom Balrog Thanks for viewing! Enjoy!