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Found 71 results

  1. Hi! My name is Rodrigo and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I grew up watching the Back to the Future trilogy, and I believe it’s just a perfect set of films. The moment I heard there was going to be a LEGO set with the DeLorean featuring Marty and Doc, it was like a dream come true. It was a must buy, no questions asked. The minifigures were absolutely fantastic, even though the Cuusoo time machine wasn’t my favorite build. No windscreen? Why?? Nevermind. LEGO and BTTF together, can’t complain. A couple of years later, we got a couple of LEGO Dimensions sets. This time, very little to build, a new hair piece for Doc Brown (much more accurate btw), and a brand new hoverboard for Marty, which is fantastic. The thing is Marty and Doc had the same torso and legs design from the Cuusoo set . Couldn’t they try another designs? Never mind. Good to know LEGO still considers BTTF within their licenses and products. That’s great. A few weeks, LEGO announced that Marty and Doc will be in the new series of Brickheadz. Fantastic! Brand new line, seems to be doing great, good for Marty and Doc. The problem? Like Cuusoo and Dimensions, Marty is wearing the same shirt, the red vest, the clear jeans… And Doc with his all white nuclear radiaton suit. This is the moment when two of my biggest passions clash. Is it possible for LEGO to consider even making different minifig designs for Marty and Doc? I understand they won’t choose other characters, but Marty and Doc are constantly changing outfits during the trilogy… Is it too hard to design a Western Marty? Or a 1955 Doc Brown? Why does Ghostbusters get the Firehouse and BTTF can’t get the Clock Tower? Once the BTTF Hardcore fan shuts up, the LEGO AFOL comes around and says that this may be truth, but LEGO may not be that interested in investing time and resources in a franchise that doesn’t pay off as much as others. That maybe, I should be grateful that LEGO is still making BTTF sets. Sorry for the length, but I really wanted to share this slight disappointment regarding the way LEGO worked the BTTF license. It’s kind of a weird feeling, but I can’t help thinking how much good LEGO can do with so little, an do justice to a fantastic franchise such as Back to the Future.
  2. Dear all I am new to Eurobricks but felt it would be a worthwhile experience to join up and share something with you. In essence, I am looking for some help and or advice. I have been a serious collector of LEGO for around 7 years and have manged to build up, in my most humble of opinions, a rather large collection. All of my items items are either Marvel, DC or Cuusoo/ Ideas with a very small amount of loose Star Wars minifigures, promotional LEGO giveaways etc. Every single set, polybag, book, DVD, comic etc has been purchased, bubble wrapped, boxed and stored safely. 99% of the collection is mint and sealed with a few exceptions which are near mint but still sealed. Not one item has been opened. It has been an obsession of mine for a while and the collection has been built up and cared for extremely well. However, space is now becoming a bit of an issue so I posed the question to myself, "What on earth am I going to do with all this LEGO?" In summary, I have 310 lots made up from sets, keyrings, books, dvds, polybags and specials. I have multiples of some sets. I have every single Cuusoo/ Ideas set every made, 116 DC Comics lots, 123 Marvel Comics lots and 35 Marvel/ DC keyrings. With Comic Con and USA exclusives aside, I have every single DC and Marvel set, polybag, magnet, book and keyring released since 2011. I honestly do not know what to do. Do I keep going knowing that Marvel and DC sets will continue to be released probably after I have gone, do I bite the bullet and sell them all or do I just stop buying and sit on them all for a few years? Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated. I have a detailed spreadsheet of the entire collection. If anyone would like to see it, please just ask. With thanks in advance
  3. Can anyone actually confirm if LEGO destroys their old, unused molds or not? It's been allegedly stated that like, BIONICLE's old molds no longer exist but it'd be pretty stupid for LEGO to just destroy molds when they don't know what they'll need in the future, as well as be against the entire concept of LEGO to just permanently discontinue parts. I also remember when talking of the Ideas space suit thing being redesigned, they may have mentioned molds LEGO didn't have or use anymore.
  4. Hi there, it's Ryan Smith from Adelaide in Australia. I'm back from hiatus to bring you something new-n-tasty! A box of delicious looking (non-edible) chocolates to tempt either a hungry chocolate fanatic or ideally, this makes a great gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Get Well, Christmas, etc. There are 36 kinds in total that consist of milk chocolate, white, dark and a combination of milk/white. Some appear to have cream fillings in them but don't let them fool you! This one is generally for display purposes or if you desire, you can switch out the brick-built chocs for Real Edible Ones! LEGO Boxed Chocolates by Ryan Smith, on Flickr LEGO Boxed Chocolates by Ryan Smith, on Flickr LEGO Boxed Chocolates by Ryan Smith, on Flickr LEGO Boxed Chocolates by Ryan Smith, on Flickr LEGO Boxed Chocolates by Ryan Smith, on Flickr LEGO Boxed Chocolates by Ryan Smith, on Flickr LEGO Boxed Chocolates by Ryan Smith, on Flickr Please support this one on Ideas! ->
  5. ...and I'm a very fan of LEGO since I was a little child! Now I'm 35 and I've rediscovered the pleasure of this game thanks to Internet and the Digital Designer. I have uploaded a couple of projects on the Ideas site; one of them became a "staff pick" few days ago and is acquiring a great number of supporters. It's THE PARTHENON. If you like it you can support it too here: Cheers! Marco
  6. Please post any cuusoo ideas that you have uploaded to lego ideas here. It will be a good way to see how many people use LDD for designs and it will help you collect supporters Here are some of my projects
  7. SamGras

