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  1. Famous con-artist. Not that he actually cares about that but still a nice achievement
  2. I don't know much about Galidor but I do know that the Tager set is pretty hard to find. So I thought I would make my own version of it. (Drill weapon not included)
  3. Is it allowed to use pieces where the print is removed from. For example this Star Wars chest piece but without all the green and brown printing
  4. You know, from that one game
  5. Sparky


    | | Metalbeard in all his glory, now with 100% more Bionicle pieces. (accessories and animals included)
  6. Sparky

    Bionicle Rahi Revamps Thread

    There is a difference between giving credit to a whole forum and the actual person who created it.
  7. Sparky

    MOC: Cowboy

    Howdy partner I heard you wanted more Bionicle western MOCs Let me help you with that The hat is a BEN 10 Humungousaur shoulder piece flipped inside. The dark tan CCBS shells are from a Chima Figure.
  8. Sparky

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    The source has been correct with previous Hero Factory sets as well so we trust it 100% (it is also affiliated with LEGO itself making it even more trustworthy) Way too early to get our hands on things like that
  9. Sparky

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Hello Eurobricks You might have heard the rumor of a new constraction that LEGO is gonna release in 2015 or maybe in the winter of 2014. We've been told that is was going to be a new line right? Well people, we've been misled. On behalf of "Piece Out: Bionicle MOCists" we decided to spread the proof so that all BIONICLE fans can rejoice once more. The picture was taken by a member of our MOCing group. We can say with 100% certainty that this isn't a fake picture and it took him several days to get his hands on it.
  10. A pirate captain that lost his right leg and both of his eyes when his first mate betrayed him. That didn't stop him and he still continued to sail in circles for years Credit for the hat and peg leg goes to Elzy
  11. I wish I could reply on Flickr but apparently Facebook users can't sign in without them changing their accounts to a Yahoo one. Thanks for posting it here but am I allowed to also post it in the Action Figures forum as well? I'm not that familiar with the rules here on Eurobricks. Beard are an important factor for pirate captains. The fact that his face is more beard than face is because of the selection of pieces. The beard is the head piece of the Chima 70200 Chi Laval Ultrabuild set, it only has one connection point and didn't leave much room for other things like eyes. But I'm glad that some non-Bionicle builders like this creation. (It is something that doesn't happen too much in the Bionicle/Hero Factory community )
  12. Sparky

    XT4 Revamp

    Flickr | Brickshelf "The new TX4 model is an improvement of the older XT4 model. TX4 stands for "Tougher XT4 with 4 spinning blades". The TX4 models are easily reprogrammed to fit all your needs, from slicing vegetables to taking over the galaxy. " ~Makuro Industries The only way I wanted to revamp XT4 was by giving him a spinning function. Because all cartoon robots that have sawblades can do that, right? Those panels at his head were added to give his body build an "X" shape with the spinning function at the intersection. And spinning function because that was the whole idea behind this.
  13. Sparky

    How/when would you want Bionicle to return?

    I always compare the possibility of a BIONICLE comeback with other toy lines. I remember many years ago those spinning tops called Beyblade. I really liked them and many kids in the school collected them and played with them on the playground. Of course like every toy line it gets replaced by something else that gets the interest of kids. But 1 or 2 years ago Beyblade made a comeback with a reboot getting the interest of kids again. But BIONICLE is different. It was a toy that evolved for 10 years. And that is an important factor. You can't really replace something people liked for 10 years. We all know what hate Hero Factory sometimes get (especially the first year of its introduction). And we all know you can never replace BIONICLE. The story, the involvement of the fans, I can go on and on because I was there from the start. Does that mean I absolutely want it to return? No, it was there when I needed it. When I was a child and played with it in ways I'll never do again. Personal opinions aside and now to the question of the topic I see three options how BIONICLE could return. All three option will of course be using the CCBS. And I'll have no problem with it. We're all used the the CCBS now and it works better than the older Technic based system IMO. 1) A reboot of the story Simple said: the 2001 vibe all over again. The simple story, character going on a heroic quest to collect their powers and defeat the evil that lurks around the island. Back to Mata Nui, back to where it all began and start over. 2) Continuation of the story We continue where we left. We won that war against the evil that threatened us for years and we are on Spherus Magna trying to build up a society between different species and races. However that doesn't mean Spherus magna is safe. There are still evil creatures around. main antagonist would be the Skakdi Fusion. And we would start with a team of new Glatorian and/or Toa to go on a quest to defeat him. 3) Prequel There are so many untold stories and unexplored locations in the Matoran Universe that we never saw. The story would take place in the same universe but way before the events of the awakening of Mata Nui and in the southern parts of the Matoran Universe. Or we can go the untold stories of Bara Magna. We have endless possibilities that would be interesting for new fans as they won't need to know the story that LEGO told us for 10 years. And it would please old fans with new stories of their favourite toy line. But in the end, it is still the LEGO company that makes the decision for us.
  14. Sparky

    Your weirdest MOCs?

    Well since you asked I call him Dr. Bananabot :p
  15. Sparky

    Hero Factory 2012

    Unless Lego will ever make one at a higher resolution this is the best there is. I just found the file on the official website