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  1. antp

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Good price indeed, that makes 134€ ; I bought a second TH for parts at 148€ when discounted by Amazon in September 2013, I am quite happy to have done so: that provided me a bunch of dark orange bricks (amongst others) for MOCs that would have been difficult/expensive to buy afterwards. I missed a similar sale on the Green Grocer earlier, but fortunately for me the sand green didn't stop being used in production, so I could buy a second Haunted House for parts when that one was discounted :)
  2. antp

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think that indeed the dark-orange bricks were at least one of the reasons not to produce a new batch of it and retire it instead. Some of them weren't used since then.
  3. antp

    General Colour Discussion

    Brickset/Bricklink are usually update after official releases and can't leak info, so in this case it was rather something internal to Lego I suppose. They continue to bring new colors, but why don't they bring back sand-red (now that teal is back, that's the next dead color I'm missing )
  4. I remember that in the catalogs indeed
  5. Nice! Vehicles from the Mad Max movies are always a source of interesting MOCs :)
  6. antp

    My city layout: Dark Brick City

    I still have some trans-blue 1x2 (as I didn't use that much to expand the scenery of the Ninjago City), but I'm not sure I have enough to tile all the blue baseplates. I should count these. Maybe I'll rather use the remaining ones to lengthen a little the river along the rail track (where there is no baseplate yet). In a way I like the old-style studded blue water :)
  7. antp

    MOCs: Vintage Cars (2nd batch)

    I suppose it is Great work indeed (as usual, I'm tempted to say)
  8. antp

    My city layout: Dark Brick City

    Two weeks ago I took out of my pile of waiting sets, it was time since it is there since long now. As planned, I combined it with the good old that was already in the layout : It may change again later, I'm not fully satisfied with the result but it is good enough for the moment. More news, in the last few days I finished the Ninjago area, expanding the scenery under the train track passing in front of the city; and I also linked it to a plate (currently empty) near the truck/train loading area: (click pictures for bigger version) With a small pedestrian level crossing so the Ninjago area and the City area are really linked: A low bridge across water and a better support for the turn across the void: I'm happy with that part now, but I'm afraid that Lego may release a third "Ninjago Modular" : what woud I do ? I don't have space left around there...
  9. antp

    Modular 60204 Hospital

    Same for me, I was expecting to have to do more changes as usually the non-modular buildings look tiny in comparison, but it was rather easy in the end. In my case I added a row of bricks at the bottom and one at the top, as I've put it at the side of the Assembly Square which is a little bigger than the Dinner (link).
  10. antp

    Birth of a layout - time lapse video

    I did for mine, built last year with space left for more than five modulars. In the current layout there is only empty space left for two but I can easily clear space for two or three more. But if Lego releases other interesting sets in the meantime, that's always a problem. For example just before I start my layout they released the old fishing store and the ninjago city, so I had to change my plans to extend a little the layout area for these. Very nice layout Andy, it is great to see the construction in timelapse. I just found a little sad that all these classic 80s road plates are actually not visible in the final layout and were just used like regular baseplates
  11. antp

    [MOC] Car Spindle

    At first I used turntables to be able to freely rotate the cars, that was even worse: the tower didn't even stay straight due to the slack in that part. Here I used 2x2 jumpers (except at two places where it is a regular 2x2, for the cars at 90° angle)
  12. antp

    [MOC] Car Spindle

    A small MOC made last weekend, in my city layout i added a replica of a sculpture that most of you probably already saw in picture or in Wayne's World : "Spindle" (wikipedia image) under another angle : This thing is really annoying to move, it is quite fragile, it felt a few times including two just when turning it And each time I had to go checking pictures to see in which direction is each car Not sure I'll keep it there on the long term, I did that quickly with cars in the 80s style just because I had the idea. Or maybe I'll put it in the corner on the right, near the wall, where there is a lost space because of the train track turn.
  13. For integration of the Ninjago part to my layout, I've already linked the City and the Docks to the temple (by heavily modifying the Docks), cf this post in my thread: (scroll a little) But I still have to make a transition between the City part and the Ninjago part. As that is across a train track turn, it won't be so easy (no idea yet). For the straight track passing in front of it however it could be easier, I'll probably simply raise the track a little and put it over rocks, extending the water to the edge of these rocks.
  14. antp

    Odd pricing on the Lego store

    :D On the Belgian S@H both are at 7,99€ (which is already pricey for a luggage tag)
  15. antp

    My city layout: Dark Brick City

    It would look strange to have at the side what is supposed to be on the front; it is a common style of roof in some places, probably mostly in Amsterdam/Netherlands, e.g. ; but there are also a few like that here in Brussels. The slope wouldn't be so lined up, since the market street is nearly one floor higher. And in this case, I liked the fact that the fig on its patio was watching the thief breaking in the bank via the roof :D