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  1. seaotter71

    Emmet's Apartment Building Made of LEGO

    I didn't create it in LDD or have a parts list, but EdgeofPanic over at LEGO Ideas has released his LDD file for this. We created this independently, but he shared his file with me when I got stuck on the roof. He's released the LDD file for the apartment building in the updates section for his project. Please support his project if you download the file. I have a rough build of the interior, but I need to flesh out the details and do some modfications, since if built exactly like the movie, it won't fit inside the building. I'll upload some pics once I build it out hopefully in the next couple of weeks. In the meanwhile, Edgeofpanic has a LEGO Ideas project for the interior (for the buidling as well) and he's detailed his process including LDD files. Please consider supporting it
  2. seaotter71

    [MOC] The Night of the Owls

    Great story arc, and phenomenal build. Amazing!
  3. Good morning Eurobricks! I usually live in the brickfilm side of the forums (so forgive any lapses in etiquette) but I wanted to share my recreation of Emmet's apartment buidling from The LEGO Movie. What started out as a set for a brickfilm grew to become a full recreation of Emmet's apartment building. Emmet's Apartment Building by Seaotter71, on Flickr Screengrabs of The LEGO movie got me going, but it wasn't until my son got the video game that I could really reverse engineer it. The top floor, true to the movie, borrowed heavily from the City Hall modular. Edgeofpanic, who had independetnly submitted this to LEGO Ideas had an LDD file that helped with the roof. The signs are a custom print job by Promotec and ties the whole thing together. This thing is a beast. I thought it was going to be comparable to the height of the other modulars and then realized I had missed a floor. Back to bricklink I went. Enjoy. I have started the inside and will be fleshing it out over the next few weeks. Spoiler: The inside doesn't really fit inside the building.
  4. seaotter71

    DC Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussions

    I'm only going Thursday and Sunday, so I'm glad Arsenal is Thursday. A Titans minifig collection is slowly falling into place. Now if only I could get my hands on that Captain Marvel from a few years back. It would be awesome if the other two where a Dr Who given the upcoming sets and a Star Wars Force Awakens minifig. We already know what BB-8 looks like... why not?
  5. After a log absence, I'm back brickfiming. What prompted me back? My LEGO Ideas Project got last minute boost by being selected as a staff pick and it got me motivated to finish the brickfilm I started. I didn't have a chance to do the full on martial arts extravaganza I'd envisioned (as in at all) but if I can get enough votes to get the project extended it will buy me time to make an epic kung fu movie. Enjoy the short, and if you like the project, please support it at
  6. seaotter71

    Brick Flick: LEGO Ghostbusters

    Thanks. Zblj. This is by far the brickfilm with the most special effects I've ever made. Glad you enjoyed it.
  7. Don't Cross the Streams! Today (August 28) is Ghostbusters day! Warm up the proton packs and watch the trailer for an ongoing LEGO Ghostbusters collaboration with Titan Pictures. Enjoy!
  8. Hi again. I just wanted to remind everyone that the deadline for the Bricks by the Bay Film Festival is June 30th. Everyone is encouraged to participate, even if you can't attend the conference. We are hoping brickfilmers will create and submit a film that exemplifies the convention theme of "Fun and Games," or send us their most recent stop-motion masterpiece. Winners in the following categories will be announced during the Bricks by the Bay Convention awards ceremony and will receive a brick-built trophy and a LEGO set: Best Film Best Film in the convention theme (2104: “Fun & Games”) Best Story Best Technical Achievement Young Filmmaker Award (12 and under) Special “Sweatbox” award to the best Film by a convention attendee Judges for the 2014 festival include David Pagano, founder of Paganomation, an award-winning production studio whose work has been seen on, Nickelodeon, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, and BrickJournal magazine. If you have any questions, you can post them here or send me a message. Thanks for reading and I hope you participate! Rules: To be eligible, films must have been published publicly to between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014. An email containing name, age, link to the video, stating if the video is an entry into the best convention themed brickfilm category, and whether a convention registrant must be sent to by 11:59 PM Pacific time, June 30, 2014. Entries may be made by an individual or team. Limit one film submission per person or team. To be eligible for the Convention-Themed Film category, films must be made specifically for the festival and incorporate the convention theme of “Fun & Games.” You do not need to be a registered Bricks by the Bay participant nor do you need to be present to be eligible for the Best Film, Best Story, Best Technical Achievement, or Young Filmmaker awards. You do need to be a registered participant in attendance at the convention to be eligible for the “sweatbox” award. Brickfilms in languages other than English should include subtitles. The principal animation technique must be stop-motion using LEGO bricks. CGI, live-action or other forms of video may be used to supplement, but brickfilming must be the focus. Films must be at least 30 seconds long, but no longer than 2 minutes in length (excluding credits). No mature/explicit content is allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: swearing, excessive violence, overt sexual content, discrimination and intolerance. Bricks by the Bay is family-friendly event and we ask that the contest entries be family-friendly as well. Please refrain from using licensed LEGO themes, such as LEGO Star Wars, or construction toys from other companies, such as Mega Blocks. You must possess or have obtained the rights to all the materials, such as music and graphics, in your film. Bricks by the Bay reserves the right to deem any film ineligible for any reason, at their discretion.
  9. Thanks! I apreciate it. There are so many good stories that would make great films. I guess that's where brickfilmers can come in :)
  10. My trailer for the Batman: Death of the Family story arc by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. 8 months of work, but so totally worth it when Greg Capullo said it was "Beyond Awesome." I figured it would be easier to make because I didn't have to worry about story and I could use the comics for laying out the shots. I didn't realize what just how much set building it would be for seconds worth of footage. Enjoy and as always, thoughts and suggestions welcome.
  11. What happens when the DC Superheroes have a day out at LEGOLAND? A fun little video, nothing too serious (compared to the dark one I'm working on). I've had this video for a while, but wanted to clean it up a bit. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Enjoy.
  12. seaotter71

    Batman 75th Anniversary in Lego

    Nice! That was pretty ambitious. Well done
  13. seaotter71

    Brick Flick: Playing Football

    The dial up connection made me LOL. Nice job
  14. Thanks for seeing the bright side of it. Editing down is hard. I've struggled with that on my own projects. But I'll take note, maybe next year we an have a "long form" category if there is enough interest. Humberto I hope you can. If you don't have time, you can always submit something you've published since July of 2013. And thanks for all you do for this forum. Humberto
  15. We deliberated it quite a bit, but decided to play it safe since this is being put on by the Bricks by the Bay Organization, not an individual. And we also thought this might nudge people to create something for the festival.