    1966 Lego Batmobile

    MOC Presentation I am huge Batman fan and have passed that love to my 4 year old daughter. I have been building LEGO sets with her for some time now her favorite sets are TMNT, Friends & Batman. She was upset that the store bought Batmobiles did not allow Robin to sit in the Batmobile along side Batman. Therefore i made her the most iconic Batmobile, the 1966 version. This era Batman is fun and campy perfect for a four year old. I collected pieces for my build over a month. I dug through my childhood collection, picked bricks from "Classic Plastic Bricks in Ellicott City, pulled some pieces off my other Batmobiles and ordered parts off brick link to complete the build. The construction took about a week with many revisions specifically to the length of the vehicle. It was all guess and check I did not have any plans other than what was in my head Please support my 1966 Adam West LEGO Batmobile on the 'LEGOIdeas' Website. We have nearly 5,000 votes but need your help to reach our goal of 10K. Thank you for your consideration! Sam
  8. Hi everybody, A while ago I posted my MOC here and received some nice comments. Thank you all very much. A special thanks to Jim who frontpaged me, and to Osuharding1 who created a great .Today, I've published the Compact Convertible at the new Lego Ideas. As you know, when it receives 10,000 supporters TLG will consider making it an official model. I know it's a long shot, but I'd like to ask all of you to please become a supporter. Simply visit the project page and if you like it, click "Support". You'll need to login or create an account to complete. This is the first time I published something on Lego Ideas and the experience was pretty flawless. I like the new layout and the new wizard to enter all the project information was great to use. It took two days for the project to be approved. I would like to see more awesome Technic models on there though, so after supporting me please also submit your own MOC!
  9. WhiteFang

