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  1. JeffBuilds

    [MOC] The terrifying Charon's Chest

    I had to do it to em. That bit of japery aside, I love, love LOVE your Ghost ship build!
  2. JeffBuilds

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Wait, is this a bunch of accessories, or is this the Lego Vidyo VIP promo thingy, with the rock poster? (in either case, I'm still going to get either/or)
  3. JeffBuilds

    LEGO Ideas. Caswell Point Turned down.

    Oooh, those Cheeky Bonobos! Hearing more and more about this is driving me to come up with more colorful, yet perfectly acceptable, euphemisms for the people in charge of submissions!
  4. HECK YEAH! Lets' get SHIP-FACED!
  5. JeffBuilds

    LEGO UFO Appreciation.

    Yeah, This series was the Great Grand-Daddy before any of the other Alien LEGO sets. Predates Life on Mars, Mars Mission, Space Police 3, Alien Conquest... I liked the unique armor pieces and the helmets, and I had a couple of the old sets. I'd still like to see about getting the Shell Gas Station exclusive UFO Polybag set (well, it was more of a box) with the plain black Helmet! When I was much younger, I didn't care much for this set, prefering Aqua Raiders, or the Aquazone wave 2 faction, but sitting here and thinking hard on it, they had some dated, but good ideas. The aliens, while still in Minifig form, had transparent heads, and faces like nothing I'd ever seen before.
  6. THIS IS AMAZING! First time I've seen anything like this, and I've had plans to do something similar down the line for the last 5+ Years! I like Flint and his two Peg-Legs, reminds me of how I'd take the Monkey from the old sets, and give him TWO Hook-Hands on his front appendages! I Used to call 'em "Hee-Haw" as well... Mind you, I was 8 when I did this, and Naming things wasn't really my best skill. But yeah, Watched the first five minutes of it, seems dialogue-rich; especially with the mention of Boaty-Mc.Boatface, and the little bit about Crosswinds, but I'm eating this right up!
  7. JeffBuilds

    about mega bloks pirates

    I... do not care for Megablocks. Saying that, I remember liking the Pyrates sets, when I did see them in passing. The last time I ever saw one, was the Pyrates' ship on shelves at a Toys R' Us, 10 years after the initial run of the line.
  8. JeffBuilds

    Fantasy Pirates: A LEGO World Builder Project

    Oh, It's been a minute since I've visited this thread! I'm really, REALLY Liking Zodrek's Design! All I'd personally recommend would be to make his ominous Glowing hand a trans-purple Hook-Hand (or whatever you deem is more appropriate; I just said Translucient Purple, as an extension of his foul magical prowess, but it could just as easily be a regular Hook, In any other color, Enchanted and serving as a focus for his Power.) and I'd spring for the $80 flag-ship (no pun intended) set! (Yeah, I'm wierd like that; Paid $20 on E-Bay for a Dark Pearl-Grey LEGO Minifig Hookhand a couple days ago.)
  9. JeffBuilds

    Pizza Delivery Spaceship

    That's incredible!
  10. This is pretty darn nifty, Murdoch! Keep up the amazing work!
  11. JeffBuilds

    [MOC] The Siege of Skull Island by Imperial Guards

    It's only Click-Bait if it's not Lego. It's Lego, and it still counts! I do like the Kaleidoscope style, almost psychedelic arrangement, and it all seems to tell a story while you're looking at it! The Pirates, in their stronghold, on the map at the center, are surrounded on all sides by the Imperials, and opt to make a final last-ditch valiant defense of their lair!
  12. Hey, this is pretty darn good! Reminds me a lot of what I did, taking two of the Lego Minecraft Pirate Ship sets and ramming them together! I really like the extra embellishments you put on the ship to own it, like the little torches in the back, and the "Seacow" branding on the stern of the ship!
  13. JeffBuilds

    Metalbeard Theme?

    I would be all for a Metal-Beard Centric LEGO TV series! Call it something like "The Adventures of Captain Metal Beard, and the Pit-Crew!" Or something like that. EDIT: OOH, I GOT A MOC I KNOW YOU MIGHT GET A KICK OUT OF, ONE SEC... "CAPTAIN STEEL-BEARD!" The Se-1 Ep-1 Bad guy in the Pitch episode! Airs more on the side of cartoon villainy, "Metalbeard's Good, so I must be Bad!" kind of logic. Honestly, if we're talking spinoffs, I would be (and still am all for) a Lego BAD-COP Spinoff Movie; Possibly a riff on the old Police Academy Films, where after the Super-Secret-Policeforce had been disbanded, somewhere between the LEGO Movie 1 and 2, Bad-Cop has to train a bunch of Master-Builders to be part of the new and improved Super-Secret Precinct, and go up against The Brickster and his gang of criminals (pooling from Pirate, Space Police 3, Cowboys, and Lego City Baddies) Going a little further, I'm more for the Pieces parts in Lego Ninjago and Nexo-Knights, not the Plot. Just wish they released the Underwater sets, or introduced some... wierd Sci-Fi Alien-Skeleton-Coral-Reef Pirates, or something for me to piece-poach off of before they decided to jump to the final wave.
  14. JeffBuilds

    Cosmic Cruiser Update and Video!

    Once upon a time, I made a Space Ship for the first time for Ship-Tember 2020, The Cosmic Cruiser, and it was my first stab at making a Space Ship. I wanted to make something with a believable interior, with bunks and facilities for the crew of the ship, fun little details like that! At the most, I included bunks and storage for the crew of 2's equipment, and a recharge station for the Shipboard A.I's Android to chill out in, along with a sliding airlock door, and a small boarding ramp at the rear of the craft! All in the shape of the Rocket ship in the Lego Classic Space Logo! I opted to make it colored after Lego Futuron, as it was the Space Theme that was around when I was growing up, that was the opposite of Blacktron 2. Anyway, Something else I wanted to include in a revision of the model was a Machine Bay onboard the ship, with a small recon craft for remote scouting missions. In this video, I show off the MK. 1 design for the Cosmic Cruiser, as well as the more refined MK. 2 Design, with improved Engineering bay and Recon rover. I wanted to film the video in a similar style to... another video on my channel, that has a gratuitous, copious amount of hits on it, in hopes that lightning strikes twice! So it's no commentary, some filler music, and the Model doing all the leg-work! The ship itself is still not perfect, but I'm mildly content with what I have on display for now.
  15. JeffBuilds

    Pirates 2021

    okay; mildly curious and excited now! Hopefully, with the way LEGO has been with Leaking their own products, we get a preview of what these sets look like!