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  1. Bornin1980something

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Sorry I'm late, but, bag 8! This bag completes the ship's central fuselage with the hinged cargo doors above the rear ramp (the ramp mechanism was started as long ago as bag one!). Effectively a double 'swingtail' layout, there are no fewer than 10 tailfins at the rear. This is as many as the total number of tailfins in the 1970s model. On the outside, two of the model's most famous features are added; the enlarged reaction control thrusters, which are buckets, complete with small hinges for the handles, and the brick built arrow symbol. The latter is quite a complex construct, and actually strikes me as a little strange, since you would assume that, if this were real, such a logo would be painted on and not visible from the inside. The trivia notes in the instruction book state that the main piece for the arrow symbol is actually a shield from the Nexo Knights range, a short lived range which appears to have supplied an abundance of useful parts for other themes. The notes also state that the wrench and walkie-talkie are the original Classic Space tools. In truth, while they have the right look, I believe both mouldings have been modified. It is, however, interesting that the wrench design has out lived an attempt to replace it with a larger toolkit including a smaller wrench in the mid-90s. The cargo doors are built separately, then added. Then, the rear sidewall ahead of the cargo doors is completed, though there is a noticeable gap around the top of the rear cabin which, if real, would be a major leak. I found it possible to fill in the gap, without compromising the interior, with a blue 1x1 plate on each side, one from my collection, one spare from an earlier bag. Once the sidewall is complete, an upper beam construct is added, sealing the roof and including the latches for the doors. This means that, unlike the original, no elements have to be removed to open the doors. However, I personally feel that this system is a bit weak considering the size of the model. In particular, the doors have a bit of slack, meaning the long tail wing never looks quite as straight as it should. In any case, the fuselage is now complete and airtight (at least, with my added 1x1 plates). All it needs now is some actual cargo for the rear section, and some engines. In other news, the crew recently made the mistake of playing an alien game called 'Latchkum'.
  2. Bornin1980something

    [MOC] Engine Trouble

    Why the cattle drive?
  3. Bornin1980something

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Thanks. I know I have been a while, but I will cover the last two very soon (I'm in the UK, a lot has happened). Minifig's eye view is not easy, even with a phone. I had to do some dismantling to get the cockpit shot.
  4. Bornin1980something

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Bag 7, the bag you've all been waiting for! This bag completes the habitable section of the ship, with both canopies and the rear airlock. And all of the iconic printed pieces. The crew is also complete, with a final white astronaut. Just one picture will not do this stage justice. In the cockpit, which has had full seats and two steering wheel since bag 2, the complete flight controls are finally added. Most of the printed tiles are new, but very much in the style of the Classic Space range. Even in the 1970s, the Classic Space range never made the mistake of showing traditional dials. Instead, it relied mainly on Star Trek style panels of coloured dots, possibly representing small lights, switches, or both, along with the occasional green computer screen. This scheme is kept for this model, and it's entirely possible that, like the original Classic Space panels, these pieces will find use in many other themes. One exception might be a diagram which clearly shows the outline of this ship, including the habitable area and all four engines. Above it is a recently reintroduced and slightly modified panel, based on one originally used in the M-Tron space range. On the left (commander's) side, the panel is an exact recreation of a pattern used on slope pieces in the original. On the right (pilot's) side, the vintage looking screen originally on this side of the cockpit is replaced by a brand-new panel, the screen now depicting a graphic similar to the 1978 video game Asteroids, with what appears to be a score of 497 (the original set's American number). It struck me as slightly odd that the panels would be different on each side, but it reflects the layout of the original single pilot cockpit. The only real criticism I have of this panel is that it is technically not airtight, as it is built over the front landing gear compartment, with no firewall. I might try to correct this. Several more panels are added into the new rear habitable section, indicating that this part is still a place of work, not just living quarters. Indeed, these panels slightly reduce the space inside, but there is still enough room for all four astronauts, and also the robot when bag one which I have failed to mention so far (I didn't originally intend to do a full build review) – provided at least one astronaut is in bed, or weightless. Indeed, in real life, weightless astronauts get to use 100% of the interior space in craft that would be too small for the purpose in normal gravity. There is a working sliding airlock, though if you look closely, its sophisticated structure is not actually airtight. Maybe it is kept airtight by some inflatable rubber or force fields? While the habitable section is complete and largely sealed, the ship still looks a bit like the victim of a reactor overload, as there is no stern section, and no engines.
  5. Bornin1980something

