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  1. Hickernator

    MOC | Queen - The Miracle Express

    Thank you! I am at a loss at the moment. All of this has come across so suddenly! I'm still waiting for parts to motorise it This has been so encouraging though and the response has been wonderful! Thank you again :)
  2. Hickernator

    [MOC] Georgian Mansion

    Thank you both for the kind comments. The roof is my favourite part too. You can tell that my building skill improved over the two years once I had reached the roof Ran out of funds for the tiles Was gonna do it but needed to budget BTW adwind I really love your Home Alone house! It is awesome!
  3. Hickernator

    [MOC] Georgian Mansion

    Hey everyone! Here is a MOC of a Georgian style mansion which took me around 2 years to build. Not sure how many pieces it is but it is well above 2,000 at least. Georgian House by Adam Hickey, on Flickr There are 3 floors to the house. The Ground Floor, which houses the kitchen, dining room, living room and grand staircase. The Upper Floor which harbours the master bedroom, connecting bathroom, upper grand staircase landing, a balcony, corridor and a study. The third floor is an attic space, which contains lots of junk, the butler's bedroom, and a resident g-g-g-ghost... called Fred. Each floor is connected with a staircase and each room has its own colour theme. Some pics for you! Georgian House Staircase by Adam Hickey, on Flickr This is the grand staircase, which has some abstract paintings decorating the walls. Georgian House Dounstairs by Adam Hickey, on Flickr Ground Floor layout Study by Adam Hickey, on Flickr Study on the second floor Living Room by Adam Hickey, on Flickr Living Room Living Room by Adam Hickey, on Flickr Living Room - featuring a piano and shelves G-G-G-Ghost by Adam Hickey, on Flickr G-G-G-Ghost!!! Georgian House by Adam Hickey, on Flickr Overview of the house Let me know what you think! More pics on the way :)
  4. Hickernator

    MOC | Queen - The Miracle Express

    Thanks for the kind comments! I've got 80 votes and am thrilled with the positive response! I'm now moving onto stage 2 of this design, which is... motorisation! I am completely over-hauling the model and am going to add a motor to it to have it run around the tracks. Quite challenging but fun! First time ever working with motors. Here's some pics of the progress thus far... Miracle Express Overall by Adam Hickey, on Flickr Miracle Express Overall by Adam Hickey, on Flickr Any tips/suggestions would be most welcome :) Thanks! Hickernator
  5. Hickernator

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    Even though I would love for the classic space to do well, I would probably have to agree with you.
  6. Hickernator

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    One thing I am thinking of attempting in the future is an overhead monorail, where the train runs underneath the track. Would be a challenge but would look awesome. Sort of like the Pacific Atlantic Monotrain in Thunderbirds.
  7. Hickernator

    Favourite Minifigure

    Recently I've been looking through my collection of Lego and I started to wonder; what Lego minfigure in my collection is my favourite? It is quite a challenging question to answer as I have literally hundreds and hundreds, from the CMF series to licensed figures and even some custom ones. I also have the odd rarity too (trying at the moment to find one of those old ghosts in an orange colour). I think, though, my favourite figure I have has to be this Johnny Thunder which I obtained on eBay about half a year ago. Johnny Thunder Front by Adam Hickey, on Flickr Johnny Thunder Back by Adam Hickey, on Flickr This is quite an interesting minifigure as it has the Lego Logo featured on the back on the torso, yet there is no hole in the neck for a keyring. The Adventurers was one of my favourite themes growing up and I have many fond memories of coming up with adventures for Johnny Thunder and his gang! So, if you had to choose only ONE minifigure, which one is your favourite?
  8. Hickernator

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    Personally I feel Star Wars has been going for too long. So many sets have been rehashed time and time again and I feel that the appeal for the theme is not as strong as it used to be. I don't think the theme should necessarily retire, yet I think it should have fewer releases to make room for more classic space themed sets.
  9. Hickernator

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Most recent purchase I made was for the Death Star Escape set that was recently released. Haven't built it yet however it is one of the better sets released so far this year in my opinion. Always wanted some scenery as opposed to vehicles.
  10. Hickernator

    [MOC] Brick Hotel

    Lovely detail. Beautiful MOC!
  11. Hello everyone! Here is a MOC I have created of the steam locomotive which features in the Queen music video Breakthru. Queen - The Miracle Express by Adam Hickey, on Flickr The engine itself is a preserved Class 2880 GWR locomotive in a 2-8-0 wheel configuration. It also has a flatbed truck where the band performs during the video. Queen - The Miracle Express by Adam Hickey, on Flickr It was quite a challenge designing the locomotive and I am going to have a go at doing the wheels again. I have bought a book by Holgar Matthes which teaches you various techniques in building steam locomotives which I am going to use to help. I also made custom figures of the band themselves. Miracle Express 4 by Adam Hickey, on Flickr Queen - The Miracle Express by Adam Hickey, on Flickr I intend to do some more updates on the train in the near future. I have also uploaded this to Lego Ideas if you wish to support it there. The Miracle Express I hope you like the model though. Please leave any feedback :) Thank you
  12. Hickernator

    MOC | Lego Blue Yoshi

    MOC | Blue Yoshi by Adam Hickey, on Flickr Took me a moment to figure out how to do it Thanks for the advice though!
  13. Hickernator

    MOC | Breakfast With Quicky

    Here is a little Lego Vignette I made a while back. It depicts a young boy waking up in the morning to find Quicky the Bunny in his kitchen having some breakfast. Of course the boy is excited to see him, however Quicky himself is a bit annoyed with the choice of cereal on offer... Breakfast with Quicky by Adam Hickey, on Flickr Hope you enjoy it :)
  14. Hickernator

    MOC | Lego Blue Yoshi

    Hey! This is one of the first posts I have made on this forum for a long time. Bit rusty I wanted to share this MOC of Blue Yoshi that I made back in 2017. It was the first time building something like this to that scale. It was challenging but so much fun. Can see places where I could improve if I ever build a Yoshi 2.0 My dream would be to have a whole family of all the different colours (though Blue is the best ) Blue Yoshi 1 Blue Yoshi 2 I was inspired to make this after seeing the old model of Ollie the Dragon.
  15. Hickernator

    Ideas Tall Ship

    Awesome model. I love all the little details hidden in the model. Adds so much character. Have supported. Wish you luck with it :)