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  1. antp

    My city layout: Dark Brick City

    Long time without update, but there weren't so many changes actually An updated view from my other thread (my Lego apartment) A few months ago I started to fill the area between modular buildings (behind the Fire Brigade), mostly with the set "fun in the park": Next step will be adding small custom corner modulars 16x32 and 32x16 (at the side of the AS and FB), leaving a 32x32 area along the train tracks to be filled by a future official modular (which will then be along a pedestal alley rather than a street) There was also the arrival of the Diner: The "corner but not really corner" style fitted well with that place of my layout, but I'll have to fill the void behind (and on the left of there, on the left of the platform seen there will be some day a train station) In the meantime I got the Ninjago Docks set, but as it was too big to fit in the Ninjago corner of the layout (where there is already the City and the Temple) last month I "cut" it (no worry, no part was harmed ) I've put its left third on the right of the City and its right third on the left of the City: That makes the city bigger, and in the end I find it better looking like that, it is more impressive in 48x48: There was the middle third left: These parts were used to fill the 16x16 corner behind the City and make the link with the Temple: Two days ago I re-did that link better, with plants and reeds, to hide the difference between the two water styles: The remaining building was then put on the far right, in a corner still to be filled. I'll probably move it a little to the front so it will be more visible.
  2. antp

    [MOC] Chevrolet Caprice Taxi

    Very nice! But indeed the roof likes a little strange - not sure how that could be improved though. It would be nice for a Die Hard 3 MOC (the first one I think when I see such Caprice model with black wheels)
  3. antp

    2018 Lego Trains

    I wonder if by "engine" they understood the whole locomotive/car or just the motor itself
  4. antp

    Do you tsundoku sets?

    It often happens with sets I buy for parts: I open them only when I need the parts. Some others were bought to be modded, so I wait to have time/motivation do that. For some I needed the space for display (e.g. Sydney Opera that stayed in its box for 2 years) In my Brickset collection I have a custom tag for these sets, so I know what is waiting to be opened (as the boxes are stacked in less accessible areas under the table of my diorama in the Lego Room), and before adding something to my Bricklink wanted list I check if by chance the part hasn't appeared in of the sets bought for parts - I already had that chance a few times, and then I open a box of a 1000+ parts set just to take one small part... and then I have to sort all the rest in my parts bins On another forum, we call all these unopened boxes that pile up the "Pile of Shame"
  5. antp

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    They are also great for those who have too much Lego (well, I mean not enough free space), that's a good way not to buy another set this year :D (also, even if I didn't get all the winter village sets, displaying them in winter takes some space...)
  6. antp

    [MOC] Mad Max's truck

    Hello, Here is a truck I made for a challenge on another forum, on the theme "vehicle from 80s movie or TV series" - the truck driven by Max in "Mad Max 2" from 1981. Amongst my first ideas, there were main cars from the first Mad Max movie, but that movie was released in late 70s, so just outside of the theme, and anyway already done a lot in Lego. However I didn't find MOCs of this truck after a quick search. In the movie, Max drives a 1973 Mack R-Series found abandoned on the road. There is a first chase when he brings back the truck safe to the oil refinery, this is the version that I reproduced here. Later the truck is armoured and used to haul a tank trailer out of there. I thought about doing also that second version, but I abandoned due to lack of time (for the trailer) and inspiration (for the reinforced front of the truck). Here are a few captures from the movie for comparison: Reference page of the truck: MOC page:
  7. He will save money in stamps if we win again something this year
  8. Once I forgot a part in a PaB or B&P order (a train bogie plate), I noticed it just after validating the order ; I sent an e-mail asking if it was possible to somehow add the missing part to the order, and they sent it for free separately.
  9. Long time ago I could rebuild all the upper/visible part (bodywork) of without the instructions. For the chassis I still had to take a look to the instructions from time to time I think. I could do the same for some parts of (especially the front, which was more fragile, so more often damaged in stunts )
  10. It does not seem to be, I don't see it in a photo of the parts list that has been posted elsewhere.
  11. antp

    LEGOLAND non-production parts

    Now indeed yes, but when I posted my message that set wasn't listed on Bricklink, and it was not even released I guess (as its name mentions Bricktober 2017)
  12. antp

    A market for built Lego kits?

    I don't see how that would not sell just because it is already built... except if you glued the parts, it is easy to "unbuild" it. And if you lack time, the one that buys it can do it himself. Worse case, you just sell it for a little cheaper (but I don't even think it would be the case), I don't see how the bin can be an option - seeing the value of Lego that's like throwing money directly to the bin.
  13. antp

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    @Ludo Thanks for the tip! I hadn't seen that function, it will be useful in the future :) About Brickmania, not this time, I had several things planned this weekend. I visit these usually once or twice per year.
  14. antp

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    Same here, the program has been really useful for me :) Only thing that I found missing (or maybe I didn't find it?) is the ability to define "walls" of the room in which we draw the layout (or at least marks based on cm measures rather than stud measures)
  15. Indeed, on the site when visiting it from Belgium they also mention longer delays due to higher number of demands.