    REVIEW: 21108 Ghostbusters

    Hello everyone, I am very pleased to have a chance to work on this set review and to give my take on this very exciting new iconic LEGO set that will definitely thrilled many of us out there. First of all, I will like to thank Eurobricks and TLG for giving me this opportunity for me to review the beloved 21108 Ghostbusters set. Of course, without the success of the past LEGO CUUSOO platform and now currently known as the LEGO IDEAS, Brent Waller has achieved the 10,000 votes on 14 August 2013 and his project had went through the panel review, ultimately achieved the actual LEGO Design and Production status. And, this is where it has lead to. Name: 21108 Ghostbusters Theme: LEGO CUUSOO / IDEAS / #006 Year: 2014 Pieces: 507 Minifigs: 4 minifigures Price: USD $49.99, GBP N.A, EURO N.A, SGD N.A Resources: Brickset, BrickLink An original box image of the 21108 Ghostbusters Back view of the original box image of the 21108 Ghostbusters Different side view of the original box image (1) Different side view of the original box image (2) Different side view of the original box image (3) #006 LEGO IDEAS Before we expand and touch onto the actual set review, let's take a moment to re-look the past successful LEGO CUUSOO Products and it has created many new exciting products. I had never bought CUUSOO Products before, except the recent 21103 The DeLorean Time Machine which is awesome treat for me since I love the Back To The Future movies very much. Without knowing it, we are actually at the 6th product launch of this cycle where there is a migration of branding platform from LEGO CUUSOO to LEGO IDEAS. To mark the first official LEGO IDEAS product and the sixth LEGO CUUSOO product, the 21108 Ghostbusters is the selected product to mark the current transformation as indicated in the box art. What is LEGO IDEAS? So, what is this LEGO IDEAS all about? LEGO IDEAS is pretty similar like the past LEGO CUUSOO concept. To show and establish an unified brand of LEGO Product lines, LEGO IDEAS is introduced as a full pledged theme to drive the LEGO CUUSOO concept especially since LEGO CUUSOO is no longer under beta testing or a test bed to carry out new potential LEGO trials in selected market and global market by gathering votes and undergo LEGO review panel. The whole idea proved to be successful in the LEGO and non-LEGO community with this simple formula and approach. Build an idea, share that idea of yours, gather support to reach 10,000 votes to qualify for the LEGO review panel. And, if it is successful, it will be produced as an official new LEGO Product under the LEGO IDEAS Theme. It's that simple, so if you have the aspiration, then read this link to find out the working mechanism. Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Ghostbusters - 1 June 2014 In conjunction, with the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Ghostbusters, TLG has decided to launch this LEGO IDEAS set on the 1st June 2014 to commemorate this celebration. Through Brent Waller's model, TLG designers' Marcos Bessa (Senior LEGO Model Designer) and Adam Corbally (LEGO Graphic Designer) took the lead to design this project and transform it into an actual LEGO qualified product. Marcos took care of the iconic Ecto-1 vehicle, while Adam took care of the design of the Ghostbusters' minifigures. I will have to admit that both have done a terrific job to bring this set to us. Of course, without Brent Waller's determination and perseverance, this can never be made possible and a reality. This image is similar to those LEGO Architecture Experience The content of the sealed box Within the sealed box, it comes with 6 mint packages and an instruction manual to build up the set. After the building is completed, these are the remaining spare parts inclusive of the orange brick separator. The very nicely designed instruction manual The instruction manual has a smooth finishing and it is very nice to touch and hold. It contain many interesting facts and information, such as the origin of Ghostbusters, Ecto-1 film development, nice Ghostbusters quotes from the characters and a word from the Model Designers which I enjoyed reading the most. My only complaint for this instruction manual. It is very brittle and the pages are easily torn off from the book spine, especially when I left it wide open on both ends and flipped the page after next during the building process, the pages just got off. Anyway, please be very careful with the instruction manual if you are intending to buy just only one set. A sneak peek onto the instruction manual The instruction manual highlights that each of the unique torso is specifically for individual characters. Don't mix them up wrongly and take your time to look at the torsos carefully. The official characters' names Let the fun building begin It is pretty fun and challenging to open all of the sealed packages and pour it into one building pool. Even though it increase the building time, it can be very fun to search for the elements for each step that you will encounter. Personally, the total piece count for this set is good for people who prefer to build through this approach. Exclusive printed parts This set contain zero stickers and the above parts are printed bricks and tiles. It is always a wonderful treat when we are able to see nil stickers and able to enjoy the printed parts as it is. You get a total of 2 license plates for the front and back, 4 proton packs, 4 Ghostbusters' logos and a computer terminal. Please note that the computer terminal is not an exclusive printed part. It has been existed for a few years. Presenting the Ghostbusters minifigures Have a close look on the official minifigures' naming. May I present to you from left to right, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore. These Ghostbusters are now in official LEGO minifigures' sizing and khaki brown outfit. The minifigures' appearance are remarkable