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  1. JeffBuilds

    [ENTRY] Caribbean River Soldiers (Mini Set)

    No problem! They served more as an introduction to the theme for children back in the day, as an assortment of minifigures at a reasonable price-point, very similar to battle packs! I saw like and like and wanted to put that in the ether!
  2. JeffBuilds

    [ENTRY] Caribbean River Soldiers (Mini Set)

    6204 buccaneers, or 6251, Pirate Minifigures/ "Sea Hearties"
  3. JeffBuilds

    [ENTRY] 6281 Pirate's Perilous Pitfall Remake 2023

    ...I want to say something about Pirates' Perilous Pitfall... I never saw the point to it. It was, perhaps, the final set in the Classic Pirates wave (The greatest wave of Lego sets ever, 1989-1997), and it more or less... 'borrowed' generously, elements from two other sets in the wave, Pirates' Ambush, for the wooden tower and fortification, and Shipwreck Island for... the shipwreck Island, and used techniques we've seen before, like the retractable drawbridge. Only thing of note was the two-dimensional 'Indiana-Jones' Boulder trap. I say that, and stupid me, as a kid, wanted this for $60 when it first showed up at Toys R' Us. One passed through a local toystore I frequent, maybe ten, fifteen years later, and it appreciated in value to around $550 Dollars. I still wanted it, but I never actually got it-got it. Those are my thoughts on the actual set. What do I think about this submission? I like the continuing trend of brick-built raised-baseplates! makes it more authentic! Also, the brick built sail is a plus too! it's not a repeat of the cloth sail from Shipwreck Island! And, Definitely tell me if I'm wrong, but if I remember correctly, the Mast on the ship wreck didn't have a collapsing playfeature, that was reserved for the ships from the '97 wave! That's also a plus! As is the rugged, more solid design for the draw-bridge. Doesn't look like a rope-bridge being pulled into the air! I don't think there was a spike trap beneath the trap door that triggers the boulder trap, but that's another plus as well! It's my humble opinion, you took what was initially a Nothingburger of a set, and not just reimagined, revised, or redesigned it; You took it, and you OWNED it. Now, do I have anything negative to say about the set? Nah, I kinda put my all in that preamble about the OG Pirates' Perilous Pitfall. I ah... hope we can all still be friends after that, right?
  4. JeffBuilds

    [ENTRY] Armada Fortress

    The Imperial Armada have always needed a solid base of operations for a long time! I can't think of a good critique for this, but it deserves recognition.
  5. ...I'd say it needs a play feature, or more backstory. Little did Captain Bluecoat know, the 'Nice Lady' was in fact under the employ of Captain Redbeard; and had planned to ambush him that evening. The bait is set and the trap is primed, and all the Nice lady had to do was give the signal, and the trap would be sprung, and Captain Bluecoat would be caught, quite literally, with his pants down... MFW I reveal the hidden part of the post, outlining this. I retract my previous critique; it is perfect. Save for a play feature; like a lever you pull to make the crates behind Captain Bluecoat topple or something. at the very least some coins hidden in a barrel.
  6. JeffBuilds

    [ENTRY] Treasure Island

    The simplest ideas are the most effective! I like the minimalist build, the intergration of the storage crate into the island, the choice of legs and torsos for our lady-pirate! This is me being selfish, but you give her a hook-hand, and I'd buy the pieces to replicate this set in a heartbeat!
  7. JeffBuilds

    [ENTRY] Shark Cart

    This is brilliant! All he needs is someone or some THING to race against!
  8. JeffBuilds

    [ENTRY] Captain's Cabin (Mini set)

    Very small, very effective build. Echoing the sentiments of others, using the beard as candle wax was a nice touch! Only thing I would honestly nit-pick would be the choice of chair for the Captains' Cabin.
  9. JeffBuilds

    [ENTRY] Cross Bone Clipper Remake UPDATED!

    I love how small and simple this looks. I want to buy this, with the Cloth Sail as a Lego VIP Insider GWP. If it was me; Building Vicariously through you; I'd figure some way to Engineer the small Cannon on the main deck to be a stud-shooter, I'd at least throw one of those round 2x2 skid plates on the bottom of the ship, towards the front, to make it look like it's cresting over imaginary waves, and for flare/impulse, I'd throw in one of those magnetized Compass pieces that came out in the Pirate sets of the mid 90s.
  10. JeffBuilds

    [ENTRY] 6273 Rock Island Refuge Remake

    This is beautiful! Like Poetry! it rhymes! That aside, the only similarity to the El Dorado Fortress Remake is the substitution of the Raised Baseplate, and that's trivial a critique, because while it borrows that element, it's an amazing revision/reimagining of Rock Island Refuge! I'm also split down the middle on whether or not this needs more color or not; because the original had a limited palette... I'd say... remake the pirates Bunks or cots with a pair of 2X10 Red Plates, Because the Pirates' Main antagonists at the time were the Bluecoat soldiers, and Red just feels like an appropriate, opposite color.
  11. JeffBuilds

    [CONTEST] Creative Critic Leaderboard - Final Scoring

    I don't have a proper excuse, I've put too many Irons in the Fire away from the Forums, and I let this slip by the wayside. I thought it would be fun (it is!) But the deadline kinda snuck up on me! Throwing a magnifying glass to these next few entries, with some choice critique and encouragement, as well as an apology to Phez and Co for me Taking this lightly!
  12. JeffBuilds

    [ENTRY] Caribbean River Soldiers (Mini Set)

    Okay; NOT Battle packs, but back in the day, there were lil $5 army builder sets for all the LEGO system themes, to serve as an introduction to the theme, they had them for Castle, Space, Pirates... Town, Maybe? an assortment of five different minifigures from the theme, with character accessories, like weapons or equipment. Throw a couple Blue-Coats or Pirates in there, to give the kids' someone to interact with, with their new Blue-Coat Soldiers, and it would make an ideal update to a classic set, as well as a twist on the 'Battle Pack' configuration of figs and parts!
  13. JeffBuilds

    [ENTRY] The Lost Lagoon

    I like the presentation, I like the illustrations, this is a larger, better version of the Enchanted Island! It's everything from the Islanders' Wave, to the Tenth Power! It has the same color profile of the Islanders' sets, More Side-Builds, more Minifigures, More play features! Just more! This is just me being selfish, but a render of the box, with the flap, like on the old Pirates Sets would send this over the top! Not that it isn't already! What's on display is already amazing and worthy of recognition by the LEGO Group!
  14. JeffBuilds

    [ENTRY] The Hearty Cutlass

    This is charming! I love the characters, the hidden loot in the piano! I would say work on the entry way into the Hearty Cutlass; add a door, or detail the outside of it; add a small 2x6 plate on a slant to make a small roof, or add a square flag for the tavern's sign!
  15. JeffBuilds

    [ENTRY] Short Pork Island

    This already looks incredible. You've put more thought and play features into this in development than the LEGO Designers put into the original! I can't think of any possible way you could improve on this redesign at this time until a later date when you can show us how you negotiate the raised baseplate design! EDIT; I apologize, I was under the wrong impression that this was somehow a remake of Enchanted Island, hence why I inferenced Lego Designers making an original copy of the set. Looking at it now, after the revisions, and the name, it's an amazing original set, with well engineered play features, that captures the spirit of Classic Pirates and Islanders!