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  1. [WIP-MOC] My apartment II

    The bathroom: (not easy to take pictures of small rooms) The mirror is an existing Lego part: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=2494pb13#T=C&C=12 the real one: And the stairs (+WC): Here however the mirror of the WC is the only non-Lego part: aluminium foil put behind a 1x2x2 window. in reality:
  2. Indeed... waiting too now :) But it was the same last year, if I remember well: the prizes were disclosed very late (with a preview at some point)
  3. [WIP-MOC] My apartment II

    Thanks :) As scale I use 1 stud = 20 cm It more or less matches the door size and gives enough details for most of the furniture without needing too much parts for the walls. In my previous apartment the kitchen cabinets were 60cm wide, so that was good for the 3-stud-wide Lego cupboard, but here they all have different sizes anyway. As minifigs have weird proportions, it is good compared to the width of the fig, Also, normal Lego houses are very small, so in this case it looks indeed big for a minifig :) As the walls in reality are not 40cm thick (2 studs here, to have different colors on both sides) I had to cheat a little at some places, but in overall the proportions seem right.
  4. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    Just for the principle :p Usually I go for a gain of at least 20€, as the trip costs me a little less than that (and there is the fun of the trip) ; also it is the opportunity to get parts from the PaB wall. I'll maybe get the Saturn set (Ideas) at the same time, also 10€ cheaper. I once went to Germany, to get the Ghostbusters HQ + the Brick Bank, total = 70€ saved, the trip cost me less than that, and there is the fun of driving at 170 km/h on the unlimited sections of the autobahn :) I always call by phone just before leaving, to be sure they have stock or to put one on the side in case they do not have many left. I usually go in the week, when there are not too many people in the store.
  5. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    same for Belgium, so as usual I'll go buying it in France (Lille) where it is 10€ cheaper than Belgium (but still 10€ more than Germany)
  6. [WIP-MOC] My apartment II

    Next step, the living room (I'll do better photos once all is finished) in reality :
  7. If they knew the contents and not the name, they would write it differently I think. Some time ago the list of the Creator Expert numbers and their prices was published/leaked, so on the Modular Building thread one guessed that the modular would be 10260 from the size that the size could have been (linked to the price) ; the three last ones were also guessed that way there too, as it is expected they do a fairground, winter and vehicle set like they did previous years, but as far as I know there is no confirmation that they will make a rollercoaster set (even if we hope so, and it would be ridiculous not to do so, with these new rails).
  8. Nice :) Crossing fingers now
  9. Thanks! What are the odds of winning this year? i.e. how many registered entries? (for 24x6 prizes, I suppose)
  10. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    People need an excuse to stop buying these sets (and indeed it is difficult not to buy them )
  11. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    i think that two-sided faces were confirmed, but with another "expression" on the back, not a classic smile.
  12. Storage and Sorting LEGO

    I also started to use the "overflow" bins for large quantities to keep more useful parts at hand, but I still have a problem: remembering what part exists in a larger amount than what I see in the bin is not actually my whole stock of that part. It can also be useful when needing a part in "any color": I'd rather use those that I have in larger amount if the part is not visible in the final build. On another note, yesterday I bought two large cases: At 6€ each, for the size that seems good; found in Action discount store (in Belgium, but these exist in other EU countries) And as illustrated storing Lego is one of the intended uses. I'll maybe store bricks in that, as these tend to be quickly too big for small drawers and usual cases. Here is a photo with a regular-sized case to show how big it is:
  13. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I like that, I have a place in my layout where it will fit well, and where a regular or corner building would not look as good :)
  14. Hi, Some of you may remember the thread I made a few years ago when building a replica of my apartment. Four months ago I moved to a new one, so a few updates to that MOC were required One of the rooms of the new apartment is a dedicated Lego-room, where I'm making a city layout with a train track. As the main parts of that layout were done, I had time to start to work on the replica of the new apartment. One of the challenges is that I want to put it in the same coffee table as the previous one. Knowing that the new apartment is a duplex, bigger than the old one, it is not simple; but by putting the two storeys side by side it should work (unfortunately, not both in the same direction). So I started by estimating the needed size: For reference, the blueprint: At that step I started dismantling the old MOC; keeping all the furniture for integrating that in the new one, and sorting the materials for recycling (Lego is environment-friendly ). A new base with the same technique as before, two layers of 4x6 & 2x6 plates: (sorry, rotated at 180° compared to the blueprint, and we see here that I forgot a cutout corner) Using most of the parts of the old one (normal, it is about the same surface), I had to make a Bricklink order for the upper storey. Starting the construction: (here again rotated at 180° - can be clicked for larger version) For the floor it will be mostly dark tan, also from a Bricklink order, as in the previous one it was mostly white tiles. Most of the furniture can be re-used, same for the large window of the living room (same model). This week I worked on the kitchen: The real one: As one can guess, red doors will be replaced by white ones later, I didn't had that in my inventory The dishwasher door was funny to make: (here in blue because originally with a "left" door like the fridge, but I replaced it by a "right" door so I can order one of each) I also made the balcony: Which looks like this: And now that my Bricklink order with parts needed for the wooden floors arrived, I can continue with the living room. To be followed...
  15. Hi, Mid-July I moved to a new place, partially to have more space for Lego so I could make a large city layout and use all the trail stuff that I had waiting in boxes. While moving, the future Lego room was shortly used to store other things while organizing everything. In September I finally had time for that Lego room: once the room cleaned from the non-Lego stuff, I started with the tables for the layout: I made a plan using my inventory of road baseplates and rails, and also trying to have as much as possible place for modular buildings. I have five years before running out of space, if Lego does not release too many other things and if I don't make too many things on my own either - I'm not sure how I'll handle that afterwards. I already had to modify the original layout idea when they released the Old Fishing Store and Ninjago City... This is the state a few weeks ago : On the first photo on the right, along the Horizon Express I'll make a small train station. On the second photo I have to include the Ninjago City and Temple properly, with some scenery around them. Camping vehicles and medieval buildings do not have a place yet either. Cables for the 12V commands are now better hidden (new photos to come). Detail of the double bridge with the Horizon Express, using a PFS motor : The Maersk is running in 12V; photo on the other bridge: I didn't really had an idea for the city name, so a reference to the movie Dark City where buildings change between nights is fine for a Lego city Especially since it is most of the time in the dark (blinds avoiding direct sun). And there is Shell Beach: Updated version, with better shoreline : And of course the reference to the movie: Some old sets: I plan to make the Octan station bigger by merging it with the set 60132 released last year. And make a "mountain" area near it (where there is a slope road in the background), so the higher part could continue behind these modulars: Or maybe I could put the Ninjago City in that corner... Still a lot of work, that will keep me busy some time