and impressive. It has nailed the details very well and it is very pleased to see that lots of attention is actually given to these minifigures. You will find more exciting details in the next few sections. Back view of the unique minifigures with their names printed I did not expect to see that their names to be spelt out at the back of their torso or uniform. In this way, if you aren't sure of their initials such as E.S or R.S, then flip to the back to find the right person for it. Different unique dual facials What's best, all of them received a different set of unique dual facials which shows their 'exciting' side of their work. This is just totally brilliant. I could see these minifigures' heads to be found useful in minifigures' customisation. A closer view of the proton packs The brick built proton packs are very nicely done out and the printed part attached at the back is indeed welcoming. You can see the construction of the brick built proton packs through this image. The usage of the elastic whip is also useful to augment the aesthetics of the proton packs. Not forget to mention that the ghost trap for the Ghostbusters is also part of their weapons assortment and the ghost trap is very vital to their ghostbusters operations. Bouncing into action Aren't they look lively? You can see some good angles from the side view of the minifigure holding the proton pack and also the back view of the proton pack without the handle attached. The building process of the minifigures display stand The building of the minifigures display stand take place with the signature yellow and black to form the base of the stand. The Ghostbusters minifigures display stand With a few bricks, jumpers and tiles added all in, the lovely Ghostbusters minifigures display stand is now completed. It definitely make a fine display piece to house the Ghostbusters minifigures at a single location. It is great that the designer has given some thoughts to do up this simple and yet effective display stand. Presenting the Ghostbusters minifigures with the display stand Fully equipped and ready for actions With everything on, this fully assembled minifigures image is an eye candy! I will love to have this placed on my office desk. Back view of the fully assembled proton packs on these lovely minifigures The building process of Ecto-1 The above 2 images show the basic illustration of the building process of the Ecto-1 which has certainly involved lots of advanced building techniques to form the basis of the car. When I was attending the Eurobricks Event 2014 in Billund, Marcos Bessa was sharing with us on the design process of this Ecto-1. His main challenge is to attempt to maintain the outer facade of the original model by Brent Waller, keeping the structure tight and firm by reinforcing the sides, to achieve the realistic look of a 1959 Cadillac professional chassis, similar to an ambulance/hearse combination and ultimately achieving the LEGO qualified product. It is no easy feat to be able to keep many factors in mind. As the targeted building age group is 10+, it means builders at the above the age of 10 should be able to handle advanced building techniques unlike the much younger builders. Great pity that I didn't take a photo with him earlier, but it is definitely great to hear him share his insightful thoughts. The completed built of the highly sophisticated roof-top with some hi-tech gadgets I really never understood why the Ecto-1's roof-top siren looks ever so complicated. It looks as if it is being stuffed with some hi-tech gadgets to track or monitor. But, in actual fact, it is just a special siren that emit a very special sound when it is on the move. I tried to find some references but to no avail. Any Ghostbusters enthusiasts could help to decipher the special meaning of the Ecto-1's vehicular roof-top? Side view of the highly sophisticated roof-top with some hi-tech gadgets The finished built of the Ecto-1 Just simply brilliant! From the top to the sides till the edges, the Ecto-1 is coated with very smooth and sleek finishing. At one glance, you are able to identify and associate the built white vehicle is the iconic Ghostbusters' Ecto-1. The details are just plain amazing and it made me loss for words. The whole structure is firm and sturdy and I have positive building experience from the start to the end. Lots of amazing details ranging from the wheels, the back of the vehicle and the vehicular front. Side view of Ecto-1 You can take a look at the top side view of Ecto-1 and also in this image Front view of Ecto-1 Bottom view of Ecto-1 Back view of Ecto-1 Taking the top of the vehicle away A closer look at the interior of the vehicle You are able to see the vehicular interior contain 3 main areas. The front is the driver seat. Even though the steering wheel is placed in the middle, with some modifications and adjustments, you should be able to be place 2 minifigures at the front without the proton packs. The middle section with the computer terminal could only allow me to place 1 minifigure and I can place the last one in there, if I remove the computer terminal. The rear will be the easy storage and retrieval area of the proton packs. It is not possible to place all 4 proton packs at the rear compartment. What are they doing within the vehicle? This is the optimum arrangement without any additional modification on my part. I wonder if you guys can fit the same way as I do? Special guest in town I am very pleased to share this very exclusive coverage of a special interview with our Eurobricks Member, WetWired or also better known as Brent Waller of this original creator of the Ghostbusters. The featured exclusive and very special 'Mr Rebrick' LEGO Minifigure is used as an intended minifigure for the interviewee. How do you feel now when your design is now part of the official LEGO product line? It feels great, it's literally a childhood dream come true, I used to fantasize