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  1. antp

    [MOC] Vintage Police Car

    Nice :)
  2. antp

    [MOC & Instructions] 4554 Central Station Revisited

    Nice! I was planning to take inspiration from the yellow/red model to make a station, tan is a good idea, I may then take a lot of inspiration from yours :)
  3. antp

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The matching sidewalk is also a feature of the modulars. "Ninjago Modulars" rather have water on the ground level, and a raised sidewalk.
  4. antp

    [WIP-MOC] My apartment II

    Some news, as the last update was long time ago : in August 2019 I updated the MOC but still had to publish the pictures. On weekends my girlfriend was with my in my apartment (and her son too half the time), so I had to add minifigs: Before that, in June, we converted the unused extra room into a second bedroom: I also created a page on my site to summary all pictures and descriptions, as MOCpages disappeared: This is the last update. Indeed, we bought a house, in which we live... that will be a good opportunity for a new MOC
  5. antp

    [MOC] Small Town Houses

    Thanks for your interest in my old MOC :) I've put new links to the pictures so they show up again, and changed the MOCpages link to a new one: I still have some work to do to add to my server the pages for my other MOCs that were on MOCpages (but at least for many others the images were already on my server, so they still appear propertly on Eurobricks).
  6. antp

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    The first part (curve in vibrant coral) was also found in the UK Leicester store early July. But unfortunately none of the other interesting parts you found. There were also the large dark-turquoise curve parts (used for the top of the modular Diner)
  7. antp

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Not especially 2x4 bricks There were also large plates there (2x6, 4x4, etc.)
  8. If I remember correctly, my order was in a box when it included a baseplate.
  9. antp

    10264 Corner Garage

    Here is it: Not bad I think; I'll probably cover the "outside" part of the baseplate seen on the rear.
  10. Same here, thanks again :)
  11. antp

    [MOC] Brick Hotel

    Nice work Not easy to make buildings with such bright basic color, but it looks good
  12. Thanks CopMike :) I'm curious to see what they are this year
  13. It is Lego but I didn't "do" it :
  14. It is also a building that I like; in my display it was built (slightly modified) near the beach:
  15. antp

    [MOC] Modular Clock Tower Square

    That looks stunning, well done