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  1. antp

    My city layout: Dark Brick City

    Some other updates from last month, I eventually linked the remote controls for railroad crossing and added tiles between rails. Then I filled the empty space at one of the sides of the track between these two crossing, and also filled one of the curves empty space. For the tag on the wall I used stickers from set 79104 On the last photo the "Hotel" sign felt down but I noticed that only when publishing the picture
  2. antp

    [MOC] Las Fuentes - Mexican Modular Building

    Nice building, lots of beautiful details. Sad for the rarity of the cactus gear part
  3. antp

    [WIP-MOC] My House

    Yes, under the roof. Where did you think all the Lego were?
  4. antp

    [WIP-MOC] My House

    I see that I forgot to post this picture with the two floors stacked together, after having added two rows of bricks below the upper floor: After arrival of new parts I could resume building. Missing tiles were added to the bathroom floor. I improved the upper part of the wall between sleeping room and the dressing with new rounded parts (like in the modular police station): (that wall is not as tall so we can still see something in the dressing room, as it is a narrow room) I also added a mirror on the right of the door of that room, with a sticker (cut from real Lego stickers) on a 2x6 tile, as we added a mirror there. And I see that it moved and is skewed, of course I see that only when posting the picture As we repainted a part of the stairwell in dark red a few months ago, the arrival of dark red bricks allowed me to update that too: I also started building the next flight of stairs:
  5. antp

    My city layout: Dark Brick City

    In the end, I keep the continuation of the Ninjago shelve for later. For now, finally a bridge for the train: As seen on that picture, there is a missing 32x32 plate there, that will be replaced by something else later. For now that baseplate was used for re-arranging the area of the Ghostbusters headquarters and the Octan station The interest of using that road plate there is that its road edge matches the one of the Octan station (unlike other road plates). I also could put the Ghostbusters hq in a space that would normally be too small, by reducing the width of the road passing in front of it. The few studs in the middle of the plate allow to attach the sidewalk. I now have to rebuild the annex made to the Octan station with the set 60132. With an arrival of dark red bricks I could make the back of the Ghostbusters hq a little prettier: If I need these parts for something else I can still easily get them from there, in the meantime it is a good storage method. To keep the opening system of the building I also put hinges on that additional wall, shifted to the left:
  6. antp

    [MOC] "My" apartment in IKEA Bygglek box

    Nice ! Good idea to use that box for that, if the apartment fits in it. As I did myself the exercise of recreating my apartment in Lego, I always like to see similar creations from others :)
  7. antp

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    The part existed with printing: So at least Lego officially produced it in that color. They probably got rid of the excess produced and still unprinted, sold in bulk.
  8. antp

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Something that could be useful (I don't think it was posted here?) so if you make photos of the wall inventory of a store, it may be worth posting it there
  9. antp

    [MOC] '57 Chevy - Flame decorated

    Nice! Interesting to have the flames brick-built instead of the "too easy" stickers :)
  10. antp

    My city layout: Dark Brick City

    As I was usually working on the house (real or Lego ) the city did not advance much this year. There is a photo I forgot to post here, how I decorated a hole between the few tables at the bottom of the crane: Recently I've added a shelf on the wall to put there the Ninjago sets, allowing to move the beach to the corner and free the access to the window. It was a bad idea to block the access to that window, for problems with the roof it must be possible to pass there... It is not a big deal to have to make these changes, but it is frustrating: if I had planned that originally, I would have organized the tables differently (with the "hole" more in the middle of the layout) Some day I'll probably rearrange all that, in a distant future, when I'll be fed up with that city and/or when I won't have space for the new modulars that will arrive. So here is the moved beach area: I still have to rearrange the area with the Ghostbusters headquarters and the Octan gas station, to create a path to the beach. The Ninjago buildings on the shelf: These last few days I was busy with the link between the sand-green building from the temple set and the new Ninjago Gardens. As it is not easy to work on that shelf, and it is also complicated to move the sets that are on it, I made a replica of the back of the sand-green building and the border of the temple: For that I used the stall from the small set Ninjago City Chase. Once all put together: Next step for that shelf: make a 16x48 or 24x48 area on the far left or far right, with the building coming from the middle of the Ninjago Docks (left and right parts of that set being at the sides of the City set). That building was in the background of the old layout, as I didn't know what to do with it:
  11. antp

    [WIP-MOC] My House

    Thanks :)
  12. antp

    [WIP-MOC] My House

    So here is it, with light/dark grey parts replaced with white ones for the window frame: Finishing the floor with the bathroom; after the dual-sink cabinet the bath tub take me some thinking/searching time for a working solution. I still have to replace grey with white, I don't yet have these brackets in white, that will be for a future parts order. The red, blue and yellow plates are normal: these are old parts for areas that will be hidden by other parts afterwards. The final result, a little overexposed, as it is not easy to capture details of black parts: Some 1x2 tiles are still missing, that will arrive later. Same for the roof above the small hallway, in transparent plastic, like the ground floor veranda. That will be done in the next months. In the meantime, next step will be continuing the stairs and then the attic where there is my office desk and all the Lego.
  13. antp

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    That's worth trying indeed :) That's a lucky find for a parts bag
  14. antp

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    I was thinking to the 10211 for the quarter-round dark green parts + the dark green windows, but I see that 88293 also has that part, which is maybe the source of the head of the partial minifig on the last photo? The space shuttle would be 20213 / 10231, with the dark orange quarter cylinder.
  15. antp

    [WIP-MOC] My House

    Less changes in the last days. Soon after the previous photos I made the stairs going to the next floor: (grey parts along the steps will be replaced/completed by white parts that will arrive soon) And the ouside wall (party wall) on the side which is already finished: