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  1. JeffBuilds

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Lets' see here... Benny Denny Fenny Genny Henny (Hemmy?) Jenny Kenny Lenny Menny (Minnie? Manny?) Nenny Penny Qenny??? Renny (Oh hi there!) Senny Tenny Venny (Vinny!) Qenny (Q and X, Put an Alien Invaders'/ Space Police Alien Head on a Classic Space body) Wenny Xenny (See "Quenny) Yenny Zenny. Those are all the variants I could come up with off the top of my head. You're more than welcome to add any of yours to the list-o!
  2. JeffBuilds

    [MOD/MOC] Lego City Mars Exploration - Heavy Mobile Lab

    Ohh, that's incredible! I was thinking of taking a couple of the modular space-station sets, and combining them in a way to make an updated version of the Galaxy Commander! What you have is remarkable! Excellent part usage and set integration!
  3. JeffBuilds

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Got my Orange-man too! I was looking forwards to this since the book was leaked back in May!
  4. JeffBuilds

    Do you think lego will ever realese another space theme

    I wanna say "yes." EDIT: for reasoning, of course I want to say yes, because a toy company priding itself in encouraging creative play and building things would be short sighted and ham-fisted not to! Since man first looked up to the stars, they were captivated by the vastness of space, and fantasized about exploring those vast expanses, colonizing planets, and meeting new lifeforms. One of the big 3 systems that lego started with was Space, because of this! So yes, I'd be willing to wager we'll get another Space related line in the future.
  5. JeffBuilds

    [MOC] Shiptember: Cosmic Cruiser

    Happy Belated Shiptember! I'm mostly a Pirates Builder, but I tried branching out this year by actually making a Space-Faring vessel this year, and I feel pretty good about what I've accomplished this year! I call it "The Cosmic Cruiser." In the initial stages, I wanted to create a space ship befitting of the Lego CMF series one "Space Hero" Minifigure, and upon further thinking on it, I wanted to design a ship that looked similar to the one on the original Lego Classic Space Logo. This bird is a heavily modified LEGO Space Police Wave 3 Galactic Enforcer (Majority of play features stripped; and body widened from 8 studs wide to 10. Canonically, it was won in a Space-Police Auction.) Only unoriginal elements are the stickers on either side of the ship, and on the middle fin. All else is 100% Lego, from stock, and collection. Presently has no weapons or defenses to speak of; Might upgrade with stud-shooters or spring-loaded projectile launchers between now and next year. The Crew of the Cosmic Cruiser, Arc-Arklay (Middle; Space Hero with head swapped out for LANCE from Nexxo-Knights), Zeke, (Right; Space-Hero with elements from first printing Ninjago Rebooted Zane. He's good with machines because Cyborg) and RC to the left of the crew. He's an advanced Android shell, piloted by the Cosmic-Cruiser's Ship-Board A.I. Think a Google Smart-Speaker, capable of outrunning Alien Blockades, outmaneuvering Blacktron recon ships, and decyphering Deep-encrypted Broadcasts from Spyrus. Also, with the emotional intelligence of a small child. So I gutted the flagship model of Space Police 3, and have some interesting Fig-Barf. Is that all? Not quite. My favorite play-feature I added to this ship is a rear boarding ramp and sliding door/airlock! (With turn signals, of course!) Ramp deployed (sliding door play-feature is held shut in "Swoosh" mode by two 1-stud clamp pieces.) And inside view of ship from the sliding door. Another view of the ship's interior, from the opening top of the ship! inside are two crew cots and a charge station for the Android, a small preparation table with utensils, cabinets, a dedicated place for helmets, 3 special tazers/phasers for the crew, a small garage-type area, and because lack of anything else, a crude brick-built sofa/ship seating. The cockpit, with detailing, mostly printed pieces, with a couple of stickers, and a rare tiny-fig that serves as nothing more than a dashboard ornament/bobblehead (in the second revision, might make it a Blue Space-Man Tiny-Fig with a Blue Classic Space helmet to emphasize it's Bobble-Head status.) Very happy with what I've made here, however I feel there is considerable room for improvement. The next time I revisit this model, I'd like to: -Add some defensive counter-measures to the ship, in the form of stud-shooters or projectile launchers. While initially created with the purpose of exploring uncharted Fig-Space and running diplomatic missions, sometimes it's important to defend yourself. -Expand on the Motor-Pool/Mechanical bay and add a smaller recon vehicle, which may result in revising the entire build, adding a second floor to house a small quad or hovercraft for away missions. And that's my contribution to Shiptember: 2020. I'd have uploaded this on the 30th, but due to technical difficulties, I could not upload until October 3rd.
  6. JeffBuilds

    Stay-at-Home LUG?

    Oh, neat! I'll have to check that out!
  7. Ah; I seem to have noticed it's having difficulties as well; Was going to submit pics of my Sweet, sweet spaceship MOC for Shiptember when I noticed 3 things: - one, it failed to log me in, even with the correct password on file, -two, Password recovery was broken, -and three, New account registration was locked. Hopefully this is nothing serious, and everything's fixed with enough hits with a wrench! EDIT: They smacked it enough that I can get into my account again! Let me see if I can do that thing I wanted to do...!
  8. JeffBuilds

    Barracuda Bay how popular is this set?

    Not only that, but more along the lines of it being the best performing in-house system of LEGO sets, well before TLG began courting other IPs like Star Wars or Marvel.
  9. JeffBuilds

    Old LEGO pirate sets with new minifigures and accesories

    It looks good! I think I came here.... Oh Gosh... I dunno. If you posted these in 2011, then they've been here longer than I have, maybe.
  10. JeffBuilds

    Barracuda Bay how popular is this set?

    Soon as it hits 500% Value, you sell it for more legos! :D
  11. I think, to answer the initial question of the thread, Yes. Yes it is the first official picture of the upcoming LEGO Creator 31109 Pirate Ship.
  12. JeffBuilds

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Oh yeah, I got a copy of the set now too, finally. Had it for a couple of weeks, to be honest. Should I build it now, or save it for 5,000 Subscribers on my Youtube Channel or some other occasion?
  13. JeffBuilds

    Barracuda Bay how popular is this set?

    I would make an educated guess, based solely on Lego Classic Pirates (89- 97) being the best performing LEGO theme to date, prior to Bionicle, then Ninjago, plus the added Nostalgia factor behind that line, and the updated and up-aged Captain Redbeard Minifigure, that this set will definitely perform, but more for the people who grew up going on adventures with Captain Redbeard, than anyone else. I recommend buying 3, if possible. One for the Bay build, one to have the ship, without the need to take apart the core build, and one to keep Mint Sealed in Box to appreciate. This could easily be this Generation's 2008 UCS Millennium Falcon!
  14. JeffBuilds

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Oh, that's MAJESTIC!
  15. JeffBuilds

    Certificate expired?

    Oh, Clear cache? I'll try that in a little bit.