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  1. JeffBuilds

    [MOC] "The Skull Brother" by MOC Your Bricks

    Yes! This, 1000 Times! Still, I'm happy you shared the Original, Marin!
  2. JeffBuilds

    [MOC] "The Skull Brother" by MOC Your Bricks

    Ha ha ha, YES!! This was the first big project I was inspired to Build on and share with you guys a long time ago!
  3. You're three-quarters of the way right! That Hat IS from a Prospector CMF; However there are some minor differences; Grey Chin-Beard, Unionsuit top, suspenders... The Patch and color of the hat actually do Synergyze well with another Pirates Top that was introduced in the 2015 Pirates wave, which was also a brown top with a single beige patch. Matter of fact, I got this fella right here, with the Prospector's Hat, and Legs, and I call him, "Patches O'Hoolahan" Stout-hearted and stout-fisted brickhouse of a man, he's as well known for lifting heavy Chests full of loot as he is for brawling and carousing when he's in port. As a manner of habit from both hobbies, Patches Clothes incidentally get worn out quite often! Haven't had a free moment to play Bretheren of the Brick Sea, but if anyone's got a spare prospector and 2015 Brown pirate torso with patch, they're more than welcome to introduce him and put him in play!
  4. JeffBuilds

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Latest thoughts on Future Pirates Speculation: I wanna see Iron Hook make an appearance in the Commemorative 90th Anniversary series of Collectible Minifigures. That's all. We need more Iron Hook. Could be an updated version of his classic look too; not necessarily aged up like Redbeard in Barracuda bay. It could be, while Redbeard lived a full and happy life, learning the real treasure was the friends he met along the way, Iron-Hook found the Fabled fountain of Youth, in his time fighting life and limb against the Islanders and the Imperial Armada, and he as a result became a more cruel and ruthless adversary... or something...
  5. JeffBuilds

    [MOC] Island of the Lost

    It's beautiful, mate! Could make an idyllic hideout for your Seasoned corsair!
  6. JeffBuilds

    [MOC] Imperial Armada Fortress

    Hmmm... I do agree that the Imperial Armada did lack a good stronghold, and what you do have is a good start. Saying that, I feel there is loads of potential for improving the base moc! For starts, a lot of the sets close to the end of the Classic Pirates wave from 89 to 95 Had more colorful, vibrant pieces to them. Skull Island had lots of reds and blues and yellows in it, the Armada flagship had white, blue, green and red in the build; I'd give it a little more color to give it some more identity; I'd say look at the Armada Sentry and Flagship sets, and see if you can integrate some colors or design techniques to the base itself. Possibly put in a side-entrance from the dock to the fort itself; smaller set of green doors. Also, I see a lot of negative space above the two main doors to the fortress. I suggest possibly putting in a 1X6 steep arch, with a crane and wench so the Armada soldiers can easily hoist supplies to the second floor of the fortress without opening the main door. And depending on what the Armada are doing at the outpost, You could put in a couple of Cots or a table; make it into a barracks of sorts where the soldiers can sleep in shifts while monitoring the horizon for Pirate activity; Or put in a prison cell, or even better, a VAULT for the Armada to better secure their glorious glittering prizes! In either case, You could include a break-away wall play feature, should the pirates dare to strike against the Armada!
  7. JeffBuilds

    [MOD] Expanded juniors pirate island

    Oh, wow! That is NICE! I especially like how you expanded on the Juniors set!
  8. JeffBuilds

    [MOD] Expanded juniors pirate island

    Hmmm... I'm not sure HOW I'd make this even MORE pirate... I'd probably put more of a roof or a battlement at the top of the building portion of the model; possibly place a cannon on a swivel somewhere on the island; either on the rock or the building... Add a telescope on the balcony? Maybe throw in a second pirate. and a Rowboat, or a raft!
  9. JeffBuilds

    New Pirate River Quest ride at LEGOLAND Florida!

    Wait a minute... I think I recognize those Tentacles! Did they get the same guy who did the Kraken attacks stop-motion video on Youtube to do some stop motion for this promo?! Also, I believe they were talking about the Pirates' of Barracuda Bay Set, Mr. Phes.
  10. JeffBuilds

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Only dumb chance is the one you don't take. Saying that, if they were to recolor the 3 in 1 Pirate Ship, Swap out the 3 pirates and skeleton for two Imps, their CO, and a plucky Pirate, and hammer out an imperial fort and a pirate hideout as the alt models, I'd be on top of that! Even moreso if there's an updated Captain Iron Hook Pirate fig. I've been wanting to see a 2021 Iron Hook since Red Beard made his rounds in 2015 and 2020 with Barracuda Bay.
  11. JeffBuilds

    [MOC] The terrifying Charon's Chest

    I had to do it to em. That bit of japery aside, I love, love LOVE your Ghost ship build!
  12. JeffBuilds

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Wait, is this a bunch of accessories, or is this the Lego Vidyo VIP promo thingy, with the rock poster? (in either case, I'm still going to get either/or)
  13. JeffBuilds

    LEGO Ideas. Caswell Point Turned down.

    Oooh, those Cheeky Bonobos! Hearing more and more about this is driving me to come up with more colorful, yet perfectly acceptable, euphemisms for the people in charge of submissions!
  14. JeffBuilds

    LEGO UFO Appreciation.

    Yeah, This series was the Great Grand-Daddy before any of the other Alien LEGO sets. Predates Life on Mars, Mars Mission, Space Police 3, Alien Conquest... I liked the unique armor pieces and the helmets, and I had a couple of the old sets. I'd still like to see about getting the Shell Gas Station exclusive UFO Polybag set (well, it was more of a box) with the plain black Helmet! When I was much younger, I didn't care much for this set, prefering Aqua Raiders, or the Aquazone wave 2 faction, but sitting here and thinking hard on it, they had some dated, but good ideas. The aliens, while still in Minifig form, had transparent heads, and faces like nothing I'd ever seen before.