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  1. antp

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    The first part (curve in vibrant coral) was also found in the UK Leicester store early July. But unfortunately none of the other interesting parts you found. There were also the large dark-turquoise curve parts (used for the top of the modular Diner)
  2. antp

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Not especially 2x4 bricks There were also large plates there (2x6, 4x4, etc.)
  3. If I remember correctly, my order was in a box when it included a baseplate.
  4. antp

    10264 Corner Garage

    Here is it: Not bad I think; I'll probably cover the "outside" part of the baseplate seen on the rear.
  5. Same here, thanks again :)
  6. antp

    [MOC] Brick Hotel

    Nice work Not easy to make buildings with such bright basic color, but it looks good
  7. Thanks CopMike :) I'm curious to see what they are this year
  8. It is Lego but I didn't "do" it :
  9. It is also a building that I like; in my display it was built (slightly modified) near the beach:
  10. antp

    [MOC] Modular Clock Tower Square

    That looks stunning, well done
  11. antp

    [MOC] Brick Lawyers law office modular

    Very nice, well done :)
  12. antp

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    I really like what you did with these three sets! Very good idea to elevate the city and put that rocky path (I did something like that in a much more basic way to separate the Ninjago area from the rest, and I had to split the docks to save space). Also, these rocks go very well near the fishing store. Good work... Waiting to see the final integration with water :)
  13. antp

    9-Stud Road Baseplates - Ideas?

    Correct, I just build the modular buildings with an offset of 9 studs, partially on the sidewalks and partially on their original plates, leaving space in the middle for a park. I'll have to find something to put behind the Diner. The advantage of the 9 studs offset is that you can then insert a 16-stud modular between the others (9+9=18), you just have to fill the 2-stud gap with bricks. The raised plate is from the Paradisa range (same for the plate with the shoreline pattern); thanks for the comments ;)
  14. antp

    9-Stud Road Baseplates - Ideas?

    I used mostly such roadplates in my layout. I built the modulars on the sidewalks, to save space, as that allows me to put more building in total. More pictures in my thread: For ideas on how to join these with the modern plates, I used a 7-stud-sidewalk plate for the junction of the 90s Octan station, even if not perfect it is already better than the 9-stud ones; For the modern road plates maybe you could do what I did here, with the wedge plates: