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  1. JeffBuilds

    MOC benny’s gundam- Gundam Benbatos

    That's incredible!
  2. JeffBuilds

    Stay-at-Home LUG?

    Had a random thought or an idea, if anyone on the moderation or administration team wants to take it and run with it. Because of recent events forcing us to stay at home, and in special cases wear masks and maintain a safe social distance of six feet (approx 5 to 6 studs for Minifigs) , How feasible would it be to make some kind of stay at home LUG convention type thing? I'm not very creative, but I'm thinking at the very least, members can set up tables in their own homes with their latest MOCs, and prepare a small virtual/video exhibition where they walk us around, and show us what kind of amazing things they built! Not sure what to do about Prizes or considerations, I'm presently sitting on a massive hoard of LEGO sets for my channel I've been stockpiling for the past 4 to 5 years. Just got a Twitch domain, and I'm looking to do a City building livestream eventually... but that's besides the point. Do we want to do a Stay-at-home LUG Convention, and would anyone be willing to participate?
  3. JeffBuilds

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Aww, I liked the lil' guy when he first came out!
  4. JeffBuilds

    [MOC] Smuggler's Ship

    So, I have a massive backlog of LEGO sets, MSIB, and I plan, eventually to do a live build of my own LEGO City, eventually, but until then, I'd like to share something I cobbled together, with the wreckage from the Lego City Divers Deep Sea Exploration Vessel, set No. 60095 Harpoon Gun on the Bow is more for show than anything else. \ Opening and closing cargo bay, fits a pair of 3X4 stud crates, easily. The Captain's an Old Salt, originally the Criminal-Captain from the Lego World City Hovercraft Hideout set, number 7045! Decided to make him more Grizzled and salty with a Pearl-Silver Hook and a wooden leg! The Engine Pit. Initially, I wanted to put in a Cot down here for the Grizzled Salt, but that just weren't in the Cards for him, sadly. Fig and accessories. All illegally gained, of course. So, other play features include a detailed cabin, complete with a couple maps and navigation charts, Controls and Steering wheel, and two clip-on doors on either side of the cabin. Very happy with how it turned out so far, but grabbing some specialty pieces to further refine the design. Specifically an 8X12 Stud Boat Baseplate, in black, special ordered, along with more specalty portal windows for the cabin.
  5. JeffBuilds

    [MOC] Treasure Cove

    Reminiscent of the Original Classic Pirate sets in its simplicity. I like it!
  6. Im swearing every color of the LEGO spectrum at my luck not getting the Pirates of Barracuda Bay set, or being able to get the Creator 3 in 1 Pirate Ship set.
  7. JeffBuilds

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Alternatively, the secondary flagship build, no pun intended, Could be a ship commandeered by Captain Iron Hook. Throwing in my two cents; also hoping for an imperial ship in 2021 as well.
  8. JeffBuilds

    Pirate sets you would like to see

    I'm personally all for a Ghost-Pirates sub-theme, as a series of Deuter-Agonists (am I using that correctly? a third faction, opposong the other two). As well as a Set I;d like to see; Lego's own interpretation of a Ghost-Pirate-Ship, Not the Silent Mary, but taking inspiration from the Ninjago Posessed line of sets, or the Classic Fantasy Castle Skeleton Barge! Speaking of, I've got the thing in my Lego Workshop, and I'm making modifications to it.
  9. JeffBuilds

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Hail, Totoro! And let me formally and cordially welcome you to the Best* Lego Pirates Forum online! I like those pics you shared of your modified Barracuda! What I personally do, for my photos, (that has not received any complaints from any members of the staff yet) Is set up an account on (the single greatest archive of MOC pics online) , upload them there, copy the link, and post here! The link automatically generates the picture! there's a 24 to 48 hour delay; the pictures have to be reviewed or something before they're made public, but 8 times out of 10, it works! (the other two are for when I upload directly from my phone to Brickshelf, and the preview shows up upside-down!)
  10. JeffBuilds

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    OG Barracuda update: After some issues with the post, I tried to do the rigging thingie with the sails on the Original Black Seas Barracuda. I proccured 8 thirty-one stud length strings, and attempted to rig the sails, first by detaching the sails, connecting the string at the bottom holes, making a loop, putting my loop around the sail-post connections, and then putting the sails back in place. However, the connection points between the top and bottom of the sails are skewered at such an angle, that it throws everything off, and I'm unable to rig the sails at all. I was able to rig the sails at the bow of the ship, no problem, because there were two sets of connectors, and I was able to Jury-rig the settup to fit perfectly, however, there is only one set of connectors at the... uh... poop deck? Prow? back end of the ship (second mast) preventing me from doing so. VERY reluctant to break the thing apart to modify it, given my past history with the ship when I was younger. Going to hold off on doing the fancy rig-work until I get Dark-Shark: 2020.
  11. JeffBuilds

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    So, I was originally going to do something sacreligious. Not the kind of sacrelige that will get you banned from a public online forum, but the fun, polarizing kind, where either you love it or detest it. I was going to make modifications to the original Black Seas Barracuda that I got a couple weeks ago! Make a thread about it, post some pictures, pitch some ideas, encourage you lot to share some ideas, a bit of give and take! Then, they announce the Pirates of Barracuda Bay. AND HOW IT CAN BE REBUILT TO AN UPDATED VERSION OF THE DARK SHARK HERSELF!!! Heavy Breathing intensifies I'm going to keep my classic barracuda intact, possibly do one small thing to it (expanding/retracting rigging play feature from 6289, The Redbeard Runner) and that's it. Then proceed to commit sacrelige, gut, and modify the Black Seas Barracuda; 2020 edition to my black heart's content! While I don't have the set proper, what little information I've gleened from reviews and videos, is that it's difficult to access the lower decks on the model. and there are only three of the spring-loaded cannons. Right now, once I get the model, I'm going to build it, appraise it, and see what I can do to make the interrior more accessible, and what creature comforts, like the inn furniture and cots, can be kept or repurposed into a galley, or crew quarters. And grab a couple more spring loaded cannons. Well; the classic Barracuda has 4. Might go ahead and up that to maybe 6 or 8. I may also look into or entertain the idea of emulating the navigation wheel playfeature from 6286, the Skull's Eye Schooner. Aside from that, those of you who have happened across review copies of the set, let me ask you this: What play features do you want in your dream Dark-Shark???
  12. JeffBuilds

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Calling it, right now, one of the figs in the new creator set is an updated Iron Hook.
  13. Oh, Cory, that's amazing!
  14. JeffBuilds

    The Ladybird Pirate books.

    As predicted, Captain Roger's Birthday has been capsized. Checked the folder on Brickshelf and it's empty. Taking care of some projects, as soon as I'm done, going to do the cool thing.
  15. JeffBuilds

    [MOC] - Stone Parrot

    Yeah, that's about right. Good work on this one!