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    That lunar surface and star background, how did you do it?
  6. Bornin1980something

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    The wings now almost complete, bag 6, along with a giant tile piece, completes the rear ramp. Then it is on to the central fuselage and interior, last touched in bag 2! The famous space beds are added, each with a dip for the air tanks. The rear outer walls are begun, and the angled outer walls are anchored at the rear with long Technic pins. This is actually a difficult connection, as it is done blind, especially if, as per instructions, the beds are already in place. The two 'letterbox' outer storage compartments are basically the same since 1983 (apart from the hollow studs), and might be the only current pieces to still use the once common narrow hinges. While they are an improvement on the original 497/928's car doors leading nowhere, they do bring a new flaw; the slot on both sides means that they cannot be airtight. Finally, tailfins and masts are added to the wings, giving the spacecraft a curious mixed aero and nautical aesthetic. Quite authentic for the '70s look, but I wonder, could this thing actually be capable of atmospheric flight?
  7. Bornin1980something

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Bag 5 contains the nose (with suspiciously large 'probes'), and completes the upper wing plating. Another red suited cosmonaut joins the crew. I think the wings are more than 50% thicker than the original. Also, it still doesn't look quite right in the new bluish grey. That, and the thickness of the wings, produces a suspiciously 'warship' like aesthetic. I want peaceful exploration.
  8. Bornin1980something

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Not much in bag four, just the outer edges of the forward wings. Considering that this set harks back to an era before TLG did Star Wars, these wing edges look suspiciously similar to an Imperial Star Destroyer in another scale. The unusual SNOT ribbons by which some of the edges so attached have been by far the hardest parts to assemble, especially with the unusual 'plate with shaft' attachment, which can take more than one try to get the length right in a very small space. Also, this is the last time we will see the 4x4 round brick which served as the capstone. It is surprisingly far forward in the model's nose. Normally, I would expect such a large model to be assembled from the back. But then, I have owned very few large Lego models.
  9. Bornin1980something

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Bag 3 expands on the wing substructure, including the outer wings, and adds a second astronaut in white. And a preschool riot of red and yellow. Normally, substructural elements are in more subtle colours. The stated reason for this is that the colour pallet is restricted to that available in 1979 (except the grey, which is no longer manufactured). This rule certainly hasn't been applied to the design of the elements in the set.
  10. Bornin1980something

    Disappointed by the new Galaxy Explorer

    Nah,space bathrooms suck!
  11. Bornin1980something

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Bag 2, and a surprising amount of progress. You expect a model this complex to be almost unrecognisable at this stage. Not here. After 2 bags, we have the cockpit seating, the first part of the side walls, and the retractable landing gear. On the 70s original, the simple landing gear was added last. There are some nearly hidden red lights throughout. Emergency lighting in the event of a crash, or perhaps warning lights for engineers? Or both? The grey plates on the underside make the model look more solid, although some of the wing plates are barely hanging by a stud. I hope the finished model is more solid.
  12. Bornin1980something

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Just started, and I find that the core chassis in bag 1 has a sort of space aesthetic by itself. And a classic Technic aesthetic, there are only two studless beams. I replaced the first astronaut's head with that of a black female, in memory of a certain black icon who died recently.
  13. I can't believe no-one has replied yet. This is excellent.
  14. Bornin1980something

    [MOC] Star Trek Ep. 1 The Man Trap

    Where's Nancy?
  15. Bornin1980something

    review REVIEW: 60319 Fire Rescue & Police Chase

    Interesting to get a real firefighter's perspective. Will you be reviewing more fire sets?