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  1. I use 4-wide for cars, also because all my road plates are those from early 80s, too narrow for wider cars The 6-wide truck and buses already look a little oversized in these.
  2. My city layout: Dark Brick City

    Now that I mostly finished my other big MOC, my apartment, I'll continue working for time to time on my city layout. I replaced the holiday home 6388 built in mirror by a slightly modified version of the beach house 4996, which is then well named. Main change is that I reduced the depth by 2 studs. I kept the bbq from the previous house. I liked that set back then (was hesitating when I dismantled it to my parts stock), now that I have a place to use it, it looks less out of place between the fishing store and the Ghostbusters HQ than the old 80s tiny house.
  3. Bricks & Pieces Stock.

    From Lego's PaB/B&P ? Usually it is somewhat related to the part size/complexity, but maybe the price also reflects the amount they have in stock: some colors may be in larger stock, then cheaper because they do not risk to have to re-produce it soon, or made in different factories depending on the color, then also having a different underlying cost.
  4. Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Exactly. I sort mostly by color, then part family, then part (if I have many of a particular part in a color), but for some modified/specialized parts it is sometimes difficult if I put it with the drawers sorted by color, or in the cases sorted by part type :D Usually all what is technic (other than brick and plates), accessories, hinges, doors, windows, etc. all the non-brick or non-plate related is by type, in cases. And for most of the modified bricks/plates, as in many cases I have them in a lot of different colors, they go in the drawers sorted by color. When MOCing, it is often convenient to directly see what is available in the colors I'm using at the moment. However when the color is not important (hidden part) or less relevant (e.g. any non-bright color would fit) then I have to check in the drawers if several colors to see what I have that I could use.
  5. Bricks & Pieces Stock.

    Yes, from what I remember they were around that price (maybe the combination of wheel+tire, though). It is normal that some parts are more expensive than others: a big tire like that and the wheel containing some quantity of ABS is sold for much more than a simple small brick. Comparing the weight, the tire is maybe at the same cost than a small plate ;)
  6. Good question, it is indeed visible on the photo of the set but the inventory is not published on Bricklink:{"iconly":0}
  7. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    I already had two tiles that kind of missing part + extra other part previously in big sets (once in one of the latest modulars) In one of the cases, it was an extra existing part like you, but in the other case the extra part was not even part of the set inventory! I wonder how it ended there. I suppose that such error is not detected by weight when the two parts have a similar weight. Lego should supply the missing part: I also had to request it once, as it was a part that I didn't have; the other time it was a so common part that I didn't even bother them with it.
  8. For my apartment replica (cf signature) I used a double layer of 2x6 & 4x6 plates because when ordering parts that was the cheapest solution per stud. I did that for my previous (smaller) apartment (photos here), but for the current one which gives a size around 70x30 studs I used a few larger plates (6x8 and a few larger) in the middle, as the 70-studs long was a little too long compared to the width that was less than 30 studs at some places. I'd say that for a size closer to a square like what you have, it should work fine with a mix of 4xN and 2xN plates.
  9. [WIP-MOC] My apartment II

    And here is the last big step, ending the upper floor, the shower & laundry room: The real one: I replaced red slopes by dark orange. I'm still hesitating for doing the slope on the whole width instead of having a cutout like here; I'll someday order parts for testing that. Mirrors (above the sink and for the small cabinet laying on the ground in the back) are cut from the sticker sheet of - stickers for 2x2 and 2x4 tiles exist in other sets, but I didn't want to get these at any cost. For the drying rack I have to find the "Bar Holder with Clip" in white instead of dark bluish gray, as well as a white bar-grille, that part was used in white only in one Mixel set whereas the older variant existed in two sets (one of which I have) but can't be used in this case :/ Or I'll have to find another way to represent that rack, as anyway I'm not really satisfied with it. There are still a few other details in the other rooms to finish with the next Bricklink orders, and then updates when I do changes in the real apartment (for example when I'll paint the entrance door in the next weeks, or the WC in the next months... when I'll decide on a color)
  10. PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Something I forgot to post here : Last Christmas I received from my sister and her husband a small cup of bricks they got from the New York store's pick-a-brick (they went to New York for vacation a few weeks before), with one directive : "with the parts of the cup you can make a Statue of Liberty, but we don't give you instructions nor photo of the expected model; of course there are some extra parts to fill the cup"... So I made this: it was a little bigger than what they expected, i.e. : for reference, the "official" suggested model from Lego: It was a nice surprise, as we do not have all these sand green parts in European stores (the cup contents was a little of each of the parts used for the statue)
  11. [WIP-MOC] My apartment II

    Still busy with the last room, but here is already a photo of the boiler: which looks like this:
  12. Sets with large sized extra pieces

    But Vikings were sets from a few years ago, that's not really comparable. Maybe they started to include extras of some more fragile parts to avoid too many after-sales service costs or disappointment from the buyers. Extra parts are there to compensate the more automated process (and/or less control). If I remember well in the 80s only 1x1 round plates sometime came as extra (and just because they were as pair, on a sprue), but not all the other small parts like they do now.
  13. Sets with large sized extra pieces

    Ghostbusters HQ too, if I remember well. I would guess that in the case of the pole (and the dragon wing mentioned above) the extra part is there because the part can break more easily (either in the box or when playing).
  14. In the latest episode of Modern Family, among some artsy hipsters that took over a garage in a previously-bad neighborhood, there is a Lego sculptor, and he does a portrait mosaic:
  15. [WIP-MOC] My apartment II

    Thanks for the comments :) Yes, it is from Ikea ; I got it from the previous owner of the apartment. I don't think they still have it in their collection, it is not so recent.