as a kid about becoming a LEGO designer, and although I didn't design the final product it's as close as I'll likely ever get. Not only that but as a huge fan of Ghostbusters it's a great honour to contribute to the legacy of the franchise by being responsible for the merger of 2 of my favourite things, LEGO and Ghostbusters. Why did you choose to make a Ghostbusters CUUSOO entry? I never had figures or anything like that as a kid, so whatever I was into I recreated with LEGO, the main 3 things being Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters. LEGO had already officially released sets for the first 2 so I thought I'd take a stab at Ghostbusters for my local LUG, Brisbricks. I initially created the Ghostbusters and Ecto-1 to display at their annual expo. It wasn't until a friend suggested I post it to CUUSOO that I even though about it. At the time my Batmobile Tumbler was doing reasonably well for votes but everything else I had posted was languishing so I didn't even consider it before that. Did you do something special for promoting your CUUSOO entry and making it reach 10.000 votes? There's so many things I could suggest, I've been thinking about doing a blog or video or something with tips on how to achieve 10000 votes, there's some many things. There's no magic rule to be honest though but there's a lot of small things you can do to help your project. I've found videos on YouTube showing off your project help immensely, they reach people who would otherwise not see or hear about your project, that's one of the big things you can do. On the other end of the spectrum, making sure your thumbnail image of your project is interesting and attracts people to click your project is a huge help, the biggest part of that is making sure when viewed as a small thumbnail, your picture isn't cropped or cutting off important text or parts of your creation. Care to share your new CUUSOO projects? I only just posted my follow up to Ghostbusters, The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, I have a few ideas for future projects but I've also been trying to promote some of my non-licensed projects on CUUSOO as well, in particular my Modular Costume Store and ALA-N: Astronautical Lunar Android 9. They're both projects I uploaded when I first discovered CUUSOO that I'm still proud of, being unattached to a license though they're far more difficult to generate interest in. My hats off to Peter Reid and his Exosuit being the only project thus far that has reached 10000 votes and passed review, that's a huge achievement without a license or real world object behind it. What other potential LEGO Themes will you like to see as actual LEGO products? I'd love to see some classic space reborn stuff, I've dabbled in that area for MOCs myself. But in terms of licenses, there's not much left anymore, TLG are covering all their bases pretty well themselves with stuff like Batman, TMNT, Simpsons and niche products like Back to the Future and Ghostbusters. The inception of my own Batmobile Tumbler project came from my disappointment with LEGOs own official Tumbler at the time which was simplified and aimed for a younger audience, so I'd love to see a UCS Tumbler. I've got no idea why my own didn't pass review after reaching 10000 votes but my hope is that that they've got their own one in development, if it was complete with a Heath Ledger Joker Minifig and I'd be buy it in a heartbeat. Comparisons pictures with the original model and actual model Credits to Brent Waller for the usage of the original comparison pictures. Permission is given for these pictures to be used in this review. So, after viewing the comparison, there are some distinct differences, such as the side rear of the vehicles, overall length of the vehicles, lack of chrome parts, design of the bonnets, etc. Although I never had a chance to see Brent's actual model, I personally felt that the finished product is pretty impressive and up to mark. Shall we nab that ghost? Let's catch all of them! Superb outstanding set ever To conclude, I have nothing much to add for now. Alright, I have one small feedback though, and it is the exclusion of Slimer. I really wish somehow or another, that Slimer can be included to make this set more complete. However, I guess the focus is more on the Ghostbusters theme as on its own. With a price tag of USD$49.90, there are plentiful of treats to acquire this set with no regrets. This set will definitely be popular among the LEGO Community and also to fans of Ghostbusters movies. It is certainly a great way to celebrate the 30th Anniversary with LEGO bricks. Summary review Playability: 9/10 (Fun minifigures and high playability with the Ecto-1.) Design: 9/10 (Very detailed minifigures and superb design of Ecto-1.) Price: 9/10 (Reasonably priced for all of the amazing parts and details included.) Overall: 9/10 (Get this set as soon as you can without hesitation.) I gave it a "5" based on my Review Score Card. What about yours? I hope every one of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Criticisms are strongly welcomed. Pictures can be found in My Flickr and My Brickshelf (When moderated)
  10. Came across this on Cuusoo. Check it out here, and vote your support. -----> http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/58608 <----- I'd love to see LEGO expand the Disney Princess line. They did Rapunzel and Merida from Brave, so why not Frozen?
  11. Hello, I have created a MOC of the Orca from the classic Steven Spielberg film, Jaws. I was wondering if you could give me your thoughts, opinions on it? I have tried to be as close to the original ship as possible, including getting the sheer and camber of the vessel. Some bits were quite difficult to put in, such as the curved railings heading down to the bow from the pulpit. I also couldn't find a rope on LDD for the barrel on the transom, so I decided to use a chain. Thanks for viewing!
  12. aualga

