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  1. antp

    [WIP-MOC] My House

    We replaced it because it was becoming old, we were afraid of leaks since that seem to have happened long time ago (long before we bought the house), and was repaired back then. Normally now it should be good for a few years...
  2. antp

    [WIP-MOC] My House

    Thanks :) Recently we had the cornice repaired, the zinc was replaced by a bitumen sheet (Derbidum or similar), which means a change of color: I had to switch from grey to black: At the same time, the pipe bringing water from the cornice to the back of the house was also replaced. The old one was in a casing which we removed; the new one is then visible (it passes behind the two book cases, but here in the Lego version it was complicated to do). Until we refresh that part of the wall, the plaster is visible where the casing was, hence the tan line in the Lego version. Photo of before for comparison: I also continue the basement and finished the wall between the "laundry room" area and the rest of the basement: On the right part of that wall, the electrical meter & board. From there a lot of electric cables start, passing in cable trays, represented here by tiles with grille. I take the opportunity to add a remark that I forgot in my previous post: after a few trials, the washing machine finally kept a similar structure as the one I made for my previous apartments, but slightly improved with the part which did not exist back then - the one that is grey and should be replaced by a white one. The small tan cabinet (shoe storage) kept the same conception as in my two apartments, I just replaced the couples of 1x4 tiles by 2x4 tiles. The other side of the wall: A lot of stuff From left to right, the grey cylinder is the expansion tank of the central heating. The yellow life preserver (to be replaced by an orange one) represents the garden hose used to empty the central heating if needed. Laying on it, a worker hat that should be replaced by the yellow version. On the shelf under it, remains/offcut of white plastic cladding and similar, in yellow a level tool, and large bubble wrap represented by an old transparent 2x4 plate from the 60s. On the ground, some kind of pedal car for kids, but without pedals: moving forward is done by rowing with the handle bar. The stair-like wall on the left are air vents (to a grille on the street). On the top right, a small tools cabinet, which took me some time: it is never easy the SNOT on odd lengths. (grey tile on the side was replaced by a matching nougat tile)
  3. antp

    [WIP-MOC] My House

    Thanks :) You seem the only one though... or maybe a lot of other viewers are just watching without commenting ? (which I understand, since I also do not often comment on other threads )
  4. antp

    [WIP-MOC] My House

    Mid-August the stairs were renovated. Once the work finished, the Lego version started to replace the blue. Ground floor and first landing: Upper floor: Second landing and last floor: The risers (vertical part of the steps) should be white. For two of the four flights of stairs I could do it, using 1x3 white bricks instead of grey, with the grey tile on top for the step, but for those built in SNOT it won't work, so I made all in grey. The basement stairs were also refreshed, in dark grey. As that one was not yet made in Lego, I did it directly in the right color: (not yet complete on the photo, but you get the idea ) The white cylinder is the electric boiler for hot water that we were using before replacing the main heater. We keep it in case that heater breaks down (or if at some point there is no more natural gas...) Then I made the washing machine and the dryer: Some of the plastic parts of the dryer yellowed, so I had to search in my parts those that also yellowed The 2x2 tile is a little damaged, I thought I had better ones, but I probably used them hidden in another MOC The grey part on the washing machine should be replaced by a white one. The machines at their place: The "laundry room" part of the basement is nearly finished: The blue thing beside the boiler is a small expansion tank. The grey and yellow thing beside that under the stairs is the gas meter and its yellow pipe. I used 1x2 bricks with masonry here and there to add some effect to the wall, as the real wall is made out of bricks simply painted in white. It is good that this part appeared recently.
  5. antp

    [WIP-MOC] My House

    I forgot to mention that I added to my site a few photos with higher quality of the whole MOC: Another task I started this summer is the construction of the basement. On the blueprint it looks quite empty: But in reality there is a lot of work to MOC all the stuff stored there The base: I started with the corner of the stairs: The ground in dark grey tiles is actual tiles that we recently put there for the laundry room part of the basement (the 1/3rd near the stairs). The ground of the other 2/3rd is a mix of black stone, cement and bricks. The thing on the wall with the few "plate with tooth" is hanger for shoes like this one: (and I found that this Lego part was good to depict shoes ) I am happy that I got a lot of "just in case", it was useful for making the pipes. To be continued soon.
  6. antp