    My CUUSOO Projects

    Hi everybody! I have a few projects on LEGO CUUSOO that I think are in need of supporters! So do you think you guys can check them out and possibly support them? Thanks! Combat Racer Combiners: snip BXR 900: snip Raiko Chargers: snip
  13. glenbricker

    Vardo (Romani Wagon)

    ARg! Sorry I should have put [MOC] at the front of the Topic Title, but I cannot figure out how to change the title now that it is sumbitted. If someone can tell me how I would be very appreciative. I have been thinking of doing this project for years. But I was always too busy and could not quite figure out how it would work. Trying to cram a lot of curvy color into a Lego build can be pretty daunting. And then on top of that, making it as complex and "Modular style" on the inside as possible. I had a real blocker though. I wanted one of the figures to have a do you build a Lute in Lego. Well, this kept just taking up brain space, kept distracting me. So I finally brought it up with my friend Alatariel. We turned it into a personal Iron Builder challenge. And that really just broke ope the dam. Even the Lute itself, just 3 elements was a collaboration that brought out the best of our styles. All in all this is probably one of my favorite personal builds. I keep working on the Cabinet though...cramming that much detail into such a tight space is a real challenge. The dimension of the bed worked out perfectly though and the dead space under it really allowed me to add a lot of detail on the back. Getting that ring in the middle of the "diamond" takes up a LOT of real-estate. This last piece is a "zoom in" on the Lute. If you are familiar with Patrick Rothfuss and his Kingkiller Chronicle series of books, well, this is where I got the idea for building a Vardo. They are real things. But reading the books is what got me wanting to build one. The guy on the Left is a "portrait" of the Author that I figure fans might get a kick out of. If you really like this you can vote for it on Cuusoo
  14. EDIT: MY SUPERCAR IS NOW ON LEGO CUUSOO WITH SOME MODIFICATIONS. SEE NEW PICTURES HERE: Every spring I have a fever for a sports car, so now I created one of my own. May I introduce the Supercar Mocman Arrow Evolution 1.0 Black Edition featured with lambo doors and V12 engine. There's also steering in steering wheel and in rear fog light. The body is based on monocoque structure and the bottom is all flat. The features which I really like are the aggresive reverse rake (can be seen in the side profile picture) which gives the rear wheels good grip :). And also the rear diffusors and curved bricks between rear lights look pretty good in my opinion. All forms were created by using bricks which adds sort of "retro" feeling on it, so I wanted to leave some studs visible. The design is based on supercars from 80'ies to the 2010's with some influence of race cars. The car is 34 studs long (27cm) and 12 studs wide. Hope you like and all comments are welcomed. Thank you.
  15. sixf00t4

    Cathedral of Learning

    I put this up on cuusoo in aug 2013, and it was at ~70 votes last friday. Thanks to reddit, then University of Pittsburgh, Then local media outlets, then a BUNCH of other people, like the Mayor of Pittsburgh, sharing it, it got up to 700 votes in a week, making it the 4th most supported project last week. more info about the build here - I have no idea how to top the exposure than Pitt sharing it. it generated about 8,000 page views, and from what I can tell on the projects that broke 10,0000 votes, they were at +300,000 page views. So, my support to view ratio is much better, but dang, how to break that many views??? I was hoping to just break 1,000 to get a LEGO official comment, but I think that burst of supports will be the peak activity.
  16. 2,000 True Fans: Making Chess cool for kids using Star Wars LEGO
  17. Hi, If you have blue & red 3D glasses, have a look to this fabulous model. This is a cuusoo model of Cornwaille. If you like, support it! His Tie Bomber is also great... If some are interested, I could write a note concerning the stereo renders.
  18. Raymdbrown

    Stephensons rocket 1829

    Hi guys Have finally joined you group please see my latest model below working on another 2 at the moment Thanks ray
  19. Karimix


    My very first Lego Cuusoo project got just published! Ed Roth´s Mysterion Show Rod http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/58699 Please give me some feedback and comments. I will tell you more. And please go to see and click the "Support"! :) ************************************************** Here's some details about making of the "Mysterion". I have tried to learn new techniques. The frame with holes is 3-wide while the front section is 5-wide. The body is 7-wide but the interior is 4-wide and the bubble is 6-wide. There's also some SNOT design, for example the mismatching headlights, V8-engines, side panels, rear lights and top hinges. And as in the many recent creations there's no visible studs. It is also kind of "modular" as seen in the picture. This was fun to build and The Mysterion is also so far my most advanced creation. Hope you like it! :) *********************************************** Additional pictures of the real car.
  20. Hey there we have decided to make some CUUSOO projects. Just startet a few days ago. One and the biggest is the meridian galley. Merida is a fantasy (fictionary) southern continent, located in the world of Norcan. It is like an ancient realm in history but with some fantasy aspects. Here it is the meridian galley. Over 80 Studs long and with a 20 men strong crew. There is a high priest of meridian realm as the commander of this galley. The crew mostly consist of sailors and guards men. Have a look and if you want the meridian galley as a ship in your fleet - Support on CUUSOO! Thanks to all who already supported us. Here we go: Side view Front view Side view Rear view Have fun with watching Regards from germany BoB
  21. Not sure if it's should be in general discussion, so please inform me if needed. Once upon a time, there was a sad news for AFOLs before the heartbreaking Christmas. So as concluded, there was going to be an official Modular Western Town from a project/theme that TLC would make to replace this project ---- and after more than a year passed, I think I'm sure there is no such kind of product in catalogue. So what actually happended in TLC's so-called "ongoing project"? Possible project 1: The Lone Ranger Another big summer hit of Disney films, which is a common license company appears in Lego lines. Though not being a big theme, there were still many remarkable choices of sets such as a mine mountain and a west train. However, the only set doing with "town" is the 79109 Colby City Showdown. The sets consisted of two small models of a bank and an office. But generally, the two are not very close to the previous Modular project which consisted of buildings with two storeys. So, it's not doing with the reason. Possible project 2: The Lego Movie As an official Lego original film, it provided a very complete view of a classic western town, and have many nice building ideas. When it comes to the physical sets featuring Western themes, there are 70800 Getaway Glider, a western style hang gliding, and 70812 Creative Ambush, a plane that was originally a saloon. The movie sets feature some vehicles that can be converted from buildings or cars, however, the Saloon Plane itself is one of those which can't convert into its original building, that means there is no Western building in this theme. Still,the Sea Cow represents the Pirate theme. Though maybe not all AFOLs, but I believe some Pirate fans are very excited about this. Generally Lego products need one year to design and produce, not to mention the time when the Cuusoo project actually achieved. Therefore, it's been more than one year and we can't see a Western Town, what should it mean? Another unknown or postponed project? Or even easier----- it was a lie? If not giving any reasons just like the recent reviews, I personally think the Modular Western Town couldn't pass because it consists of multiple buildings and looks very like a theme project since each building fit in an independent set box, which clearly violated Cuusoo's guideline. But now I'm alittle confused since we were given a very different and unproved answer. Ironically, there was another project from the same creator, mb_bricks's UCS Sandcrawler. It wasn't clearly rejected for another possible set, but now it's confirmed to appear this year.
  22. pldeutelephonz