    [WIP-MOC] My House

    Some news, as I had less time for Lego in July-August, it did not move much. In June we replaced the furnace (for the heading system of the house), so I did the same in the Lego version: The white heater was replaced by a grey and black, with a different pipe at the top, and also an added hot water tank under it and a small expansion tank. That small tank is depicted by a white minifig head. The hot water tank under the heater is temporarily a grey 3x3x2 brick-build cube, to be replaced by that part I have to get: Above that I'll put a black 3x3 tile (I only have a grey one for the moment) Originally I tried to make a brick-build cylinder, after a few tries I had a satisfying result: But it was too high, the single round part will fit better. To make room for the tank we had to move the piano to the other side, and switch the two desks: The dark grey desk was just a remnant of a kitchen countertop with four Ikea legs. As it was a little small for the other desk, we found at Ikea a desk + drawers box that was just the right size for that side of the room: (black, not the easiest color to photograph...)
  7. antp

    My city layout: Dark Brick City

    Recently I improved the edge of the beach, along the train track. I started a sand dune to improve the edge: But then I thought hat that border would be better with rocks than sand: I continued like that until the end of the bridge, where I made a parking lot (which will be linked to a road coming from the back) General view of the beach area:
  8. antp

    [WIP-MOC] My House

    Recently we nought a bread machine, so I had to add it to the Lego kitchen: It is a Minecraft skeleton head: it fits really well for the size and the printed pattern matches where the buttons are on the top cover :) It is attached via a 1x2 jumper plate to the toaster behind it. We also recently repainted the kitched door in black, so I directly updated the Lego version (it was much faster and easier to change the color of the Lego door than the real one ) I made a large order of dark red slopes a while ago, without knowing the exact number I needed for the roof. It was nearly enough: not much were missing, so after a second order I finished the roof: The black line at the edge of the flat roof will be replaced by dark bluish grey as soon as will be easier to find (as it was just released) I'm just missing a dark orange 1x2x1 panel for one of the chimneys: I had two of these, I found that it fitted well for that role, before seeing it was not a common part The shop where I ordered the last slopes had one, so I only have to find one more in a future order. It is temporarily replaced by a medium nougat one. The underside:
  9. antp

    My city layout: Dark Brick City

    Thanks :) Indeed I'm lucky to have such space... but I'd like more, it is never enough I've the opposite problem as you: with my city I can't really do large MOCs due to lack of space. Within a few years I'll probably dismantle the city (or part of it) to have space for larger (temporary) MOCs.
  10. That's already good to know, I don't have to wait to have a lot of time ahead before starting an order then: I could do it in multiple sessions. Indeed the silent disappearance is annoying...
  11. I remember a few years ago I needed a bunch of studded Technic bricks (long ones), PaB was the cheaper option back then. Edit: and indeed BL is so much easier to use. One thing I like is the cart that stays there for days/weeks/months (except when the parts are not available anymore), it would be nice if B&P/PaB has such cart system that do not vanish after some time (or maybe now they do?)
  12. antp

    [MOC] Single-family home

    Nice, that looks clean; simple and detailed at the same time
  13. antp

    My city layout: Dark Brick City

    Adding a corner restaurant by modifying a Friends set:
  14. Last summer I bought on Amazon the Friends set 41379 for sale (damaged box) as its style was rather "neutral", easy to integrated among other buildings. I made the bottom floor in January, but I finished the building only recently: I was out of ideas for the upper floor, and anyway busy with other things. Here is the result, now that it can be shown: I had to enlarge the roofs, so I added a few orange parts to the orange/red/purple ones from the original set (as I had many of these in orange). I placed it on a corner where there was not enough space for an official modular. Here it is the equivalent of a modular on a 40x18 basis. Along the train track, the wall is simple. For the front, the idea of climbing plants came because I only had 4 arches for the windows, I had to fill the rest of the wall... I'm satisfied with that, it looks much better than if I used only arches for the whole wall. I started with the entrance, built in mirror: The white edge on the ground is attached with a bracket, which blocks a tile of the sidewalk, so I placed the tile early: ... but I miscalculated its position, it ended up with a 1-stud offset It is well stuck there The inside of the ground floor: The chef is the one that we get at the Lego House: (received from a friend who went to Legoland) The stove is vintage, from old parts of my childhood. I added a small reception desk at the entrance. I kept the toilets under the stair, but the pizza oven was moved to the back of the building (connected to the kitchen) On the garden side, the buffet can be filled with vegetables from the modular building next door: I still have to find how to fill the space between the Corner Garage and the train track...