    [MOC] Lego Battle of Felucia project

    Hi guys, I just posted my first Lego project on CUUSOO and its a set based on the battle of felucia and the execution of order 66 where Aayla Secura's clone troops turned on her. The set is designed to inspire more sets based on the order 66 scenes and more sets with landscape and unique biomes included in Lego form.
  23. SmallTownBrickBoy

    Hi My Name is... SmallTownBrickBoy

    Hi EB, My name is SmallTownBrickBoy and recently became Lego enthusiast again, after suppressing it for almost 25 years. It all started around Christmas, when I was out buying presents for my nephew who is six years old. He wished for some Ninjago and I really wanted to give it to him. During the Christmas-shopping I was talking with my girlfriend about how cool it would be if Lego made the Curiosity Rover at one point. And then we bought the Ninjago and that was all. The thought about the Rover would get out of my head - so I visited and lord-and-behold, CUUSOO #005 was just about to be made and was available for pre-order on the website. A few clicks - and I ordered it. I got the package yesterday - and I just assembled it this morning. I also bought 2 x 10664 LEGO® Creative Tower 1 x 70709 Galactic Titan V29 (it was on sale) I guess I'm hooked again :)
  24. I thought I'd share a project I'd been working on for a while! This is a Ninjago-themed Advent Calendar I designed to put on Lego Cuusoo. I put a lot of work into designing a variety of small and interesting models based on the theme. I did my best to make it with the same sort of constraints as the other Lego Advent Calendars. It has a similar part count, no new molds, and a limited number of recolored parts and new prints. Each model is simple and small in scale, and I took efforts to make sure that there was plenty of play value from the first model onward. I'll link to my pictures on Flickr, since I've already given them detailed descriptions there. Also, if you would like to see this as a set, I encourage you to support it on Cuusoo! Full Photoset on Flickr All Contents (pictured) Day 1 - Kai Day 2 - Anvil Day 3 - Toy Mech Day 4 - Weapon Rack Day 5 - Zane Day 6 - Snowball Catapult Day 7 - Toy Helicopter Day 8 - Snowman Day 9 - Cole Day 10 - Punching Bag Day 11 - Toy Driller Day 12 - Lamppost Day 13 - Jay Day 14 - Video Game Day 15 - Toy Jet Day 16 - Fireplace Day 17 - Lloyd Day 18 - Presents Day 19 - Toy Trike Day 20 - Christmas Tree Day 21 - Nya Day 22 - Tea and Cookies Day 23 - Sleigh Day 24 - Sensei Claus
  25. I see that CuuSoo has updated its rules, etc... see they are now weeding out the projects that don't fit. While I don't think this will impact Sheepo's Land Rover Defender, it may impact other projects of interest to this forum, especially Micro Power functions, as these are new parts, no longer allowed. Are there other worthy projects that might get axed? (But I am mildly amused that the Apple store project should get deep-sixed)